V1.30 - September 22nd 1996

White discs sighted in the Netherlands

V2.11 - March 16th 1997

UFO visits canal country in the Netherlands

V2.14 - April 6th 1997

UFOs back in Oosterwijk

V2.15 - April 13th 1997

Flap continues in the Netherlands

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

New UFO sighting in the Netherlands

V2.21 - May 25th 1997

Mass horse panic has Dutch scientists baffled

V2.29 - July 20th 1997

Crop circle appears in the Netherlands

V2.30 - July 27th 1997

More crop circles found in the Netherlands

V3.03 - January 18th 1998

Netherlands town gets many visits from UFOs

V3.05 - February 1st 1998

Black helicopter spies on Dutch ufologists

V3.18 - May 3rd 1998

British newspapers say RAF, Dutch Air Force chased giant UFO

V3.19 - May 10th 1998

Dutch ufologists dispute story of North Sea Chase

V3.22 - May 31st 1998

New wrinkles emerge in North Sea UFO case

V3.29 - July 29th 1998

Fast UFO flyby over Lelystad, Netherlands

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

Triangular UFO seen at Enschede, Netherlands

V3.39 - September 27th 1998

Five UFOs sighted in Ypenburg, Netherlands

V3.48 November 30th 1998

UFO sighted by a couple in Nijmegen, Netherlands

V4.07 - February 15th 1999

Dutch motorist says UFO disabled his opel car

V4.27 - October 28th 1999

Bright UFO hovers over Heemskerk, Netherlands

V5.07 - February 17th 2000

Netherlands hit by falling ice blocks

V5.13 - March 30th 2000

Hovering white UFO seen in the Netherlands

V6.17 - April 26th 2001

1938: Spontaneous combustion...or black magick?

V6.18 - May 3rd 2001

Reader feedback: A Volkswagen in 1938?

V7.09 - February 26th 2002

1942: Cruiser encounters a large disc

V7.41 - October 8th 2002

UFO Flap breaks out in the Netherlands

V8.38 - October 8th 2003

Luminous UFOs seen in the Netherlands

V9.45 - November 10th 2004

Cigar-shaped UFO seen in the Netherlands


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