V1.40 - December 1st 1996

Mysterious explosion in the French Alps

V1.41 - December 8th 1996

Another mystery boom in France

V1.43 - December 22nd 1996

Lone UFO and sky booms plague France

V2.7 - February 16th 1997

Green fireballs light up skies in France

V2.12 - March 23rd 1997

Fast flyby on France's Mediterranean shore

V2.19 - May 11th 1997

UFO seen over Poitiers in France

V2.24 - June 15th 1997

Parisian suburbs see two UFO overflights

V2.29 - July 20th 1997

UFO dazzles observers in eastern France

V2.30 - July 27th 1997

Mysterious light flashes occur in France

V2.32 - August 10th 1997

UFOs active in France

V2.35 - September 14th 1997

Death tunnel neighborhood has an unsavory history
Nostradamus predicted Di's death and funeral

V2.36 - September 21st 1997

Mirage jets hunt saucers over eastern France

V2.38 - October 5th 1997

1954: France's longest day

V2.43 - November 9th 1997

Two NATO jets pursue UFO over France

V2.44 - November 16th 1997

French UFO flap continues

V2.50 - December 28th 1997

France reports two more UFO incidents
UFO hovers over French nuclear waste facility

V3.13 - March 29th 1998

Four luminous UFOs seen near French air base

V3.17 - April 26th 1998

Glowing triangular UFO sighted in France

V3.18 - May 3rd 1998

French ufologists study missing-time encounter

V3.20 - May 17th 1998

UFOs seen at night in northern France

V3.21 - May 24th 1998

French couple sights a UFO over Normandy

V3.24 - June 14th 1998

1790: A UFO lands during the French revolution

V3.28 - July 12th 1998

Boomerang-shaped UFO sighted in southern France

V3.32 - August 9th 1998

French ufologists probe new triangular UFO case

V3.33 - August 17th 1998

Huge triangular UFO flies over northeastern France

V3.34 - August 25th 1998

UFO activity reported in France and Belgium

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

Spherical UFO hovers over French backyard

V3.38 - September 21st 1998

UFOs haunt villages in eastern France

V3.39 - September 27th 1998

French ufologists spar over Voreppe case
UFOs hover over cities in northwestern France

V3.40 - October 5th 1998

French UFO flap sweeps Normandy, Finisterre

V4.03 - January 18th 1999

Triangular UFO hovers near French air base

V4.15 - April 12th 1999

Bandleader disappearance solved after fifty years

V4.19 - August 31st 1999

Eclipse watchers see luminous phenomena in Normandy

V4.24 - October 7th 1999

Video and photos of eclipse UFOs surface in UK and France

V4.29 - November 11th 1999

Large triangular UFO spotted in France
Mystery meteors light up European skies

V.16 - April 20th 2000

1755: Unforgettable anacharsist Clootz

V5.17 - April 27th 2000

1793: Black magic in the Temple Prison
French UFO group obtains radar records from the Ministry of Defense
Scientists use DNA to solve Dauphin Mystery

V5.22 - June 1st 2000

177: Teens trapped in the arena of death
French military study says UFOs are "craft of extraterrestrial origin"

V5.26 - June 29th 2000

Multiple UFO sightings reported in France

V5.31 - August 3rd 2000

"Bring me the head of...Mata Hari!?"
Concorde crash: The UFO connection

V5.32 - August 10th 2000

1954: Cigar-shaped UFO visits eastern France

V5.33 - August 17th 2000

Concorde crash: The mystery deepens
Prehistoric star maps found in France and Spain

V5.34 - August 24th 2000

1766: Renegade Saint

V3.35 - August 31st 2000

1714: Unforgettable Catherine Theot

V5.40 - October 5th 2000

1740: Gigantic spherical UFO orbits venus

V5.45 - November 9th 2000

Unusually severe storms sweep western Europe

V5.49 - December 7th 2000

French astronomer has evidence of mysterious glows on the Moon

V6.12 - March 22nd 2001

Mystery illness fells children in France

V6.16 - April 19th 2001

Blast from the past: World War One ammo dump threatens French town

V7.06 - February 5th 2002

A mysterious cave at Cadouin, France

V7.16 - April 16th 2002

The Sphinx of Aquilonia!? A mystery in France

V7.19 - May 7th 2002

Mystery fireball crashes in eastern France

V7.21 - May 21st 2002

Reader Feedback: France checks in with Roundup

V7.32 - Aug 6th 2002

Seagulls attack joggers in southern France

V7.34 - Aug 20th 2002

Ongoing UFO activity reported in France
Crop circles are on the increase again

V7.37 - Sep 10th 2002

DArk diamond-shaped UFO photographed in France

V7.41 - October 8th 2002

1954: A major UFO flap in France
Reader feedback: That's "Sote," Joe

V7.44 - October 29th 2002

UFO photographed in southern France

V7.45 - November 5th 2002

Last casualties of World War One...we hope!

V7.46 - November 12th 2002

Hovering UFO startles a couple in Dijon, France

V8.15 - April 16th 2003

Five UFOs sighted near Dijon, France

V8.17 - April 30th 2003

Dazzling UFO reported in Auvergne, France

V8.24 - July 2nd 2003

1942: The hunt for the Holy Grail

V8.26 - July 16th 2003

UFOs Sighted in France

V8.28 - July 30th 2003

UFOs return to France

V8.40 - October 22nd 2003

1884: One hot number

V8.44 - November 19th 2003

1926: Mysterious cross at Hendaye
J.LO in the French Revolution?

V8.45 - November 26th 2003

1940: Hendaye's celebrity pilgrims

V9.04 - January 28th 2004

Couple sees a saucer in Avignon, France

V9.05 - February 4th 2004

Woman photographs a UFO in Cannes

V9.10 - March 10th 2004

Phantom panther appears in France

V9.12 - March 24th 2004

French police hunt for phantom panther

V9.15 - April 14th 2004

French Jews go to court to block The Passion

V9.18 - May 5th 2004

1918: Lady Sopwith

V9.20 - May 19th 2004

1765: Lafayette and the werewolf

V9.22 - June 2nd 2004

Yellow-green UFO caught on video in Auxois, France

V9.26 - June 30th 2004

1886: Raising Liberty

V9.27 - July 7th 2004

Phantom panther appears in the south of France

V9.44 - November 3rd 2004

Birds' navigation sense suddenly goes haywire

V9.47 - November 21st 2004

Luminous UFO sighted by ten in Soissons, France

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

Large triangular UFO sighted over Paris

V10.10 - March 9th 2005

Simone Simon dead at 93

V10.22 - June 1st 2005

UFOs sighted in France


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