V1.10 - April 21st 1996

Brazilian motorist may have been abducted

V1.16 - June 2nd 1996

Brazilian magazine blows whistle on alien retrieval

V1.17 - June 9th 1996

General says Brazil has its own X-Files

V1.19 - June 23rd 1996

Agents tagged in UFO hush money payoff
American and British ufologists at Varginha Conference
Varginha case blows wide open

V1.20 - June 30th 1996

New UFO sighting in Varginha
UFOs return to Guarabira

V1.22 - July 14th 1996

Hospital staff in Campinas breaks silence

V1.25 - August 4th 1996

New eyewitness comes forward in Varginha case

V1.27 - August 18th 1996

Large saucer appears over Guarabira

V1.28 - September 8th 1996

More UFOs in Brazil, Argentina and Chile
Hovering UFO filmed by soldier in Brasilia

V1.29 - September 15th 1996

New UFO landing in Brazil
Ufologists seek bootleg video of Varginha aliens

V1.30 - September 22nd 1996

Spherical UFO flies over Southern Brazil

V1.31 - September 29th 1997

Glowing discs visit Minas Gerais, Brazil

V1.32 - October 6th 1996

More UFO action in Southern Brazil

V1.34 - October 20th 1996

Brazilian pilot encounters giant UFO

V1.35 - October 27th 1996

Crowd panics in Paraiba

V1.36 - November 10th 1996

Weird jet engine failures in South America

V1.38 - November 17th 1996

Pilot follows giant UFO across Paraiba

V1.43 - December 22nd 1996

UFO flap continues in Southern Brazil

v1.44 - December 29th 1996

Black helicopters seen in Southern Brazil

V2.1 - January 5th 1997

New sighting in Sao Paulo state

V2.3 - January 19th 1997

Pyramidal UFO returns to Brazil

V2.6 - February 9th 1997

Brazil's UFO crop circles

V2.8 - February 23rd 1997

Chupacabras in Brazil

V2.9 - March 2nd 1997

Sky glow disrupts a wedding in Brazil

V2.10 - March 9th 1997

UFOs leave two crop circles in Brazil

V2.11 - March 16th 1997

Large domed saucer flies over Porto Alegre

V2.12 - March 23rd 1997

New sighting in Northeast corner of Brazil

V2.13 - March 30th 1997

Jumbo saucers haunt skies over Sao Paulo state

V2.16 - April 20th 1997

Brazilian UFOs zero in on Americana, S.P.

V2.17 - April 27th 1997

Mysterious power outages plague Southern Brazil

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

Another UFO over rural Sao Paulo State

V2.20 - May 18th 1997

Chupacabras scare sweeps Brazil
Four-day UFO flap rocks Central Brazil

V2.25 - June 22nd 1997

UFO appears over water treatment plant in Brazil

V2.27 - July 6th 1997

Luminous UFOs seen all over Sao Paulo state

V2.29 - July 20th 1997

Saucer crashes in Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul

V2.30 - July 27th 1997

Ice meteors bombard southern Brazil
Ufologists and reporters head for Nova Brasilandia

V2.31 - August 3rd

Chupacabras run wild in southern Brazil

V2.33 - August 17th

New UFO flap in Brazil
Pacaccini investigates UFO crash in Nova Brasilandia

V2.33 - August 21st

1957: UFO stalks Brazilian airliner

V2.36 - September 21st 1997

Brazilian institute begins investigation of ongoing Sao Paulo saucer flap

V2.38 - October 5th 1997

New witness appears in Brazil's Varghina case

V2.39 - October 12th 1997

Pacaccini disputes Sousa's tale of saucer crash

V2.40 - October 19th 1997

1957: The Villas Boas case

V2.42 - November 2nd 1997

UFOs seen in many towns of Brazil's Bahia state

V3.08 - February 22nd 1998

Saucers converge on northern Brazil

V3.10 - March 8th 1998

Brazilian tv airs video of UFO over Capao Redondo

V3.12 - March 22nd 1998

UFO trails a passenger bus in southern Brazil

V3.14 - April 5th 1998

UFO videotaped hovering over a beach in Brazil

V3.19 - May 10th 1998

V-shaped UFO sighted in southern Brazil

V3.31 - August 2nd 1998

1925: The disappearance of Colonel Fawcett
Brazilian ufologists investigate reports of underground cities

V3.36 - September 6th 1998

Cartoonist sees unusual UFO in southern Brazil

V3.42 - October 19th 1998

Chupacabra photograph taken in southern Brazil

V3.43 - October 26th 1998

Pacaccini, witnesses hunt for Baldim cave creature
UFO blamed in fatal fire in northern Brazil

V3.45 - November 9th 1998

Baldim cave search ends in fiasco

V4.10 - March 8th 1999

1930: Mapinguary is on the prowl

V4.11 - March 15th 1999

1937: Mapinguary goes on a rampage

V4.11 - March 22nd 1999

Wild week in Brazil: UFOs, power blackout and Chupacabra

V4.13 - March 29th 1999

More UFO sightings reported in Brazil

V4.14 - April 5th 1999

UFO flap continues in southern Brazil

V4.15 - April 12th 1999

Silver sphere UFO hovers above Sao Paulo

V4.16 - August 10th 1999

UFO videotaped in northern Brazil

V4.17 - August 16th 1999

Two metallic UFOs fly over Brazilian beach

V4.18 - August 25th 1999

Workmen see luminous UFO in southern Brazil

V4.19 - August 31st 1999

Yellow UFO hovers over suburb of Brasilia

V4.28 - November 4th 1999

Chupacabra strikes again near Sao Paulo
UFO explodes over northern Brazil

V4.30 - November 18th 1999

New Chupacabra attack in Brazil

V5.21 - May 25th 2000

More "big wave" dreams reported by readers

V5.30 - July 27th 2000

UFO squadron seen over Sao Paulo, Brazil

V5.43 - October 26th 2000

1957: A saucer's mission of mercy

V5.46 - November 16th 2000

1982: Jango's space princess

V5.49 - December 7th 2000

Metallic sphere UFO shows up in Brazil

V6.04 - January 25th 2001

Luminous saucer causes a blackout in Brazil

V6.06 - February 8th 2001

Fisherman discovers a small android in Brazil

V6.08 - February 22nd 2001

1954: Aliens land in southern Brazil

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

Metallic sphere UFO sighted in Brazil

V6.17 - April 26th 2001

Mapinguary goes wild in southern Brazil
Spherical UFO sighted in Campo Grande, Brazil

V7.01 - January 2nd 2002

Luminous UFOs videotaped in southern Brazil

V7.03 - January 15th 2002

UFO landings reported in northern Brazil

V7.04 - January 22nd 2002

Luminous UFO videotaped just west of Brasilia

V7.07 - February 12th 2002

The strange flight of United 855

V7.09 - February 26th 2002

Small alien sighted in Brazil's pantanal region

V7.29 - July 16th 2002

Small metal sphere falls from the sky in Brazil

V7.31 - July 30th 2002

Virgin Mary apparition causes a riot in Brazil

V7.42 - October 15th 2002

Orange UFOs sighted in southern Brazil

V7.43 - October 22nd 2002

1965: Two aliens sighted in Brazil's northeast

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

CIgar-shaped UFO sighted in southern Brazil

V7.50 - December 10th 2002

"Nazi UFO" pix startle ufologists in Brazil

V8.04 - January 22nd 2003

Spherical UFO sighted in southern Brazil

V8.05 - January 29th 2003

UFOs sighted north of Sao Paulo, Brazil

V8.07 - February 12th 2003

UFOs remain active in South America

V8.11 - March 12th 2003

UFO flap sweeps Brazil

V8.12 - March 19th 2003

Xendra appears again, this time in Brazil

V8.15 - April 9th 2003

UFOs are sighted twice in western Brazil

V8.15 - April 16th 2003

UFOs spotted in Colombia and Brazil

V8.18 - May 7th 2003

UFOs are active in eastern Brazil

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

Anomalous earthquake jolts western Brazil

V8.28 - July 30th 2003

Luminous UFOs sighted in southern Brazil

V8.29 - August 6th 2003

Large night saucer seen over Salvador in Brazil

V8.31 - August 20th 2003

Silver sphere UFO seen in southern Brazil

V8.40 - October 22nd 2003

1884: One hot number

V8.44 - November 19th 2003

Blue UFO flies over city in northeastern Brazil

V9.05 - February 4th 2004

White UFO hovers over Fortaleza, Brazil

V9.08 - February 25th 2004

UFO activity rises in Brazil's Pantanal

V9.11 - March 17th 2004

Two UFOs photographed in southern Brazil

V9.13 - March 31st 2004

Brazilian pastor dies during the passion

V9.22 - June 2nd 2004

Pyramid unearthed near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

V9.29 - July 21st 2004

Brilliant white UFO seen near Sao Paulo, Brazil

V9.31 - August 4th 2004

UFO explodes over northern Brazil

V9.33 - August 18th 2004

Brazilian man snaps a UFO on his phone camera

V9.38 - September 22nd 2004

Alien mummy found in Brazil?

V9.49 - December 8th 2004

Brazil dinosaur similar to European fossils

V10.02 - January 12th 2005

Big freeze hits Persian Gulf and New Zealand

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

Brazil releases files on 1977 UFO flap

V10.14 - April 6th 2005

Man abducted by aliens in southern Brazil


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