USA - 1997

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V2.1 - January 5th

Hale-Bopp is acting up again
Lear jet and pilots are still missing
The Roundup Pledge
Two UFO encounters in Central Florida
UFO hovers over Cincinnati mall

V2.2 - January 12th

Four triangular UFOs seen in California
Four triangular UFOs seen in California
Search ends for missing Lear jet
UFOs invade talk radio

V2.3 - January 19th

Airplane vanishes over Long Island Sound
Crop circle found in California patio
Daylight disc visits Central Texas
Mysterious rumbling heard in Everglades
Team videotapes strange UFO over Phoenix
UFO sighted in Northern California

V2.4 - January 26th

Earlier crop circle in Hemitt?
Little saucer on the prairie

V2.5 - February 2nd

Missing aircraft update
Mystery sphere in South Texas
NORAD calls fireball a "Missile"
Strange fireballs out west
Telstar 401 disappears in flight
Two more encounters in Ohio

V2.6 - February 9th

Five UFOs over Gulf coast
Mystery boom in Oregon
SOHO photo shows anomalous object above the sun
USAF: Telstar still in orbit

V2.7 - February 16th

Orange UFOs seen in Florida
Two sightings in the Detroit area
UFO over Putnam Valley
UFOs sighted all over the Pacific Northwest

V2.8 - February 23rd

Arizona's mystery meteor
New UFO in Colorado

V2.9 - March 2nd

Daylight disc seen in Northern Minnesota
Flying triangle of 1950
Metallic sphere soars over the Florida Keys
UFO hovers at night over suburb of Detroit
UFO seen hovering above Ohio nuclear plant

V2.10 - March 9th

Major UFO flap going on in Northern New England

V2.11 - March 16th

Crystalline UFO light seen near Dallas
Green fireball paces car in Northern California
Major UFO flap grips Phoenix, Arizona
UFOs dominate night sky over Colorado

V2.12 - March 23rd

Another mystery object seen in Florida Keys
Arizona reports keep pouring in
Gunships chase three UFOs over West Virginia
Orange globes reported over Quebec and Vermont
T.A.S.K. and the saucer of Madison County
Where is Joan Williams?

V2.13 - March 30th

39 UFO sect members found dead in San Diego
1977: A pilot vanishes
Applewhite group linked to Blavatsky, Twain
Ohio rocked by a wave of orange globe sightings
Orange globe hovers over Duke University
UFO startles woman in Oakton, Virginia

V2.14 - April 6th

1897: Airship sightings in Kansas
Bopp till you drop: More strange links emerge
Leads ignored in Heaven's Gate case
Low-power UFOs try to dodge the Jarvis team
New UFO sighting in Virginia
UFO sightings continue around Tucson

V2.15 - April 13th

Cigar-shaped UFO seen over Newburgh, N.Y.
Couple spies UFO over North Carolina
Letter FROM the Editor
Pilot's disappearance has U.S. Air Force puzzled
UFO flap breaks out in New Jersey
Weird hum has Colorado residents mystified

V2.16 - April 20th

1897: Airship lands in Iowa
A-10 fighter still missing
Black helicopters on the prowl in three States
Crescent-shaped UFO seen over Washington, D.C.
Radar images and NORAD alert stir UFO buffs
Sightings reported in Alabama
UFOs active in Iowa

V2.17 - April 27th

A-10 wreckage found
Daylight disc spotted in Anaheim, California
New cattle mutilations in New Mexico
Search for missing Lear Jet resumes
T.A.S.K. investigates puzzling case of the "Bouncing UFO"
Three UFOs sighted over Des Moines, Iowa
UFO squadrons gather north of Twin Cities

V2.18 - May 4th

Black helicopters cause stir in Northern Alabama
Daylight disc seen over Paradise Valley, Arizona
More UFO sightings in Southern Alabama
UFOs return to New Brighton, Minnesota

V2.19 - May 11th

Another UFO sighted in Paradise Valley
Large UFO spotted in Texas
Luminous green UFO seen in Southern Nevada
Mysterious explosion rocks Newtown, Ohio
UFOs, black helicopters seen in Corona, California

V2.20 - May 18th

Lightship UFOs seen in the skies over Brooklyn
New mystery explosion heard in Cincinnati, Ohio
Three UFOs sighted over Long Island, New York
UFO sightings continue in Phoenix, Arizona

V2.21 - May 25th

1947: Just before Roswell
Black helicopters patrol skies in Fresno, California
Cattle mutilations on the rise in Southwest
Colorado pilot mystified by strange call
Flying triangle spotted in Central Pennsylvania
Sky boom reported in Missouri on May 15
Triangular UFOs turn up in Richmond, California
Wisconsin family confirms New Brighton UFO sighting

V2.22 - June 1st

Black helicopters seen twice in California
Female pilot killed in Arizona A-10 crash
Saucer lands south of Bloomington, Indiana
Two more sightings in the eastern United States
UFOs sighted in and near Sedona, Arizona

V2.23 - June 8th

Another UFO sighted in Fresno, California
Daylight disc hovers over ruins at Mesa Verde
Daylight disc spotted in Glendale, Arizona
Two ufologists found dead in New Hampshire
Triangular UFOs sighted in upstate New York
UFO seen Northwest of Lake Tahoe

V2.24 - June 15th

1950: Last call for Northwest 2501
New sighting reported near Camden, N.Y.
Strange lights spotted near Waukegan, Illinois
UFOs active again in Eastern Pennsylvania

V2.25 - June 22nd

1947: The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting
Daylight UFO spotted in North Hollywood
UFO hovers over Southwest Missouri during a storm
UFOs active on Wisconsin's Lake Michigan shore
UFOs sighted in Northern New Hampshire and Maine

V2.26 - June 29th

1947: Eight saucers land in Idaho"
Black helicopters seen around Eastern Texas
Daylight disc touches down on an Arizona mountain
Giant V-shaped UFO seen near Las Vegas, Nevada
Large UFO descends near Palmdale, California
UFO sightings are on the rise in Colorado
UFOs, black helicopters stalk Chicago suburb
USAF says Roswell aliens were only "test dummies"

V2.27 - July 6th

1947: Ex-fighter pilot spots UFO over New Hampshire
Crescent-shaped UFO sighted north of Dallas
Luminous clouds appear over Mesa Verde ruins
More UFOs fly over Victorville, California
Pathfinder makes safe landing on Mars
Thousands converge on Roswell for celebration
UFO sighted in Rochester, New York

V2.28 - July 13th

1947: Airliner crew sees five flying saucers
Black helicopters seen in Ohio and Connecticut
Deputy sees daylight UFO in Southern Colorado
Fall of "angel hair" reported in Oklahoma
More UFO sightings in California
Mysterious tremors felt in Sunnyvale, California
Red-orange UFOs seen in Bloomington, Indiana
Searchers fail to find any trace of missing Lear jet
UFO seen flying over Monmouth, Oregon

V2.29 - July 20th

Arizona jolted by a new three-day UFO flap
Blue UFO seen over Illinois and Missouri on the fourth of July
Crop circles pop up at three sites in the USA
Fireball astonishes California motorists
V-shaped UFO appears over LaGrange, Georgia

V2.30 - July 27th

Bigfoot goes wild
Bizarre fibrous material falls on city in Idaho
Horse mutilations baffle police in Iowa
Hovering orbs seen in Salida, Colorado
Out-of-place alligator appears in Rhode Island
Strange sighting deepens missing Lear jet mystery
UFOs sighted in morthern Kentucky
UFOs spotted over New Jersey and Long Island

V2.31 - August 3rd

Another UFO in east Texas
Bigfoot sighted at east end of Yellowstone Park
Laser beam strikes California jetliner
Mars: The Nineveh connection
Pathfinder photo shows hovering UFO on Mars
Skunk Apes seen at two sites in Florida
UFO sighted southeast of Indianapolis

V2.32 - August 10th

Pennsylvania Bigfoot tries to evade searchers
ROUNDUP readers join hunt for missing Mars photos
Strange lights seen over Washington state
Three triangular UFOs seen over Wisconsin
UFO flies over city in Eastern North Dakota

V2.33 - August 17th

Bigfoot prowls street in Sioux City, Iowa
Manitowoc UFO flap enters its second week
Researcher videotapes UFO in Bloomington, Indiana
Sharp-eyed viewer spies UFO on NASA video

V2.34 - August 21st

JPL loses contact with Pathfinder--cause unknown
UFO sighted over the Lower East Side

V2.35 - September 14th

Black helicopters very active during August
Strange fireballs spotted in Redding, California
Triangular UFOs seen in Ohio and Utah
UFO shows up at the Garth Brooks concert

V2.36 - September 21st

MUFON Iowa investigates Sioux City sighting
Two UFOs sighted over Duluth, Minnesota
UFOs appear over towns in southern Colorado
UFOs sighted in and near Roseberg, Oregon

V2.37 - September 28th

"Angel hair" falls near Santa Cruz, California
Flap continues near La Grange, Georgia
Mysterious cloud forms near Mir space station
Strange object seen over Lower Manhattan
Swissair UFO sighting causes controversy
UFO formation sighted at Poncha Pass, Colorado
UFO spotted near Ohio's East Fork Lake

V2.38 - October 5th

Black helicopters seen in three states
Daylight disc spotted and filmed in Phoenix, Arizona
Daylight disc spotted south of Austin, Texas
On the bookstands
Triangular UFO sighted over Rhode Island
Witnesses report a UFO dogfight in Missouri
Woman spots hovering UFO near twin cities

V2.39 - October 12th

1947: Arizona's Roswell case
Anomalous tracks photographed on Mars
Another UFO in Tucson
Bright UFO appears over Mississippi river port
Earth controllers lose contact with Pathfinder
Mystery meteor causes a big stir in El Paso, Texas
Navy man sees UFO in suburb of Indianapolis
Triangular UFO spotted in western Oklahoma
UFO flies over Kentucky
UFO seen by motorist over Gackle, North Dakota

V2.40 - October 19th

Another UFO sighting at Ohio's East Fork Lake
Cassini departs for Saturn
Multiple UFOs sighted in southern California
NASA changes Surveyor's low-altitude orbit
Still no radio contact with Pathfinder
UFO squadron spotted over the Great Salt Lake

V2.41 - October 26th

1908: Spherical UFO hovers over Bridgewater
Another our-of-place alligator discovered in Rhode Island
Mother, daughter see saucers near Atlanta
NASA acknowledges no contact with Pathfinder
Strange blue flashes seen in New Mexico
Two women watch UFO near Ukiah, California

V2.42 - November 2nd

1955: Huge cigar-shaped UFO seen over Death Valley
Fast flyby over Indiana's Lake Michigan shore
More UFO activity reported at Ohio's East Fork Lake
Pathfinder, Sojourner marooned on Mars
Thimble-shaped UFO seen in Cannonville, Georgia

V2.43 - November 9th

1972: UFO hovers over a ranch in Utah
Mysterious light flash puzzles Oklahoma deputy
NASA ends Pathfinder's mission to Mars
Two girls spot a UFO in Western Pennsylvania
Two major solar flares erupt during the same week
UFO with octagonal lights seen by Virginia couple
UFOs sighted in Florida

V2.44 - November 16th

Another UFO sighting in central Florida
Bigfoot tracks found in western Wisconsin
Crippled solar panel delays Mars Surveyor map mission
Mysterious bright lights seen in Pacific Northwest
Triangular-shaped UFO seen in Eastern Georgia
Wingate's Moon project pinpoints many lunar anomalies

V2.45 - November 23rd

1952: George Adamski meets Orthon of Venus
Daylight discs again active in central Arizona
Judge sends John Ford to N.Y. mental hospital
Mysterious bright flash seen in California
"Seattle lights" seen in Iowa the same night
Strange lights seen all over Washington state
Student videotapes UFO in southern Vermont
Triangular UFO seen by CSETI men over the Santa Barbara Channel
Two college students see UFO over Ames, Iowa
UFO spotted by trio near Brookston, Minnesota

V2.46 - November 30th

Another UFO sighted in northern New Jersey
Cigar-shaped UFO seen in North Carolina
Jetliners encounter UFOs over New Jersey
Mysterious subterranean booms startle residents in Cranston, Rhode Island
Triangular-shaped UFO seen in southern Oregon
UFOs sighted twice over Bluff Dale, Texas
Woman spies hovering UFO in Hammond, Indiana

V2.47 - December 7th

Calf mutilation follows Colorado UFO sighting
Mystery fireball takes plunge south of Chicago
New sighting in New Jersey
Unknown vandals disturb grave of H.P. Lovecraft
Winter ends families' search for missing Lear jet pilots

V2.48 - December 14th

1909: Cigar-shaped UFO follows a train in Massachusetts
Pilot debunks Jersey UFO-jetliner hoax
Red UFO seen hovering over Reno, Nevada

V2.49 - December 21st

1909: Airship flap spreads into Rhode Island
Glowing orange fireball stirs upper midwest
Horse found mutilated in southern Colorado
MUFON member spots UFO in New Hampshire
Mystery boom startles people in the Ozarks
Pennsylvania reports two new UFO sightings
Triangular UFO sighted in western Georgia

V2.50 - December 28th

1909: Airship hovers over Willimantic
Black helicopters active in Pennsylvania and northern Florida
Couple sees a UFO over Hooksett, New Hampshire
Man and son spot UFO over North Carolina
UFOs seen recently over Waynesboro, Virginia


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