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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 20, 2009

George Filer:
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Special Reports

Famed Remote Viewer Reveals Alien Secrets

Ingo Swann, a gifted natural consciousness researcher was one of the first and most influential members of the U.S. government's super-secret remote viewing program. He reveals astonishing secrets about alien activity in his book called "Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy." Swann helped develop the process of Remote Viewing at the Stanford Research Institute. He is commonly credited with proposing the idea of Coordinate Remote Viewing, a process in which viewers would view a location given nothing but its geographical coordinates, which was developed and tested by Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ with CIA funding. Swann says this group used to meet in an underground facility near Washington, D.C., but was so secretive that it left no paper trail. He says the only secrecy oaths he took were verbal and they have expired, so now he can reveal some of his official knowledge concerning UFOs and aliens.

Swann was part of CIA and Army agencies that were collecting intelligence on Soviet operations and UFOs. He was taken to a remote lake in Alaska where he witnessed a large triangular UFO at close range suck up the water from the lake. Swann was reportedly told that this kind of craft emerged from the Alaskan lake every day. Apparently we are an oasis in space where aliens refuel.

Swann's main concern is the undeveloped nature of human telepathy and its contrast with "the probable existence of fully developed alien telepathy." His book describes his experiences with an ultra secret government agency where he is asked to remote view the dark side of the Earth's Moon. They observed mining and manufacturing operations are along with human looking extraterrestrials. An E.T. base on the dark side of the moon had extensive buildings, roads, and human forms digging. His book discusses lunar anomalies and government-military-science-media cover up of UFOs, lunar activity and psychic phenomena (telepathy, in particular). He also describes his experience with a female E.T. in a Los Angeles supermarket. A friend warns him that there are many extraterrestrials, that many are "bio-androids", and that they are aware their only foes on earth are psychics.

Swann makes it very clear that our government is very much intimidated by these ETs. They are not friendly." He concludes that extraterrestrials are living on earth in humanoid bodies. He also talks about the fact that DENIAL of the ETs is a patent fact. The question is WHY?

Mars Possible Structures

Elizabeth Fuller writes, “I've been looking at more high resolution pictures from the Pathfinder landing site, and this entire area appears to be a debris field of sculptures, all of which look very, very old and damaged.” At the bottom right hand corner of the image, just to the left of the three light rocks, there is another face that looks like an old man with a mustache. There are dozens of other faces of people and animals throughout the image (I'm learning Photo Editor and hopefully will be able to send you enlargements of the images I'm looking at. Additionally, up near the top horizon (but below the peaks), across the width of the picture, there are structures that definitely do not look like rocks, but buildings. There appears to be a building complex at the top right, and other buildings and structures across the entire near-horizon view. Please enlarge and look carefully at all the "debris" in the foreground also, it's definitely not all rocks.

These pictures are on the NASA website. How can they claim there is no evidence of life on Mars?? Thanks to Elizabeth Fuller Editors Note- There is a dark object in the sky at the upper left of the photo.

UFO Maps of Sightings

Steve Reichmuth and Peter Davenport developed the following information. Sightings increased to a total of 800 in January 2009, and but decreased to 695 in February 2009, and 634 sightings reported during March 2009. Sightings continued to be heavy along the Atlantic Coast in the Northeast, Indiana, Georgia, Arizona, and Los Angeles. Thanks to Steve Reichmith (>

Sightings in the United States

California – Video of UFO

BEVERLY HILLS – On May 15, 2009, I was stopped at a red light in my convertible on Cienaga Boulevard and noticed a long white tube like thing flying across the sky that seemed longer then a plane. The light changed, and when I looked back up again and it was gone. I kept looking for this object, use I am a little confused as to what I saw.

I would also like to say my reason for looking up all the time is because in 1984, on the Taconic Parkway in Yonkers, New York at 1:30-AM, I witnessed a black square-edged boomerang object. It had five white lights, no nose, no tail, was very low and gliding slowly overhead. The underneath looked like the ceiling of an industrial plant with pipes, crevices, tubing, etc. P.S. when I got home it was 1.5 hrs later then it should have been. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Triangles and Discs Flap

FOUNTAIN – On April 22, 2009, about 6:30 AM, I noticed this light near the crescent moon that didn't move at all. I took the pictures using my digital camera from on my balcony.

Note: A check of astronomical charts shows that the moon was not visible at the date and time that the witness said that she took the photos. The camera date/time settings determined that the photos were taken on April 22 at 4:44 AM. (This assumes that the date/time settings on the camera were correct.) A check of astronomical charts shows that Venus was 3 degrees to the left of the crescent moon (13% illumination) at the date/time of the camera setting. Venus was very bright with a magnitude of -4.7. The witness also provided an invalid email address so no additional information could be obtained. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- On May 3, 2009, at 11:06 AM, I saw two strange aircraft flying at high speed directly over Denver International Airport. They had V-shaped bodies. Their bellies were painted in bright white colors with dark gray wing tips. Unlike the F-117 these aircraft were propelled in the opposite direction.

Note: Apparently the witness saw two V shaped aircraft flying the opposite direction (V moving backward). Given the fact that this sighting occurred during daylight and reverse flight was observed makes this an intriguing sighting.

ARAPAHOE BASIN SKI AREA – On May 6, 2009, at 3:16 PM, a friend was at the ski area and spotted a UFO flying overhead. He has very good camera equipment and got at least one photo which he emailed me. The photo showed three white lights and some dark patches around them. He estimated the UFO was at 25,000 feet and moving at 1,500 mph. I am waiting to hear from him to get more information. He takes photos of chemtrails a lot and took some interesting ones in March, 2008, that you can find at that show what appears to be a disk leaving a chemtrail. Note: The photo speaks volumes. What is this thing?

EDWARDS – On May 7, 2009, a lady woke up about 4:30 AM and saw flashing lights out her window, towards the northwest. She went outside to get a better look and observed a disk with flashing or rotating lights (red, orange, yellow, and blue) hovering above the Singletree subdivision north of I-70. The disk dropped a diamond shaped object with red, white and blue lights that descended to the ground. The disk then departed at high speed when a helicopter, probably a CH-47 appeared. The satellite craft appeared to be about one third the length of the disk

Note: Here is another good report. The investigator (Bob Fiske) is trying to find more witnesses to this sighting. A search of the local area is also called for to locate the alleged "fallen" object.

AVON -- On May 7, 2009, around 8 PM two boys saw a flying disk with a flashing strobe and told an Air Force veteran who passed it on to me. The disk moved horizontally, then up vertically and then horizontally as it shot off. I am going to try to meet with the boys at some later date. Update - May 13, 2009: I called the Air Force veteran who talked with the two girls, not boys. He is going to meet with them and their parents.

Note: More information is needed to say anything definitive about this sighting. Investigator Bob Fiske plans to interview the witnesses.

VAIL MEDICAL CENTER – On May 9, 2009, about 10:45 AM, Saturday I saw what I believed was a cigar shaped UFO that moved across the sky to the north of Vail. I work as a security officer at the Vail Valley Medical Center and was looking out a stairway window that faces to the north. I only wish I had binoculars or a camera at the time. The craft moved into a small cloud to the east and I could not see it come out the other side. There was a jet with a single contrail that was flying some distance above and behind the cigar which might have been an air force fighter.

Note: The witness to this sighting was Bob Fiske a certified UFO investigator and the sighting occurred in daylight makes it significant. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

WESTMINSTER -- While laying on the grass on May 15, 2009, taking photos of the night sky using my Nikon S630, I saw an object move and stop three times in half second intervals between each move. I quickly shifted the camera to the location of the object and got off a photograph. Since the shutter stays open longer filming at night I had to wait for the camera. I kept seeing this object continually moving and stopping. I got off one more shot before I did not see it again.

Note: The time stamp on these photos is not accurate. This camera has a problem that needs to be fixed by Nikon. The time and date is accurately set in the Time/Date settings but the time stamp is not accurate. This object was about 100' from the ground and would not stay still long enough for me to make an accurate guess. The object is less than 50 inches diameter. I was very excited seeing this object. I had hunch it was coming. Looking at the photo one can easily see the object and then the movement, then stop and more movement before stopping again. Because the shutter stays open longer using Night Landscape the camera captured the object and the movement. Great camera best I ever owned. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Sightings

31.37N 83.58W MOUNTAINS -- I took the photo I was focused on the jet on May 18, 2009. I did not notice it until after I pulled the picture up on my computer. I was outside playing with my kids and took a quick shot of the jet flying over head, then I went back to taking photographs of them playing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

-- Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA reports: 12 May 09, at 9:14PM--An adult male resident of VININGS (greater metro Atlanta area) was taking a smoke break on his back porch. While watching the normal metro air traffic, he observed a lower flying aircraft (smaller than a commercial jet) fly silently across his area. It appeared to have a glowing red stripe running down the fuselage from tip to tail. As he watched, the stripe took on a more intense brilliance from front to rear and as this occurred, the aircraft seemed to vanish into thin air......gone. SSD/FI Joe Alexander of Marietta was assigned.

8 May0 9, 10:00PM -- An adult male resident of ROSSVILLE (NW Georgia) stated he was in a park with his family at Ft. Oglethorpe, when they observed a round bright orange object silently flying across the park at 200 feet in altitude @ about 25-35mph. The disc-like object was spinning end-over-end around the orange object like a "ball of fire trapped in glass dome." It flew on out of sight. Seven witnesses may have been present. FIs Mark and Leslie Moore of Blairsville have a call in to the witness for further information.

1 May 09, 10:53PM -- An adult female resident of DEKALB COUNTY and her boyfriend were driving west on Hwy 78 on a overcast day and saw some lightning displays. As they approached Brockett Road, they observed some lights passing over the treetops that resolved into a triangular shaped object which was illuminated by the city lights. This craft continued toward Hwy 78 and crossed over the roadway heading south. The craft had four lights, one on each tip, and one in the center which seemed to flash or pulsate. The triangle was not flying point forward, but was flying 'sideways'. This witness wrote a very professional account and a FOIA request was filed with the FAA.

23 April 09, 3:15AM -- An adult male resident of GWINNETT COUNTY was driving north along Peachtree Industrial Blvd, when he observed a brightly lit 'mass' straight ahead above the trees. Witness could only compare it to a "fire truck," a massive structure unseen because of the brilliant lights. He compared it in size to a "subdivision". Witness stopped his vehicle to see better, as it moved SE toward Doraville.

29 April 09, 10:30PM -- An adult couple, residents of VALDOSTA, during a sky watch observed several unusual aerial displays. Several "moving stars", as well as a "flasher" (like a camera flash in the sky) and other activity. These citizens seem to be reporting well, however numerous satellite passes and one Iridium flare were predicted for during that time frame. FI Frank Lee Jennings was assigned to contact the witnesses.

21 April 09, 10:05PM -- An adult male resident of ATHENS was walking his dog when he heard two loud, low flying aircraft and saw them pass overhead. He noticed several plane lengths ahead, a red light that was on the same course and speed as the aircraft. The initial aircraft was described as "short and stout, but large". This sounds suspiciously like a military night aerial refueling or simulated refueling training exercise. FI Jason Fonzo was assigned to contact the witness for further discussion of this matter.

18 April 09, 9:00PM -- ATLANTA, the Al Yaarab Shriner Temple multiple witnesses observed a glowing white oval object in the northern sky which moved erratically, rose up, and performed maneuvers seemingly impossible for a standard aircraft. It was then lost from sight, but returned within a few minutes to repeat, departed, returned and repeated again a third time. SSD/FI Joe Alexander was assigned. Also in May, a local meteorologist forwarded an unusual aerial photograph to us made by an acquaintance in Mountain City in north Georgia. SSD/FI Steve Bass of Cumming attempted to contact the original photographer several times with no response.

MUFONGA's Joe Alexander of Marietta recently developed a program that will benefit the FI's tool-kit. After an informal discussion we had about various UFO shapes and profiles, Joe sat at his PC down and this program quickly resulted. The following memo from Joe describes the project. Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA

Illinois – Object Photographed

HIGHLAND -- I did not personally see the UFO, but pictures and reports were on our local news station KTVI Channel 2 in St. Louis, MO. on Sunday night May 11, 2009. Blogs were also on the net concerning this sighting. I wish you would investigate as this area frequently has ufo sightings.

KTVI Report: Some residents in Illinois may have spotted a strange sight in the sky above Highland late Sunday night. Fox 2 received a few emails about some odd-looking lights. Some are going so far as to call the lights a UFO. FOX 2 made several attempts to confirm with the state and city police, but officials say they have not heard anything about the lights. (About 20 MI East of Downtown St. Louis

GRANITE CITY -- KTVI Blog (Witness Report): Saturday night my 12 year old son was asleep in his room making noises like he had a bad dream. His dad went in there and asked: "what's wrong?" His answer was "there is a blue hovering light above me." He is in his room not outside, but woke up to a blue light and was freaking out. His father assumed that he had played his Xbox 360 so much that the blue hovering disc above him was a dream. I assumed it was a police car that drove by with lights on, but I woke up this morning and see the story on the news. When I called my husband at work this morning and told him what I saw on the news his words were: "You gotta be kidding me!"

Note: The above photo sent to KTVI TV is interesting, but it is unknown what the witness saw. Apparently several reports of the lights were received by KTVI TV. The blog mentioned on the news report could not be found. The witness report apparently occurred late Saturday night (May 9) and not Sunday when the other reports were received. Granite City is about 10 miles northeast of downtown St. Louis. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

CHICAGO -- The witness reports "It lit up right before my eyes, to the south of me on July 9, 2008, like a fluorescent light and then shut off.” It was closer than anything I have seen so far. It was only for one second at the most and I did get a picture." Thanks to Mufon CMS and Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.,

Michigan Three Spheres

ROGERS CITY -- On May 17, 2009, my girlfriend and I saw a UFO power up and caught it on my digital camera. It is one of many sightings this week, here near Rogers City. I have been observing Ufo's for over five years and consider it a hot spot. The Ufo in the picture was traveling east and is the brightest spot to the right in the picture. There are two other orbs of light to the left that were not seen when I snapped the photo, only the one to the right was visible. It continued cruising until it was out of sight. This is common here; I see them almost every night. After viewing it for maybe two minutes, we saw, what I presume was an F-16 heading toward the object. They kind of patrol the area of my camp all day and night.

MELVINDALE -- I stepped outside on my backyard patio at 10:08 PM, and observed a very bright beige-white sphere, pea sized at arm's length, moving in a straight line ENE at 60 deg elevation for thirty seconds. I called my daughters (age 11, 7, and 6) who also witnessed the object that did not blink and made no sound. At first I told my daughters that we were observing the space shuttle; yet checking on May 5, 2009, no satellites were listed near us. At 10:20 PM, I observed a sharp star sized white ball with medium brightness moving straight ENE at 80 degrees for 20 seconds. My daughter (age 11) also witnessed the object moving toward the first larger object at high speed.

At 10:32 PM, I observed a star sized sphere materialize first very bright white than dim to pale white traveling slower yet reversing the second sphere's direction for ten seconds. It seemed that second sphere was returning from its mission twelve minutes earlier as it slowly dimmed. The twelve minutes between each sighting seemed a structured pattern to me and my daughters? Thanks to MUFON CMS

FLINT -- It was in the fall of 2008, I was walking a friend to her car and she noticed a bright object in the sky. I retrieved my camera. It's not the best but I did get some 480 x 640 stills. I believed it to be a planet and it still might be. The shape seems wrong though. It was viewed in the northwest about three palm hands high from a large ash tree in my yard. It could have been covered by a nickel. It seemed to be stationary. While viewing it seemed to do a "flip". Jupiter was seen in the northwest so I assumed I took video of planets and didn't achieve the same affect. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WATERFORD -- Shortly after midnight on May 10, 2009, I saw three spheres of white light floating in counter clockwise motion 20 feet away above my neighbor's house. They would move upward and around each other making intricate designs and then drop down and repeat their circular motion every few seconds in a playful type manner. These spheres were slightly higher than 30 feet. They were just floating in this same pattern over and over. I became quite apprehensive and crawled back into bed. Five minutes later, they were gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey V Shaped Craft and Zigzagging Lights

PITTSGROVE – On May 17, 2009, I took some weird ufo footage of worm like UFOs in the northwest about half a mile from my house! I had the camera very steady at 2 AM, and took these using my 7 mega pixels digital camera. The worms like UFOs were stationary in the sky about 100 feet up. These events seem to happen every two or three days on our road in front by Green Branch Park. These are the newest pictures! I think somebody needs to get some real good equipment and bring it on out here. My batteries drain in less than four minutes, and these are brand new ones.

Investigator Ken Pfeiffer writes, “The witness woke up at 3 am, and looked out his window to see an unmarked telephone truck with people climbing the telephone pole doing something. I walked outside and asked what they were doing? They said, “You keep on talking about the lights, we will shut you up, completely!” They were wearing black leather gloves and black hard hats. I couldn't see their faces, but I think they were tapping my line.” Both the witness and his Father saw at 10 PM, another UFO for ten minutes in the sky. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer.

DUNELLEN – On April 10, 2009, at 11 PM, while driving a pink light came overhead looking like a white object. This occurred three more times in same area over the next half hour. The bright pink ball moved closer quite fast, turned widely in about three quarters of a circle and headed off. We continued to drive around the area looking and once we turned back on the road where we first saw it, it was again exactly where it started. Now was not as bright and it looked more white with flashing lights. It was traveling too low and fast to be any type of airplane. It came back to our area twice before flying away. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico Orange Light

CARLSBAD -- I was on my computer on May 17, 2009, when a friend said he saw something strange in the sky. I have always been interested in UFO's so my boyfriend and I went outside. He said, “Look over there behind that tree you can see something glowing.” I went out towards the alley and could see it clearer. I knew it was not a star, or a plane, or anything I have ever seen before so I got my Nikon D40 camera. After getting my SD card, I took numerous pictures.

The object in the pictures does not fully show what I saw. It was hanging in the sky to the West, and looked like a big bright orange ball of fire. The object seemed to stay and hover in the same spot. I was scared, and kind of excited. When I looked at the pictures on my computer I noticed when I blew them up 100% that in some of the pictures it looked like an orange cigar shaped object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Triangle

BETHEL -- I have attached more pictures with the UFO to the side of my garage, and some pictures of orbs or UFOs in my driveway looking to the western sky on April 15, 2009 about 20 miles SW of Columbus. There seems to be a hotbed of unidentified objects on my property. A few of these pictures have multi-objects in the sky as in fleet of UFOs or something?

Note: The above photo probably has a conventional explanation. The witness does not see the objects, but later finds them in photos. She has her photos developed and then has them scanned. The identity of the object marked and enlarged in the above photo (taken in the western sky) is not known, but it could be a bird or insect? The other photos mentioned by the witness are of poor quality and do not show anything unusual. We post some sightings that likely have explanations if more data were available. We attempt to show readers that a wide variety of reports with respect to quality are received. Of course some reports defy explanation. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

FOSTORIA – George Ritter sent me this still photo from a VHS tape of two fast flying objects over a nearby farm. The objects fly at an estimated speed of 1000 mph as they climb up from a nearby field. There are believed to be underground caverns in the area. Thanks to George Ritter

Pennsylvania – Triangle Lights

ST. DAVIDS -- On April 9, 2009, on the Eastern University's Campus at 10:50 pm, I saw a triangular object moving above the trees a couple blocks behind Doane Hall. As it descended many police sirens went off. Walking past the gym I noticed a very bright orange light shining through the trees then it flew towards me. Walking through the soccer field it flew above me and I saw another similar object flying in the distance toward me from another direction. It flew in direction parallel to King of Prussia Road. After I crossed the soccer field, I was walking up the hill when another object flew over Kea Hall. These four objects were triangular in shape and the sighting lasted for 13 minutes. The objects were of equal size or a little larger than the moon tonight. Each had seven lights with a red light in the middle and a light at each point of the triangle. There were two lights between the front light and the two side lights. They couldn't have been over 300 feet above me. It was spectacular. Oddly enough, I wasn't scared, but felt calm and at peace. NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and he sounded to us to be a quite sincere person. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

WILLOW GROVE – My wife and I were driving home from movies on County Line Road when we spotted three bright white lights in triangle pattern low and to the left ahead of our vehicle just above tree line. Next we saw it to our left for about 25 seconds. Again there were three bright white lights in triangle pattern. Two or three red lights were now visible on the underside of object and it was now clearly silhouetted against a low cloud cover. The shape was a very distinct black triangle with bright white lights at each tip of the triangle. Object was moving slowly to the southeast.

At first sighting we thought it might be a C-130 landing at nearby Willow Glove Naval Air Station. I am an aviation buff, and former student pilot so I am pretty familiar with most aircraft. After further consideration and discussion with my wife, we know what we saw. There is no doubt in our minds this was not an aircraft. We were not panicked and tried to follow the craft. My wife was a skeptic but is now convinced. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee UFO Photo

JACKSON -- On April 26, 2009, at 7 PM, while facing south on a sunny windy day I took this photo from over 1000 feet away with my Nikon Coolpix 8.0. This is a daily thing now. I did not see it until after I took picture. While staining siding of a house at work and saw over my head two fuzzy white balls streak by at amazing speed. The first went by then ten minutes later another. These objects were about 80 to 200 feet altitude making no sound. Last weekend, there was the one at Chicasaw State Park that is shown above. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Sightings World Wide

Australia Two Bright Lights and Orange Star

MAREEBA QLD -- My three friends and I were driving back from Mareeba to Kuranda on April 10, 2009, at 7:30 PM. We drove over a hill which is quite a high point and gives a good view that overlooks the area. As we were driving over the hill we all saw two huge bright lights side by side over the tree tops about maybe a couple of kilometers in the distance but quite close. As we kept driving it kept coming in and out of view because of the trees that were in our way. Lasted maybe about 10 of 15 seconds then it completely disappeared. The lights were so huge and brightened just above the trees this definitely was not a plane, house, or comet. All four of us saw it and it freaked us out because the lights were huge. Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Canada Sightings

OAK BLUFF, MANITOBA -- The first time I saw it was about two months ago when I was driving home from Winnipeg to Domain. As I was turning off the Perimeter Highway I saw a big and red and fiery ball of fire coming to earth like a comet, but not a shooting star. Then I saw the UFO as it passed over the highway too low to be a plane. It had red and white lights on it but it was hard to make out the shape that looked like a blimp with the seating compartment on the bottom of the big oval balloon part.

Then on April 29, 2009, as I was driving home near the same place when I saw a bright light in the distance towards Oak Bluff about 10 PM. I drove towards it and could tell it wasn't a plane, because of its low altitude and slow speed. It passed over my car and stopped and I got a better view of it. I could distinctly make out the form of a blimp shaped object with red and white blinking lights and one very bright light on the bottom. As I continued my drive and about 10 minutes later, I saw it again but further away. I should also note that my grandpa has pictures of these strange perfect cut cylinders in the earth that he found in his field like 25 years ago. I would like to have these things I saw explained to me. I am sure it was not a plane or helicopter because of its shape and no sounds. I'm only left with two options as to what it is; some sort of blimp made on planet earth or the possibility of an alien space craft.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. Email:

Mexico 15 To 20 Round Fuzzy White Orange Lights

CANCUN -- On Sunday night March 15, 2009 at 8:15 PM, we were sitting on our balcony with a southeast view out toward the Caribbean Sea when my wife and I both noticed an orange ball of light moving at three times the speed of a satellite heading due north parallel to the ocean. The light seemed to slow down and it zigzagged in an S shape before speeding off. Within five to ten minutes we then saw another light in the same location. So after the second light, we really started to keep an eye out. Over the course of the next three hours we spotted an additional fifteen to twenty more of these lights that were sometimes by themselves and other times they would appear in twos or threes. Some would move across the sky and then stop completely and reverse direction two to three times before continuing back in a northward direction. They would also tend to get fainter as they slowed down or stopped. One light even appeared to travel below a cloud when we thought that it would have traveled above the cloud out of our view. There was no sound and speed would change as they crossed the sky. We went to bed at 11:15 and lights were still appearing at that time, out of the South. Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Philippines Disc Anomaly

QUEZON CITY -- I was taking some pictures of my cousins with my digital camera on March 4, 2009, at 12:30 PM. When I browsed the pictures I saw a metallic disk shape above us. Before the incident TV signals in our house were interrupted.

Note: I would like to believe the contents of these photos, but edited photos are poor evidence. I have requested the original unedited photos from the photographer. The presence of objects in the original unedited photos doesn't necessarily mean that the photos are authentic, but that it would mean that fabrication would be less likely. Someone in Quezon City is likely fabricating photos. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:


COLDEN, NEAR HEBDEN BRIDGE – On April 11, 2009, about 8:15 PM, after moving a washing machine into my house I looked up and saw a light in the sky which looked slightly strange at first glance as it was the wrong color for aircraft headlamps which we see a lot of up here, being on a landing pattern for Manchester Airport. I saw another light appearing over the far horizon, maybe five miles away. This light was the same color as the first one but what made me take notice were the speed with which it traveled and its size. It was much bigger than any light source I'd ever seen, but wasn't particularly bright. It seemed to be made of light, and gently changed color, from a pinkish orange to a rose. It approached my vicinity in seconds and was above me. I ran to my friend's house and we watched it as it rose to a great height and joined with two more identical objects in a perfect line. These were not balloons. Thanks to UFOINFO

NUTHALL, NOTTINGHAM -- We came out of the house and saw a line of red/yellow lights traveling across the skyline all following the same flight path on April 4, 2009, at 10 PM. They were following each other with a certain amount of space between them. They seemed to not be of any specific shape to them - they just flickered in a red/yellow color. Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

TAVISTOCK DEVON -- On May 3, 2009, at 9:20 PM, I happened to notice an orange light through my kitchen window which I first thought was an air balloon. I quickly realized it wasn't an air balloon as the orange light would have been the other way around from the darker shape and it was moving way too fast and would have been too late and dark as it quickly went out of my view. It was too fast for an aeroplane and was no way the shape of one, nor a helicopter. There was no noise and it just smoothly moved to the left in a fast fashion. It got smaller, but still bright like a star and then vanished. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research:

SKIPTON -- A Traffic Officer some years ago in my force handed me a Digital-8 tape from one of the patrol vehicles. The Officer had been travelling westbound on the A59 road between Skipton and Bolton Abbey, lovely towns in North Yorkshire, UK. This was a routine patrol in May of 2003, at 2130 hours. The time and date is accurately shown on the speed-detection overlay the pursuit vehicles are equipped with. The officer remarked that the light was clearly made up of a packed cluster of small, very bright lights. It kind of shocked the officer greatly and you can see the vehicle's speed slow down as the officer tries to take in the scene. The officer is experienced and was used to the Nightsun searchlights of the neighboring force's Police Helicopter and the officer was adamant this was not such a searchlight. No sound was heard (granted the officer was inside a moving Subaru Impreza, a fast chase car not noted for quiet travel as our local speedsters can attest when caught! The Officer feels this was not a fighter aircraft with afterburner engaged.

The officer didn't wish any attention so the exact day was covered on the photo. The full uncompressed unedited Digital-8 capture to pc is about 209 MB. The video is not remarkable and shows a white light slowly flare up to a peak brightness, then fade out again (I checked, it wasn't Iridium's). HBCC removed the actual day of this sighting to protect the identity of the police officer. copyright 2009. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

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