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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 9, 2012

George Filer:
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In special reports, this week's files cover: NASA Astronaut Charles J. Camada PhD Says We Were Not Alone, Kennedy and Moral Courage, Near Death Experiences, Disclosure Letter to President Obama, Black Sea Military Buildup, Fukushima Nuclear Plant Danger, Did UFO land on Cannock Chase, England, and Scan the Sky for UFOs

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, U.A.E. and England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Astronaut Camada Says We Were Not Alone

“In my official status I cannot comment on ET contact, however, I can personally assure you we are not alone.” Charles J. Camada PhD NASA Astronaut

More astronauts are revealing the truth about alien visitation.

Kennedy and Moral Courage

"Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, and the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change."
Senator Robert F. Kennedy and US Attorney General 1966 Speech.

Near Death Experiences

Mark McCandlish writes “Condolences, I was very sorry to learn of your brother's passing, George. As it happens, I recently read, "Heaven Is For Real" myself that is a wonderful little book. A good friend of mine, Stan Engels-- sat down for lunch with me a number of years ago, (right after my father had passed away.) My father and I had had a number of long-time unresolved issues. I flew back east to see him when word came that he was fading, but he passed about an hour and a half before I landed. Stan was wonderful at consoling me, because, you see, he had died himself- not once, but twice!

He described the same sort of experience that your brother had been through, but with a kind of funny twist. He felt himself floating up through the roof of the speeding ambulance as it traveled to the hospital, having expired en-route. He suddenly found himself speeding through what seemed like a tunnel of shadows, with a light in the distance growing brighter and closer by the second. Then, just as suddenly, he found himself in a brightly illuminated place, being greeted by his two favorite Aunts, both of whom appeared to be in their early thirties and full of life. Even though they appeared much younger than when he had last seen them, they were clearly recognizable.

He said that he had never experienced a more loving and nurturing sensation than when he arrived in that place. HOWEVER-- his Aunts both told him that his "work back on Earth was not finished and [he] needed to go back." He scoffed at the idea, as he enjoyed the wondrous sensation of being on the other side of the veil.

But the next thing you know, he was back on Earth in his body, and looked up just as the paramedic was lifting the defibrillator paddles away from his chest. A year or so later, Stan tells me-- that he died again... And the entire sequence of events repeated itself, right up to and including the meet-up with his two favorite Aunts. But this time, he was really excited, because he was sure that he was there in heaven to STAY. Then his Aunts both laughed and told him, "No, Stan, your work still isn't finished, and you have to go back again!" They were laughing as they said it.

Stan reported that he protested vehemently, saying that he had no desire whatsoever to "Go back" and that he wanted only to stay there, in heaven with his Aunts. They were all laughing about it! And he began to argue with them, and then as he could feel himself starting to slip back across the veil, he began yelling, "Noooooo! Noooooo!

And when he was revived on the gurney in the ambulance, he woke up laughing and saying those very words. The paramedics didn't know what to make of it. Stan and I chuckled as he shared the story with me. After we finished lunch, we parted company, and I never saw Stan Engels again. Mark died right after we had lunch together...)

And so I had the feeling, that Stan's work was finally "done", and that it included sharing his near-death experience with me. I made a personal commitment to share it with as many people as I can. And now I have shared it with you, George. Pass it on!

God Bless. Thanks to Mark McCandlish.

For more stories about near death from famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Peter Sellers, and William Petersen, the star of the TV show CSI:

The Near Death Experience (NDE) that my brother experienced is a powerful argument for the existence of afterlife and a planet called Heaven where many report going. As medical resuscitation techniques improve more people including stars are being brought back from death. Many report visiting loved ones, angels, white light an intense profoundly meaningful experience in which they are alive and living outside their body. These experiences may have relation to the abduction experience. The evidence for the NDE is irresistible, enlightening, and consistent with promises made in the Bible, an experience of God's unconditional love is the aspect most felt by experiencers. Love is also one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit; and God is love felt by many during near death.

Disclosure Project Letter to President Obama

Dr. Steven Greer sent this letter to Obama three years ago. After the inauguration of a new and potentially transformative American President, we await significant progress on official Disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. While the UK, France, Denmark, Brazil and other countries around the world have increasingly opened their official government files, the US is found lagging behind her sister nations.

This is, in large part, because - up until now - the President has been denied access to such files. The so-called Majestic group illegally compartmentalized their secret operations away from Presidential and Congressional oversight. This secret, satellite government, which is transnational and answers only to itself, must now answer to the people and to this President.

As you can see from the attached summary of the Special Presidential Briefing (SPB) that we have provided to the President and to his senior military and intelligence team, the full Briefing contains detailed information on the projects, project code numbers, names, corporations, locations etc., associated with the UFO/ET subject. (The full briefing is too lengthy to release at this time.) In short, the President now has the key information that he needs to act. The President must now engage in executive action to oversee, control, and direct these operations for the benefit of the American people and the world.

This SPB has also been provided to the head of state of at least one G7 country, senior members of Congress, and other key government officials via known and reliable points of contact (POCs) directly to these leaders.

Now it is time for we, the people, to be heard! Please write to these leaders and ask that they act NOW, as they are sworn to do, on our behalf. Please write to the President, to your two US Senators, and to your member of Congress and ask:

  1. That President Obama investigate the matter, gain proper control over these operations, end for once and forever the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject, and work with other nations to quickly coordinate an official Disclosure;
  2. That President Obama stand-down any covert offensive targeting of ET spacecraft;
  3. That President Obama, working with other leaders around the world, initiate open, peaceful Contact with these Extraterrestrial Civilizations;
  4. That President Obama move swiftly to release the Earth-saving new energy technologies contained within these illegal covert Majestic programs so that we may be freed from the death grip that oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy have on the planet;
  5. That the Congress hold open, secrecy-free hearings on these matters immediately.

If you are or know of a reliable, bona fide POC to a member of Congress, or other senior government official in the US or other country, who would like the full Briefing, please let us know.

The President was elected with the vision of transformative change. Nothing would so transform the world as the ending of this secrecy, peaceful open contact with the Extraterrestrial Civilizations visiting Earth and the release of these wondrous new energy technologies for peaceful energy generation. In just a few years, the world will be made anew.

Thank you for acting NOW to ensure the good future that most assuredly awaits humanity.

Steven M. Greer, MD
CSETI and The Disclosure Project

White House phone number: 202-456-1111
White House fax number: 202-456-2461
Email: or

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

U.S. Senators Web Link, U.S. Congress Web Link

Note: Everyone on Earth knows we cannot continue to exist with seven billion people burning gas, oil and coal. We need an alternate energy system.

Steven Greer Presents 'Sirius' the Documentary YouTube

Dr. Steven Greer
Get the technology out to the public and will protect the environment,

Black Sea Military Buildup

The United States has acquired the use of seven military bases on the western shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and Romania, now that both countries were formally inducted into NATO. Washington has also transformed Georgia on the eastern shore of the Black Sea into a military outpost on Russia's southern border. The Pentagon has just completed the latest of four radar installations on Georgia's Black Sea coast and has similar designs on Ukraine. These nations prefer the U.S. has an ally rather than Russia. Turkey has provided bases, radar and listening posts for decades and has agreed to have an interceptor missiles radar site.

The Black Sea Military Buildup includes Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) ships on patrol designed to detect and track ballistic missiles of all ranges – including Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and report track data to the missile defense system. This capability shares tracking data to cue other missile defense sensors and provides fire control data to Ground-based Midcourse Defense interceptors located at Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California and other elements of the BMDS including land-based firing units and other Navy BMD ships.

There are 24 Aegis BMD combatants (5 cruisers [CGs] and 19 destroyers [DDGs]) in the U.S. Navy. Of the 24 ships, 16 are assigned to the Pacific Fleet and 8 to the Atlantic Fleet. The MDA and the Navy, working together, will increase the number of BMD capable ships to 32 by end of 2013.

News reports confirm that the United States is to station interceptor missiles in Bulgaria and Romania as an extension of the Pentagon's European (and international) missile shield project. Details are still forthcoming, but some missiles are to be land-based versions of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System with Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) medium-range anti-ballistic missiles, though there is already speculation that even more advanced deployments are planned.

In the words of a Moldovan political analyst, “The United States is turning the Black Sea into an American lake.”

Vladimir Putin was re-elected again as Russian Prime Minister for the third time, and he's had a few lavish inauguration ceremonies already. Putin ran as a nationalist, bitterly critical of the United States, but appealing to the working class when he knows that those who benefited the most from growth in Russia appear to be those who oppose him the most. Demonstrations continue against Putin's election. Putin during his campaign was accusing Secretary Clinton of fermenting the demonstrations against him. He rode anti-American rhetoric to draw out nationalist support and win the election. We can expect Russia to protest against the US's European and international missile shield.

Fukushima Plant Danger

Japan's former ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, warned that if the building housing reactor four at the plant were to collapse - as many officials fear might happen - then it would lead to a global catastrophe like the world has never seen before.

As Reader Supported News reports - a former official with the U.S. Department of Energy commented on the consequences of a building collapse around reactor four saying, "If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident." And if that fire were to consume the thousands of other radioactive spent fuel rods at the Fukushima plant - then the radiological event could be 85-times greater than the Chernobyl disaster.

So just how dangerous is the situation still at the Fukushima plant - and what are the consequences for the United States? Kevin Kamps if back - he is the Nuclear Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear.

To my knowledge, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon D is the only U.S. Senator who has actually visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility. He warns the U.S. public that he saw a wrecked, half-collapsed building site littered with massive collections of nuclear fuel rods that now threaten the entire Northern hemisphere with a radiation apocalypse. The Southeast reports higher radiation during the last few weeks.

Did UFO land on Cannock Chase, England

Mike Lockley reports in the Sunday Mercury on May 6 2012 a UFO story is being dubbed the Midland's own Roswell. The controversial American flying saucer reports were brought to public attention thanks to a whistleblower in the intelligence arm of the US Air Force.

And it was US Navy third class petty officer S M Brannigan who raised alarm bells about a mysterious crash in Penkridge, a town on the edge of the River Penk, near Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, between February and March, 1964. Click here to find out more!

He said three bodies were recovered from the operation to deal with the incident at Cocksparrow Lane which involved Air Force Intelligence and NATO. Brannigan was stationed in the Caribbean at the time and told of his discovery after he intercepted a Soviet transmission. He said the Soviet message referred to a UFO malfunctioning and falling to Earth in two parts – the larger section near Penkridge, the other splintering over West Germany.

Mystery further surrounded the incident when an eyewitness came forward to say he took photos of a “delta shaped object” he spotted in a field near Penkridge at the time. Harold South, of Bloxwich, claims the curious item was partially covered by a tarpaulin and placed on an aircraft transporter. He came across it when he was stopped from driving his van by a roadblock manned by army, RAF and police personnel. South said the officers confiscated his camera after he took pictures of the scene. When it was returned to him the film had been taken out.

Paranormal websites report the wrecked craft was taken to Porton Down Scientific Research Centre. Now Peter McCue, former clinical psychologist turned author, has turned the spotlight on the unexplained crash in his new book “Zones of Strangeness: An Examination of the Paranormal and UFO Hotspots.”

To help him report on unusual phenomena he worked with paranormal investigator Nick Redfern.

Scan the Sky for UFOs

Examine your photos, there may be a UFO lurking in the background.

Charles Charlie Teague shared Charles Charlie Teague's photo.

Thanks to Jim Murphy

Sightings in the United States

Alaska UFOs Dropping Pods

PALMER -- I have received a report from a man who saw ufos dropping in what he describes as pods from the craft to the ground in the area of Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Now I have also received reports of ufo sightings out of the Hatcher Pass area, from different sources, so I tend to believe, that Mr. Nathan Jensen, and others are seeing ufos up there. I'll be going to Anchorage Monday, and I'll try to drive out to Palmer and talk with Nathan Jensen in person. Thanks to Robert H Mackey in Seward, Alaska

Arizona Orbs and Cylinders

Casa Grande -- Flying westbound at 3000 feet south of Phoenix, I took pictures out of the cockpit, 45 degrees up and noticed three objects north bound at 10:03 am, on May 5, 2012. I took another picture out the copilot side windshield and zooming could see 5-6 objects considerable higher headed toward Phoenix in different formation than earlier picture. On closer examination noticed the objects were brilliant silver metallic looking reflecting sunlight in the second picture zoomed they were just bright white no reflection as they gained altitude and changed formation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Chandler -- I wanted to share this with you. I was looking at photos tonight of my bachelorette party from July 3, 2011. We were at a fairly new hotel and I am the one sitting in the chair. My Mom brought in an Elvis impersonator and we took photos that contained an “orb”. The orbs were not in the same position as this one.

Note: Sometimes camera flash can illuminate dust particles and produce “orb-like” apparitions in photos. Also lens flare effects can produce similar anomalies. The photos contained no “meta information” so the camera settings could not be determined. The orbs were only noticed several months later. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

willow beach -- My friend Manule and his two sons, 11 and 9 years and I took a fishing trip when we saw this cigar silvery shaped object. Manule said that it was a military plane and I said, “Oh yeah!” Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Arkansas Flying Beehive

GRAVEL RIDGE -- Strangely, all the photos and videos I see which are similar to my experience all happened somewhere in the world on July 4th, 2009. These are not fireworks. It is weird that the orange craft seem to be always on July 4th or the day after. The object I saw was very similar to this, except that there was no flattening at the top and no point at the bottom. It was round, with rounded ‘ridges' that sloped and bulged out.

Note: The witness is referring to a video taken in Muncie, Indiana on July 4, 2011. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Eudora – I began taking pictures of the moon and spotted a single bright star and zoomed in but I could not bring it into focus on May 2, 2012, from 10:45 PM to 11:58. I decided to put it on video and it showed up as a circle that slowly moved around on my screen. The color shifting spherical object began to maneuver sporadically. It was a spherical speckled shifting light of mainly green with orange. It then transitioned to mainly blue and then red. It remained large in size throughout transition for 30 minutes of filming. Then it turned blue. After about ten minutes I returned to see a more reddish sphere that suddenly disappeared. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

California Rectangle and Object

Quail Valley – On May 3, 2012, I was taking photos of a burnt down house up on a hill when a helicopter flew over so I took this picture. It was too bright to see the object, but when I went home and reviewed the pictures I noticed the UFO in this helicopter photo. I have more pictures but none with the UFO.

Note: I have requested the additional photos and details. The fact that the object only appeared in one photo means that it was moving faster than the chopper. The object does not appear to be a bird or insect. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Los Banos -- My husband and I were traveling westbound on Highway 152 over Pacheco Pass at 8 am, on April 16, 2012. We saw several vehicles stop and drivers getting out and staring up into the sky. So we stopped and asked, “What are you looking at?” He pointed up to a dark speck hovering in the same spot. I pulled out my camera which has a 30 X zoom and snapped several pictures of it, which I have emailed in already. We watched for ten minutes and then drove on. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Connecticut Trooper Reports Glowing Whale-Sized Object

Bantam -- reports on April 12, 2012, “A state trooper and a motorist reported a large object falling out of the sky in Litchfield, Conn. -- a green, glowing, whale-sized object that plunged into Litchfield Lake”. State authorities said no go; they failed to locate anything mysterious. The Republican-American of Waterbury reports that a person driving in Litchfield at about 2 AM, Tuesday reported that an object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake. Officials say that at about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris. Morris firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn't find any debris.

Florida Orb

PALM BEACH -- My Daughter took two of these pictures from the ocean beach and the other she found on Facebook which was posted the same day on April 17, 2012.

She stated this object circled the sun clockwise in less than five minutes.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Siesta Key -- While visiting in the area near Sarasota on May 3, 2012; 10:40 PM until 11 PM we saw what resembled a cell tower of lights, but five moved up one at a time. During one viewing, the middle three moved to make a “t” or “cross” icon. The Sheriff was called they said, “We were looking at airplanes” we replied, “NOT, even though we are close to an airport”. The Sheriff Department sent over a car and a Fire Truck [the lights were gone when they arrived]. I took a few photos Only 1 set of lights appeared after each “click.” I emailed the Coast Guard [no reply, yet]. I checked internet news and found nothing. One picture [enlarged] looks like a green cookie with a Hershey kiss on top. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Illinois Burning Red Ball

CHICAGO -- I was at a bar getting a drink and at about 9 pm, on May 5, 2012, i walked outside with my girlfriend to have a cigarette and I noticed it right away. I pointed to the sky for her to look at it and it was distinct right away. It was flying at incredibly high speed burning red ball looking object. As it was flying our way at about a helicopter height more people joined us to observe it. As it was flying over us it just disappeared in the thin air and we all freaked out. After that the incident just felt so surreal. I was trying to think back of the object but i felt like it was in my dream. And no I wasn't drunk :)) Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

CHICAGO -- I was taking pictures of the John Hancock Building and accidentally caught an unknown object in the shot on June 14, 2006. I did not realize it was there until I downloaded the pictures to my computer and took a closer look at the cloud like trail. It is flying at a high speed. I do not think it is a meteor but not sure. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Flying Objects

BLANFORD -- Richard Bondira writes, “I'm sending you five e-mails, each has two photos taken on April 13, 2012. The sun had gone down but there's still some red from the sun in the lower part of the horizon. The tree is in my yard and I took the photos with it so you could get some idea of scale and track the different flying objects as they cross the night sky. It's a typical night in Blanford since it all began January 6th; I see things like this on every clear night.

Just so you know, these photos are exactly as they were when I had them developed at the local CVS. Nothing has been deleted. Nothing has been added. There has been NO enhancement AT ALL! I am sending them to you intact and unenhanced so that you can see exactly what it looks like at night. This is a UFO hunter's paradise. As I took these photos the local people in the area were going about totally unaware of what was right over their heads. These people never look up around here. Thanks to Richard Bondira.

North Dakota Triangular Craft

Casselton -- On April 11, 2012; on 9:48 PM, my 9 year-old daughter and I were sitting at a campfire in our backyard and saw a jet aircraft moving eastbound. Suddenly I observed coming from east to west a blur of lights. For a brief instant I thought a group of meteors were striking the atmosphere simultaneously. When my eyes focused I saw an equilateral triangle directly over me moving rapidly westerly. The triangle had three dimly-lit lights near the points of the triangle. My daughter thought it was black and the points on the triangle were rounded. It took less than five seconds before the craft was out of sight.

The craft was silent. If it was the length of a mid-sized commercial jet liner, then I would estimate that this craft was about 1000 feet above us and moving at 150-200 mph. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Ohio Disk White Circles

Norwalk -- It was just sitting over a house with yellow red blue green flashing lights all going different speeds on April 4, 2012. We stopped and watched for about 15 seconds then it slowly started to move away, stopped again, but when we turned around to see if it was still there and it had gone. We drove around town and found nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

CLEVELAND -- On May 1, 2012, I took a picture of a house for sale, later when reviewing I noticed two white circles a dozen feet in diameter. They were hundreds of feet high and beyond the house. The Sun was to my left and above when photo was taken. The circle on the left of the picture seems to be stationary and the right circle is slightly blurred appearing to show motion. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma Light

ALLEN –I noticed lights outside my living room window and went to get my phone to take a picture. I watched for a minute then returned to my home. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Forest Service UFOs

Jim Doerter writes, “I'm a former Forest Service Lookout who with my wife had two dramatic sightings in 1959” We saw a dramatic 250-300 foot red and white lighted object cruise by our Lookout Tower and changed our life view. Lookouts have a unique opportunity to examine the skies and get paid for it. I made a study of UFOs sightings that Lookouts have seen and sent it to the US Forest Service, but I never received a reply. Later I spent forty years as a college professor and had a good chance to see what experts do not know. There are many of us who appreciate your reports that are an excellent signal to the greater community to wake up and consider. Thanks to Jim Doerter.

Pennsylvania Bright Green Object

North Huntingdon -- I was taking a picture of the super moon on May 6, 2012 and this bright green object was flying around above the trees, hovered then took off. It changed colors from green to yellow. It moved very quickly. It was very odd and I have the photo of it by the super moon. If you brighten the picture you can see my tree line on the back hill.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Black Boomerang

RED OAK -- I was in my back yard viewing the night sky from my patio on March 21, 2012, for 30 minutes when a strange dark object passed in front of the stars in the southern sky.

Most of the objects structure was visible as a black boomerang shape, with about 4-5 light blue-white lights along the bottom side of the wings.

There was a strange mist around it as it flew north across the night sky. I grabbed my binoculars and yelled at my wife to come outside quickly as I ran out the front door. I could not find the object again though. Thanks to MUFON CMS'

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Orange Ball of Light

South Australia -- I saw an orange ball of light at around 9 PM, on April 27, 2012, that I thought it was an aircraft on fire. It made no noise and was travelling at slow speed towards the west and then turned right and faded out. It didn't seem to be high in the sky. Has anyone else in reported this? Contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

Canadian Orb

Cambridge – My husband called me outside to look at the pending storm clouds coming in on May 3, 2012, at 8 pm. I'm a weather enthusiast, and love storms so I decided to shoot some pictures with an Olympus C-60. We didn't see or hear anything strange until I uploaded the photos to my pc. . One image had the above capture. I inverted the photos in Photoshop cs5 and enlarged the area in question.

I have probably taken 5-10,000 photos with this camera and have never seen anything like this. I can identify camera malfunctions that would cause anomalies. The trail behind the object would indicate that there was motion and I believe the object may have been flying too fast to see with the naked eye. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Jamaica Resort UFOs

OCHOS RIOS -- We returned from dinner at 10.30 pm on April 22, 2012 at the Jamaica Inn. My partner who is a retired travel agent called me to the second floor porch saying, "Look!" I saw a formation of 24-30 UFOs flying in pairs moving along two parallel paths in the clear sky. It was impossible to guess size, speed or altitude. This initial formation was followed by one pair of delta-shaped UFOs, in effect, like a rear guard position that flew in the opposite direction of an imagined arrowhead.

We were so surprised, in awe as the UFOs disappeared from our view. My academic training is physics/mathematics, management (MBA) and psychology (Ph.D.) My feeling was of immediate belief in what my senses were showing me, although had there not been a witness standing next to me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Lithuania Orbs

Bialystock -- The UFO, filmed on Tuesday May 1, 2012, in, Lithuania, hovers above the cameraman for several minutes and flashes multicolored lights.....

UFO flashes multi-colored lights above skies of Lithuania

Portugal Star

Assafora – On April 7, 2011, I was watching and admiring the moon located above the horizon line and the night sky, the weather was clear. One "star" called my attention due to its brightness (located maybe 30º above the moon), I tried to focus on it when suddenly it became much more brighter and brighter (maybe 1 or 2 second event) and it started moving with an incredible speed, losing its brightness into space I suppose, till I lost sight of it. (10 - 15 sec event). Coordinates of observation point N39º W9.4ª time of event: about 21h50 GMT event duration less than 1 minute. Been trying to rationalize and only explanation I can find it had to be a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia Lights

MOSCOW -- UFO in Moscow on May 02 2012 - 02 2012

South Africa Four Bright Orange Lights

Johannesburg --This is a photo from my Blackberry on April 23, 2012, at 7:20 PM, that does not capture star light. There were four lights that appear one after the other vanishes. I see a bright orange light and it increases in size, as though approaching closer, then moves away becoming smaller. After a minute, it is rising into the night sky until it disappears. Then the next one appears where the previous one first appeared and follows the same trajectory.

They appeared in the Dainfern Fourways area and flew southwest over Broadacres rising and moving away at a steady pace. Thanks to the Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

Spain Orb

This orange glowing ball of light was filmed on May 1, 2012, using a Sony Cyber Shot H70 digital camera and enhanced to full HD 1080p. The object appears to be orange and was completely silent. The orb's brightness kept changing from bright to dim magically disappearing as if the object just zoomed away! I was able to zoom in on the object by 10X optical and using the Optical Steady Shot technology that my camera features and know it is real. Thanks to MUFON CMS

U. A. E. Fireball

Abu Dhabi -- At night my wife call me from terrace and showed orange red fireball in the sky on April 9, 2012, it was still and within one minute it moves back and slowly disappear. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

UK/England Triangle

London -- UFO Spotted Over Spooky Sky (Video) on May 03, 2012, at 10:55 AM. EDT

A triangular, shifting UFO was caught on tape on a cloudy, moonlit night over London looking like something straight out of a horror movie. The video, posted to YouTube, is shot straight up, adding to the mysterious effect of a full moon peeking out through brightly lit clouds as the unidentified flying object silently hovers overhead.

The objects caught on video have steady, unblinking lights which start out as a classic tri-corner pattern until they begin to shift in relation to each other. As the scene unfolds, the illuminated orbs move in and out of cloud cover until just one is left visible. At the end of the clip that single light suddenly shoots out of view.

The objects don't look like planes, jets or helicopters, but seem to be piloted by an intelligent will. It's definitely not a bird or anything normally expected to be flying in the night sky. Thanks to


Midlothian – A metallic sphere was seen releasing UFOs was filmed on April 11, 2012. I will show you some stills, slow motions and enlarged parts of it! The metallic sphere is strange enough but I wonder what these fast objects were! Watch it full screen! author: Reen1411 * SkywatcherScotland UFO thetruthbehindthescenes

UFO Conferences

Connecticut MUFON UFO Conference

I will be speaking on Saturday May 19, 2012, at 11 am at the West Hartford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (Berkshire Road and New Britain Avenue West Hartford). The talk will be about my experiences in the Air Force chasing UFOs and the consequences of alien visitation.

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God Bless Our Troops and Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

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