V3.45 - November 9th 1998

Hovering UFOs spotted in western Norway

V4.25 - October 14th 1999

UFO photographed in Norway during the 1954 eclipse

V5.27 - July 6th 2000

Chemtrails reported in Oslo, Norway

V5.32 - August 10th 2000

Scientists try to trap a lake monster in Norway

V7.29 - July 16th 2002

Boys find a strange talisman in Norway

V7.46 - November 12th 2002

Pulsating UFO videotaped in Rollag, Norway

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

Woman shoots a video of a UFO in Asker, Norway

V9.19 - May 12th 2004

Another mini-sub sunk by a USO?

V9.34 - August 25th 2004

Lake monster caught on film in Norway

V9.47 - November 21st 2004

Sundberg gets new photo of Lake Seljord monster


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