V5.36 - September 7th 2000

Chupacabra killed by a rancher in Nicaragua

V5.37 - September 14th 2000

Second Chupacabra seen near Malpaisillo
Talavera says university replaced the real skeleton with a fake

V5.38 - September 21st 2000

Chupacabra slays seven goats in Nicaragua

V6.12 - March 22nd 2001

"Earthquake season" jolts Latin America

V7.35 - Aug 27th 2002

Chupacabra kills nine sheep in Nicaragua

V8.31 - August 20th 2003

Chupacabra returns to Nicaragua

V8.32 - August 27th 2003

Chupacabra continues its rampage in Nicaragua

V9.03 - January 21st 2004

Spider sorcery causes havoc in Nicaragua

V9.04 - January 28th 2004

Dozens of Nicaraguans fall to mystery malady

V9.07 - February 18th 2004

Strange epidemic spreads in eastern Nicaragua


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