USA - 1999

V4.01 - January 5th

Brilliant disc seen in Hickory, North Carolina
Christmas week sees UFOs active in Michigan
Mars Polar Lander has successful launch
More UFO sightings reported in Arkansas
Pre-Columbian stone calendar found in Miami
Two UFOs put on display in Massachusetts

V4.02 - January 11th

DOD and FEMA plan Y2K National Guard Alert
Glowing UFO startles Wyoming woman
Lake Parsippany mystery has New Jersey baffled
UFOs sighted near Mt. Healthy, Ohio

V4.03 - January 18th

Green fireball streaks over New Hampshire
Mystery boom heard north of Cincinnati, Ohio

V4.04 January 25th

1972: Bigfoot encounter in southern Idaho
Mysterious flash startles couple in Mississippi
Mystery boom rattles central Delaware
UFO hovers over stores in Palmdale, California
Unknown threat puts Cassini in safe mode

V4.05 - February 1st

Lake Tadd mystery causes furor in Minnesota
Mysterious tigers on the prowl in New Jersey
Thousands of birds fall from the sky in northern Louisiana
UFO and sky boom in Portage, Indiana

V4.06 - February 8th

Blue fireball lights up California and Nevada
Galileo completes final flyby of Europa
Pentagon changes name of Y2K readiness exercise
Sky booms in Oklahoma and West Virginia

V4.07 - February 15th

Dazzling UFO hovers over Telford, Pennsylvania
South Texas rocked by operation last dance
UFOs seen flying near West Elkton, Ohio
UN troops on maneuvers in three states of USA

V4.08 February 22nd February

Black helicopters raid more towns in Texas
Blue UFO sighted by many in southwestern Ohio
New UFO sighting at New Jersey's Wanaque Lake
Second blue fireball sizzles over California

V4.09 - March 1st

1998: Yellville, Arkansas, a town of mystery Spacecraft perform new flight maneuvers
UFOs appear frequently in southern Colorado

V4.10 - March 8th

Black helicopters visit Lowell, Massachusetts
Eyewitness confirms Mississauga sighting
UFO flap erupts in southern California

V4.11 - March 15th

Black helicopters hold exercise in Alabama
Denver scientist analyzes Meteosat-3 UFO image
Motorist sees a UFO fire a beam over Philadelphia
Two UFOs appear over Black Lake, New Mexico
UFO sightings continue in California

V4.11 - March 22nd

Black helicopters fly fast and furious across the USA
Nebraska's incredible rattlesnake church
UFO sightings continue in Colorado
UFOs in northern Ohio seen by residents and police
Y2K: Marines may occupy the District of Columbia

V4.13 - March 29th

1904: Unforgettable Whipple V. Phillips
Cylindrical UFO hovers near a mall in Georgia
DOD says Laser Cup just army training maneuvers
Glowing UFO seen along North Carolina shore
Large UFO hovers over Paiute Indian Reservation
Two UFOs hurtle over Batesville, Mississippi
UFOs sighted in rural northern Pennsylvania

V4.14 - April 5th

1879: The weird creature of Hummingbird Mine
Another UFO sighted over Philly suburb
Coyote captured by cops in New York City
UFO rattles a house in Laverne, California
UFO spotted over Southaven, Mississippi

V4.15 - April 12th

Bandleader disappearance solved after fifty years
ROUNDUP CORRIGENDA (UFO rattles a house in Laverne, California & Another UFO sighted over Philly suburb)
"Santa Rosa woman" may be the oldest American
Triangular UFO spotted in Massachusetts
UFOs sighted in Unionville and Fairgrove, Michigan
Y2K: Marines, Navy hold martial law exercise in Florida Middle School

V4.16 - August 10th

Mysterious van sighted in Warsaw, Indiana
Black helicopter crashes Duluth's July Fourth Celebration
Man disappears in Lake Michigan triangle

V4.17 - August 16th

Attack of the giant turtles: The adventure continues...
Day care gunman linked to UFO hotspot

V4.18 - August 25th

Cassini completes rendezvous with Earth
Daylight discs spotted in Pennsylvania
Phantom panther on the prowl in Minnesota
Y2K: Secret Navy study predicts widespread power failures

V4.19 - August 31st

Black helicopter seen in Arcadia, Indiana
Mystery animals show up in the USA and UK
Y2K: Bankers ask churches to fight doomsayers

V4.20 - September 8th

1919: Trolls go on maneuvers
Hovering UFO sighted in Bridgeport, Ohio
Mass sightings reported in the Pacific northwest
Scuba diver missing in Lake Michigan triangle
Strange attack on a horse in Wisconsin
Two tubular UFOs seen over Indianapolis
UFOs again active in northern California

V4.21 - September 16th

1948: Strange cruise of the Hudson
Bright UFO spotted in Santa Ana, California
Cylindrical silver UFO seen in Tennessee
Strange bright lights seen by dozens near Fort Myers, Florida
UFO seen by five people near Brighton, Iowa
Y2K: U.S., Russian officers to observe missile launch data on New Year's Eve

V4.22 - September 22nd

1977: The Hudson sails again!
Large daylight saucer seen in Ozark, Missouri
Three UFOs sighted near Munising, Michigan
UFOs spotted twice in Wisconsin
Woman sees a UFO in Dandridge, Tennessee
Y2K: Wisconsin readies state command post

V4.23 - September 30th

1792: Strange mysteries in Augusta, Kentucky
Mars Climate Orbiter disappears
More UFOs sighted in Dandridge, Tennessee
Mysterious sky flash baffles astronomers
Pilot spots triangular UFO near Dubuque, Iowa
Three new "moons" seen in orbit around Uranus

V4.24 - October 7th

Motorist sees a UFO near Fargo, North Dakota
NASA says faulty math doomed the Mars Climate Orbiter
Rod-shaped UFO seen in Levittown, New York
Roundup Corrigenda (Mars Climate Orbiter disappears & Three UFOs sighted near Munising, Michigan)
UFO seen in Brockton, Massachusetts
White saucer seen in East Dundee, Illinois

V4.25 - October 14th

Bright UFO seen in eastern Kentucky
More UFOs spotted in Dandridge, Tennessee
UFO seen twice over Wichita, Kansas
Y2K: Defense chief sets up new military command

V4.26 - October 21st

Mass death of birds reported in Illinois
New set of crop circles appears in Midale
Small swift UFO puzzles ranchers in Utah
UFOs are back in Dandridge, Tennessee
Y2K: FBI says born-again Christians a "threat"

V4.27 - October 28th

1994: Rehoboth's haunted cemetery
Cosmic Conference to be held in Kenosha
Girl sees three UFOs in Ashland, Wisconsin
Roundup mystery van seen in Louisiana
Triangular UFOs seen in Massachusetts
Y2K: Marines train in central arizona

V4.28 - November 4th

1870: Strange events at Newburyport
New witness comes forward in Dandridge
UFO spotted near new San Diego stadium
Y2K: Phone companies warn of New Year's Day shutdown

V4.29 - November 11th

1913: Chauncey Ney invents disco
Squadron of pulsating UFOs seen by couple in Washington State
V-shaped UFO spotted in Fort Worth, Texas
Y2K: NASA to send an emergency mission to save space telescope

V4.30 - November 18th

Black helicopters seen in Texas and Maryland
Blinking UFO sighted in Chino Valley, Arizona
Blue fireball dazzles viewers in Florida
Glowing fireball seen in central Texas
Unusual plane crash reported in Chicago
Y2K: Marines, UN troops train in South Carolina

V4.31 - November 25th

1902: Who's out there?
Cigar-shaped UFO seen east of San Diego
Giant green fireball seen by thousands in the USA's upper midwest
Mysterious engine failure doomed Egyptair 990
UFOs spotted in two Michigan cities
Woman videotapes UFO in northeast Wisconsin

V4.32 - December 2nd

1901: Arizona's amazing invisible man
Bigfoot sighted in rural Pennsylvania
V-shaped UFO seen by a family in West Virginia
Protest groups riot at UN trade conference
Y2K: New World Order on a buildup to D-Day

V4.33 - December 9th

1864: Roswell in upstate New York?
Mars Polar Lander vanishes
Seven UFOs sighted in Bandon, Oregon
Silver cylindrical UFO seen in Dandridge
Y2K: It's beginning to look a lot like D-Day

V4.34 - December 16th

1997: Cheap detective
Mysterious sky sounds puzzle Ohio policemen
Triangular UFOs spotted in Pleasantville, N.Y.
Y2K: Magaw takes over special FEMA task force

V4.35 - December 23rd

1999: Millenial dreams
Discovery snares Hubble on first try in orbit
Tube-shaped UFOs seen in eastern Maryland
Y2K: Ex-colonel claims NATO troops will be used in anti-riot role
Y2K: Three arrested in FBI "Millenium Sweep"

V4.36 - December 30th

Cassini enters asteroid belt, heads for Jupiter
A century of UFOs
Discovery completes Space Telescope mission
Loren Coleman named Bigfooter of the Year
Nine UFOs seen in Missouri on Christmas Day


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