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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 3, 2011

George Filer:
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In Special Reports, this week's files cover: Mars Smoke Venting, Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials Exist, MUFON Monthly Meeting: My Name is Jim and I was Abducted, New Hampshire Erects Historical Marker for Betty and Barney Hill, Farewell to a Researcher: Jorge Anfruns, Spain's Cryptozoology Dragons and Africa Giants.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Washington. Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Africa Giants

Pravda--A team of anthropologists found gigantic creatures buried in the jungle near the city of Kigali Rwanda (Central Africa).

The remains belong to gigantic creatures that bear little resemblance to humans. Head of research group believes that they could be visitors from another planet who died as a result of a catastrophe.

According to the scientists, they were buried at least 500 years ago. At first, researchers thought that they came across the remains of ancient settlements, but no signs of human life have been found nearby.

The 40 communal graves had approximately 200 bodies in them, all perfectly preserved. The creatures were tall - approximately 7 feet. Their heads were disproportionately large and they had no mouth, nose or eyes. The anthropologists believe that the creatures were members of an alien landing, possibly destroyed by some terrestrial virus to which they had no immunity. However, no traces of the landing of the spacecraft or its fragments were discovered.

This is not the first such finding. In the summer of 1937 a group of Chinese scientists led by Professor Chi Putei surveyed the caves of Mount Bayan-Kara-Ula. Inside they found skeletons with excessively large heads and puny bodies. Nearby there were 176 stone plates. In the center of each plate there was a hole from which a spiral groove spread out to the perimeter with some characters on it. In addition, the cave walls were covered with pictures of the rising sun, moon and stars, with many painted dots or small items, slowly approaching the mountains and the earth's surface.

Experts in deciphering ancient written characters have been puzzled over the disclosure of the secret spirals from the cave Bayan-Kara-Ula for two decades. Finally, the professor of Beijing University Zum Umniu deciphered several inscriptions. The grooved letters narrated that approximately 12 thousand years ago some flying objects crashed in these mountains. Chinese archaeologists found a mention of the peoples who lived in the mountainous caves of Bayan-Kara-Ula.

A corpse of another "alien" was found by Turkish cavers. A mummy of the ice age was resting in a sarcophagus made of crystalline material. The height of the humanoid male creature did not exceed 1 meter 20 centimeters, his skin was light green, and he had large transparent wings on his sides.

According to the researchers, in spite of the unusual appearance the creature looked more like a person rather than an animal. His nose, lips, ears, hands, feet, nails, were very similar to human. Only his eyes were very different, three times bigger than those of a human, and colorless, like reptile's eyes.

Not that long ago in one of the ancient Egyptian tombs a mummy of a man 2.5 meters tall was found. It had no nose or ears, and its mouth was very wide and had no tongue. According to archaeologist Gaston de Villars, the age of the Mummy is approximately 4 thousand years. It was buried as an Egyptian nobleman - carefully mummified and surrounded by servants, food and art objects designed for the afterlife. However, as it was discovered, not all objects around the finding belong to the Egyptian or even Earth's culture. For example, among the finds was a round polished metal disk covered with strange characters, a costume made of metal with the remnants of something resembling plastic shoes, and many stone tablets filled with images of stars, planets and strange machines. The Shrine where a strange mummy was found also looks unusual. The burial was made of the material unknown in antiquity. The stone was literally carved from the rock so that the walls were smooth, like polished marble. It looked as if it was cut by a laser. Incidentally, the stone's surface was fused. The tomb was decorated with a substance resembling lead.

However, the "alien" theory is not the only one. According to some researchers, the "giants" and "dwarfs" could be a mere side branch of humanity that once lived on Earth, but for some reason became extinct. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Phantoms and Monsters, KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS

Mars Smoke Venting

(See Filer's Files website for image)

Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials Exist

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet writes,

STS-80 Lift off from Pad 39B"Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle. During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.

A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.

The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter-clockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.

Story Musgrave (STS-80)Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: "I don't know what it is. Whether it's a washer, debris, ice particles, I don't know. But it's characteristic of the thousands of things which I've seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from no where. You would think that if it's facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It's really impressive."

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated he attempted to communicate with ET life forms during each of his six missions. Now that's an astronaut with a lot of courage. Dr. Musgrave retired after this flight from NASA. Since then he's been spreading his considered opinion that alien life exists. When Musgrave speaks of this, it's no great leap for one to assume he's admitting knowledge of alien life. As the final slide of a "Grey" ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: "These guys are real... I guarantee it!" Dr. Musgrave does know the truth. This author guarantees it!

About the author:

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992. Former Director, NICAP Unit-3 at Cape Canaveral and KSC, former MUFON Assistant Florida State Director, and former Director, Kennedy Space Center MUFON Unit, KSC.

At the MUFON conference I spoke with Story and he indicated that when flying in space on the shuttle it is very difficult to tell the distance to an object. "Many so called UFOs are actually much closer to the shuttle than they appear and are relatively mundane objects such as ice or small washers. He gave a great speech and received a standing applause.

All the speakers were great at the MUFON Conference and the new MUFON CMS System is coming on line.

MUFON Monthly Meeting: My Name is Jim and 'I Was Abducted

A well-dressed Jim Moroney stood at a podium at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Studio City one recent evening and said: "I was abducted by an alien. I mean, how do you tell someone you're dating that you were abducted by aliens?" Read full story here

Thanks to UFOINFO

Researcher Claims UFOs Were at F.E. Warren Missile Sites

At the MUFON Conference I had a nice talk with Captain Silas who was one of six former Air Force officers and a former enlisted man stepped forward in Washington last September to say that they'd seen or had been directly involved with UFO sightings at nuclear missile sites. These sightings began at the dawn of the Cold War and continued through the 1970s. At this press conference, organized by UFO researcher Robert Hastings, these men told the media that they were encouraged not to speak of these sightings by their superiors, and in some cases, were required to sign secrecy oaths. Robert Silas who I talked with on Sunday, told me, " He was able to obtain formally classified data about the sighting and cold now tell what happened on March 16, 1967, he was 60 feet below ground working a 24-hour shift monitoring a launch-control center outfitted with 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles. "I got a call from the topside guard, telling me they were watching some strange lights flying around in the sky, making odd maneuvers. They didn't think they were airplanes because they were going very fast, turning on a dime and not making a bit of noise." Salas, co-author of " Faded Giant" (BookSurge Publishing), was a first lieutenant in 1967, serving as a missile-launch officer while stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.

Farewell to a Researcher: Jorge Anfruns (1944-2011)

Our friend and colleague Quique Mario (CEUFO) has alerted us to the passing of one of Chile's great UFO researchers, Jorge Anfruns. A publicist, commentator, writer and speaker, Anfruns was better known in the U.S. for his role as the founder and director of MUFON-Chile. His approach to research included not only current reports, but his country's history, stating that the Chilean natives were aware of interdimensional leaps in time " what we have come to know as the Special Theory of Relativity " and which survive as myths and legends handed down to our times.... Read full story here

Thanks to

State of New Hampshire Erects Historical Marker for Betty and Barney Hill

Many states might shy away from immortalizing its UFO history. But the State of New Hampshire is known for its fiercely independent people and its "live free or die" motto. On July 20, 2011, it erected a historical marker to commemorate the September 19-20, 1961 close encounter and "lost" time of Portsmouth residents Betty and Barney Hill. The marker is located next to the highway in front of Cabin # 20 at the Indian Head Resort in North Lincoln and across the street from the granite stone face called Indian Head....

Kathy Marden I spoke with Kathleen Marden at the UFO Conference in Irvine, California last weekend and she has been successful in immortalizing or Aunt Betty Hill. She writes, "Many states might shy away from immortalizing its UFO history. But the State of New Hampshire is known for its fiercely independent people and its "live free or die motto. On July 20, 2011, it erected a historical marker to commemorate the September 19-20, 1961 close encounter and "lost time of Portsmouth residents Betty and Barney Hill.

I, as the Hills' niece and trustee of Betty's estate, then worked with the state over the next 3-4 years to complete the process. Employees at the Department of Cultural Resources called upon me to suggest appropriate text for the marker?a challenge in and of itself. Every statement had to be footnoted and supported by ample evidence that it was true and accurate. In all, the wording for the 12 line plaque had 20 footnotes and 28 sources listed in its bibliography.

The final wording approved by the state agency reads as follows:

On the night of September 19-20, 1961, Portsmouth, NH couple Betty and Barney Hill experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object and two hours of "lost time while driving south on Rte 3 near Lincoln. They filed an official Air Force Project Blue Book report of a brightly-lit cigar-shaped craft the next day, but were not public with their story until it was leaked in the Boston Traveler in 1965. This was the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the United States. Thanks to The UFO Chronicles

Spain's Cryptozoology Dragons

Spain isn't often associated with dragons " beyond the dragons of heraldry on the shields of Castilian nobles " but Catalonia also has a tradition of dragons that forms part of not only its own folklore, but the Christian tradition as a whole: who hasn't heard of St. Jordi (St. George) and his dragon? George of Cappadocia, a Roman soldier in the retinue of the Diocletian, was invoked on numerous occasions by the royalty of Aragon to tilt the balance of battle. He bestowed his help upon the King Pedro of Aragon during the siege of Huesca, and during the conquest of Valencia by James the Conqueror, St. George appeared "with many knights of paradise who turned the tide of battle, in which not one Christian was slain." [Thanks to Inexplicata]

Sightings in the United States

California Metallic Oval

WESTLAKE VILLAGE -- I was driving to work, stuck in traffic. I was traveling north on the 101 freeway, and something in the sky caught my eye. I thought it might be a small white plane, but then the sun shined on it, as it must have tilted a bit, and it had a silver metallic surface. It was oval shaped, and i kept my eye on it as it traveled from south to north for about 3 to 5 seconds, then it just vanished into thin air! I kept looking and looking for it, but it was gone! This is my second sighting in three weeks, and i am stunned!

MOUNT SHASTA -- I was at a park in Mt. Shasta, California. My boyfriend and I all went to the park so that we could see the volcano up close and take some good pictures. I was unaware of the UFOs at the time of the park visit and had no sighting of them while I was physically at the park in the town of Mt. Shasta. I first noticed the UFO objects in my pictures a week or so after the actual park trip when I was zooming into them using my computer. I noticed that many (mostly all) of the pictures that I took directly of Mt. Shasta contained little dots that were somewhat hard to notice at first glance when the pictures were not zoomed-in upon. The dots in the pictures are not in consistent spots and seem as if they were moving as I was taking the pictures. I took the pictures over a span of about 5 to 10 minutes and was on my way without knowing that I had even taken photos of the said UFOs.

I immediately thought that the pictures contained UFOs when I began to realize how they were present in almost every picture I had taken while in Mt. Shasta. I have to admit that I did have the thought to "look for UFOs" within the pictures on 7/9/2011 and that thought was what even prompted me to look at the pictures on that day in the first place-- so it is quite ironic that I was able to find what I was looking for. Thanks to MUFON CMS system. KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS

Colorado Metallic Triangle

PUEBLO -- Two witnesses watched a UFO shoot "straight up into the air" after following it at high speeds along Highway 96 according to June 11, 2011, testimony. The object was reported as being silent and having red and purple flashing lights. The witness stated, "The craft was about 900 to 1000 feet in the air at a speed of 150 plus mile per hour and the red and purple lights were flashing on and off at a fast rate which my friend and I thought were very odd. This craft didn't act nor did it look like an airplane or helicopter." I drove 120 mph chasing the craft, and 110 mph to stay with this craft. My friend asked me to catch up to this object so that he could take a clear photo of it, so I sped up to 120 mph and yet I still couldn't catch up with it. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Connecticut Lights

Waterbury -- After watching the fireworks at Municipal Stadium on July 4, 2011, which ended about 10 pm, I and my husband had stayed outside to listen to the neighbor's fireworks and make sure nothing came at our home. At about 11 PM, he came inside and said you have to see what is in the sky. I went with him outside and we watched four things in the sky above. They were moving very slowly in a formation. One in front, two on the outside and one in back. They were yellow/orange color. I went inside to get our camera and my husband hollered - three disappeared just like that and as I got outside the last one was almost gone. We have never seen anything like this before. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Florida Five Discs

Little Gasparilla Island " We saw five bright orange disc/orbs moving north along coastline into the clouds. Hundreds were sitting on beach watching fireworks about 9 pm. There were four in back and one in the front. They came at a steady pace. We thought they might be some sort of fireworks, but they came up the shoreline and didn't weave. The light in the objects was a steady self contained bright orange. Everyone watched them until they disappeared behind a cloud. We did get a few on a cell phone camera. When you zoom into the thing it is a bright orange with red along the edges that were very strange. There was a man videoing the fireworks with a large camera, it should be on his. It was just bizarre how many there were and how they moved up the coastline at a steady pace. The wind was very low and the firework smoke was hanging in. In our group were many professionals and we all just sat and watched the orbs come up to the fireworks and disappear. They were pretty high up in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Delaware Discs

NEW CASTLE -- My wife and I and daughter watched fireworks from a shopping plaza on July 16, 2011. We noticed fireworks in the distance, and made a guess they were being launched from Hagley Museum, a notable DuPont family estate.

Upon greater inspection, we both noticed lights - disc shaped - bright and discernible - moving in formation - at least four of them hovering a great distance above the fireworks. After the show, the illuminated objects stayed and moved around in the evening sky for a significant period of time. At this point, other people exiting the restaurants in the shopping plaza began looking up and pointing to the sky.

We discussed that they may have been "lanterns" however, they moved in a synchronized fashion - almost military - and were way above the fireworks. In addition, we reside in an extremely busy airport traffic area just south of the Philadelphia International Airport. This was something different in the night sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Green Light

West Palm Beach -- I was on the Southern Blvd. Bridge fishing on July 27, 2011, at 11 PM when I saw a glare of light. I saw a really bright green light right above me. The light was still for about 4 to 5 seconds. It was as green and perfect as a traffic light 50 feet in front of you. It was nerve wrecking and I had enough time to say what the heck is that? Then it just took off so fast. I stayed in shock and couldn't talk. It was so amazing and so close to me and it was so fast. I have never seen an object in the sky move so fast ever and I know it wasn't a shooting star or any man-made object. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Illinois Orange Lights

CHICAGO " I was driving west on Devon Avenue and, noticed a orange star that was moving told my wife to pull over looked at it fly erratically for 5 minuets ]i thought it was a bag with a candle in it to make it fly up but when it went in the clouds i new it wasn't to high and it was flying to fast i tries to take a picture but my camera was full this just happen it was flying west not plain no was helicopter no way it flew sort of zigzag from the north coming south and then west Thanks to MUFON CMS

Frankfort -- It was Saturday July 30, 20117-30-2011 about 10:30 PM. I saw about 20-50 Orange Lights (Orange like Fire to the Eye) moving From South to North. The lights moved fast with no sound. The lights appeared to be at real high altitude. Basically all were flying in a single file formation. The sighting lasted for about 1/2 hour. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Massachusetts Disc and Triangle

Lawrence -- I started sky watching at around 2 AM on July 27, 2011, and after only five minutes I caught sight of a triangle formation traveling at a good clip. When one of the corners separated while leaving the other two stationary after doing a couple of large arcs it left the area. I couldn't figure out the shapes of the crafts, but I had a good feeling it was going to be a good morning. My wife who thinks I am crazy never goes out viewing finally gave in and decided to spend some time with me. She got the surprise of her life when two craft approached us at about 40 MPH and a height of only 500 feet. Two beautiful saucers decided to park almost directly overhead. One was 70 feet and the other about 30 feet across and they stayed till around 6 AM. This was witnessed by my 23 year old and 14 year old and some of my early rising neighbors. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Lights

Williamston -- I saw this white lightning like display on July 23, 2011, that stayed in one location seen from 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM. I heard loud firecracker like sounds for several minutes, before seeing lights flashed from the ground up in a ball. The dogs were excited and nervous. I would like to know what is going on out here.

Note: It is not clear if the photo sent by the witness is of the "lightening-like" phenomenon or from a photo taken of orange orbs on the previous day. Questions have been posed to the witness. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Mississippi UFOs

Hattiesburg -- On June 12, 2011 2:14am i was standing in my dining room window smoking a cir, and i notice that we had a full moon. Then i saw three lights around the moon. I got my cell phone (LG430 Razor) and started to take picture and video .The bright light in the middle is the moon the lights on the left, right and below is the UFOs. I knew what the object were because i have seen this many time (2010&2011).My family and friends have seen this; i have more picture & video. The last time i saw these object was today July 27, 2011. The first time a saw these object i was fearful. Now i am afraid or something i really don't know how to feel, because i don't know what it is or what it wants. I JUST PRAY TO MY FATHER GOD.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Second Witness Comes Forward

Kansas City -- A second witness has come forward with information from a UFO sighting near the Liberty Memorial in downtown on July 19, 2011. Two witnesses from different cases report watching a cigar-shaped object moving overhead. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Star Like Object

BELLROSE, QUEENS -- I was driving home, after dropping my girlfriend home. We had just come from a night out in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I was driving on the Grand Central Parkway heading east at 3:45 AM on June 19, 2011. When I noticed this bright star like object in the sky to my right. It looked like it was moving, but I'm not sure if it was to me being in motion or not. So I kept monitoring this bright lit thing in the sky. I was trying to distinguish if it was a star or a plane. When I merged onto the Cross Island Parkway south bound, I decided to pull over on the side of the parkway at the Union Turnpike exit ramp besides the parkway. I could see this bright lit thing to my left that I observed for about three minutes before driving off. It was not moving so I knew it wasn't a plane. Another thing, I took notice of, was that it wasn't pulsating like a star.

It just seemed to stand out, because there was no other stars, or clouds in the sky. It also seemed bigger then a usual star, and maybe not as far away as a star. I decided to take a picture at 3:49 AM and to my surprise when I got home minutes later and looked at the picture, it had a shape to it. I've never had a sighting before, but I don't look up as often as some people do. Thanks to MUFON CMS system.

Ohio Rectangle

Toledo " I was driving and my friend was in the passenger seat when she asked, "What's the bright light in the sky? I said, "Probably a light on top of a building. But I realized it wasn't a plane and it lights didn't resemble any kind of landing lights. It goes over us and she freaks out and tells me to look out my window. I look and know this is not a plane because it was way too quiet and had an upper deck with a light and a horizontal row of 4 or 5 super bright lights on the front. It had a red blinking light on the bottom or back. She said, "It had three lights, one on each corner and loose S shaped arms going from the center with those lights on each end. In the center there was a circle of lights and she said it was so low to the ground she could see the lights moving across the ground towards us, and at one point the center lit up as it flew off.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Cincinnati -- It was about 12:50 AM, on July 1, 2011. I and three of my cousins went outside to talk on my cell phone. We were playing around for about five minutes when one of my cousins told me to look at the red star. (I told her that the red ones were planets.) We looked at it and it was standing still, which made it seem like a star.

All of the sudden she screamed and told us all to look at it. The object was moving very slowly to the south. First, it was just one reddish orange dot moving. All of the sudden we saw four dots arranged like they were at the corners of a square.

Then we saw four lights in a row blinking. We watched it until we couldn't see it anymore. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Oregon Triangles

Northern Oregon -- These are photographs taken by my wife's friend on May 5, 2011, who is not a big believer in Ufology but I am. When I saw the photographs I asked if I could have them. To me it looks like a fleet flying in formation and are cloaked in clouds. I want to know if there have been other reports such as this, and if it is a known technology possessed by the ETI's (ability to create and mimic movement of clouds as a disguise) or if this is more commonly known to be used by the ARV's? Or is this just a phenomenon recorded and understood as a cloud formation in our atmosphere to date? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Silver Spheres

GRESHAM -- I was standing in my backyard showing my dad where I had actually seen a UFO over the Easter weekend a few months ago. I pointed up to the sky to show him where I'd seen it, and as soon as I pointed up we saw coming from north to south on July 10, 2011. It looked like a commercial jet flanked by three grey/silver looking balls. There were two on one side and one on the other. They were flying in a very deliberate formation around the jet and keeping pace with it perfectly.

As it got closer we saw three more grey/silver balls simply appear out of thin air and completed the formation around the jet. It was a very symmetrical formation with two on either side cropped in close to the plane, and one on each side farther out wide and behind the jet. They were in a very distinct "V" shape. They all just flew over my house and then there were out of sight. That is the 3rd time in several months that I have witnessed some kind of UFO from just my own backyard. I do live close to an Air Force base. It's just north of me over the river in Vancouver, Washington. Maybe that has something to do with it? Note: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to, KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS

Trout Lake -- This is James Gilliland with ECETI. We saw the same ships as the Marysville, Washington sighting on July 23, 2011, at 11 PM .They flew in from the South in a triangle pattern with one trailing. They stopped, lined up and hovered over Trout Lake, WA for over ten minutes. There were 15+ witnesses. They just blinked out and disappeared. It was around 11:00 PM PST many townsfolk saw them as well. They hovered right over the Baptist church and Jonah Ministries. Of course few are talking.

Note: The photo is very similar to the one light photographed on July 23 in Marysville, WA. Also we received another report from Trout Lake on the same date. Click here to view Washington sightings

Wisconsin Cigar

WAUPUN -- We came out of a program at church at 8:09 pm, on July 26, 2011, when my 9-year-old daughter spotted a bright object in the sky. We watched as we walked to our car it flew towards us, going due east, at a steady speed. The object came into view as a metallic elongated shape, like a cigar or a rectangle. It was slender seemed to sail across the sky glinting in the setting sun, and then we watched it disappear into the east towards Lake Michigan. I was able to discern what looked like two wings out either side, like a double-wing or bi-plane aircraft. But this was bigger than any double-wing aircraft I had ever seen, and higher in sky than they would normally fly.

My 7-year-old son also saw a cross-type object, and then said, "But there was another part on top of it that I didn't know how to draw, like another wing." My 9-year-old saw it as a whitish-yellowish rectangular-type object, or rather two ends to the object, with a space in the center. One object held together by something in the center. My 16-year-old saw a rectangular object, two objects flying front to back, with a space in the center where the wings would be if it were an aircraft (only she didn't see wings), and she said both sections were lit up like incandescent lights. My 7-year-old son and I both saw this cross-type object, rectangular, with the two pieces, but we could see faint "wings" on it, like a bi-wing plane. It was segmented. Others who came out of the building at the same time were also looking at this object as it moved.

A commercial jet appeared to our southeast, and banked away as it got close larger slender object. I was surprised it was so close to the ground, much closer than they usually get. The jet had suddenly appeared almost overhead, making noise, and then it was gone. We lost sight of the object about 8:13 PM, as it continued its steady path east-southeast. It definitely was no plane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wyoming Four Objects

EVANSTON -- My wife and I were camping just after Sunset I was killing time by looking for familiar constellations and stars. The North Star was clearly visible and the Big Dipper was setting while Cassiopeia was rising. About 10 pm we were located in an area of trees. After talking about the possibility of UFOs for a while we were greeted by a flying star. A few minutes later we both saw something very unusual. Four faint objects moving in a straight line appeared. We both agreed that there were four faint objects - very much like faint stars flying in formation from East to West. The formation was a line where three were exactly spaced while the forth was some distance away as if it was the fifth and the forth not visible (*space*space*space space*).

The formation appeared as I was scanning the sky - that is to say I did not see it move from the East but my eyes just noticed the movement about due north as I was scanning. My wife saw the same objects at the same time - we both watched them move from East to West for several seconds - we lost sight of the objects the same way we found them. The speed of the objects was much faster than the satellite I saw earlier in the evening - maybe three or four time as fast. The speed and direction was very deliberate, consistent and did not waiver. I did not notice any deviation of the background star field as the objects flew thought the night sky. I heard no sonic booms or any other sound that could be attributed to the objects. I could not calculate the size of any object or if they were connected. But, I can say, they fly formation better than anything else I have ever seen! They were headed somewhere for reason. That night I expected dreams of UFOs and aliens but I did no have any. I felt no concern about the objects at any time. I have a degree in astronomy and a former military pilot with extensive night experience. I would have dismissed this occurrence as 'day dreaming' if I was the only one to see the objects. But, my wife saw the exact same objects at the exact same time. The objects that my wife and I saw have no corresponding relevance to anything we have ever seen - either man, bird or beast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Northern Argentina, UFO-Related Blackouts

Joaquin V. Gonzalez " The town lost power at two o'clock in the morning on Thursday, November 26, 2009. No, not a disgruntled utility customer, shaking a puny fist at the uncaring energy provider, but an entire population center of twenty thousand souls....The southern hemisphere's summer had been warmer than most, and the good people of Joaquin V. Gonzalez were about to have an added surprise with their gelattos....An elongated, glowing unidentified flying saucer, described as having "intermittent lights like flashers" and an unblinking red light crossed the skies over the community in Northern Argentina, knocking out power as it went past....

Rafaela -- Residents Take UFO Photo. They were recording a child dancing with a Cell phone when a strange object appeared in the sky. They noticed the object's presence, the young women began shouting. "It's a flying saucer" according to a local resident. They claim nothing like this had ever happened to them before.. [Thanks to]

Australia UFO Spotted

Territory --They are out there " and they are back in the Territory. Top End UFO spotters went through a long UFO dry spell, but after the recent sightings of several strange phenomena in Territory skies there is no doubt "the guys from upstairs" are back in our nick of the world.... [Thanks to Katherine Times ]

Canada Cylinder

RED LAKE, ALBERTA -- While painting the house roof and looking north, I glimpsed a very rapidly moving, black pipe like object moving from west to east. I did have a camera with me but didn't have the time to get a picture as the transit lasted just a few seconds. I was left with an after image of the black pipe which lasted for about fifteen to thirty seconds. On each end of the object I noticed cube like bump outs on opposite ends and on opposite sides. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

France Orange Balls

Morillon -- On July 20, 2011, two red orange balls of light were spotted stable in the air. The premiere light disappeared at once and the second light also disappeared after five minutes...NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides little contact information. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Spain Fireball

Jalon -- We just witnessed a bright red/orange light in the sky that appeared out of nowhere and slowly moved north on July 13, 2011...

It pulsated a few times and after a couple of minutes it remained on the same place and faded out.

It was very clear; I took out the monoculars to see if I could distinguish a specific form. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

UK/England Disc

Medway, Kent -- My girlfriend and I were driving down a Main road close by to home on July 10, 2011, at midnight... My girlfriend noticed the object first and quickly drew my attention to it. It was in the exact same shape of a typical UFO you would see on a film. A circular saucer shape but it seemed to be 3D as clear as day. It was going at a ridiculous speed right over the main road and over the tree's, it had three bright green lights like traffic light green in formation going round the saucer shape object. It was so fast it was over in less than a minute. It was silent made no sound whatsoever.

Nobody believes us but we KNOW 100% that was definitely a UFO!!!! Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

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