V1.22 - July 14th 1996

Daylight disc startles neighborhood in Belgium

V2.36 - September 21st 1997

Triangular UFO makes a fast flyby in Belgium

V3.20 - May 17th 1998

Daylight disc spotted in Belgium

V3.34 - August 25th 1998

UFO activity reported in France and Belgium

V5.51 - December 21st 2000

Mystery beast kills ten sheep in Belgium

V7.02 - January 8th 2002

Large triangular UFOs return to Belgium

V7.37 - Sep 10th 2002

1914: Angels on the battlefield

V7.38 - Sep 17th 2002

1914: Guardian angel of the Coldstream Guards

V8.17 - April 30th 2003

UFO flap breaks out in Belgium

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

Sudden outbreak of crop circles worldwide

V9.25 - June 23rd 2004

Two crop circles reported in Belgium


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