Puerto Rico: Animal Mutilation in San Sebastian

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 24, 2005

Source: www.ovni.net
Date: 4-18-06


Type: Animal Mutilation
Day: Early hours of April 18, 2006
Place: Urb. Pepino near San Sebastian
Time: 02:00 a.m.

Witnesses: Maria Velez, her mother, neighbors, researcher Wilfrido González, Dr. Eric de Juan Torres (veterinarian of the Borinquen Veterinary Clinic, responsible for the necropsy, etc.) Evidence: photos, field research data and necropsy.

Summary: Maria told researcher Lucy Guzman that her mother had a dog with three puppies. On Monday, April 17 2006 at around 8:30 p.m., María heard her dogs barking frantically.

In the early hours of Tuesday April 18, at around 2:00 a.m., the neighbor's Dalmatian broke its chain and was barking at the door leading to the rear of Maria's mother's house. María's mother hollered at the dog to make it stop barking, and the animal withdrew.

Maria's mother's dog did not bark, nor was any sound heard from the pups (mixed breed - poodle with mutt). No other sound was heard aside from that.

At around 11:00 a.m., 18 April 2006, María's mother found one of the pups dead. It gave the appearance of having been suctioned through its rectum. The tail had been severed as if with scissors (the tail was found on the scene). The area, which was made of cement, showed no signs of blood. No other laceration or bite on the body was found except for the affected area in the rectum, which was completely cored out, and "some gooey, yellow secretions."

María also reported that at the time of the events no one heard anything except for the owner of the Dalmatian, who noticed that his other dog was restless inside the house and kept running from the living room to the door leading outside. Aside from this, no one has reported anything else amiss on the ground or in the air, nor has anyone seen anything or perceived strange odors at the time of the events, etc.

Maria phoned researcher Wilfredo Gonzalez of the NASAIC organization, who took photos from all angles and of the affected area, conducting field research. He later took the pup to a friend of his to perform a necropsy.

During the course of a phone conversation between Lucy Guzman and Wilfredo Gonzalez on Saturday, April 22, 2006, he told her that when he reported to Maria's mother's house, the woman had thrown the dead puppy into a trash can. Flies were covering the pup and he was forced to spray chemicals to kill them. He conducted his field research and took the carcass to Dr. Eric de Jesus Torres of the Borinquen Veterinary Clinic to perform the necropsy.

Field Research: Researcher Wilfredo Gonzalez photographed the area from a variety of angles, even the injuries presented. He verified the presence of possible prints, points of entry or other evidence, inspecting the perimeter. Noting that the area in which the events occur is practically inaccessible for any animal, since the area is an alleyway between two residences. The walls of these two residences represent walls 10 feet tall on each side, and at the end of this alley is a cyclone fence without any holes and in perfect condition. Furthermore, this fence is covered by zinc plates. There is also another gate made of galvanized pipes and cyclone fencing in the front of the alleyway. The house fence, which stands 4.5 feet, is made of cement and cyclone fencing and is also in perfect conditions.

Conclusions reached by Researcher Wilfredo Gonzalez based on the findings of Dr. Eric de Jesus Torres: The tail was severed by some type of cutting instrument, as it presented a clean cut. The wound was an open wound through which almost the entire rectum was removed; there was no tissue since it (sic) was removed and the entire border of the wound consisted of irregular edges. Unlike the tail, which was a clean cut, the open would had a size of around 2 inches in circumference. All that was left were the hind legs. No blood spots were found. During the necropsy, Dr. Torres indicated that the small animal betrayed no other signs of piercing injuries or scratches. Furthermore, he indicated that the animal had part of its intestines removed as well as the right hemisphere of its heart. No blood exam was conducted since the animal was in a histolytic condition. With regard to the viscous substance, this could not be verified, since the animal had been sprinkled with fly-killing insecticide, thus altering the substance's chemical composition. Therefore the chemical tests would not shed faithful and precise data. Dr. Torres concluded the cannot say that the mutilation was performed by a dog or any other animal, since there aren't sufficient elements to reach a conclusion.

(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales. Special thanks to Lucy Guzman, OVNI.NET and Wilfrido Gonzalez)

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