V1.25 - August 4th 1996

UFOs skulk through night skies in Israel

V1.26 - August 11th 1996

Israeli UFO flap enters second week

V1.30 - September 22nd 1996

Hovering UFO causes traffic jam in Tel Aviv
Israeli man Shanghaied into space

V1.31 - September 29th 1996

UFO returns to Nazareth

V1.36 - November 10th 1996

Israel plagued by phantom hitchhikers

V1.44 - December 29th 1996

Reputed alien captured in Northern Israel

V2.1 - January 5th 1997

Dead alien stirs controversy in Israel

V2.2 - January 12th 1997

UFOs a no-show in Israel

V2.3 - January 19th 1997

Israeli man mugged by two small aliens

V2.5 - February 2nd 1997

New Israeli abduction case

V2.6 - February 9th 1997

Israeli alien "Just a lizard"

V2.9 - March 2nd 1997

Israeli Ufologist works on UFO chat channel

V2.16 - April 20th 1997

Fast flyby in Israel

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

Four sheep mutilated on Israeli coast

V2.32 - August 10th 1997

Bizarre Israeli slaying linked to "Aliens"

V2.38 - October 5th 1997

Alien kidnap attempt foiled in Israel

V3.17 - April 26th 1998

First crop circle appears in Israel

V3.45 - November 9th 1998

Israelis videotape a triangular UFO near Tel Aviv

V3.48 November 30th 1998

Israel trains brigade for Operation Abacus

V4.02 - January 11th 1999

Israeli Millenium unit raids Colorado Christians

V4.13 - March 29th 1999

Crop circle appears in Israel

V4.20 - September 8th 1999

Giant triangular UFO flies over Israel

V4.21 - September 16th 1999

Triangular UFO seen again in Israel

V5.01 - January 6th 2000

Y2K: Millenium turns quietly everywhere but Jerusalem

V3.35 - August 31st 2000

Jesus painting sheds tears in Bethlehem church

V5.41 - October 12th

O Jerusalem dept.:

V5.42 - October 19th

O Jerusalem dept.

V5.46 - November 16th 2000

Israel sends thousands of absentee ballots to Florida

V7.17 - April 23rd 2002

Daylight disc captured on video in Jenin
Virgin Mary appears at a church in Bethlehem

V7.28 - July 9th 2002

Strange phenomenon appears in Jerusalem

V7.29 - July 16th 2002

Weird orbs appear at the Wailing Wall

V7.30 - July 23rd 2002

1952: Saucer summer

V7.42 - October 15th 2002

Wailing Wall has another enigmatic water flow

V7.45 - November 5th 2002

Another mysterious wall bulge in Jerusalem

V7.52 - December 24th 2002

Repair work to start at Jerusalem's temple wall

V9.10 - March 10th 2004

Israeli leaders want to put Mel Gibson on trial

V9.17 - April 28th 2004

An Israeli assault on the Antarctic Reich?
Israeli distributor defies Likud boycot

V9.30 - July 28th 2004

Israel will extradite "Holocaust deniers"

V9.34 - August 25th 2004

John the Baptist's cave found in Israel?

V9.36 - September 8th 2004

Canaanite city discovered near Shoham, Israel

V9.37 - September 15th 2004

"Bright flash" precedes Israeli rocket's crash

V9.44 - November 3rd 2004

Israeli Knesset passes law to arrest foreign "Holocaust Deniers"

V9.48 - December 1st 2004

Locust plague moves into southern Israel

V9.52 - December 29th 2004

Another Jesus miracle site found in Israel
Archaeologist finds ancient town of Cana

V10.01 - January 5th 2005

Israeli firm gets contract for FEMA prison camps

V10.12 - March 23rd 2005

Will Sharon turn Iran into "Purim-a dog chow?"


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