V2.19 - May 11th 1997

1958: UFO appears over Uruguay

V2.20 - May 18th 1997

Students videotape UFO over Uruguay

V2.21 - May 25th 1997

Roundup Corrigenda (Re: Students videotape UFO over Uruguay)

V5.50 - December 14th 2000

Weeping Virgin Mary statue draws hundreds in Uruguay

V7.05 - January 29th 2002

Triangular UFO flies over Uruguay

V7.09 - February 26th 2002

Luminous disc hovers over Mercedes, Uruguay

V7.26 - July 2nd 2002

Cattle mutilations spread to Uruguay

V7.30 - July 23rd 2002

Two sheep found mutilated near Salto, Uruguay

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

UFO and mutilations reported in Uruguay

V10.15 - April 13th 2005

Mysterious blue beam seen over Uruguay


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