USA - 1998

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V3.01 - January 4th

1948: The Mantell case
1948: Plane explodes in mid-air, crashes killing pilot on Joe Phillips farm
More UFOs reported in North Carolina
Strange subterranean hum heard in Indiana
UFO flap in Texas kicks off the New Year
UFO seen hovering over Columbus, Ohio

V3.02 - January 11th

1949: Strange phenomenon in Gardnerville
Luminous UFO seen in western Iowa
Spheroid UFO sighted in San Benito, Texas
UFOs sighted in Rockland, Massachusetts

V3.03 - January 18th

Arizona cities report many new UFO sightings
Daylight disc seen over Springfield, Missouri
UFOs again active in New Hampshire and Vermont

V3.04 - January 25th

More UFOs sighted in Casa Grande, Arizona
Mysterious light flashes seen by motorist near Cheshire, Connecticut
UFO flap erupts near Atlanta, Georgia
UFOs linked to mutilated swine in Colorado

V3.05 - February 1st

Brown goop falls on Pennsylvania home
Daylight fireball crashes in southern Wyoming
Fireball UFOs dominate Colorado skies
Purple sky flash causes blackout in Kentucky
Spherical red UFO seen in Venice Beach, Ohio
Triangular UFO seen near Zanesville, Ohio
Weird flashes light up the sky over Ironwood, Michigan

V3.06 - February 8th

Black helicopter chases UFO over Brooklyn
Black helicopter flyby in Lebanon, Indiana
Cashman solves mystery of the Cheshire lights
L.A.'s Brentwood section has a mysterious past
Mysterious lights seen in San Bernardino
Strange tube-shaped UFO appears in Leander, Texas
Three-day UFO flap hits Pensacola, Florida

V3.07 - February 15th

Blue UFO seen hovering over Denver, Colorado
Mysterious sky booms heard around Mobile, Alalbama
Red UFO trails a jetliner south of Los Angeles
Tubular orange UFO seen over Dunkirk, New York
Two black helicopters spotted in Connecticut
UFOs again active around Gratis, Ohio

V3.08 - February 22nd

1942: Army gunners fire at UFOs over Los Angeles
Black helicopter stalks UFO over an Iowa farm
Black triangular UFO spotted in Michigan
More UFO sightings near Pensacola, Florida
Trucker videotapes UFO in southern New Mexico
UFOs sweep across Maine

V3.09 - March 1st

1957: UFO nearly collides with an airliner
Deputy reports strange lights at site of navy jet crash in California
New Jersey UFO sighting involves missing time
Unidentified flying catfish?
V-shaped UFO seen over Longmont, Colorado

V3.10 - March 8th

Fireball UFOs sighted throughout Colorado
Glowing UFO seen over Kerrville, Texas
More UFOs sighted along the New Jersey shore
Rectangular ufo seen in Semmes, Alabama
UFO flap breaks out in southern Ohio
UFO sighted hovering over Charlotte, North Carolina
USAF vet sees spherical silver UFO in Florida

V3.11 March 15th

1981: UFO sighted near Lufkin, Texas
Another horse mutilated near Alamosa, Colorado
Cavallari snaps four new UFO photos in Brooklyn
Green fireball causes stir in northern California
More UFOs sighted in western Colorado
New Jersey man says triangular UFOs are active along the shore
Twin UFOs sighted all around Florida
Utah mailmen spot giant UFO over Great Salt Lake
Woman has two sightings in central Oklahoma

V3.12 - March 22nd

1965: UFO injures a guide in the Everglades
Black helicopter seen by ufologist and witness in Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Cigar-shaped UFO seen near Placerville
Diamond-shaped UFO seen in South Carolina
Large V-shaped UFO flies over Narcoossee, Florida
V-shaped UFO sighted over Norfolk, Virginia

V3.13 - March 29th

Florida UFO flap enters its third week
Roundup Corrigenda (Re: Black helicopter seen by ufologist and witness in Ocean Grove, New Jersey)
Roundup Corrigenda (Re: 1965: UFO injures a guide in the Everglades)
Silver sphere UFOs seen in Cannonville, Georgia

V3.14 - April 5th

Couple sights triangular UFO in central Michigan
Glowing UFO sighted in Tort Worth, Texas
Saucer touches down near Salisbury, North Carolina
Triangular UFOs sighted in southern Indiana
Two new sightings on Florida's east coast
Two UFO sightings reported in western Kentucky
UFO flyby witnessed in Virginia Beach, Virginia
UFO seen approaching a jetliner in Oklahoma

V3.15 - April 12th

Another UFO sighted in western Kentucky
Black helicopters active on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean
Large saucer seen again in Lagrange, Georgia
Mystery meteor awes hundreds in Hawaii
New UFO sighting in northern Virginia
Photo of Cydonia face spurs fierce debate
Silver sphere UFO seen in northern Louisiana

V3.16 - April 19th

Neon green UFO seen in northern Virginia
New Cydonia photo adds to Mars mysteries
Shuttle "Space Ark" takes off on Neurolab Mission
Spherical black UFO seen near Dallas, Texas

V3.17 - April 26th

1937: Strange cruise of the O.M. McFarland
Air system failure may shorten Neurolab flight
Flying-wing UFO sighted over San Francisco
Marfa mystery lights dazzle family in Texas
Saturn-shaped UFO back in North Carolina
UFOs again active in southern California
White tubular UFO seen in northern New Jersey

V3.18 May 3rd

1937: Mysterious lights seen on Mars
Cassini bypasses Venus on first lap of its voyage
Cow found mutilated in central Louisiana
Duncan videotapes UFO over High Rock Lake
Giant octagonal UFO seen in Rosamond, California
Mars Global Surveyor hampered by cloud cover
More UFOs reported in Georgia
Shuttle baby rats die of unknown causes
Triangular UFO seen east of Meriden, Connecticut

V3.19 - May 10th

1897: Arkansas deputies meet some aliens
Media spotlight
Mysterious green lights seen over Half Moon Bay
Mystery booms puzzle southern Californians
San Luis Valley reports new cattle mutilations
Spherical UFO sighted in eastern Oregon

V3.20 - May 17th

Hoagland presses NASA for more Cydonia photos
Large UFO hovers over a New Jersey home
Mysterious explosions spotted in deep space
New UFO sighting in Gulf Breeze, Florida
A stone pyramid at Cahokia, Illinois?
UFO sighted in a suburb of San Diego

V3.21 - May 24th

1931: Weird light flashes seen on the Moon
Cincinnati police in hot pursuit of a UFO
Four UFOs sighted over Bloomington, Indiana
High-altitude UFO seen over Howell, Michigan
Los Angeles suburb sees heavy UFO activity
New UFO sighting on Florida's Gulf Coast
Satellite failure causes communications chaos
UFO sightings reported near Pittsburgh

V3.22 - May 31st

1931: Two daylight discs seen in New Jersey
Frozen lake found on Mars
Green fireballs sighted over the Mojave Desert
Hubble Space Telescope finds a giant planet far beyond our solar system
Michigan ufologist confirms saucer sighting in Howell
New UFO sighting reported near Pittsburgh
Teenage girl sees a UFO over Washington, D.C.
Two crop circles appear in the Pacific northwest

V3.23 - June 7th

Bigfoot startles motorist in South Carolina
Flashing orange UFO seen over west Texas prairie
Flashing UFO spotted in Elk City, Oklahoma
Scientists debate strange features found on Mars
Space shuttle unable to broadcast TV images
UFO seen on Long Island
UFOs seen over Memphis and Chattanooga

V3.24 - June 14th

Another UFO spotted in Chattanooga, Tennessee
New sighting in the Pittsburgh suburbs
Roundup corrigenda: (Re. UFOs seen over Memphis and Chattanooga)
Roundup corrigenda: (Re. UFOs seen over Memphis and Chattanooga)
UFO sighted in desert near Indio, California
UFOs return to Elk City, Oklahoma

V3.25 - June 21st

1875: The strangest day
Blinking UFO spotted over Des Plaines, Illinois
Cavallari snaps another UFO photo in Brooklyn
Cigar-shaped UFO seen by three in northern Ohio
New UFO sighting in Lagrange, Georgia
UFO follows Curtis home to Quartzite, Arizona
Weird screams heard near Texas UFO site
Woman sees green UFO over Denver suburb

V.26 - June 28th

1947: Forgotten flight
Blue fireball in daylight startles Arizonans
Gas giant found in nearby solar system
Green fireball and black helicopters sighted in southern California
More UFO activity in Marlette, Michigan
NASA loses contact with Soho Space Observatory
Two girls see a UFO in Valparaiso, Indiana

V3.27 - July 5th

Luminous UFO seen near Washington, D.C.
NASA, ESA still unable to contact SOHO
New UFO case emerges in Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Orbit website destroyed by persons unknown
Pathfinder data shows seas on ancient Mars
Red UFO sighted over Arlington, Texas
UFO, black helicopters sighted in Wisconsin

V3.28 - July 12th

1947: UFOs chase a small plane over Utah
Arizonans hunt for black helicopter base
Couple sees bizarre UFO over Pittsburgh suburb
Downloaded SOHO images show strange object
Eagle-Net webmaster describes site shutdown
UFO author and wife indicted in Arizona
Unusually bright meteor seen in Oklahoma

V3.29 - July 29th

1947: Daylight discs sweep Norman, Oklahoma
Amateur astronomer spies a UFO south of Pittsburgh
Crop circles show up in USA and UK
Magazine has intriguing photos from the Mars global surveyor
Mysterious crash probed in northern Texas
NASA releases Galileo photos of Ganymede
UFOs appear twice in rural Michigan

V3.30 - July 26th

Another green fireball in the Mojave Desert
Black helicopters active in many states of the USA
Daylight disc spotted in Corvallis, Oregon
Four cattle mutilated near St. Johns, Arizona
Four glowing UFOs hover over a neighborhood in Redding, California
Michigan has two more UFO sightings
Triangular UFO seen over Sedona, Arizona
V-shaped UFO flies over southern Rhode Island

V3.31 August 2nd

Black helicopters seen in Idaho and Texas
Black triangular UFO seen in Elmwood, Oklahoma
NASA radar locates the silenced SOHO satellite
Skywatch team spies a UFO in Sedona, Arizona
Three different UFOs seen in Jacksonville, Florida
Two crop circles appear in northern Utah
UFO seen by boat crew on Lake Huron

V3.32 - August 9th

Bluish-white UFO seen over San Francisco
Derelict SOHO responds to NASA radio signals
Longmont, Colorado sees another triangular UFO
Mysterious sky booms heard in Maryland and Rhode Island
Orange UFOs sighted off Key West, Florida
Two black helicopters spotted in Sacramento
UFO, black helicopter seen near Pensacola
UFOs sighted in Montague, New Jersey

V3.33 - August 17th

1963: Saucer in Seekonk
Crop circles appear near Hubbard, Oregon
Melting Antarctic glacier could be a big threat
Rod-shaped UFO sighted by a man in Fairfax, Virginia
Spy satellite explodes right after liftoff

V3.34 - August 25th

1981: Enigmatic Enceladus Black sphere UFO seen in Englewood, Colorado
Cavallari captures UFOs on film over Lake Michigan
Massachusetts launches helicopter strike force
Mysterious fire damages Goddard Space Center
UFO chase witnessed in Pine Bush, New York
Ufologists report more black helicopter flights

V3.35 August 31st

1944: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon, Illinois
Blazing blue fireball stirs San Joaquin Valley
Circular UFO seen in northern Indiana
Daylight disc spotted in Fort Worth, Texas
Family sees a UFO in Palmetto, Georgia
Large rectangular UFO spotted in Minnesota
Large triangular UFO seen in Colorado
Liftoff explosion destroys another Galaxy satellite
New sightings reported in Marlette, Michigan
Roundup corrigenda: (Re: Ufologists report more black helicopter flights)
Spherical grey UFO sighted in Alabama
UFO squadron hovers near Walton, Kentucky
UFOs spotted in Illinois
USO and black helicopter seen in Gulf Breeze

V3.36 - September 6th

Blazing blue fireball streaks over Detroit
College couple sees UFO in North Carolina
Daylight disc spotted in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Inquiry boards discuss Vortex and SOHO
Twelve killed in Nevada helicopter crash
Unusual UFO spotted near West Salem, Ohio

V3.37 - September 14th

Daylight disc sighted in Big Spring, Texas
Possible "missing time" case in Tennessee
Skywatcher spots UFOs in Taylorsville, Kentucky
UFOs sighted near Fairfield, Illinois

V3.38 - September 21st

Bigfoot photographed south of Naples, Florida
More UFO activity reported in northern Georgia
SOHO restored to its proper orbit
Triangular UFO seen in northern Ohio
Triangular UFO sighted in Londonderry, New Hampshire

V3.39 - September 27th

Amber ovoid UFO seen in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Mars Global Surveyor tightens its orbit
Mysterious lights seen in Farmington, New Mexico
Spherical UFO sighted in northern Kentucky
UFOs fly over Fresno and Los Angeles

V3.40 - October 5th

Earth buffeted by a magnetar explosion
Elliptical UFO spotted over Rolla, Missouri
Galileo performs close flyby of Europa
Mysterious sky booms in western Pennsylvania

V3.41 - October 12th

1973: Charlie and Calvin
Amber-colored UFO seen in Bloomington, Indiana
Bigfoot terrifies campers in northern California
Elliptical UFO seen in the Mojave Desert
Kouveliotou team looks for more magnetars
New galaxies discovered 12 billion light-years away
Scientist says new Mars photos being withheld
Triangular UFO sighted in Pennsylvania

V3.42 - October 19th

Art Bell mystery has fans everywhere puzzled
NEAR on last lap of asteroid rendezvous
Three orange fireballs videotaped in Cleveland

V3.43 - October 26th

1938: Mars attacks!
A hidden ocean on Callisto?
Deep Space One launches on shakedown cruise
UFOs remain active in western Ohio

V3.44 - November 2nd

Glenn returns to space aboard Discovery
Two goats mutilated in northern Ohio
UFO flies up Colorado's mysterious valley
UFO sighted in north central Arizona
UFOs active on the Gulf coast of Texas

V3.45 - November 9th

1940: Last cruise of the William B. Davock
Aliens, weird animal reported in Colorado
Man and mother see a UFO in Kettering, Ohio
Mysteries flourish in EQ Pegasi contact case
UFO flap enters third week in Montana

V3.46 - November 16th

Black helicopters seen in North Carolina and Arizona
Deep Space One suffers mysterious engine failure
Green fireball seen in Plymouth, Minnesota
Large triangular UFO seen again in Montana
New twists and turns in EQ Pegasi contact case
UFOs appear twice in southern Colorado

V3.47 - November 24th 1998

1952: Flight to oblivion
Black helicopters lay siege to mountain town
Mystery gas lays low students in Tennessee
Silver-gray fireball seen in southwestern Ohio
Virginia man spots UFO during meteor shower

V3.48 - November 30th

1909: Luminous red UFO seen by hundreds in Massachusetts
Daylight disc stalks jetliner in West Virginia
Trapezoidal UFO seen in Laurel, Mississippi
UFOs active all around Colorado's Blanca Peak
Weird brown goop falls on two Michigan homes

V3.49 - December 7th

1909: UFO trails a trolley in Massachusetts
Endeavour links up with Zarya in orbit
UFO seen in Oklahoma city during a Leonid meteor shower
UFOs dominate night sky over Arkansas
UFOs seen by many in southern Delaware

V3.50 - December 15th

1909: Another trolley buzzed by a UFO
Endeavour crew finishes work on space station
Glowing fireball seen by hundreds in Georgia
Lodge camera records daylight disc flyby in Pacific northwest
Mars Climate Orbiter heads for deep space
Many UFO sightings were reported in Pennsylvania
United Nations calls emergency Y2K meeting
Weird animal surprises pair in Wisconsin

V3.51 - December 22nd

1909: Christmas shoppers watch a UFO fly over Boston
Diamond-shaped UFO seen over the Arizona Desert
UFO sighted over Lake Erie
Ufologist lewis says Methow Valley UFO is a camera flaw
UFOs intervene in Operation Desert Fox
UFOs linked to a power failure in Kentucky
Virgin Mary predicted allied air strike
Wisconsin man sees UFO over Lake Michigan

V3.52 - December 28th 1998

1909: Duffy's encounter
Despite mysterious blackout, NEAR proceeds to Eros
Fast flyby in Utah
Y2K crisis spurs growth of survival enclaves


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