USA - 2002

V7.01 - January 2nd

1962: The Phantom Trucker of Genevieve, Illinois Cessna disappears in the Lake Michigan Triangle
Family observes UFOs in Red Banks, Mississippi
UFO sighted in Yonkers, N.Y.

V7.02 - January 2nd

Airline passenger spots a UFO over Mississippi
Cattle mutilations surge in northern Montana
Crowd of twenty spies a UFO over Queens, N.Y.
Mysterious light plane crashes sweep the USA

V7.03 - January 15th

1990: The phantom trucker of Topeka, Kansas
Coleman pursues leads in 1967 Mothman case
Dubya's weird blackout
Half-spherical UFO sighted in Billings, Montana
UFOs reported in Wisconsin

V7.04 - January 22nd

Father, daughter see a green UFO in West Virginia
Fiery spheroid UFO sighted in Pearland, Texas
"It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea..."

V7.05 - January 29th

1932: Slouching towards Valhalla
Coast guard recovers triangle victim's body
Man finds a saucer in his NYC tourist photo
UFO hovers near a barn in Riceville, Iowa
Weird jellyfish fossils found in Wisconsin

V7.06 - February 5th

Arizona ufologist to post video on his website Slow-moving UFO sighted in Bigelow, Arkansas
Two large UFOs seen near Plaistow, New Hampshire
Unusual "comet streak" sighted in Monroe, Ohio

V7.07 - February 12th

1863: Jubilee
The strange flight of United 855

V7.08 - February 19th

1863: The President's psychic
Reader feedback: Film in a digital camera!?
Reader feedback: More on Robert E. Howard
Red UFO plunges into Lake Erie near Cleveland
Mysterious rash afflicts children in several states of the USA

V7.09 - February 26th

Black helicopter sighted near Pryor, Montana
Researchers expose Pennsylvania bigfoot hoax

Southern Ohio rocked by many UFO sightings
Workmen spot a UFO in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

V7.10 - March 5th

Reader feedback: New wrinkle in the Reh mystery
Shirley MacLaine's speech mentions "past life"
Weird skin disease spreads to three more states

V7.11 - March 12th

Mystery booms and quake rattle Rhode Island
Reader feedback: that's Wye Mountain, Joe
Stigmatic priest makes an appearance in Brooklyn

V7.12 - March 19th

Camper spots a UFO near Fenton, Missouri
Mysterious lights seen over Palmer, Texas
Reader feedback : Recent Ohio flap revisited
Ready or not, here come the comets of Aquarius
Triangular red UFO sighted in La Place, Louisiana
UFO does a fast flyby in eastern Wisconsin

V7.13 - March 19th

1944: Unusual phenomenon in North Dakota

V7.14 - April 2nd

1979: Unusual phenomenon in Mississippi
Cone-shaped UFO sighted in Glenwood, Iowa
Disc-shaped UFO spotted in Allen, Texas
Luminous UFO seen over Hugo, Oklahoma
Rancher photographs UFOs near Spokane, Wash.
UFO sighted in California

V7.15 - April 9th

1897: UFO sighted over fontanelle, IOWA
Bright orange UFO seen in Charlestown, Indiana Large circular UFO seen in central Wisconsin
More strange sightings in the Palouse area of Wash.
Roundup Corrigenda: Luminous UFO seen over, Hugo, Oklahoma
UCONN scientist is working on a time machine

V7.16 - April 16th

1897: A UFO lands in eastern Texas
Flying triangle makes an appearance in Michigan
Triangular UFOs seen on Florida's Gulf Coast

V7.17 - April 23rd

1897: Conversation with the aliens
A big week for UFOs in Wisconsin
Damon Knight, biographer of Charles Fort, dies in Eugene, Oregon
Fourteen UFOs sighted over Chicago
Star-like UFOs sighted in Lakewood, Colorado
Strange earthquake shakes up the USA's northeast

V7.18 - April 30th

Reader Feedback : Mystery solved--The UFO in Lakewood Colorado
Solitary UFO sighted in Birmingham, Alabama
Three orange UFOs seen in Janesville, Wisconsin

V7.19 - May 7th

Oregon woman sees an unusual light display
Reader Feedback : Indiana--Land of the giants!?
Strange incidents follow a UFO sighting in Georgia

V7.20 - May 14th 2002

Target: Truro, Mass. The planned German D-day of 1902

V7.21 - May 21st

UFO puts the spotlight on Sheboygan, Wisconsin Yoda: A box-office smash, he is

V7.22 - May 28th

Mysterious hum heard in Kokomo, Indiana

V7.23 - June 4th

1944: D-Day and Edgar Cayce
Cylindrical UFO sighted in Endicott, New York
Daylight disc spotted in Pensacola, Florida
Luminous UFO spotted in Kingsburg, California
Orange UFOs sighted in Frankfort, Indiana

V7.25 - June 18th

Hollywood stars relate UFO experiences
Strange sphere washes ashore in South Carolina

V7.26 - July 2nd

1975: Black helicopters on the attack

V7.28 - July 9th

1920: High cotton
Black helicopters are active on Fourth of July
Three UFOs sighted over Madison, Wisconsin

V7.29 - July 16th

UFO does a fast flyby over St. Louis

V7.30 - July 23rd

1952: Saucer summer
Black helicopters return to Rehoboth
Luminous UFO hovers over Bayfield, Wisconsin
Luminous UFO sighted in Sale Creek, Tennessee
Saucer with lights visits Prior Lake, Minnesota

V7.31 - July 30th

Diamond-shaped UFO seen in Mayfield, Pennsylvania
USAF jets chase a UFO over Washington, D.C.

V7.32 - Aug 6th

1934: Bizarre owl attacks in New York City
Crop circles score big at the box office
Rehoboth reports flights by black helicopters
Unusual "light streak" sighted in Ohio

V7.33 - Aug 13th

1977: Elvis--Dead or alive?
Diamond-shaped UFO seen in Daytona Beach, Florida
Tracker gets Bigfoot on audio tape in Wisconsin
UFOs reported in three counties of Wisconsin

V7.34 - Aug 20th

Black helicopters active on the USA's east coast
Color-changing UFO seen in Pennsylvania
Crop circles are on the increase again
Daylight disc sighted in Manalapan, New Jersey

V7.35 - Aug 27th

1927: Hooray for Hollyweird
Black helicopter seen over Washington, D.C.
UFO and two F-16s tangle in west central Texas
Yellow-orange UFO seen in Jacksonville, Florida

V7.36 - Sep 3rd

Black helicopters revisit Rehoboth
Crop circles startle a town in Michigan
UFO flotilla sighted in North Carolina

V7.37 - Sep 10th

Color-changing UFO seen in Pennsylvania
Man in black raids Utah nerve gas facility
UFO pursues a private plane over Iowa
Woman sees triangular UFO in New Hampshire

V7.38 - Sep 17th

Five UFOs seen by family in Cape Coral, Florida
More UFOs seen in Wisconsin
Round green UFO seen in western Missouri
The return of Virginia's Lynch Mountain mystery
Triangular UFO sighted in Mesquite, New Mexico
Who killed Todd Sees? A UFO mystery

V7.40 - October 1st

Bengal tiger killed in Bloomington, Illinois
Cigar-shaped UFO appears over northern Arizona
Mysterious lions killed in Quitman, Arkansas
Triangular UFO sighted over Long Island, N.Y.
Unusual sky boom heard in Portland, Maine

V7.41 - October 8th

Bigfoot on the prowl in western Pennsylvania
Seven UFOs spotted by a family in Niles, Ohio
Silver sphere UFO seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma

V7.42 - October 15th

1905: Strange cruise of the Kali Yuga
California woman catches a UFO on videotape
Coroner says Todd Sees death was "accidental"
Executed prisoner said she'd return as a UFO crew member
Mysterious light flashes seen in Midway, Arkansas
Strange boom heard in Little Falls, New York

V7.43 - October 22nd

Mr. Spock's home planet?
Spherical UFO sighted north of Seattle
UFO flotilla gathers over southern Illinois
UFOs are active again in Wisconsin

V7.44 - October 29th

Large planet found orbiting double star
Red spherical UFO seen in Rio Linda, California
Solitary hiker sees a UFO in Pennsylvania
UFO videotaped in upstate New York
Woman videotapes UFOs in Harrah, Oklahoma

V7.45 - November 5th

The Methuselah star
Oberg takes on "NASA Moon Hoax" theorists

V7.46 - November 12th

Four UFOs seen near Panama City, Florida
NASA kills Oberg's book
UFO spotted on campus in Houston, Texas
Unusual metal UFO seen in Holly. Michigan

V7.47 - November 19th

1944: Roosevelt and the Jordanow mystery
Mothman honored in Point Pleasant, W.V.
Ten cats mutilated in Denver, Colorado
Two UFOs spotted in the Lake Michigan Triangle

V7.48 - November 26th

1902: Strange cruise of the Bannockburn

Four mystery lights seen in Tipp City, Ohio
Two women spot a UFO in Grand Prairie, Texas

V7.49 - December 3rd

1910: UFO visits a ranch in Crystal City, Texas
Flurry of earthquakes has California nervous
NORAD scrambles F-16s to intercept a UFO
Orange UFO sighted in Lemoyne, PennsylvaniaTwo saucers seen in North Carolina

V7.50 - December 10th

Airmen spot flashes at Langley Air Force Base
A mysterious explosion in deep space
A secret underground bunker for Dick Cheney?
Mysterious light flashes seen in the central USA

V7.51 - December 17th

Aviatrix death unveils secret fdr diplomacy
Cigar-shaped UFO seen in southern Florida
Circular UFO sighted in Cassatt, South Carolina
Orange UFOs sighted in Clovis, New Mexico

V7.52 - December 24th

Clouds discovered on one of Saturn's moons
Mysterious light beam shines on Oregon town


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