The UFOINFO Research Section

Information to help you with your UFO research

Books, CD-ROMs & DVDs
A selection of books, CD-ROMs & DVDs.

UFO conferences, meetings and other events.

Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies
Yearly listings of humanoid sightings as compiled by Albert Rosales.

Lecturers and Performers
Contact information for people who give lectures, talks or performances related to UFOs.

Magonia Database
A complete listing of all reports from 'Passport to Magonia' by Jaques Vallee.

Museums and Exhibitions
Details of UFO museums and exhibitions.

On This Day
Donald A. Johnson's Alien Encounters On This Day. Compiled from the UFOCAT database and other sources.

Details of UFO organizations around the world.

Contact information for UFO researchers.