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AUFORN Reports
Compiled Australasian sighting reports from AUFORN.

Filer's Files
George Filer's weekly reports on the latest UFO news and sightings.

News Reports & Articles
UFO news and articles not found elsewhere on the site.
Please note this section includes non-UFO related articles and news items.

Out There!
Links to reports on other web sites.

Oz Files
Individual Australasian sighting reports from AUFORN.

Please note that reports in this section are gradually being moved to the Australian Sighting Reports section of the site along with other reports from AUFORN giving easier access to reports from Australia. The compiled AUFORN Reports from 1998 - 2004 will remain in their own section but individual reports will eventually be indexed and linked in the Australian Sighting Reports section of the site.

Sighting Reports
UFO sighting reports from around the world.

UFO + PSI Magazine
Archives of Christian Pfeiler's monthly e-mail bulletin.

All the issues from Anthony James' fortnightly news bulletin.

UFO Roundup
Archives of Joseph Trainor's weekly roundup of UFO, Fortean and Paranormal news.

Report a Sighting
Send your a report of your sighting to UFOINFO.