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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 21, 2009

George Filer:
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An Awful lot of Space to Waste

400 Exoplanets Found Outside Solar System

A planet six times as massive as Earth orbits the star Gliese 667 C while two companion stars lie in the distance in an artist's conception. The low-mass planet is one of 32 planets found outside our solar system over the past five years. The find increases the number of known "exoplanets" to more than 400, adding evidence to the theory that the universe has many places where life could develop.

Scientists using European Southern Observatory telescopes didn't find any planets as small as Earth or any that seemed habitable. Most planets discovered so far are Jupiter-sized or even larger.

Two of the newly discovered planets were five times the size of Earth and one was five times larger than Jupiter. Astronomer Stephane Udry of the University of Geneva said the results support the theory that planet-formation is common, especially with certain type of common stars. It is likely millions of stars have Solar Systems that may include Earth size planets. Thanks to National Geographic

NASA's Moon Bombing Creates Plume of Debris

After gearing up for the space agency's much-hyped mission to hurl two spacecraft into the moon, the public turned away on October 9, anything but dazzled. Photos and video of the impact showed little more than a fuzzy white flash from the LCROSS flight mission to the MOON. The small white spot (enlarged in the insets) seen within the dark shadow of lunar crater walls is the initial flash created by the impact of a spent Centaur upper stage rocket.
But before crashing into the lunar surface itself, the LCROSS spacecraft's instrumentation successfully recorded close-up the details of the rocket stage impact, the resulting crater, and debris cloud. In the coming weeks, data from the challenging mission will be used to search for signs of water in the LUNAR material blasted from the surface. Credit: NASA, LCROSS Mission Team

NASA's recent lunar mission apparently was not the high-profile flop as it first appeared. Officials at Ames Research Center in California, which managed the mission, released images shown in the Red Circle below that clearly show a plume of debris estimated to a mile above the Cabeus crater shortly after the space agency's LCROSS rocket plowed into it. Creating a plume was key to the mission's success because the goal was to measure dust kicked up by the Centaur rocket to find out whether ice might lie hidden in polar craters. To do that, the accompanying $79-million Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite was to fly through the debris cloud so its spectrometers and cameras could sample the lunar dust.

Hundreds of members of the public, who had gathered at Ames' campus in Mountain View to watch the 4:30 a.m. event on a huge outdoor movie screen, were disappointed to see only a close-up of the craggy lunar surface before the screen went black when the satellite crashed. New images, lifted from a different camera aboard the spacecraft, show that a plume did occur. That means the satellite should have been capable of detecting water, if it was present.

Moon Anomalies

Alan Caviness states, “I have additional lunar anomaly images that have been submitted to me by viewers of The Caviness Report website and the Filers Files weekly UFO update.” Since your initial report, many individuals, worldwide, have scanned the moon on the Google Earth website looking for recognizable anomalous structure images. And, this type of lunar surface exploration continues as we attempt to get to the bottom of this matter. Whether these images are determined to be real or hoaxed, the final conclusion will be most interesting. In the meantime, I am creating a catalog of anomalous images and will update you as more images are discovered. Recent submissions have been sent to me by Andy Jonkers in The Netherlands and Everette Moore in the United States. Alan Caviness

Editors Note. Alan and I research the newly released NASA images of structures on the moon. Alan and I are shown researching the images.

Andy Jonkers of the The Netherlands sent this photo. Alan Caviness and I are shown researching the images.

Alan Caviness of High Point, North Carolina found this photo.

The red tinted images of the moon were sent by Everette Moore of Raleigh, North Carolina

The Japanese Satellite takes 3D video of structures on the Moon just prior to crash. Note An object is resting on top of another. The JAPANESE caption states: “The movie was composed using images obtained with TC that respectively face slightly diagonally forward and aft of the satellite about 12 minutes prior to the KAGUYA's controlled impact on the Moon.

Because the KAGUYA was in a very lower altitude orbit, the spatial resolution of 3D images taken this time was higher than previously captured data. Thus we can see the very precious features on the Moon's surface thanks to this low altitude observation.” The KAGUYA was launched on September 14, 2007, and was controlled to be dropped to the Moon on June 11, 2009, as its mission was completed.

Mars Meteorite

NASA's intrepid Mars rover Opportunity has found yet another meteorite on the surface of the red planet. Opportunity stumbled upon this new meteorite, dubbed "Shelter Island”, less than three weeks after driving away from a larger meteorite that the rover examined for six weeks.

The rover began its approach to the meteorite with a 92-foot backwards drive on October 1, the rover's 2,022nd day on Mars. Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit — which is currently embedded in a soft spot of soil called Troy — have been on the Martian surface for more than five years. Shelter Island is a pitted rock is about 18.5 inches (47 cm) long. The meteorite was first detected in images taken two Martian days earlier. A Martian day is 24 hours and 40 minutes long. Thanks to

Mars Anomalies

Veterinarian Dr. Richard I Buchli D.V.M. found this strange formation on Mars nine miles long located at 70 42 N 18 55 W.

This massive structure area seems to have been deliberately smudged at 01-10 N and 61- 24 W. The smudged area is thirty miles long. Thanks to ESA and Dr. Richard I Buchli D.V.M. and Dorothy Buchli W.B.W.

ESA DLR/FU Berlin. Image
Editor's Note: Two anomalies at top center and center appear like faces. At bottom is pyramid like structure. Copyright 2000 - 2009 © European Space Agency

Japan's Prime Minister's Wife Flew to Venus on a UFO

TOKYO -- Miyuki Hatoyama, a former actress and wife of Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is Japan's most colorful first lady ever. The Democratic Party of Japan, which her husband heads, scored a sweeping victory in recent elections, ending the ruling party's virtually uninterrupted half-century domination of government. Miyuki Hatoyama, a former actress, dancer and singer wrote in her book, "Most Bizarre Things I've Encountered” about her surrealistic space trip. "While my body was sleeping, I think my spirit flew on a triangular-shaped UFO to Venus," she said. "It was an extremely beautiful place and was very green," she said.
The book is a compilation of interviews with 26 prominent people published monthly in a spiritual magazine "Mu." She is also known for her healthy cooking and making her husband look presentable and healthy. Hatoyama is a strong believer in spiritualism, who was born to Japanese parents in Shanghai and met her husband in the United States where he was a PhD student at Stanford. Prime Minister Hatoyama credited Miyuki with his professional success and praised her enthusiasm.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Low Level Lights

BUCKEYE – I spotted six lights from I-10 west at Watson Road, going south moving very slow at about 1000 feet altitude on October 15, 2009. The lights were about a quarter of a mile apart. I took this picture at the end of Miller Road at the river bed. Can you tell me what this is? Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Disc

LOS ANGELES -- Watching the Disneyland fireworks from the hill that I live on, I saw this light for almost one hour. The camera I used was of poor quality and did not capture the size or the many different changes in lighting and shape that the UFO transformed into during the sighting period. I have no idea what the object was, although the Indigo colors were like nothing that I have ever seen before in the sky from any kind of flying machine. It would change color; sometimes it was red, green, or white. The lights actually separated and then came back together. It appeared to be over the 91 Freeway, about 300 feet off the ground. It moved slightly from left to right but stayed in the same location for the hour that we observed it.

CORONA -- We were driving to a local park on Saturday afternoon October 17, 2009, when I noticed a stunning bright light flashing about 4:30 PM. We were driving along the I 15 Freeway near the first exit to Corona when I first noticed it. I thought maybe it was a small plane, but then I zoomed in 4 x to 16 x and all I could see was this cigar shape or elongated oval shape glinting every few seconds.

I took several pictures over five minutes, as it changed into a round oval shape with a massive glowing light emitting from it. After about a minute it seemed lose its beautiful glow and became duller. I then noticed a small cloud or gray object that seemed to be staying near it and at times going away from it. Then suddenly, they both were gone. Before they faded my husband reminded me to zoom back out and to attempt to get photos of something nearby to contrast the object. When I got home I viewed the pictures, blew them up and contrasted them with various pictures taken of planes at a similar distance. You can always see the wing and or tail, this object was mainly light, without a tail or wings. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Disc

HANALEI KE'E BEACH -- I went to Ke'e beach at sunset, as usual, to take photographs. Right after the sun went down, the underside of the cloud cover lit up with an orange glow. It was beautiful so I snapped five photos in a row. When I got home, I downloaded the photos in my computer and was surprised to see a disc like object in the second to last photo. It does not appear in any of the other photos. I just had my sensor cleaned so my photos are not impaired by dust or other particles. I did NOT Photoshop, or alter this photo in any way. The image is grainy because the ISO was set at 1600 to eliminate blur. I have no explanation for the object in the upper right corner of the photo. Do you? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Red light

OAK PARK – I saw a red light in sky for 15-20 minutes in one spot. It looked like a star but it was bright red and moved erratically with the wind at times. It was not a helicopter because it did not make any noise. Then a small white light came out in front of it then the object shot off to the east very quickly. I wonder if anyone else saw it? It looked like it was over NW Cicero, Illinois. I live in South Oak Park to the north and west of where I saw it. I did get it on film but need to figure out how to up load it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Louisiana Blue UFO

SHREVEPORT – A blue UFO was seen on October 18, 2009, at 9:45 PM, in same spot as previously reported about a month ago with slight quick movements. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maryland Sphere with Mist

WESTMINSTER -- My sighting began Saturday evening, September 12, 2009, at 7:56 PM, when my wife, two nephews, and I were sitting on our deck when I noticed a small white ball appear three houses away and one hundred feet high. My nephews started screaming, “What in the world is that?” The ball of light started to stretch out into a big flat teardrop image that was being blown up from another dimension. It was being filled up with bright white particles, and flapping like a flag blowing in the wind. It was now a large whitish yellow ball almost twenty foot around sphere just sitting silently still in the sky.
A dark bluish purple mist or fog like substance started emanating from the bottom of this sphere. After another twenty seconds this fog covered the sphere completely. Then very bright spot lights shot out the bottom of this sphere with a beam of light that went the whole way down to the ground. After sitting there for forty five seconds, the spotlight and the sphere blinked out at the exact same time leaving only the blue mist that took twenty seconds to dissipate. Suddenly, it was like nothing was ever there. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I think I am lucky to have experienced this sighting. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts UFO Sighting

Patricia Griffore writes, “Howard was in the US Coast Guard and we were stationed as light house keepers of Eastern Point Light House Station, in Gloucester and were lucky to view out over the Atlantic Ocean. In the fall of 1959, we sighted a craft near the light house.
Now we live in Michigan in view of another light house on Lake Huron and in August of 2008, we witnessed a flyby of a different type craft. We can never forget our sites and know how important your work is to all the Earth.” Thanks to Howard and Patricia Griffore.

North Carolina White Oval Object

FAYETTEVILLE -- I saw a white oval object with a white ring of light surrounding it on October 9, 2009, at 6:30 PM. It was coming from right to left without wings nor did I hear anything coming from it. There was a black airplane circling around the area for about an hour. The object was in my sight for about 30 seconds before it disappeared.
Note: The sun set at 6:48 PM, according to solar tables. Skies were clear so the witness would have had good conditions to characterize the object. Given the report I have no explanation for this sighting. The witness's sketch above illustrates a "saucer-type" object. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ohio Craft in Space

COLUMBUS -- I use a Celestron CPC-800 telescope and Nikon D60 D-SLR to produce digital images of the lunar surface. I have numerous images of airborne objects near the lunar surface. Most are saucer shaped and show light signatures. They would have to be quite large craft, in my opinion. Photos sent in October 15, 2009. Thanks to MUFON CMS Pennsylvania Light Like Moon

MURRYSVILLE -- On October 10, 2009, after filming many UFOs coming out of the usual patch of woods from a farm field across the road, I caught one shooting a beam of light that made vapors or excited molecule action that was visible like it was hot. Inspection of area next day showed no burn marks on ground nor unusual marks on tree. Frame by frame of video shows the beam bending as it is seen through the glass of my car's windshield indicating it was not a lens flare. Video is at:
On October 11, 2009, another UFO rose from woods and started to fly across the valley and suddenly lit up really bright like a big golden orb with a sun-like in appearance, traveled like that for a bit, then toned down and started flashing like a plane.
On October 13, 2009: After another night of seeing multiple orbs descend into the woods and crafts rise from woods on surveillance camera, I decided to try and go closer to see if I could film them hiding in the woods before takeoff. I went by Blackthorn Golf Course and filmed several of them in the sky, and noticed a white blinking light that seemed close to edge of woods. The multiple objects seemed sphere like with many lights that constantly changed.

MURRYSVILLE – A Pennsylvania Constable writes, “On the evening of September 15th, 2009, I searched YouTube for UFO video's and came across YouTube address www.seeingufospa and phoned this woman who lives 40 minutes from my home.” Alison has an open invitation for people to come and help observe these events. On September 24, 2009, my girlfriend Sandy and I arrived in her rural, hilly, heavily wooded UFO sighting area at 7:30 PM. I called Alison as we passed a car about 7:55 PM, and informed her we were in the area. Alison asked, “Was that was me that just passed her.” I replied, I think so. Alison said, “Pull over; there is one directly above you”. I pulled over and we jumped out of the car and found Alison with her camera in her hand recording a bright, slow moving object 300 feet above us at 8:01 PM. My first impression was this craft is completely silent and has an amber/golden glow and moves in a very slow constant smooth straight line. This sighting lasted 40 seconds or so.

Alison, Sandy and I headed back to the golf course and recorded a golden orb that moved slowly and then suddenly streaked across the sky to reappear a mile away. We then headed to a farm field Alison knew and talked for thirty minutes and saw lights appear half way between the tops of the trees and the ground. I recorded eight separate objects while Alison recorded several for a total of twelve sightings that evening. They show a round globe, white to golden in surface color with red texture/lines under the surface, with an "eye" or round design within the lines. After thirty seconds the interior detail disappears and there is only a golden glow. After recording this glowing object for fifteen minutes, it appears to pulse. Several of these lights turn on and off and it would suddenly disappear. Several recordings made by Alison were also recorded by me from a different location. Most objects are silent but some make a plane like noise, that seems to be somewhat off or "late". I am totally convinced these objects/craft are nothing I have ever seen. Alison Kruse is completely forth right and her recordings, in my professional opinion, are some of the best evidence I have ever seen. I will personally testify that her recordings and her sightings to be 100% creditable and 100% real. There are many more hours of recordings by Alison and myself.

HORSHAM -- I was conducting zone inspections of our base at Willow Grove on October 19, 2009 and glanced up and noticed two amber orbs traveling ESE around 350 mph. They did not have any anti collision lights but slowly dimmed and brightened erratically. They were about a thousand feet apart, one behind the other moving in a straight line. After about 30 seconds they simultaneously dimmed out completely. My first thought was that they were military aircraft until they shut off their lights. Military aircraft only do that in a theater of war not in heavily congested airspace like Philadelphia. Aside from the heavy air traffic the skies were completely clear. I've spent the last 14 years in the Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic working on F-14 Tomcats, Sea Dragons, Sea Nights and MH-60s Night Hawks. The last four as a military police officer. I KNOW AIRCRAFT! They were not civilian or military. They were either Top Secret A/C or off world. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Flying Triangle

LUBBOCK -- On October 17, 2009, I saw a bright triangle shaped object hovering for forty minutes and took some pictures and video with my cheap digital camera. I went inside for dinner and came out an hour later to see that it was a little bit dimmer. I could tell this object was not just reflecting the sunlight, but was actually glowing like a blue halogen light. I noticed a tiny red dot dropping below it for a short distance and the triangle slowly faded into a small dot like the one below it. Then they both slowly just faded and vanished. They didn't just fly away, they just faded off. I had a very similar experience a few years ago.

LUBBOCK -- My wife and I had gone out to dinner on October 17, 2009, and upon returning to our car we saw this very bright object in the sky. We arrived home ten minutes later and noticed it was still hovering so I got my binoculars and was astonished to see that it was triangular shaped with big bright lights at the points. I then got my 8 inch reflecting telescope and heard my neighbor and drew his attention to it as well. We saw a smaller light drop several feet below the main object and then stop. Then both objects completely faded out and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Red Light

CLE ELUM -- On October 9, 2009, at 8 PM, I took the dog out and glanced up towards the ridge north of us and saw the brightest orange red sparkly light above it until I gave up around 9:30 PM. I thought perhaps a plane on fire but it stayed stationary. I went inside to get my binoculars and watched a searchlight shine down from it over some trees so I know it was right over the top of the ridge not behind it. Then about 10 minutes later big blobs of lights shot out the side of it. I waited and sat on a lawn chair watching and saw two gigantic headlights ringed in dark green turn on the left side of it. They weren't pointed directly at me. I waited some more and I was getting cold. So I went inside and somehow forgot about it. I didn't deal with it until Sunday and made this drawing in Paint shop Pro. Nothing is to the north of me, but hills leading to forests with nothing for about 30 miles I am two miles from the foothills here. Note: I don't have an explanation for this sighting. The extended stationary position suggests that it may have been a celestial object and could have been distorted by the atmosphere. The witness mentioned this possibility. However, the projection of light from the red light would rule out a celestial object. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Bulgaria UFO

VITOSHA -- With friends we decided to go to Vitosha Mountains on September 16, 2009. The closer we come to it, the clouds rose over the ridge of before us. Suddenly I noticed in the background of white, fluffy clouds above the Belchov Peak, a dark gray to black (vretenoobrazen) flying object moving right along. The front of the object resembled the peak of a bird. Its tail was like a plane. Therefore, at first, thought it was a plane. But it was very low and too close to cliffs and mountain tops? It was like a descending eagle diving towards their prey. I told her friend: "See the Eagle!" The object continued to fly on its horizontal axis. I decided the object was not a bird, because the duration of flying required the use of wings, which I did not see.
I realized its squat body round body like a boiler was a UFO and I reached for the camera hooked on my belt. After overtaking the Academica hut, it flew towards the village of Bistrica, and entered a fluffy white cloud and disappeared. The object was not more than 500 meters from them at 11:30 AM. The painting shows the objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Sightings

EDMONTON, ALBERTA -- I was driving east towards Manning Drive with my wife when we saw an unusually bright light to the south of us at 7:45 PM, on October 16, 2009. It was large and brilliant like a planet but slightly bigger and brighter, but we could see the clouds behind it. When we passed a house the light was gone. About 15 minutes later I was walking out of the Blockbuster Video store in Clareview, when I saw two lights now. The larger looking like the first light with a smaller light directly below the larger one. The smaller light moved up and down like a yo-yo, but instead of going back up, the larger higher light would pull towards it, losing altitude, at the same distance and speed the smaller light moved first. It was like watching a jellyfish move in slow-motion rewind. It must be huge, and moves so strangely, with eight of these yo-yo + pull down maneuvers the lights were behind a distant building about 300-500 metres away. It was like a jellyfish swimming backwards.

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO – On October 17, 2009, during an interview the witness sounded very lucid and alert. He stated that “He noticed three orange orbs in the sky that looked unusual." He went inside and told three friends who came outside at 1:10 AM and one taped the orbs with a cell phone. The video captured the three orbs and other background lights street lights. The witness also got his 10.2 mega-pixel Sony camera and made another video. At that time the orbs had moved on the other side of the building and had diminished to two. However, the video showed that the two merged to one and then split again 15 miles southwest of Toronto. Listen to Audio Clip to Witness Interview (MP3) Note: The witness stated that the orbs in the videos are much dimmer and less prominent than their appearance. The witness's three friends were more skeptical about what they saw and thought that perhaps a conventional explanation could be made. (However, no explanation was offered.) At this time I have no explanation for this sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Egypt UFOs Seen by Pyramid's Camcorder

CAIRO -- I have on occasion watched the pyramid cams at powered by Cam . Along with other users we capture UFO type objects....regularly!! We upload and discuss them on the forum, but the images don't seem well known, so I attach some of the best ones! I can assure the pics are not fakes. Thanks to Nathan
CAIRO – Image taken on August 8, 2009 at 20:23 hours at high above the pyramids. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indonesia UFO Photo Makes Big News

JAKARTA -- Cindy Lau writes, “The latest Asian country to succumb to UFO fever appears to be Indonesia. A clear photo of a UFO or extraterrestrial spaceship was allegedly taken in the capital city of Jakarta.” The photographer claimed not to have been aware of the UFO in the image until he downloaded the photo, taken with a cell phone camera, onto his computer. The news of the flying saucer then ‘spread like wildfire' through the city. Many somehow linked the UFO to recent natural disasters that have occurred in Indonesia. A number of photographic experts who examined the photo declared the saucer was way too clear and detailed and it would have been impossible to capture with on a mobile phone camera. Thanks to:

Iran Missile Almost Hits UFO

The UK Sun reports, “The video shows the Shahab-3 rocket soaring into the sky.” A UFO shoots a beam at the warhead making a flash. In seconds a nearby cloud is mysteriously torn in two by a UFO travelling at thousands of mph. Nick Pope, a respected former UFO analyst for the Ministry of Defence, examined the remarkable footage. “He hinted that whatever ripped through the cloud was not manmade. “ See video at:

Italy Flying Triangle

ROME -- I didn't see anything when I made the picture of my daughter on August 10, 2009. I made several pictures and downloaded them on my computer and I noticed the strange fish like object in only one picture. I was outside my 4th floor apartment. I don't understand what it is, maybe an expert does? Thanks to MUFON CMS

VERBANIA – At 9:20 PM, I sighted two luminous, large of triangular forms on October 18, 2009, as bright as moonlight through clouds. They were similar craft and the second followed slowly leaving similar wakes. They stop and continue for some minutes, and then disappear. I've never seen anything similar! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Netherlands Red Light and Disc Photo

I was riding my bike home after a night out on May 20, 2009, when something blinked in the corner of my eye. When I looked up i saw this very bright disc just hovering stationary in the sky. After one minute it began to move from its stationary position to my right. That's when I decided to take a picture. Now I had some beers that night, so the next morning I thought it was a plane until I saw the picture where you can clearly see the disc shape.

WOUDRICHEM -- I was about to sit down and have dinner when a friend pointed out something red in the sky on October 17, 2009. It was moving very slowly in one direction at 7:30 PM. It stopped moving and then suddenly and quickly flew away. It was amazing! What was even more interesting is that it made no noise. I thought it could be a plane but then the planes do make noise and don't stop in the mid air. Another interesting feature was that the object had bright red light and was easily visible in a disc shape. I was shocked by the happening. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia Strange Cloud Formations

CHUKOTKA -- Paul Stonehill writes, “In Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon,” Philip Mantle and I described a number of cases involving strange, eerie clouds all over Russia and the newly independent countries. Also, the sightings of cosmonauts of unusual cloud formations have been described in detail. While many sightings can be explained by secret Soviet (and Russian) military tests in the atmosphere, a number of cases cannot be explained. Here is an example from the chapter about Chukotka. "In the summer of 1990 a ship was harbored in the Ust-Belaya Village. Its crew noticed cumulus clouds that suddenly formed a perfect circle. In the center of the circle one could observe clear blue sky. The watch officer, Aleksandr Polorotov, took pictures of the event unfolding before their eyes. Groups of aircraft exited the circle, and flew away, to disappear in the surrounding clouds. The Soviet sailor, who previously served in the Air Force, knew the types of the aircraft of his country. The aircraft he observed in the Chukotka sky appeared nine times.” Polorotov was able to take just several pictures before his camera malfunctioned. When the film was developed, a cigar-shaped object could be seen on some of the photos. It had a strange luminescence, and some black dots were visible at a distance. But the mysterious “aircraft”, also observed seven other crew members, were not on any of the photos. The Soviet crew members experienced weakness and headaches". Thanks to Paul Stonehill, Author, researcher, and lecturer

UK/England Disc

CARLISLE – My friend and I came across a UFO while driving to work on October 17, 2009. The object was six miles south of Carlisle at an altitude of around 500 feet and passed within 200 yards of the roundabout. We pulled over to get a better look at this very strange glowing object which was moving very slowly across a very clear night sky. We managed to get a photo of this object using a 8 mega pixels camera phone. While we were watching the object as another car pulled up and a women got out and asked, “If we were watching the UFO,” (thank god someone else saw this). We said yes and tried to get some movie footage as the object faded away! After a few minutes we decided it was time to get to work so headed off to Carlisle. Around 100 yards down the road we were still looking into the sky to relocate the object when all of a sudden it reappeared from nothing and shot off in a northerly direction at what can only be described as impossible speed. I have seen the euro fighter quite regularly as the RAF train for operations. The object we saw was on a very different level altogether!!!! Hope this sheds some light!! Thanks to MUFON CMS
I was stood in my parents back garden and saw a light on the horizon. It seemed to be 90 degrees off the normal flight path of jets going past my parent's house. This sighting was reported October 19, 2009. I could not see any craft, just a star like light in the sky. It was on a perfectly straight trajectory and it seemed to be doing a very high speed. Most planes are leaving the airport and gaining altitude or landing. The silent light that I saw did not seem to be slowing or changing its height. As it got closer, I could see the glare had not lessened and could not be from landing lights as they are directional. I saw it pass under the cloud and realized it was obviously not anything I could identify. I ran in the house and got my Panasonic camera out with stabilization and tried to film with 12 x zoom as it continued on its trajectory until it disappeared over the roof tops. I heard no sound. I watched it rise from one horizon and disappear over the other in ten minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WORDSLEY -- I was walking my dog Georgina up the local canal on October 12, 2009, with my digital camera in my pocket and I decided to take a few snaps of the winter scenery. I probably took around 25 shots. I thought little more about it until I loaded the photos to my PC later that evening. That's when I noticed the strange object. Thanks to Ufo Case Book and Ken Pfeifer Mufon New Jersey.

Swine Flu Prevention

Influenza vaccination is the primary method the medical profession uses to prevent swine flu. Dr. Mark Nicas, professor at the School of Public Health, University of California, studies "the exposure intensity of contaminants in the air," including the H1N1 virus. He says, “When an infected person coughs or sneezes larger particles settle out quickly within three feet of origination but in contrast, the smaller particles disperse throughout the room and can be inhaled deeply into the lungs.” The viruses in these small airborne particles can survive for hours and are able to travel from room to room.

I have personally found a method to keep my immune system strong and fight flu, colds, and other illness with special colored light therapy. Adults typically get two to four colds a year, while children may get as many as ten. Several of my friends, my family and I use experimental light therapy to successfully prevent many illnesses and have not had colds or flu over the last several years.

My wife and I started using green polyester light and have been free of colds and flu for several years. It's never too late to heal your body by helping your immune system to fight infection and disease. It's time to drop your old ideas about home remedies being “less powerful” than drugs or vaccines—it's just not true. Ancient treatments are often much safer and more effective, than vaccines. A green light will cause no harm and will likely improve your immune system and help you fight numerous ailments including the flu. The light theory also works successfully on cats, dogs.

Several people have written encouraging the use of Vitamin D from the sun.

Light is the medicine of the future that is a nonintrusive, very powerful tool, that resides at the core of the new 'energy medicine'. We are prepared to offer the special experimental flu lights for $50 which includes shipping and handling at the address below.

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God Bless Our Troops and Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

George A. Filer and

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