USA - 2001

V6.01 - January 4th

Cassini reaches Jupiter
Cylinder-shaped UFO photographed in Michigan
Luminous UFOs sighted in southern Colorado
Neon-green UFO seen over northwestern Vermont
UFO mystery at Lynch Mountain in Kentucky

V6.02 - January 11th

1985: Reptoid Hall
Couple sees a UFO in Ventura, California
NASA: Spacecraft NEAR to land on Eros
Reader Feedback: Ufologist doubts truth of Bakersfield UFO story
Triangular UFO sighted in south central Indiana

V6.02 - January 18th

Dark disc-shaped UFO seen in Saginaw, Texas
Giant green fireball lights up western USA
Hovering UFO sighted in Solon, Maine
Large luminous UFO taped in Trout Lake, Washington
Lynch Mountain--the mystery deepens
Mysterious engine failures down two small planes
Slow-moving triangular UFO spotted in Kentucky
Triangular UFO does a fast flyby in California
Triangular UFO sighted in southeastern Ohio

V6.04 - January 25th 2001

1791: Hillary's haunted neighborhood
California woman reports Princess Diana miracle
Dark oblong UFO seen in Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania
Editorial: Dubya, please open the older UFO files
Loren Coleman's classic is back in print
Mysterious sky boom jolts Ashtabula, Ohio

V6.05 - February 1st

Black helicopters seen in Alberta and Wyoming
Mysterious Sky Boom Rattles Houston, Texas
Mysterious sky booms heard on Cape Fear, North Carolina
Roundup corrigenda (RE: Loren Coleman's classic is back in print)
Two spherical UFOs seen in Portland, Oregon

V6.06 - February 8th

Couple sees a hovering UFO in Durrant, Iowa
Gorilla on the loose
Thousands of birds found dead in Oklahoma City

V6.07 - February 15th

1960: Upper Michigan's strange spook light
Atlantis ferries discovery to the Space Station
Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico
NEAR lands on Eros
Skunk ape photographed near Sarasota, Florida
T-shaped UFO sighted over Columbus, Ohio

V6.08 - February 22nd

Brown goop falls from the sky in Lakeland, Florida
Four amber UFOs sighted in Rockford, Illinois
Four triangular UFOs spotted in Tyler, Texas
Ham operators listen in on secret HAARP test
High winds delay the landing of Atlantis
Red UFO seen by family in Albuquerque, New Mexico

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

U.S. Marines unveil a microwave weapon
West Virginia is for...black helicopters!?

V6.10 - March 8th

1932: North Carolina's fire poltergeist
AREA 51 plays host to big Allied air maneuvers
Couple spots chemtrails in southern Indiana
Dazzling UFO sighted over Denver, Colorado
"Earthquake season" hits full stride in Seattle
NEAR sends its last signal from Eros
UFOs visited Trout Lake prior to the quake

V6.11 - March 15th

1958: A fire poltergeist in Glendive, Montana
Christian seer warns of a big quake in Oregon
Discovery ferries relief crew to Space Station
Huge orange UFO streaks through Oklahoma skies
Mysterious mass death of birds in Long Island, N.Y.
Reader feedback: More secrets of the Burnes family revealed
Reader feedback: Varginha was in 1996, not 1997
Reptoid sighted in Baja California

V6.12 - March 22nd

1819: Cat Hollow
Chemtrail lab tests show traces of blood aerosols
Green fireball seen west of Grand Junction, Colorado
More chemtrails spotted around the USA
Roundup corrigenda: Reptoid sighted in Baja California
Two UFOs fly over Elk City, Oklahoma
UFO warnings hamper Discovery's flight
UFO videotaped in Washington State
Utah town pelted by a rain of excrement

V6.13 - March 29th

1957: An unusual UFO in Hope, New Jersey
Mystery boom, UFO spook western Pennsylvania

V6.14 - April 5th

1909: Strange cruise of the Adella Shores
Mysterious red light seen in Ketchum, Idaho
Reader feedback: More words on birds
The strange doom of Frank Bertschy
Titanic solar flare engulfs Earth
Triangular UFO spotted in Taylorville, Illinois

V6.15 - April 12th

1793: Sinister citizen
Another mass bird death in Louisiana
Reader feedback: Traverse City--ground zero for the "Great Lakes Disaster?"
Three UFOs sighted in Connecticut
Odyssey lifts off for a trip to Mars
A very large UFO spotted over Orlando, Florida

V6.16 - April 19th

Couple sights a UFO in rural Pennsylvania
Prediction flops: Oregon spared
Trio witnesses unusual UFO display in the state of Washington
UFO squadron spotted over Connecticut
Woman spots a UFO in Marianna, Florida

V6.17 - April 26th

An eternal light bulb in California?

V6.18 - May 3rd

1934: Post time
Cylinder-shaped UFO seen in Sebastian, Florida
Fast flyby in Illinois

V6.19 - May 10th

Black helicopters fly over Houston
Hollywood on trial?
Hovering UFO seen in South Point, Ohio
Spontaneous combustion or freak accident?
UFO squadron passes over New Paris, Illinois

V6.20 - May 17th

Large triangular UFO seen in Washington State
Mysterious fungus endangers Kentucky's thoroughbreds
UFOs sighted twice in Oregon
Volcano goddess hexes Florida tourist

V6.21 - May 24th

2001: A surprise trip to Cuzco
Cigar-shaped UFO lands in Ionia, Michigan
UFO flies over Laredo, Texas


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