V1.10 - April 21st 1996

UFOs very active in Europe

V1.22 - July 14th 1996

UFOs hover over two cities in Spain

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

Spaniards encounter a group of tall aliens

V2.37 - September 28th 1997

Barcelona assault case blamed on space aliens

V3.02 - January 11th 1998

Spanish police arrest UFO believers in the Canary Islands

V3.03 - January 18th 1998

More UFO sect members arrested in the Canary Islands
Strange mysteries of the Canary Islands

V3.07 - February 15th 1998

Orange sphere UFOs fly over southern Spain

V3.15 - April 12th 1998

Spanish ufologist claims alien contact in boyhood

V3.39 - September 27th 1998

Spain declassifies 83 military UFO files

V3.51 - December 22nd 1998

Triangular UFOs spotted in southern Spain

V4.06 - February 8th 1999

Spanish Ufologists plan nationwide skywatch

V4.10 - March 8th 1999

UFO disables a car and cell phones in Spain

V5.01 - January 6th 2000

1815: Spain's mysterious Mount Moncayo

V5.02 - January 13th 2000

1875: Strange encounter on Mount Moncayo

V5.03 - January 20th 2000

Spain bombarded by giant chunks of ice

V5.12 - March 23rd

Two crop circles appear in eastern Spain

V5.33 - August 17th 2000

Prehistoric star maps found in France and Spain

V5.40 - October 5th 2000

Spherical UFO seen by three children in Spain

V5.45 - November 9th 2000

Giant luminous octopus caught by fishermen in northern Spain
Unusually severe storms sweep western Europe

V6.19 - May 10th 2001

UFO surprises a tractor driver in southern Spain

V6.20 - May 17th 2001

The lion sleeps tonight...well, not exactly

V7.04 - January 22nd 2002

Cylindrical UFO sighted in southern Spain

V7.37 - Sep 10th 2002

Blue-white UFO sighted in southern Spain

V7.44 - October 29th 2002

Mysterious blue flashes seen in eastern Spain

V7.45 - November 5th 2002

SEIP team hunts for a USO north of Mallorca

V7.47 - November 19th 2002

Ghostly voice panics morgue staff in Ceuta

V7.51 - December 17th 2002

Thimble-shaped UFO seen by policemen in Spain

V8.15 - April 16th 2003

Phantom panther goes on the prowl in Spain

V8.24 - July 2nd 2003

Luminous UFO sighted in northern Spain

V8.35 - September 17th 2003

Spanish police investigate ufologist in bizarre murder case

V8.44 - November 19th 2003

1926: Mysterious cross at Hendaye

V8.45 - November 26th 2003

1940: Hendaye's celebrity pilgrims

V9.02 - January 14th 2003

Mystery meteors thrill thousands in Spain

V9.11 - March 17th 2004

Madrid bomb attacks took place 911 days after Twin Towers

V9.18 - May 5th 2004

Luminous UFO sighted in northern Spain

V9.20 - May 19th 2004

Photographer snaps a UFO in Malaga, Spain

V9.23 - June 8th 2004

UFOs prowl the night skies over Spain

V10.05 - February 1st 2005

Weird weather reported around the world

V10.06 - February 8th 2005

Mystery meteor lights up night skies over Madrid


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