USA - 2000

V5.01 - January 6th

Motorist sees a UFO north of Bangor, Maine
UFOs ring in the new year in southern California

V5.02 - January 13th

Galileo completes another flyby of Europa
Large UFO photographed by a Missouri policeman
"Missing time" reported in Missouri family's UFO encounter
Mysterious sky boom jolts a town in Ohio

V5.03 - January 20th

Chandra discovers vast oxygen cloud in space

V5.04 - January 27th

Another UFO reported near Bangor, Maine
Silent delta-shaped UFO seen in Alliance, Texas
Tackanash returns
Two red UFOs seen in Virginia Beach, Virginia

V5.05 - February 3rd

Couple sees a UFO in southern Alabama
Multicolored UFO seen in Elk River, Minnesota

V5.05 - February 10th

Bigfoot on the prowl in Fort Hall, Idaho
Roundup mystery van sighted in Arizona
Two men spot a UFO in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Woman sees a UFO in New Bedford, Mass.

V5.07 - February 17th

Mysterious ball of light seen in Fairhaven, Mass.
Score one for Jacinta
Shuttle endeavour opens global mapping mission
UFO and black helicopter sighted in Denver
Unusual light spheres seen in Ohio and Alabama

V5.08 - February 24th

Four UFOs sighted in Rockford, Illinois
Roundup mystery van seen again in Tucson

V5.09 - March 2nd

Cruciform UFO seen in central Colorado
Galileo completes third flyby of Io
NEAR finds a geological anomaly on Eros

V5.10 - March 9th 2000

Giant Rock splits, causing much speculation in the New Age community
Photog captures UFOs on film south of Chicago
V-Shaped UFOs seen high over Bay City, Michigan

V5.11 - March 16th

1874: Oregon's doorway to the beyond
Galileo/Cassini team-up set for later this year
NEAR sends back first close-up images of Eros
New details in the Palos Hills UFO/Chemtrails case
Police see luminous disc in northeastern Ohio

V5.12 - March 23rd

1966: Strange encounter in Newport, Oregon
Four discs videotaped in Smithville, Indiana
Mystery meteor causes big blaze in Arkansas
Small delta-shaped UFO seen in Rochester, N.Y.
UFO witness slain in suspicious plunge from hospital window

V5.13 - March 30th

Reader Feedback (Small delta-shaped UFO seen in Rochester, N.Y.)
UFO terrorizes woman motorist in Colorado
USAF Cruise Missile goes haywire and crashes in the Utah Desert

V5.14 - April 6th 2000

1944: UFO goes supersonic over Tarawa
Bright UFO sighted in Bloomington, Indiana
Elvis runs for mayor in Wisconsin
Fast-moving daylight disc seen in upstate New York

V5.15 - April 13th

1952: A UFO over Michigan
New world order troops go on Caribbean exercise
Two luminous green UFOs seen over Arlington, Texas
UFOs seen three times in the Pittsburgh area
Woman spies hovering UFO in Pearl, Mississippi

V.16 - April 20th

Cassini clears asteroid belt on its way to Saturn
Hovering gray UFO spotted over Toledo, Ohio
Police arrest 1,300 at IMF protests
UFO and reptoid seen in Missouri

V5.17 - April 27th

Jackrabbit horde runs wild in Fargo, North Dakota
Mysterious lights hover over Caseyville, Illinois
New UFO book makes debut on May 1
UFO appears twice over Hamilton, Ohio

V5.18 - May 4th

2000:The new prophecies
Motorist spots a black triangular UFO in Georgia
Reno. FBI, FEMA plan for operation topoff

V5.19 - May 11th

Crop circles are found in Milan, Tennessee
Three UFOs perform over the Nevada Desert
UFO does a fast flyby in South Houston, Texas

V5.20 - May 18th

1988: Lonesome highway
High-flying UFOs spotted over Denver, Colorado
Jesus Christ appears in a Kansas town just before a big tornado

V5.21 - May 25th

1972: Utah's mysterious Gadianton Canyon
Dazzling UFO seen on Lake Erie's south shore
More "big wave" dreams reported by readers
People's Rally at Groom Lake set for June 6
Radar spots "ghost planes" in Lake Michigan Triangle
Shuttle Atlantis on flight to rendezvous with ISS

V5.22 - June 1st

Atlantis crew replaces Space Station batteries
Boomerang-shaped UFO hovers over L.A. suburb
Mysterious engine failure dooms commuter plane in Pennsylvania
Project Cloverleaf: A secret biowar?
Small plane crashes near Los Angeles, killing three

V5.23 - June 8th

Chemtrails reported in two western states
High-flying UFO spotted in Clinton, Michigan
Religious mania sweeps Mississippi high school

V5.24 - June 15th

1893: Strange cruise of the Minnie H.
Black helicopters and giant daylight disc seen in Dallas, Texas
Disc-shaped UFO kills a car's engine in Wisconsin
Hovering blue sphere seen in Auburn, New York
More chemtrails sighted in South Dakota
Very bright UFO sighted in western Pennsylvania

V5.25 - June 22nd

1875: The strangest day revisited
Cattle mutilated in Colorado UFO flap
Couple spots nine UFOs south of Los Angeles
Fleet of UFOs sighted in Washington State
New UFO book looks into 1977 Fort Benning case

V5.26 - June 29th

1840: Mysterious booms in New Hampshire
Bigfoot on the prowl in western Pennsylvania
Elliptical black UFO seen in New Jersey
Evolutionary flip-flop: Birds before dinosaurs!?
Surface water found on Mars
Triangular UFO spotted over North Carolina
Two red UFOs sighted over Dexter, Michigan

V5.27 - July 6th

1891: Fossils from space?
Psychics report more "Big Wave" dreams

V5.28 - July 13th

1907: What the Bishop saw
Bigfoot tracks found near Port Angeles, Washington
Hovering UFO spotted in Dairyland, Wisconsin
Mystery meteor seen over Hartsville, South Carolina
UFOs appear again over Trout Lake, Washington

V5.29 - July 20th 2000

1881: A possible abduction in southern Wisconsin
Bigfoot sighted near Cave Junction, Oregon
Tom King videotapes a red saucer in Arizona

V5.30 - July 27th 2000

2000: Another October surprise?
Cylindrical white UFO seen in Makilteo, Washington
More UFOs sighted over Wisconsin
Three crop circles appear in Bainbridge, Ohio
Unusual UFO seen by a security guard in Ohio
Wyoming towns invaded by a horde of skunks

V5.31 - August 3rd

1930: Unforgettable Judge Crater
Cigar-shaped UFO hovers over Colorado tower
Cigar-shaped UFO seen by commuters in Texas
Golfers videotape a cigar-shaped UFO in Oklahoma
UFOs, black helicopters sighted in San Luis Valley

V5.32 - August 10th

Indiana reports two new UFO sightings
Orange sphere UFO hovers over Owensville, Ohio

V5.33 - August 17th

1874: Unforgettable Charles Fort
Mysterious engine failure downs a plane in Oregon
No agreement on cause of Egyptair 990 crash
UFO sighted twice near Vail, Colorado

V5.34 - August 24th

Texas standoff endangers born-again Christians
Two red UFOs hover over Phoenix, Arizona

V3.35 - August 31st

High-flying UFO seen near Aberdeen, South Dakota
A strange encounter at Lake Mead in Nevada

V5.36 - September 7th

1969: Bigfoot migration?
Air passenger spots a UFO hovering over Cleveland
Virgin Mary statue weeps tears of blood in Texas

V5.37 - September 14th

1938: Perry's alien Atlantis astronauts go on an extended EVA aboard the Space Station
Christians still under siege in Trinidad, Texas
Horseshoe-shaped UFO seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan

V5.38 - September 21st

Black helicopters and UFOs seen just west of San Jose

V5.38 - September 28th

"Angel hair" falls near Romney, West Virginia
Atlantis wraps up 12-day Space Station mission
Ex-army officers criticize black helicopter program
Freak snowstorm clobbers Wyoming
High-flying UFOs seen south of Kansas City
Out-of-place alligator snaps at a man in Kennebunkport, Maine
Three UFOs sighted over San Francisco

V5.40 - October 5th

"Angel hair" falls in Livonia, Michigan
Mysterious bright flash lights up USA's southwest
Mysterious hovering lights sighted in Pennsylvania
Pope names new saints for the USA and China
Triangular UFOs track a chemtrail in Oregon
Virgin Mary appears in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

V5.41 - October 12th

2060: Second Noah!?
Chemtrails cause weird phenomenon in Michigan
Discovery launch beset by technical problems
Geologists say "Big Wave" could hit the USA
Mysterious blue meteor sighted in Maine
O Jerusalem dept.:
Reader feedback: Ann Arbor UFO could have been a blimp
Reader feedback: Dubya's no Satanist
Three UFOs cavort over western Pennsylvania

V5.42 - October 19th

1833: Strange cruise of the New Connecticut
Discovery crew works on Space Station
O Jerusalem dept.
Orange UFO hovers over home in Perryville, Missouri
UFOs and alien hologram seen in Washington State
Was a UFO shot down in Oklahoma?

V5.43 - October 26th

Bad weather keeps shuttle discovery in orbit
Cigar-shaped UFO hovers over Trout Lake, Wash.
Middle East conflict spawns strange stories: Story #3: The Mossad goes Hollywood
Multiple UFOs seen in Unadilla, New York
Mysterious mass death of cattle in New Mexico
Oklahoma UFO causes more controversy
Operation phantom has troops on the move

V5.44 - November 2nd

Cheney makes surprise return to Roswell
Hovering UFO seen by five near Sedona, Arizona
Kansas farmer finds rocket debris in field
Michigan bowhunter sees a fast-moving UFO
Scientists find four new moons orbiting Saturn
UFO paces couple's car across eastern Texas

V5.45 - November 9th

Dark triangular UFO hovers over Idaho camp
Hovering UFO seen near Deming, New Mexico
State vet has answer to Roswell cattle mystery
"Station Alpha" now has crew of three aboard
Three UFOs rendezvous over Peoria, Arizona
Weird animal shot near Pendleton, Oregon

V5.46 - November 16th

Another UFO videotaped in Ashtabula, Ohio
Blinking UFO sighted in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
Greenish-white UFO seen over Ostend, Michigan Israel sends thousands of absentee ballots to FloridaMassive saucer hovers over San Francisco Bay
O Jerusalem Dept
Permian lizard holds evolutionary surprise

V5.47 - November 23rd

1981: I touched bigfoot!
"Mile-long" UFO spotted in western Oklahoma
Reader Feedback: What does the hamstrung USA election have to do with UFOs?
Unusual UFO sighted in Springfield, Mass.
Virgin Mary appears at three sites in the northeastern USA
Woman motorist sees a hovering UFO in Minnesota

V5.48 - November 30th

Couple confirms recent New Mexico sighting
Diamond-shaped UFO seen by New Hampshire motorist
Minnesota's mysterious Morrison County
Teens spot a hovering UFO in Cold Spring, Kentucky

V5.49 - December 7th

Endeavour heads into space for "power up" mission
Family sees a UFO near Easley, South Carolina
Hovering UFO sighted over a small Tennessee town
Large UFO hovers over a home in Rimrock, Arizona
Major UFO flap breaks out in Wisconsin

V5.50 - December 14th

1944: The three Nephites...minus two
Endeavour completes its flight to Station Alpha
The Key Largo mystery
Midwest UFO flap spills into Minnesota
Mysterious fireball crashes in Salisbury, New Hampshire
Texas skywatcher spots two UFOs near the space shuttle
Three blue UFOs sighted in southern Pennsylvania
Y-shaped UFOs seen in Norwalk, California

V5.51 - December 21st

1925: An unusual phenomenon in Hartville, Missouri
1975: Alien footprints? Galileo discovers an ocean on Gganymede
Star-like UFOs hover over Boise, Idaho
Large hovering UFO seen over New York City
Large triangular UFO flies over Yukon, Oklahoma
Roundup Corrigenda: Re. Major UFO flap breaks out in Wisconsin
Triangular UFO sighted in Columbia, Missouri

V5.52 - December 28th

1951: Off the radar screen
Californians report two new UFO sightings
Oblong UFO spotted in Fayetteville, N.C.


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