V1.31 - September 29th 1996

Weird meteor lands in India

V1.38 - November 17th 1996

Puzzling questions arise in India's big air crash

V1.39 - November 24th 1996

India's big air crash near UFO encounter site
Terror in the Ganges valley
UFOs seen by thousands in Bombay

V3.03 - January 18th 1998

UFO seen by crowd in northern India

V3.13 - March 29th 1998

1867: Phenomenal hail falls in India

V3.16 - April 19th 1998

1928: Karjat to Poona via hyperspace

V3.47 November 24th 1998

Dazzling UFO startles a crowd in India

V5.15 - April 13th 2000

Slow-moving yellow UFO spotted near New Delhi

V5.38 - September 28th 2000

Southern Asia inundated by monsoon floods

V6.06 - February 8th 2001

1969: Bhaja--India's caves of mystery Hindu astrologer causes panic with his prediction

V6.20 - May 17th 2001

Weird new "manimal" appears in India

V6.21 - May 24th 2001

Hanuman goes on a rampage in India's Trans-Yumana
Hindu avatar or FEMA cyborg?
India cites hanuman for two murders

V7.04 - January 22nd 2002

Ancient sunken city found off the coast of India

V7.10 March 5th 2002

Religious war breaks out in India

V7.13 - March 19th 2002

Bigfoot-type monster is sighted in India

V7.21 - May 21st 2002

Unusual ringed UFO seen in southern India

V7.22 - May 28th 2002

Two more UFO cases reported in India

V7.32 - Aug 6th 2002

Hanuman goes on rampage in Patna, India

V7.34 - Aug 20th 2002

Seven killed by a UFO in northern India

V7.35 - Aug 27th 2002

Indian intelligence sets a trap for roving alien

V7.36 - Sep 3rd 2002

Reader Feedback: Did the cabal frame the aliens for the killings in India?

V7.37 - Sep 10th 2002

Muhnochwa strikes again in India

V7.38 - Sep 17th 2002

More weird creatures appear in India

V7.47 - November 19th 2002

Apparition of Jesus reported in India

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

Star-like UFO seen over India's Punjab state

V8.07 - February 12th 2003

Solitary UFO trails a car in northern India

V8.08 - February 19th 2003

Two killed on sorcery charge in eastern India

V8.10 - March 5th 2003

Hovering UFO spotted in Pune, India

V8.11 - March 12th 2003

Weeping Jesus portrait causes stir in India

V8.31 - August 20th 2003

New dinosaur discovered in western India

V8.32 - August 27th 2003

2002: India's mysterious prehistoric temple

V8.33 - September 3rd 2003

Mothman curse topples a bridge in Daman, India
Rama birthplace causes more trouble in India

V9.03 - January 21st 2004

Mystery arsonist causes uproar in New Delhi

V9.06 - February 11th 2004

UFOs reported in India

V9.07 - February 18th 2004

1870: India's hidden hall of records

V9.08 - February 25th 2004

Mystery booms heard by thousands in India

V9.13 - March 31st 2004

Poltergeists plague a village in India

V9.20 - May 19th 2004

Yellow-lights UFO seen by a family in India

V9.30 - July 28th 2004

"Incubus" terrifies a small city in India

V9.37 - September 15th 2004

Majority of Indians believe aliens exist
Strange phenomena seen in Uttar Pradesh, India

V9.41 - October 13th 2004

Indian scientist sees a UFO in the Himalayas

V9.43 - October 27th 2004

Strange phenomenon afflicts Hindu girl
Villagers say aliens are building a base in the Himalayas

V9.46 - November 14th 2004

A shootdown in India?

V9.47 - November 21st 2004

Large triangular UFOs visit India's cities

V9.48 - December 1st 2004

Another fighter jet crashes in India

V9.49 - December 8th 2004

More UFOs spotted in the Himalayas

V9.50 - December 15th 2004

India's secret air war against the UFOs

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

More alien activity seen in the Himalayas

V9.52 - December 29th 2004

Mammoth quake triggers killer tsunamis in southeast Asia
News of alien presence startles India

V10.01 - January 5th 2005

Aftershocks still rattle Indian Ocean islands

V10.02 - January 12th 2005

UFOs seen in Andamans prior to the tsunami

V10.03 - January 19th 2005

Fireball and sky boom frighten many in India

V10.04 - January 26th 2005

IAF says Raigad event was a "sonic boom"

V10.05 - February 1st 2005

UFOs again reported in the Indian Ocean area

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

1966: Lair of the reptoids

V10.09 - March 2nd 2005

Worst snowfall in decades hits Kashmir

V10.11 - March 16th 2005

Burn, witch, burn!

V10.13 - March 30th 2005

Three witches cause havoc in India's capital

V10.17 - April 27th

Drunk monkeys attack villagers in India

V10.18 - May 4th 2005

Two women lynched for witchcraft in Assam, India

V10.22 - June 1st 2005

India's eye doctors try to ban new horror film


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