V5.08 - February 24th 2000

1217: Under new ownership

V5.25 - June 22nd 2000

Huge lighted craft seen in central Switzerland

V5.45 - November 9th 2000

Unusually severe storms sweep western Europe

V7.31 - July 30th 2002

Crop circles proliferate worldwide in July

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

1943: The Holocaust and the Fortean Society

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

Sudden outbreak of crop circles worldwide

V8.47 - December 10th 2003

Spherical red UFO seen in Switzerland

V9.50 - December 15th 2004

Sparkling green UFO seen in Switzerland

V10.11 - March 16th 2005

Trio spot a hovering UFO in Switzerland


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