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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 13, 2009

George Filer:
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Special Reports

Ukraine's First Astronaut Claims UFOs Are Real

Leonid Kadeniuk, independent Ukraine's first astronaut and participant in NASA's Columbia International Mission STS-87 in 1997, has gone on record stating that he believes, “UFOs are real and of alien origin,” in an interview with the Pravda Ukraine newspaper. Although he has not seen a UFO himself, he recalls that during his time as a fighter pilot in Moscow in the days of the old USSR he had met other pilots who had encountered them while on missions. He also mentions that he was warned by his superiors and trainers that, “In the event of seeing a UFO while flying he should avoid any contact and not attempt to approach them.”

He has studied the topic and has come to the conclusion that UFOs use electro-magnetic and gravitational forces to fly. He argues that the current human method of travelling into space has run its course and it is time we too attempt to develop methods using these forces for space travel. He believes in this manner we will conquer space's mind-boggling distances. Thanks to Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.comTo read the full interview click here.

Face On Mars

Elizabeth Fuller writes, “I wanted to bring to your attention an item of interest I found on the Mars Pathfinder website that caught my eye due to the unnatural looking, broken stones throughout the landscape. Just a little below and to the left of center, take a look at what looks distinctly like a carved human head - a man with hair, eyes, ear, and what looks like a beard. No matter what angle I view this from; I see a human head severed at the neck.

Additionally, in the large rock above and to the right of center, there appears to be a carved face in the rock remarkably similar to one of the faces on the ET rock from your website. On the right of that same rock, there appears to be a carved animal head, it looks like a mountain lion. And finally, at the very right had edge a little below center, that looks like a carved reptilian head.

Mike writes, “The Sacred Site shown on Google Mars is a blacked out square, its location is important since the Sacred Site there is like those at Stonehenge and Avebury here. This Sacred Site sets it apart; it's where forces from the planets core rise to ground levels and is similar to here in England and in Europe. Cathedrals and many Churches now stand on these positions. Both Venus and now Mars have just one place on the planet, where this influence remains from ancient times, but in the Mars case the area is blacked out?? This HAS to mean something marks that area, dowsing can see through the blacked out portion, and the special energy is right at that precise position...Can you see what this means, either the people of Mars or some passing alien visited this place in the past, I dowsed the site to 6 billion years old, with the planet to 11 billion years old. On Mars this important area is blacked out, WHY? Thanks to Mike N.

Base on our Moon marked with M and Y

Rumors persist of alien bases on the Moon and Mars that Disclosure Project witnesses saw while working for NASA. This possible Moon base has a letter similar to our ‘M' in the upper center and a ‘V' at the bottom center. I'll admit it is hard to see the base, but the letters are pretty clear. Many believe there is an Alien Base on the moon where they mine key minerals. Intelligent extraterrestrial beings apparently travel to various places in our Solar System. The large distance between solar systems necessitates a stopping-off place, an oasis, a refuge base, and refueling points. Our Earth provides an opportune place for maintenance, refueling, research, and rest for the beings on a long journey.

Evidence indicates the UFOs entering our atmosphere use a great deal of electrical energy and measurements of their propulsion systems generate power equivalent to power plants on Earth. Reports from South New Jersey, Toronto, and other places suggest the craft are taking on electrical energy when hovering over power lines or power plants. Fisherman report the craft hovering over large bodies of water apparently taking on both water and fish. Hunters report wild animals and domestic animals being taken. Craft are often seen entering and leaving bodies of water or mountainous areas where rest and maintenance can take place. Water contains both oxygen and hydrogen that may be used as a source of propulsion. Remote viewers have found bases on Earth where they observed a maintenance staff, living quarters, and research laboratories.

Astronauts in private suggest the aliens have a moon base called Luna shown above that mines a dark colored mineral.

UFO Maps of Sightings

Steve Reichmuth and Peter Davenport developed the following information. In January 2008, there were a total of 664 known sightings, A year later in January 2009, sightings increased to a total of 800 and 695 in February 2009.. During 2009, sightings continued to be heavy along the Atlantic Coast in the Northeast, around Dallas and Los Angeles. The recent wave of sightings in Texas during January is plotted on this map and could be interpreted as indicating a similar situation to the Mothership sightings in France and elsewhere. Thanks to Steve Reichmith (

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Saucer Shaped Object

SEDONA -- The photo was taken May 1, 2009, from the King's Ransom Hotel at 9:11 Am, with an IPhone. It was taken through a window that had dark spots from dirt but the light spots represent some type of orbs. There were no lights on inside the room to cause a reflection that result in the bright "objects" seen in the sky area of the photo. There was a-slight cloud cover.

The camera is only 2 mega pixels, but 200 pictures were taken and this is the only one with light objects. I did not see these objects with the naked eye and I noticed them a couple of days later. I am still not sure what they are? If they are UFOs, they seem to be in a similar formation/pattern as many of the other pictures taken in the Arizona skies and all over the world. Thanks to MUFON CMS

PHOENIX -- At around 9 PM, on May 9, 2009, I went onto my back patio and saw a saucer shaped object similar to the one I saw the previous night. It was hovering and pulsing vibrantly on the horizon for about an hour or two on May 8th, with about twenty planes, mostly non commercial or helicopters fly past it. I watched it get progressively dimmer as if it was flying away slowly and eventually disappeared. When I tried to take a picture of it, I saw a ball of light pulsing green, blue, and red appear in my viewfinder as a string of 5-6 separate lights that would flicker on and off at undetermined intervals.

Today, I was watching the same light and grabbed my binoculars and saw it was a slightly cone shaped with a red light floating above a florescent blue-green ring of lights. I watched about 45 minutes and then it disappeared in a quick burst of light. I decided to get on the roof for a better view, and saw an orange ball of light shooting across from Red Mountain to South Mountain in less than a second. As it neared the airport A streak of light shot down to where the other orange light had abruptly stopped and started hovering. They hovered for two minutes before dimming slowly like they were getting farther away. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California – Video of UFO

MANHATTAN BEACH -- I was driving east on Gates Road in Redondo Beach on May 5, 2009, when I spotted a large horizontal vapor trail that didn't vaporize. It was moving south with a short vapor trail, stopped, and flew north. A second object, an orange fire ball was spotted in northwest sky - that looked like the sun was reflecting off of a much bigger object, as if I was just seeing a small corner of a stealth hidden plane. I called my brother, who lives a little further south and he confirmed that he too saw something strange.

He asked me to go get my camera, and I did. When I back came outside, the object had "shortened" in length and was now moving north. I was able to get some pretty bad footage of the objects. Right then, my brother saw an orange ball with a vapor trail in the northwest. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Disk

BONITA SPRINGS – A very bright solid gold disc streaked across the sky on April 8, 2009, as I drove north on Highway 41. Around 10 pm, I saw another very bright solid gold oval traveling north. It was quite low, maybe 200 yards high, and moved at an incredible rate of speed. The sighting lasted only a couple seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

TAMPA -- Two friends and I were standing in a parking lot talking at 9:30 PM, when a bright green sphere about the size of the moon shot across the sky One of my friends, whose shoulders were almost parallel to the object's path, got a really puzzled look on his face and pointed toward the sky. I turned to see a very bright, light green object about the size of the moon traveling from south to north. My second friend turned around and saw the bright light travelling quickly behind the clouds.

The object was definitely circular and had a tail about twice the length of the object that gradually came to a point. It was only visible for a second or two due to clouds and trees, but I was able to see it cover about 40 to 50 degrees of sky. It looked very much like the green ball a Roman candle shoots out, but without any smoke. There is no likelihood it was fireworks due to the lack of noise.

PENSACOLA – On April 22, 2009, I was traveling toward Highway 98 on Blue Angel Highway and saw something that looked like it was going to collide with a plane. I became very anxious at this sight and tried to figure out what it was. One object was too small to be a plane but it was not shaped like any bird or move like one. As I drove closer I saw it was round and maneuvering around the plane. My five year old commented that it looked like someone kicked a ball up there and it couldn't come down. I thought maybe it was a shiny Mylar balloon. Ferguson's Airport is further down 98 and the plane turned and took off in that direction.

The object stayed straight and flew in the opposite direction in a very fluid movement and hovered in the trees. I was amazed and unable to figure out what this object was, so I pulled into a gas station to watch. It was shiny and blinking. I was staring at the object and somehow it was gone! My five year old also saw the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois – Object Photographed

CAHOKIA MOUND STATE PARK – On April 25, 2009, the photo was sent via file forms on our website. Little is known about the object in the photo. It is likely that object was not seen and was later discovered in the photo. The sharpness (clarity) of the object is marginal.

Note: More information needs to be acquired about this photo before anything definitive can be said. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Michigan Three Spheres

WATERFORD -- Shortly after midnight on May 10, 2009, I looked out the bathroom window to see three orbs or spheres of white light floating in a circular type counter clockwise motion above my neighbor's house which is only 20 feet from my home. They would then move upward and around each other making intricate designs and then drop down and repeat their circular motion every few seconds in a playful type manner. These spheres were slightly higher than our 30 feet high bathroom window. There were no beams leading up to these orbs, they were just floating in this same pattern over and over. I became quite apprehensive and crawled back into bed with my mind racing as to what I had just witnessed. Five minutes later, they were gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Eight Disk Shaped Lights

FLORISSANT -- I witnessed a group of bright pin point lights at 7,000 to 10,000 feet altitude moving south on May 9, 2009. They appeared to be disk in shape and moved in an unorganized formation. I photographed the objects on my rear apartment balcony as they passed. I then ran through my apartment and continued to photograph from my front balcony. The objects stopped suddenly and floated in the sky. Then they went separately in various directions. One or two went straight up till out of sight. I called a friend who also saw two lights in the sky.

The light was so very bright that I feel they burned my eyes. It was a bright and blue sky with small puffy/fluffy clouds. I got up from the computer and looked right at them above the trees, as if I knew they would be there. I was perplexed at the formation and the faintness of glow as the objects floated, stopped, and moved freely in various directions. I felt unusually nervous taking the pictures as the objects seemed to vibrate. They dispersed and faded out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey V Shaped Craft and Zigzagging Lights

NEWARK -- On Thursday, April 16, 2009, from 8:45 to 10:00 PM, I thought of a UFO as I walked outside and when I looked up into the sky I saw a ‘V' shaped object composed of many different lights in the inside of the shape moving very fast from east to west. I called my neighbor that always wanted to encounter such a sighting and spotted a single light traveling north at a fast rate of speed, but not the earlier V shape. He went outside and spotted it, and was thrilled. Ten minutes later we started to talk and we spotted another moving star again traveling south, doing zigzags and stopping in mid air and continuing with its path. Two minutes later, we followed a moving star until it disappeared. There was a flash in the sky from another very slow moving star.

This star flashed about five times at a few second intervals. I told my neighbor to get ready for the big flash and this thing flashed making the night become day. I started to spot moving stars here in NJ. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and had my first encounter at age 14. Ever since then my knowledge towards them has only grown greater and stronger from my experiences. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

PITTSGROVE – On May 6, 2009, the witness spotted a burnt orange colored object that seemed to come close. The object hovered for 10 to 15 minutes before leaving. This is part of an ongoing investigation of many sightings and stories of paranormal activity. Some of his photo evidence does prove paranormal and possible ufo activities.

Investigator Ken Pfeiffer writes, “The witness woke up at 3 am, and looked out his window to see an unmarked telephone truck with people climbing the telephone pole doing something. I walked outside and asked what they were doing? They said, “You keep on talking about the lights, we will shut you up, completely!” They were wearing black leather gloves and black hard hats. I couldn't see their faces, but I think they were tapping my line.” Both the witness and his Father saw at 10 PM, another UFO for ten minutes in the sky. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer.

New York Cylinder

WATERVLIET -- On May 11, 2009, I moved my cars and looked up (something told me to) about 6:10 PM, and I saw the cylindrical object. I watched it hover about 500 feet off the ground. It stayed there for fifteen seconds and started moving north slowly. I looked away, and it was gone. It gave me the creeps. It looked sort of like this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Dakota Huge Flying Wing

JAMES RIVER – I was on James River dike patrol for the National Guard, near the Highway 281 Bridge at 4:15 AM, with another soldier checking for seepage, breaches, or leaks. We noticed an enormous object fly over our heads heading east at a fairly slow rate. We could not see any real shape to the craft, but the there was a red center strobe light and three red lights going off of it in a low angle swept back wing pattern at an equal distance apart. The soldier that was with me thought there were four lights on the objects left side, and three on the right. There was no noise. We both estimated the object to be about half the size of a city block or 1/4 mile in width. I tried to take a photo of it with my cell phone, but all I see is a completely black photo. I called our operations center and talked to some of my peers about it, but faced ridicule. This is the only UFO I have ever seen after over 25 years in the military. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

Ohio Triangle

PORTSMOUTH -- I was driving along US 52 west and noticed the first flying object because of its large size, low altitude, flashing lights and slow speed. It would stop completely, and then move slowly. The lights beneath the craft were erratic. I watched from the side of the highway for several minutes as it stopped several times, and changed the pattern of its lights underneath it. I saw UFO-1 for probably six minutes before it disappeared.

Four minutes later, I spotted the second craft, (UFO-2) which was exactly the same size and shape and exhibited the same lighting patterns beneath. UFO-1 stopped moving in the sky at least twice, while UFO-2 only stopped once before following the first. I aggressively followed, but it disappeared after passing over a ridge. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon UFO Over Power Lines

EUGENE – I was listening to you on the Rense Radio Program as usual on the first Tuesday night of each month and wanted to pass along my own sighting from last week of a triangular craft 300 feet in length, with a black nose and dark grey body, with large picture windows along the side. It had horizontal flaps along the rear with vertical half tubes between. It was hovering over power lines. I believe the craft belongs to an extraterrestrial race known as Andromedans who use power lines to gather energy for their ships. I can tell you from personal experience they have the ability to disappear simply by cloaking or by raising the vibration of the whole ship. Thanks to

Pennsylvania – Hovering Lights

HATFIELD – We saw a hovering, star with blinking lights and I wanted to say, “Yes, I have seen this same object and so has my fiancé; last week, we observed it for at least a half hour. It was not there the next night, so it's not a star. It barely moves so it's not a plane. It looks like a bright star but when looked at closely, it looks like it has multi-colored lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee – Nine Silver UFOs.

VONORE -- I am a construction worker building a waste water treatment plant on the edge of Tellico Lake. In the morning of November 28, 2008, I was preparing a 16 foot tall, concrete form when I heard several sand hill cranes calling overhead and began looking for them. We are accustomed to seeing bald eagles, osprey and other birds flying over the job site. At this time, I saw what I thought was nine cranes very high overhead flying at 10,000 feet, with an airliner above them producing a contrail. The objects were silver in appearance and moving up and down heading south. I continued watching the nine objects in three rows of three making a slight up and down motion. The formation turned north coming directly over my head and I could see clearly they were not birds. After one minute they blinked out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SMOKEY MOUNTAINS – I was driving with a co-driver east on I-40 into North Carolina before the tunnels in the Smokey Mountains on April 18, 2009. I was taking pictures with my digital Canon Powershot A630 and shot this river pointing out the window with the window up. There are spots on the window, but there were no spots on the middle of the photo where the lighter area around the object is a blur. I put it on the edit feature of my computer to adjust the bright and contrast features. It has a ring of light or energy around it and when the bright is turned up or down the inner shape shows itself to be a disk brighter than the sky. This picture is not edited. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Black Cube

MARATHON -- My Partner and I were driving on 385, on a clear day to Big Bend National Park on April 11, 2009, about fifty miles south of Marathon when I noticed something extremely bright and moving fast toward the car. It was a teardrop shaped head with a thin shiny band of silver wrapped around the center. I thought I saw a figure in a running man pose supporting the teardrop head, and the entire thing was engulfed in a white light, and was followed by light tracers.

SAN ANTONIO -- I was in my backyard with my dogs just about sundown on May 7, 2009, when I saw what at first I thought was a buzzard, but it had no wings. We live under the approach path for SAT airport and we have a lot of air traffic. The object was totally black with no reflection from the sun and was moving about the speed and altitude of an airliner on a straight line to the northwest. I grabbed my binoculars and focused on the object just before it disappeared over the horizon. The object looked like a perfect cube made up of large black balls arranged to form a cube. It moved to fast to be a balloon and I consider it to be a true UFO. The attached JPG file is a simulation of what I saw but not at correct scale. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Red UFO and Wave of Sightings

TROUT LAKE -- The witness snapped several photos on April 21, 2009, between 7 and 8 PM, near Mt. Adams in the southern part of the state. “I noticed later a small red object that appeared to move across the mountain in the photo sequence. This is one of the photos along with an enlargement.”

Note: Sunset was near 8 PM on April 21. The red dot could be the reflection of the setting Sun off of the snow of Mt. Adams.

TACOMA -- On April 23, 2009, a Black Diamond was seen in the flight path of an aircraft near Tacoma. Then on April 30, 2009, several people saw a star shaped object ascend rapidly and make 90 degree turns. Another witness reports, “I was on my way home, heading down McKinley Avenue on May 5, 2009, and noticed three bright orange lights in a wide triangular shape hovering in the sky at 8:50 PM.” The light located at the point of the triangle moved or sort of hovered slightly up and down towards the outer lights. It didn't blink or move as a whole object. The only light that seemed to move was the bottom point. I went home and went out to look ten minutes later, but it was gone.

Note: Given the description I don't have an explanation for this sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest Several other similar sightings occurred over Washington. On May 4, 2009, POULSBO -About 20 MI NW of Seattle a Shiny Silver Ball Sighted in Daytime Flying below Clouds. On May 5, 2009 – CHENEY -- 2 See Hovering Object with Red, Blue, & White Lights .

Sightings World Wide

Canada Sightings

HUNTSVILLE, ONTARIO -- On April 23, 2009 at 12:03 AM, I was sitting on my deck enjoying a midnight snack with my lover, when we looked up and saw a flying object. I didn't know what it was at first, so I jumped up and grabbed my camera and took some pictures. Then my hubby realized that it really was a UFO. It was circular and had blue lights.

BETWEEN AJAX AND ASHBURN, ONTARIO -- It looks that this is one of the preferred spots for these crafts. This is the third time I've spotted them, roughly in the same area. While one of these crafts was hovering in one spot on April 24, 2009, at 9:30 PM, another approached the first, and they switched places, so that the second one hovered, while the first one takes off. A very slow moving airplane approached and they both vanished. This very weird airplane circled the area, but the crafts were gone. I managed to film for about five minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

SCARBOROUGH -- I have a photo to share taken on Monday, February 23, 2009, of a slow lingering helicopter observed over the hydro electric lines with a strange silver unknown object nearby. The helicopter flew east to west for twenty minutes very slow and low, as if looking for something. I had taken eight photos, and found the UFO close to the helicopter. I have noticed these round black spheres over the hydro lines. Zooming in there appears to be two silver spheres attached together over the hydro lines. Perhaps they are in for a recharge?

Later while driving home in Oshawa with my oldest son about 10:45 pm, all the power went out in the entire neighborhood and we were in total blackness. Once again, the timing of the power outage, along with location makes you wonder what caused it. After driving past two intersections the power came back on. The coincidences continue, as do the presence of these low flying lingering black helicopters. I have three photos of unknowns near a black helicopter. Low flying planes also circle for hours as if looking for something. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis.

Cyprus Formation of red lights

PEYIA, PAPHOS -- On April 6, 2009, four members of my family and I witnessed two square formations of lights in the evening sky a few miles south of Peyia. Each formation comprised four bright red lights, one in each corner of the square. The lights were identical in color and size, and both formations were at the same altitude, but a mile away from each other. Commercial airliners were above the lights that were hovering at between 5,000 to 10,000 feet altitude. These eight lights remained constant in strength and did not pulse or flicker as the aircraft passed. We viewed for four minutes in clear sky. Several photographs were taken, but none captured the lights. After a brief period, the lights just went out as though somebody had flicked a switch. I witnessed something similar in Norfolk, England in 2002. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

German UFO video

PADERBORN – Michael Cohen writes, “This video that can be seen on Youtube shows a series of a dozen blinking lights caught close up and moving off into the distance on April 22, 2009.” The sighting occurred at dawn. It sure seems an odd time of day for anything other than a UFO to be buzzing the town centre.

Paderborn is in Germany's west and is the capital city of Paderborn district. It is a historic and charming town with a population of around 150,000. The video is quite impressive and if anyone knows more about it please email us at:

Philippines Winged Anomaly

CLARK AFB -- Senior Master Sergeant Allen took this picture of a winged craft over the nuclear weapons storage area at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines in 1972, during the Vietnam War. Clark Air Force Base was part of the Strategic Air Command and played a large part supporting operations for the Vietnam War. The picture was taken with a Nikon F-2 camera. This picture was found , stashed away, in an unmarked box by the son of Sergeant Allen. Thanks to UFODC.COM and Ken Pfeifer Mufon N.J.

Russia UFO Captured on Video

Allegedly the filming took place on May 3, 2009. This rather remarkable UFO was filmed by a farmer working in his fields in Russia. Not much is known about the video such as the exact location or the individual that filmed it. It is receiving a fair bit of coverage on Russian UFO and paranormal forums and many UFO experts seem rather impressed with it. One UFO researcher, Mr. Avi Moas of Las Vegas, Nevada, referred to the craft as a 'Mothership'.

UFOs are seen all over Russia and the former Soviet Union and for many rural folk they are an almost common occurrence. If anyone knows anything about this video please contact Michael Cohen

Spain Cylinder and Two Gray Balls

NUCIA -- On May 3, 2009, we were over flown by an object of strange form, a cylinder with two balls of gray metalized color in the street market of Nucia. The cylinder advanced and ascended as it flew towards Benidorm increasing the speed progressively. Then it would stop for a few minutes and I was able to take a photo with my mobile telephone. The photography shows a scale of gray, kind of antenna on the right straight side. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ukraine Sphere

SENELNIKOVO – The residents of the Ukrainian town in the Dnepropetrovsk region have been seeing strange objects in the sky for weeks and UFOs controlled by aliens were suspected. The talk of a UFO landing base near the Black Sea has been going on for decades. An enormous luminous pink sphere was seen slowly descending to the earth and given the nickname Lamp. It did not land, but moved along a trajectory that seemed to follow the power lines. A town resident called on a team of Ufologists headed by Mr. Vladislav Kanuka, a veteran Ufologist with decades of experience, for help.

A video camera was placed near the railway station and a very bright pink orb was taped following a controlled trajectory. They managed to capture the craft on film as it landed in the nearby woods. They made a rush for the landing spot, but the engines of all three cars they were travelling in conked out! When they managed to restart the engines the cars started sinking in mud. They were only able to reach the site in the morning and found no evidence of the landing. The discs are seen by residents almost every day and once panicky residents are no longer scared: they have accepted that aliens use a spot near their town as a UFO landing base.


YORKSHIRE -- Paul Sinclair has been fascinated by UFOs for as long as he can remember but only really got involved in Ufology after his first sighting. ‘It involved me and a work colleague. It was at a place called Sledmere on the East Yorkshire Wolds (hill country). It was a bright sunny day and the UFO was a structured object of huge size hovering above a field and some trees.' Ever since then Paul has been regularly gazing at the skies. ‘I am the guy who sits in the darkness observing hour in hour out. I am looking for real proof.'

Obviously Paul was excited when he managed to film this footage on May 1 2009, which he believes may well be an extraterrestrial spaceship. Paul insists his search for an alien presence in East Yorkshire is far from over. ‘The UFO phenomenon is real and dedication is needed to sit on the remote Wolds during freezing cold conditions and is no less a task than that of a wildlife film maker.' ‘I don't know of anyone else doing this in the UK, 'I have built up a good relationship with the local farmers in the area' Paul continued 'You would think that due to the nature of our subject that I would get a few raised brows. The plain fact is that most of them have seen the UFOs. One even told me about following an actual space ship as it silently glided across the tops of trees on his land. His wife, daughter and her boyfriend also saw it. The next day he sat and wrote a full account of the sighting.' UFO activity in Yorkshire is very extensive. Paul's website is at:

BOSTON -- It was roughly 4:40 PM, on April 6, 2009, and I had just cycled past the Redstone Industrial Estate, when I saw a black triangle over the docks about 1/4 mile away. I first thought that it was a helicopter; because it looked too small to be a plane and was moving too slowly. There was no noise coming from it. It moved slowly, not much faster than jogging pace and not too far from the ground either. The triangle was near a six storey office block on the dock, and was only 30 feet higher than that. I put my bike down, and started to walk towards the triangle. I had only taken a few steps and then it just shot into the sky and flew over my head it went. It was quite a sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

William Puckett reports the British Taranis Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) Built By BAE Systems may be flying and creating some UFO reports. Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology (

UK/Scotland Cube

GLASGOW -- I try to spend a few hours at night with my telescope and binoculars and have seen many UFOs, but they're always so fleeting? But on Monday morning, I saw a perfect cube appear right before my eyes! I was looking at Zubeneschamali, which is the beta star in Libra, when the cube just came out of nowhere! I saw a brilliant perfect cube with an illuminated border that was moving quickly. It changed color from blue to aqua-green and stopped cold. I grabbed my digital camera and managed to take one picture as it moved away backwards to the point it appeared and it was gone.

The camera resolution does not match the human eye but you can see the outline and shape. The cube was much sharper and brighter than this image. It was not a satellite. Watching this UFO was akin to the ball in the computer game Pong, but it was square. I only managed single picture before it decided to bounced backwards and vanish. I found a story in the Highlands news paper about a woman who saw a Square UFO in her back garden last month. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Special Notes

Infrared Camera

Kenneth Larson writes, “I telephoned the Big 5 Sporting Goods Store concerning their advertisements of an amazing new binocular-camera, 10 x 25 power and the camera has the built-in camera made by "Sharp Image." It takes 24 photos on each film with a price of $59.99. The Big 5 also lists a new 5-power monocular that has the Infrared Illuminator (close to $200.00). Apparently this monocular can see in the Infrared spectrum so maybe the hidden UFOs in the Infrared spectrum would show up in the monocular. I have a hunch this might be due to recent military research programs. Maybe the puzzled observers in Texas and Arizona could have seen more of, or could have taken films of the appearing and disappearing UFOs that might shifted back-and-forth to the Infrared spectrum. Big 5 is located in LA. phone: 1 (213) 487-1688. Kenneth Larson

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