USA - 1996

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V1.2 - February 26th 1996

"Golden oldie" close encounter in Illinois
New information in the 1948 Mantell case

V1.3 - March 4th 1996

The Michigan "airship" flap of 1897
New cattle mutilations in Alabama
UFO confronts police in Reno

V1.4 - March 11th 1996

UFO filmed while flying past the space shuttle
UFOs rendezvous in Dallas suburb

V1.5 - March 18th 1996

Ex-GI claims the army tracked UFOs on radar as early as 1942
Salida UFO seen in California and New Mexico that same day

V1.6 - March 25th 1996

Hasty UFO flyby in Albuquerque
Is a UFO stalking Village Labs?
USAF interceptor reportedly chases UFO in Indiana
Weird-looking UFO buzzes Longmeadow, Mass.

V1.7 - April 1st 1996

Freaky fireball startles Californians
Salida, Colorado UFO flap continues
Uncle Sam's new "underground railroad"

V1.9 - April 14th 1996

Massive UFO flap in South Central Pennsylvania
UFO surprises amateur astronomer
UFOs appear in daylight over Santa Fe

V1.10 - April 21st 1996

Eyewitness testimony in California UFO case
Green fireball sighted in South Carolina
Martens has more video of UFOs near the space shuttle

V1.11 - April 28th 1996

Martens new digitized photo shows two saucers
New York UFO seen soaring into space
UFO startles seven people on backyard patio

V1.12 - May 5th 1996

Fast flyby of a UFO in Minnesota
National UFO Reporting Center lists April sightings
"Sightings" to cover 1994 northwest UFO flap
Slow-moving UFO startles folks in Blue Ridge Mountains
Week-long UFO flap on Blanca Peak

V1.13 - May 12th 1996

Pennsylvania boy reports "missing time"
Saucer hovers over New Jersey Town

V1.14 - May 19th 1996

Book department
ICAAR investigates three New England sightings
Triangular UFO sighted near Carlisle, Pennsylvania

V1.15 - May 26th 1996

Large, slow-moving fireball seen in upstate New York
More on the Minnesota sighting
Seven mysterious white lights in Sonoma, California
Three daylight discs cavort over Massachusetts

V1.16 - June 2nd 1996

Police chase UFO occupants at Huntsville Airport
Two black triangular UFOs visit Gulf Breeze

V1.17 - June 9th 1996

Blue-light UFO follows car in Massachusetts
Giant triangular UFO spotted north of Sacramento
Octagonal UFO signals boys in Maryland

V1.18 - June 16th 1996

Giant airborne saucer sighted north of Las Vegas
MUFON debunks Huntsville landing story
The saucers of June

V1.19 - June 23rd 1996

More weird UFOs visit central California

V1.20 - June 30th 1996

Flying objects startle ufologists at conference
Green-fireball UFO lands near Morristown, Arizona

V1.21 - July 7th 1996

Suburbanite sees UFO fleeing into space
UFOs stage week-long flap in Texas

V1.22 - July 14th 1996

Egg-shaped UFO startles couple in Arizona
"End the coverup" says the Phoenix Coalition
T.A.S.K. exposes UFO hoax in Middletown, Ohio
Trucker spots daylight disc in New Jersey

V1.23 - July 21st 1996

"Silent running" UFO seen in Colorado
Tennessee family reports encounter with an alien
TWA Flight 800 - The UFO connection

V1.24 - July 28th 1996

TWA Flight 800 crash update - The unusual suspects
UFOs, crop circles keep researchers busy in Ohio
UFOs reported on day of TWA 800 crash

V1.25 - August 4th 1996

New Mexico reports two cases of cattle mutilation
UFOs appear all over Ohio

V1.26 - August 11th 1996

Early morning UFO seen by commuters in Texas
Luckman says Uncle Sam to admit E.T.'s existence
NASA says life once existed on Mars
A similar fossil-encrusted meteor hit earth in 1888

V1.27 - August 18th 1996

Orange UFO crashes concert in Washington state
Wisconsin man sees F-16 in pursuit of white UFO

V1.28 - September 8th 1996

Three UFOs stall cars in Medford, Oregon

V1.29 - September 15th 1996

Daylight disc filmed in New Braunfels, Texas
Five UFOs seen in the Pennsylvania mountains

V1.31 - September 29th 1997

Blue alien sighted in Pennsylvania cornfield
Close encounter near Area 51

V1.32 - October 6th 1996

Couple photographs UFOs from Las Vegas hotel
Mysterious yellowish-green flash lights up the skies
UFO buzzes Manhattan's Triborough Bridge

V1.33 - October 16th 1996

Alabama farmer photographs UFO
Cigar-shaped UFO lands in New Mexico
UFOs spotted just west of Minneapolis
U.S. jets chase UFOs over New Jersey

V1.34 - October 20th 1996

Daylight disc startles eight in California
T.A.S.K. investigates mysterious plane crash
UFO hovers over Jackson, Mississippi

V1.35 - October 27th 1996

Cigar-shaped UFO seen near Chicago
Daylight disc appears over Appleton, Wisconsin
Many close encounters in Ohio
Two new UFO sightings in Minnesota
UFO parade near Boulder Dam

V1.36 - November 7th 1996

Daylight disc startles couple in Alabama
New UFO flap in Colorado's San Luis Valley
Texas cheerleader's dad videotapes a UFO
UFO sightings continue in the Ohio Valley

V1.37 - November 10th 1996

Black Angus bull mutilated in Colorado
New saucer sighting in the Ohio Valley
Project 1947 documents 4,000 sightings
TWA 800 update: Missile theory draws fire

V1.38 - November 17th 1996

Anomalous object spotted in deep space
Another UFO seen in the California desert
Mysterious sky booms rock Florida Panhandle

V1.39 - November 24th 1996

Another UFO spotted in Ohio
Ghostly giant flying wing flies near Austin
Glowing white sphere seen in Colorado
Mysterious cloud hovers over Arizona town
Nine UFOs gather in the California desert
UFO seen by two jetliners off Long Island

V1.40 - December 1st 1996

From the UFO files: The Crotsenburg case
More Hale-Bopp mysteries surface
Strange series of jet engine failures

V1.41 - December 8th 1996

Calls flood National UFO Reporting Center
Fast flyby in Chicago suburbs
Large U-shaped UFO flies over San Diego
Saucer lands in field near Bethel, Ohio
UFO hovers over Riverside, New Jersey
UFOs stalk neighborhood in Camarillo
USAF Hercules went down in a UFO hot zone

V1.42 - December 15th 1996

Jet fighter chases four UFOs over Missouri
New info surface in Camarillo case
Saudi jetliner sees UFO in TWA 800 crash zone
Scientists argue about Hale-Bopp companion

V1.43 - December 22nd 1996

Egg-shaped UFO appears over Simi Valley
Green fireball shakes up the Pacific Northwest
Huge white UFO seen over New Jersey
UFO seen in Colorado's Mysterious Valley

V1.44 - December 29th 1996

Lear jet vanishes over New England
Sightings continue in the Camarillo area
Strange doings in the San Luis Valley
UFO spotted in Central Georgia
UFO visits Arizona powwow


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