V4.01 - January 5th 1999

1956: Two UFOs appear over Antarctica

V8.15 - April 9th 2003

Giant squid captured in Antarctic waters

V8.19 - May 14th 2003

Ruins of Kadath found in Antarctica?

V8.20 - May 21st 2003

Roundup readers say Antarctic ruins story is just "fiction"

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

1943: The Holocaust and the Fortean Society

V8.38 - October 8th

1964: Strange artifact on the ocean floor

V9.03 - January 21st 2004

1944: Secrets of the Antarctic Reich

V9.05 - February 4th 2004

Reader feedback: Is Hitler in a long solar orbit?

V9.09 - March 3rd 2004

Two fossil dinosaurs found in Antarctica

V9.17 - April 28th 2004

An Israeli assault on the Antarctic Reich?

V9.29 - July 21st 2004

1938: More strange secrets of the Antarctic Reich

V9.30 - July 28th 2004

New Antarctica mystery

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

Gigantic iceberg chokes off McMurdo Sound

V10.02 - January 12th 2005

NASA and U.S. Navy conduct a clandestine search in Antarctica


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