V1.22 - July 14th 1996

Triangular UFO lands in Austria

V3.23 - June 7th 1998

Large luminous UFO sighted by eight teens in Austria

V3.24 - June 14th 1998

Another UFO sighting in Gmunden, Austria

V3.25 - June 21st 1998

1875: The strangest day

V7.03 - January 15th 2002

Yellow-orange UFO seen by two over Vienna

V7.25 - June 18th 2002

Groups of yellow-orange UFOs spotted over Vienna

V7.26 - July 2nd 2002

Third UFO appears over Vienna's Hietzing district

V7.30 - July 23rd 2002

Another sighting in Vienna: Large luminous UFO hovers over Leopoldstadt

V7.35 - Aug 27th 2002

A strange tale from the Vienna woods

V7.51 - December 17th 2002

1866: Hitler's warlock

V8.49 - December 24th 2003

Luminous UFO sighted near Vienna, Austria

V9.35 - September 1st 2004

UFOs sighted over Neukirchen, Austria

V9.42 - October 20th 2004

Himmler planned for a new Auschwitz in Austria


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