V1.04 - March 11th 1996

Gigantic UFO sighted in Mexico

V2.2 - January 12th 1997

Glowing cylinder seen over Mexico

V2.08 - February 23rd 1997

Ummites return to Mexico

V2.26 - June 29th 1997

UFOs buzz seaside hotel in Cancun, Mexico

V2.39 - October 12th 1997

Mexican TV airs video of hovering saucer

V2.41 October 26th 1997

Mexican UFO video is now a Quicktime movie

V2.42 - November 2nd 1997

Mexican video has global UFO community talking

V3.01 - January 4th 1998

Cuicuilco: Mexico's mysterious pyramid

V3.02 - January 11th 1998

Airline pilot sees a UFO from beach in Mexico

V3.36 - September 6th 1998

Cruise ship passengers see a UFO west of Mexico

V3.42 - October 19th 1998

Glowing UFOs reported near Puerto Vallarta

V3.52 - December 28th 1998

Thousands witness UFO overflight in Mexico

V4.08 February 22nd February 1999

Mexican pyramid much older than expected

V4.19 - August 31st 1999

1899: Where is Dave Mather?

V4.22 - September 22nd 1999

V-Shaped UFO watched by hundreds in Mexico

V5.04 - January 27th 2000

Crowds sight oval UFO over Acapulco

V5.05 - February 3rd 2000

Beachgoers sight UFO in Mexico's Baja region

V5.08 - February 24th 2000

Police mobilized as UFO hovers over Mexico City

V5.29 - July 20th 2000

"Alien invasion" rumors sweep Mexico City

V5.37 - September 14th 2000

Chupacabra kills goats in northern Mexico

V5.38 - September 21st 2000

Nine sorcerers arrested in northern Mexico

V5.52 - December 28th 2000

UFO photographed over an erupting volcano in Mexico

V6.12 - March 22nd 2001

UFO hovers over a town in Mexico's Yucatan

V6.16 - April 19th 2001

Two UFO sightings reported in Mexico

V6.17 - April 26th 2001

Chupacabra kills farm animals in the Yucatan

V6.20 - May 17th 2001

1981: "Missing time" in eastern Mexico

V7.01 - January 2nd 2002

Major UFO flap reported in Mexico City

V7.03 - January 15th 2002

UFO activity continues near Mexico's Mount Popocatepetl

V7.04 - January 22nd 2002

UFO flap focus switches to Cuernavaca, Mexico

V7.05 - January 29th 2002

Daylight disc spotted in Mexico's Yucatan region
More UFOs reported flying near Mexican volcanoes

V7.06 - February 5th 2002

UFO sightings continue near Mexico City

V7.07 - February 12th 2002

Metepec visited by a fleet of luminous UFOs

V7.10 - March 5th 2002

Silver sphere UFOs rule the sky in Mexico City

V7.11 - March 12th 2002

Alien carrier or man-made hoax?
UFOs remain active in central Mexico

V7.12 - March 19th 2002

More UFOs videotaped around Mexico City

V7.13 - March 19th 2002

Luminous UFO videotaped over Metepec, Mexico
Weird black tide appears in the Gulf of Mexico

V7.15 - April 9th 2002

UFO crashes beach party in northwestern Mexico

V7.16 - April 16th 2002

UFOs active in Mexico city

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

Gray spherical UFO seen over Mexico City

V7.19 - May 7th 2002

Silver ovoid UFO sighted over Mexico City

V7.20 - May 14th 2002

Luminous UFOs sighted east of Mexico City

V7.21 - May 21st 2002

More UFOs reported at Cerro de la Estrella

V7.30 - July 23rd 2002

Heavy UFO activity reported in central Mexico

V7.32 - Aug 6th 2002

UFO flotilla videotaped in Mexico City

V7.36 - Sep 3rd 2002

Reader feedback: Strange birds first seen in Mexico during 1996

V7.38 - Sep 17th 2002

Large UFO seen by dozens over Tijuana, Mexico

V7.47 - November 19th 2002

Mexican airline pilot sees a UFO near Guadalajara

V7.50 - December 10th 2002

Earliest precolumbian writing found in Mexico
UFOs appear in Mexico

V7.52 - December 24th 2002

UFOs spotted in three states of Mexico

V8.04 - January 22nd 2003

UFO photos studied at Mexican conference

V8.06 - February 5th 2003

UFO flotilla seen over Mexico's Yucatan

V8.07 - February 12th 2003

Big UFO flotilla returns to Mexico's Yucatan

V8.13 - March 26th 2003

Mexico sends troops to guard the USA border
Talking fish warns of impending apocalypse

V8.14 - April 2nd 2003

UFOs seen at mountain in northern Mexico

V9.03 - January 21st 2004

British couple sees a UFO in Cancun, Mexico

V9.06 - February 11th 2004

Werewolf causes havoc in Mexico's Yucatan

V9.12 - March 24th 2004

The Passion does big box office in Mexico

V9.18 - May 5th 2004

Golden UFO seen over Cancun, Mexico

V9.20 - May 19th 2004

Mexican Air Force tracks 11 UFOs over Campeche

V9.28 - July 14th 2004

Luminous UFO seen by 200 in Mexico's Yucatan

V9.33 - August 18th 2004

New UFO flap breaks out in Mexico's Yucatan

V9.36 - September 8th 2004

UFOs buzz Mexican oil refinery

V9.43 - October 27th 2004

Flotilla of 23 silver UFOs seen in Veracruz, Mexico

V9.48 - December 1st 2004

Heavy UFO activity reported in Mexico

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

Circular UFO videotaped in Mexico's Yucatan
UFO videotaped near Mexico City

V10.02 - January 12th 2005

Black saucer sighted by crowd in Mexico City

V10.03 - January 19th 2005

Another UFO sighted in eastern Mexico
Hillside vanishes after UFO event in Sonora
UFO startles thousands at Mexico City stadium

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

UFOs appear twice over Mexico's Popocatepetl

V10.09 - March 2nd 2005

Cylindrical UFO visits Mexico City's suburbs

V10.14 - April 6th 2005

Minutemen begin patrols of USA/Mexico border

V10.15 - April 13th 2005

Daylight discs on video in Culiacan, Mexico

V10.17 - April 27th

Mexican diplomat calls for prosecution of Minuteman volunteers

V10.20 - May 18th 2005

Crop circles appear in UK, Mexico and Germany

V10.21 - May 25th 2005

"Explosive" situation on USA-Mexico border

V10.22 - June 1st 2005

CFR promotes merger of USA, Canada and Mexico
UFO photographed north of Mexico City


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