V1.42 - December 15th 1996

Hovering UFO disables small boat in Japan

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

Weird piglet mutilation reported in Japan

V3.05 - February 1st 1998

Japanese port invaded by wild monkeys

V3.27 - July 5th 1998

Scientists surprised by unexpected meteor shower

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

Two fighter planes lost off coast of Japan

V3.43 - October 26th 1998

Japan loses another ASDF fighter jet

V4.05 - February 1st 1999

USAF jet fighter crashes in northern Japan

V4.20 - September 8th 1999

Bizarre symbols appear on Japanese car computers

V4.24 - October 7th 1999

Japanese military sealed off Tokaimura following nuclear accident

V4.25 - October 14th 1999

Tokaimura leads to new safety checks

V4.26 - October 21st 1999

Tokaimura plant is still radioactive

V4.28 - November 4th 1999

Photog catches UFOs on film in Japan

V5.37 - September 14th 2000

Unusual catastrophic rains drench Japan

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

"Earthquake season"--whole lotta shakin' goin' on

V6.13 - March 29th 2001

Major earthquake rattles Hiroshima, Japan

V7.10 - March 5th 2002

Mysterious whale deaths reported in Japan

V7.12 - March 19th 2002

Ready or not, here come the comets of Aquarius

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

Astronomers spot large unknown object in Japan

V8.08 - February 19th 2003

Three mysterious fireballs sighted in western Japan

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

Sunk by a USO?

V8.27 - July 23rd 2003

Japanese mountaineer to hunt for Yeti

V8.35 - September 17th 2003

Japanese climbers search for Yetis in the Himalayas

V9.30 - July 28th 2004

Phone camera catches daylight disc in Tokyo

V9.32 - August 11th 2004

Unexpected dinosaur fossil found in Japan

V9.36 - September 8th 2004

Typhoon and earthquakes wreak havoc in Japan

V9.43 - October 27th 2004

Northern Japan rattled by strong earthquakes

V9.45 - November 10th 2004

Japan is shaken by continuing earthquakes

V9.49 - December 8th 2004

Mysterious quakes again strike northern Japan

V9.50 - December 15th

Another strange quake rattles northern Japan

V10.12 - March 23rd 2005

Powerful earthquake strikes southern Japan

V10.13 - March 30th 2005

Shinto priest predicted Japanese earthquake

V10.14 - April 6th 2005

Giant WWII Japanese sub discovered off Oahu

V10.18 - May 4th 2005

Russian "supergirl" astounds scientists


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