USA - 2003

V7.01 - January 1st

1959: UFO involved in an airliner crash
Actor Kenneth Tobey dies at age 85
Group says aliens helped clone the first human
Luminous daytime UFO seen in Alpharetta, Georgia
Oberg and scientists challenge Moon-hoax theorists

V8.02 - January 8th

1885: The strange doom of Mrs. Rooney
Car struck by a tiny UFO in Benson, North Carolina
Couple sees a UFO near Marshfield, Wisconsin
Noah, start building another Ark!
Orange-red UFO sighted in Powers, Oklahoma
Spherical UFO seen in upstate New York

V8.03 - January 15th

Exploding star thrills Earth's astronomers
Luminous UFOs spotted in Aurelia, Iowa
Moon mystery: A secret cave or tunnel at Copernicus crater?
Photon belt discovered around the Milky Way

V8.04 - January 22nd

Man sees a hovering UFO in Buffalo, New York
Three new moons found orbiting Neptune
Virgin Mary appears in Massachusetts

V8.05 - January 29th

Couple sees an orange UFO in Wisconsin
Once upon a midnight dreary...

V8.06 - February 5th

Accident or shootdown? The Columbia mystery
Space Shuttle Columbia destroyed on reentry
Spherical UFO videotaped following Columbia

V8.07 - February 12th

1875: Mary Todd Lincoln and the Mahatmas
Columbia destroyed by weird energy bolt?
Radar tracked unknown object behind Columbia
Shuttle debris found in Texas and California
Strange secrets of the Space Shuttle Columbia

V8.08 - February 19th

1875: Strangest trial ever in Chicago
Columbia disaster cause is still unknown
Phantom panther seen in Kent, Minnesota
Reader Feedback: No media mention of Space Shuttle coincidences

V8.09 - February 26th

Experts hunt for clues in Columbia disaster
Two luminous UFOs seen in Fort Collins, Colorado
UFOs seen frequently over Wisconsin

V8.10 - March 5th

Luminous blue UFO seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Multicolored UFO seen in South Carolina
Weird new evidence found in Columbia disaster

V8.11 - March 12th

1948: Winged wonders
Evidence shows Columbia's left tires exploded

V8.12 - March 19th

2003: The aliens and the Shuttle Columbia
Astronomer leads fight against Moon hoax conspiracy theorists
Luminous disc sighted in eastern Pennsylvania

V8.13 - March 26th

1932: Monkey business
Prophecies fulfilled
The Saddam mystery

V8.14 - April 2nd

1944: The Mad Gasser...mystery solved?
Mysterious lights seen in Madison, Wisconsin

V8.15 - April 9th

Black helicopters now patrol New York City
Sorcery helps to shape U.S. war plans in Iraq

V8.15 - April 16th

1934: Season of the witch
Large blue UFO appears in northern Arizona

V8.17 - April 30th

1865: Tomorrow's news yesterday
Spontaneous combustion case in Massachusetts

V8.18 - May 7th

1958: A case of time travel in Montana
Another blue UFO buzzes Sandia Peak, New Mexico
Mysterious Roundup van appears in eastern Texas
Strange portent occurs in New Hampshire
Two white UFOs are seen over Rowlett, Texas
UFOs sighted in Wisconsin
UFOs sighted by many in California

V8.19 - May 14th

Couple at home sight a UFO in Medina, Ohio
Daylight disc spotted near San Diego
The spawn of cthulu?
UFO sighted in Niagara, North Carolina

V8.20 - May 21st

Golden UFO spotted by witnesses over Iowa
Phantom panther wrecks a woman's car in Indiana

V8.21 - June 11th

1937: Solitary UFO seen over the Atlantic
Crop circle appears in Lone Star, Texas
Crop circles appear in rural New Jersey
Letter from the Editor
Magenta-colored UFO seen over Georgia
Three triangular UFOs fly over northern Utah
Two green-fireball UFOs seen in Omak, Washington
UFO spotted over the Wisconsin Dells

V8.22 - June 18th

1931: Before Mothman
Amateur astronomer spies a UFO flotilla near the Moon
"Mothman curse" may be haunting Hollywood
New rover blasts off for Mars
Ten crop circles appear in northeast Arkansas

V8.23 - June 25th

1943: The Holocaust and the Fortean Society
Mormon cricket swarms sweep across the west
Reader feedback: Duck, Debbie! it's the "Curse of the Mothman Prophecies!"
Virgin Mary appears in Massachusetts and Guatemala

V8.24 - July 2nd

Ashcroft at war with ufology?
Dark amber UFO seen in Evanston, Illinois
Mothman revisited
NASA says foam caused the Shuttle disaster
Virgin Mary returns to Milton, Massachusetts
Volleyball-sized hail hammers Nebraska

V8.25 - July 9th

Strange cat mutilations reported in Colorado and Utah
Sudden outbreak of crop circles worldwide
Weird white goop falls on Indianapolis suburb

V8.26 - July 16th

Black helicopters appear again in Massachusetts
Daylight disc spotted in northeastern Wisconsin
Goat mutilation reported in Wilhoit, Arizona
New Mothman terror
Oval-shaped UFO seen in upstate New York
Triangular UFO seen by four in Oklahoma
Unusual "ring of smoke" seen in San Antonio, Texas
Weird weather reported on Saturn

V8.27 - July 23rd

Daylight disc spotted in Sturbridge, Mass.
Night saucer sighted in Boulder, Colorado
Mystery fireball sighted in northern Minnesota

V8.28 - July 30th

1881: Outlaw doc

V8.29 - August 6th

1896: Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and the Illuminati
Daylight disc sighted in Pasco, Washington
Ten UFOs put on a display in western Texas
Vermont lake monster detected on sonar

V8.30 - August 13th

1870: The Bear Lake Monster
Crop circles appear in Howell, Michigan
UFOs seen three times in northern Wisconsin

V8.31 - August 20th

1937: Face-to-face with the Bear Lake Monster
"Jack the Snipper" terrorizes coeds in New Hampshire
Mysterious blackout affects 50 million in the USA and Canada
Mystery helicopters seen near site of first outage

V8.32 - August 27th

Ohio UFOs caused the big blackout?

V8.33 - September 3rd

Another blackout UFO seen in northern Ohio
Black helicopters are spotted in Hollywood
Daylight disc spotted in Anaheim, California

V8.34 - September 10th

1980: John Lennon's magickal mystery number
Crop circles discovered near Hillsboro, Ohio
Green fireball sighted in Trout Lake, Wash.
Strange deaths reported in Mothman's hometown

V8.35 - September 17th

Black helicopters seen in New England states
Blue-white mystery light flies over California
Hovering UFO seen in Moss Bluff, Louisiana
Numerology and Mariah

V8.36 - Sep 24th

DiDomenica investigates rumored moon base
Family spots a UFO in southern Ohio
Hovering red UFO seen in southern California
Night saucer spotted in Sykesville, Maryland
UFO sighted in Wisconsin

V8.37 - October 1st

Betty Hill is ailing, so send those letters
Flashing mystery lights sighted in Wisconsin
Galileo ends its epic 14-year spaceflight
Gigantic saucer seen in central Ohio
Hovering daylight disc spotted in New Mexico
Silver sphere UFO seen in Hugo, Oklahoma
Triangular UFO caught on video in New Hampshire

V8.38 - October 8th

1964: Strange artifact on the ocean floor
Bigfoot seen in Vermont and Arkansas
Frog eggs fall from Connecticut skies
Green flashing lights sighted in Ohio

V8.39 - October 15th

Arkansas bigfoot is still on the prowl
Mysterious sky boom rocks Rhode Island
Strange pigeon deaths seen in Taunton, Mass.
Two new moons found orbiting Uranus
UFO hovers over a New Hampshire school

V8.40 - October 22nd

An unusual phenomenon in Yellowstone Park
Strange happenings reported in Arizona
Teacher confirms UFO sighting in New Hampshire

V8.41 - October 29th

1908: UFO flies over Hancock, Mass.
Phantom panther terrorizes Omaha
Police spot a UFO in North Carolina
Reader Feedback: Enigmatic "red sphere" was also seen in Oregon
Second mystery boom rattles Rhode Island
Three white UFOs seen in Aurora, Missouri
UFOs reported in Ohio

V8.42 - Nov 5th

1908: A UFO encounter in Ware, Mass.
Boomerang-shaped UFO sighted in Colorado
Luminous UFO hovers over Cincinnati, Ohio
More UFO activity seen in wisconsin
Phantom panthers seen in the central USA

V8.43 - November 12th

2003: Haunts a-plenty in Mothman country
Diamond-shaped UFO seen in Felicity, Ohio
Green fireball seen by crowd in South Carolina
Large triangular UFO seen in Pennsylvania
Luminous blue UFO sighted in Oregon
Phantom panthers sighted in Florida and California
Reader Feedback: Mysterious objects also seen in Republic, Missouri
Strange death reported in "Bridgewater Triangle"
Trio spots a UFO near parkersburg, W.V.

V8.44 - November 19th

Boomerang-shaped UFO seen in Brookline, Mass.
Five grayish UFOs seen over Detroit, Michigan
J.LO in the French Revolution?
Night saucer hovers over Huron, Ohio

V8.45 - November 26th

Mystery booms heard by many in North Carolina
"Radar glitch" causes White House panic

V8.46 - December 3rd

1909: Phantom panthers of Templeton, Mass
Bigfoot on the move in Pennsylvania
Mystery meteor seen by hundreds in New Mexico
Recent solar storm damaged Mars Probe
UFOs reported in Pennsylvania
Who's out there!?

V8.47 - December 10th

1909: Panther terror in Templeton
Back to the Moon, says Dubya
Blue alien terrifies girl in Phoenix
Kentucky UFO sighting may have included an abduction
Neptune-sized planet found orbiting Vega
Roundup van sighted repeatedly in Arizona
Yellow-orange UFO seen in Jordan, Montana

V8.48 - December 17th

Chemtrails sighted in North Carolina
Mormons in Pellucidar!?
Yellow orb UFO seen in Kerman, California

V8.49 - December 24th

1995: N-N-N-Nice doggie!
Cougar continues to haunt a city in Kansas
New space telescope sees in the infrared
Phantom panther turns up in Tennessee

V8.50 - December 25th

1903: Strange creature seen in Iola, Kansas
Currey recruits more tourists for Pellucidar
Four yellow UFOs are spotted near Phoenix
Mysterious power outage darkens San Francisco
Orange UFO sighted in south Florida
Small UFO sighted near Grantsburg, Wisconsin


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