USA - 2004

V9.01 - January 7th

1927: Shadows in Kamula
"Mothman curse" strikes twice last week
Radar fails twice at airport in Denver
Spirit lands on Mars
Stardust tags a comet in deep space

V9.02 - January 14th

Couple finds crop circle in Louisburg, Kansas
Mystery boom heard in San Diego
Spirit gets ready for first drive on Mars
Tall alien sighted in Elizabeth, New Jersey
Three policemen spot a UFO in northern Indiana

V9.03 - January 21st

Dubya proposes a new trip to the Moon
Hubble Space Telescope scuttled by new plan
Mothman nearly wrecks another bridge
Mysterious subterranean hum heard in Virginia
Partygoers sight a UFO in southern California
Spirit rolls onto the surface of Mars

V9.04 - January 28th

"Anomaly" cripples Mars Rover Spirit
February 2: Zawahiri's day of destiny?
Dubya visits Roswell, jokes about aliens
More UFOs reported in California
Mysterious boom causes stir in New Hampshire
Night saucer spotted in Amelia, Ohio
Roundup mystery van caught on film
Small cigar-shaped UFO seen in Pennsylvania
UFO videotaped flying over Kansas City

V9.05 - February 4th

Ailing spirit gets medical care...from Earth!
Alien spotted by three in Manchester, Indiana
Mystery van seen by many in Arizona
NWO troops seen in Alabama and Arizona
Opportunity lands safely on Mars

V9.06 - February 11th

1977: The Fayette factor
Dateline: Mars...
Mysterious booms heard in Basehor, Kansas
Reader feedback: Investigating the mystery van
Underground base stirs fears in Colorado

V9.07 - February 18th

Busy week for Rovers on Mars
Reader Feedback: No underground base near South Fork, Colorado
Red UFO sighted in Fresno, California
Small UFO approaches the Space Station

V9.08 - February 25th

Big FEMA maneuvers reported in Texas
Fighter planes chase UFOs in California?
Geologists intrigued by Martian soil
Ike and the aliens
Reader Feedback: More than one van in Arizona?
Reader Feedback: Saw mystery van in Pensacola, Florida back in 2002
Two dead in a bizarre "Fayette Factor" case

V9.09 - March 3rd

Eight UFOs sighted over Charleston, S.C.
Reader Feedback: Mystery van is a fake!
UFO photographed in Nyack, New York

V9.10 - March 10th

Hovering UFO seen in Wolf Creek, Oregon
"Mark of the Beast" appears on movie tickets in Georgia
Rovers find evidence of ancient water on Mars
Woman dies of heart attack during Mel Gibson's movie

V9.11 - March 17th

Bizarre accident or Masonic murder?
Bluff creek Bigfoot a hoax? Witness says yes!
Blue elliptical UFO seen in Washington State
Couple sees a large UFOo in Fresno, California
Justice Dept. asked to yank Mel Gibson's movie
Mass murder discovery sends Fresno reeling
Mothman strikes again; Film extra dies
New Hubble photos reach far into deep space
NWO introduces armor into the USA's cities
Strange fireball sighted in eastern Illinois
Strange happenings near Area 51

V9.12 - March 24th

Boomerang-shaped UFO spotted in Kentucky
New planet discovered in our solar system
The Passion controversy still rages in the USA
Reader Feedback: Anniston, Ala. confirmed as NWO training center
Two new Fayette factor cases reported in USA
What's next for Al-Qaeda?

V9.13 - March 31st

Burglars ransack Elvis museum
Fayette factor causes havoc in the USA
Prehistoric ocean found on Mars
A tale of two obelisks
UFOs reported in Ohio
UFOs sighted in the Lake Superior region

V9.14 - April 7th

Black helicopters stalk two UFOs in Elk, Wash.
Fayette Factor goes wild in Pennsylvania
Spirit finds evidence of water on Mars
Two night saucers seen in Bradenton, Florida
WWII memorial could be an Al-Qaeda target

V9.15 - April 14th

1784: Strange secrets of Fayette County, Pa.
Mysterious deaths keep Fayette Factor boiling
Red UFO seen over Louisville, Kentucky
Solitary UFO sighted in Elk City, Oklahoma
UFOs sighted near the Vandenberg air basE

V9.16 - April 21st

Fayette Factor linked to motorized mayhem
Mystery of Sedna's missing moon
The Passion bounces back; Film retakes the top spot at theaters in the USA Pink-and-green UFO seen in Independence, Missouri
UFO flotilla sighted over Hixson, Tennessee
UFO sighted by many in Rochester, Indiana
Weird power failure disrupts L.A. Airport

V9.17 - April 28th

Alabama Cessna shot down by a UFO?
Fayette Factor calls down tornadoes
Hovering UFO seen in Fort Myers, Florida
Second mystery blackout strikes L.A. Airport
Second sighting of Indiana UFO reported

V9.18 - May 5th

1918: Lady Sopwith
Cassini is in the home stretch for Saturn
Daylight disc sighted in Spokane, Wash.
Fayette flap dies down
Mars rovers exceed original mission goals
Mrs. Saddam: "That's not my husband!"

V9.19 - May 12th

Another mini-sub sunk by a USO?
Chemtrails sighted in California, Indiana
Daylight disc caught on videotape in Mississippi
Murders and mystery fires dominate Fayette news this week
Mystery lion seen by many near Columbus, Ohio
Opportunity to explore giant crater on Mars
Report from the editor
Triangular UFO seen in Varnville, South Carolina
Xendra appears in southern California

V9.20 - May 19th

Reader Feedback: Another weird hum reported
"Columbus lion" said to be heading east
Israeli agents caught in southern Tennessee
Latest on Fayette Factor
SHC kills elderly man in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Reader Feedback: Triangular UFO seen in Kansas
Unusual UFO sighted in Hudson, Florida
Weeping Jesus portrait draws pilgrims in Texas

V9.21 - May 26th

1910: A teenaged time traveler
Arizona man captures a UFO on camera
Fusion scientist murdered in Norwich, Connecticut
Arizona man captures a UFO on camera
NASA unveils lunar exploration plan
Phantom panther raids Pennsylvania barbecue
Spotlight on Venus
Weirdest news yet from Fayette County, PA.

V9.22 - June 2nd

1944: D-Day shocker!
Bright blue UFO spotted in Riverdale, Georgia
Cassini crosses into Saturnian space
Daylight disc spotted in Bangor, Pennsylvania
Fayette Factor spawns new tornado terror
Israelis nabbed again at U.S. nuclear site
White buffalo born in Flagstaff, Arizona

V9.23 - June 8th 2004

Another Fayette tornado
Homemade tank damages Colorado town
Mysterious lights, booms reported in the USA's Pacific northwest
Mystery booms heard in South Carolina
Strange naval maneuvers have ufologists talking

V9.24 - June 16th

Cassini takes first photo of small moon Phoebe
Freaky Fayette events are rough on teens
Oklahoma woman snaps photo of "ring of lights"
Roundup potpurri
Strange murder/suicide on Texas highway bridge
UFO dogfight in Arizona?

V9.25 - June 23rd

1882: Three cheers for the red, white and weird
27,000 pelicans vanish from North Dakota lake
Fayette fatalities continue to mount
"Hollywood Headhunter" terrorizes Los Angeles
Middle East update
Reader Feedback: Ham radio intercept has reader upset

V9.26 - June 30th

1886: Raising Liberty
Black goop falls from the sky in Bourne, Mass.
Celestial princess in another film walk-on?
Copycat "Headhunter" killed three in Texas
Fayette Factor fire takes out a Wal-Mart
HAARP utilized in recent U.S. naval exercise
Lizzie Borden house may get a Starbucks
Missouri lake vanishes into mysterious sinkhole

V9.27 - July 7th

1868: The sorcerer's apprentice
Cassini enters orbit around Saturn
Crop circles discovered in Spanish Fork, Utah
HAARP to add 132 new transmitters to array
Impending earth changes in the USA's midwest?
Mysterious fires lead Fayette phenomena

V9.28 - July 14th

1829: And now, a word from Ttsathoggua!
Fireballs sighted by thousands in Dixie
Daylight discs spotted by California man
Deputy and wife spot a triangular UFO in Ohio
Electronic phenomenon in Waldorf, Maryland
Fireballs sighted by thousands in Dixie
Spidey punk'd again by the fayette factor
Titan still an enigma after Cassini's flyby

V9.29 - July 21st

Candidate's wife linked to the Fayette Factor
Cassini takes new photos of Iapetus
Despite balky wheel, Spirit continues its survey of Mars
Fayette fires continue
New robot spacecraft will head for Mercury

V9.30 - July 28th 2004 2004

1832: Strange secrets of skull & bones
Cassini studies photos of Saturn's rings
Dog decapitation jolts Ohio town
The Fayette factor takes on...Buddy Holly!
Hovering UFO sighted in Willow, Oklahoma
Star-like UFO circles Tt. Maries, Idaho
Unusual fireball seen in Atascadero, California

V9.31 - August 4th

1968: Dubya, Kerry and "dem bones"
Circular UFO sighted in Carterville, Georgia
Fayette Factor sends the "crazy crocs" to Indiana
"Futuristic van" airs on TV in Portland, Oregon
Silver-suited alien seen in Kerman, California
Weird creatures seen by many in Maryland

V9.32 - August 11th

2004: Tall, thin aliens sighted in Oregon
Black helicopter stalks a home in New Jersey
Boy killed in bizarre "Spider-Man" incident
Five sight UFOs near Perris, California
Four triangular UFOs seen in Savannah, Georgia
"Jack the Snipper" busted again in New Hampshire
John Kerry meets the Fayette Factor
Mantis aliens spotted in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Messenger blasts off for Mercury
New FEMA activities cause concern in West Virginia

V9.33 - August 18th

"Baby star" blows giant space bubble
Fay Wray dies at 96
Mutilated calf found in Anderson, California
Chupacabra shot in Elmendorf, Texas
White spherical UFO seen in Ridgeland, Mississippi

V9.34 - August 25th

Marine jets in battle with Oregon saucer?
Minnesota's day for weird weather
Mystery air patrols startle Pasadena
Rovers find more evidence of water on Mars
UFO activity rises in wake of nuclear plant incident
Welcome to "Jinx High"

V9.35 - September 1st

Anomalous tornado hits Wrentham, Mass.
Another extrasolar planet found
Attack of the crazy crocs
Busted! Superman gets arrested in St. Paul, Minn.
Cheney's plane buzzed by a UFO?
Is everybody ready for the big freeze?
Krypton discovered?
Mothman curse strikes again
Mutant frog or avatar of Tsathoggua?
Three UFOs spotted southwest of Chicago

V9.36 - September 8th

Ashcroft calls for an American Gulag
Crowd witnesses a UFO over Eugene, Oregon
Signs of winter flourish in the USA and Canada
Six crop circles found near Wausau, Wisconsin
Student videotapes UFO in Jackson, Missouri
Trio spots a UFO in Lancaster, Ohio
Two UFOs sighted near Fallon, Nevada

V9.37 - September 15th

Cattle mutilation reported in Nebraska
Early signs of autumn in California, too
Genesis crashes in the Utah Desert
Is it the return of Operation Abacus?
UFO activity up sharply near Big Dipper stargate
Vanished prehistoric sea once existed on Mars

V9.38 - September 22nd

California's big cities visited by UFOs
Cattle mutilation reported in Nebraska
FEMA unveils new teams in ravaged Pensacola
Mysterious fall kills art museum worker
Saucers up north

V9.39 - September 29th

1898: Mystery of the Runestone
Are you ready for..."Wayne Weirdness?"
Fayette Factor is back in action
FBI holds flights at Fort Wayne airport
FBI'S "October Plan" is it a prelude to Operation Abacus?
FEMA website calls Christians "wackos"
Mystery booms heard in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Occult hurricanes hit Texas and Florida

V9.40 - October 6th

1873: Unforgettable Alfred Packer
All FBI furloughs are cancelled as terror sweep begins
Crazy crocs appear in New York and Minnesota
Dr. John E. Mack dies in London traffic mishap
Fayette fire destroys Tennessee Mansion
Four angels sighted over Wichita, Kansas
Luminous red UFOs seen by a family in Georgia
Mars Global Surveyor sends ultra-sharp photos
Mysterious explosions seen in eastern Utah
Quakes and aftershocks rattle California
Silver sphere sighted in Englewood, Colorado
Wisconsin suspect first one nabbed in sweep

V9.41 - October 13th

1908: Raggedy Anne in space
Another Israeli nabbed, this time in Oklahoma
Are Goths planning New Columbine massacres?
FBI takes control of other federal law enforcement agencies
FEMA launches quiet training program
Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper dies
Mysterious horse deaths reported in Minnesota
Report from the Editor
Saucer in the Bronx
Spirit and Opportunity still alive and roving
Spy blimp appears over Washington, D.C.
Triangular UFO sighted over Boise, Idaho

V9.42 - October 20th

1904: The curious case of John Kirby O'Donnel
Fayette Factor wrecks a dam in Georgia
High-flying UFO spotted in North Port, Florida
Mothman star injured in riding accident
New "Elmendorf Beast" killed in Texas
On a mission from God
Pentagon to introduce spy blimps in the USA
Reader Feedback: Columbine killers were not in the Goth movement
Reader Feedback: Martial law on November 1? Most assuredly, not in Texas!
Reader Feedback: Nothing sinister about CERT
A rigged election?

V9.43 - October 27th

1961: Unforgettable Betty Hill
Another teen arrested in Marshfield case
Stationary UFO sighted in Pax, West Virginia
Strange UFO mystery in Greeley, Colorado
Teens see a night saucer in Milwaukie, Oregon
Woman spots a UFO in Ocean Beach, California

V9.44 - November 3rd

2004: Strange maneuvers
Birds' navigation sense suddenly goes haywire
Cassini flyby grabs first close-up photos of Titan
Dubya signs global anti-Semitism bill
Fairhaven, Mass. police probe murder threat
Hslloween under fire
Luminous UFO seen by a couple in Ironton, Ohio
Spy blimp sighted again in New England states
UFOs sighted by many in western Pennsylvania
West Virginia police watch UFO over Capitol

V9.45 - November 10th

Airline pilot sights a UFO over San Francisco
Amber UFO sighted in Steelville, Missouri
Black helicopters seen near Rochester, N.Y.
Duluth holds first Annual UFO Festival
Friends in hospital
HAARP adds to election night mysteries
Mystery NWO vehicles spotted in Vermont
Two UFOs sighted over Hampton, Virginia
UFO flap continues in western Pennsylvania

V9.46 - November 14th

1927: The men who dreamed of Reptoids
Actor Nicolas Cage wants to see a Yeti
Cylindrical UFO seen in Union Hill, North Carolina
Falling ice demolishes roof in Kent, Wash.
Fossil amphibian found in Pennsylvania
More evidence of water on prehistoric Mars
Mystery booms resume in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Star-like UFO sighted in Kentwood, Michigan
Tanks make surprise appearance in L.A.
Two UFOs sighted in Fort Worth, Texas
UFOs seen repeatedly in Ridgecrest, California

V9.47 - November 21st

2004: Prisoner of the aliens
Arab man sets himself on fire in Washington's Lafayette Square
Gunning for the "black helicopter crowd"
Humans were in South Carolina before the last Ice Age
Missing dog mystery in Coventry, R.I
New England's "Little Ice Age" of 1798
Reader Feedback: All about the Yeti
Reader Feedback: Reptoids appear in Lovecraft
Reader Feedback: Reptoids' first publication
Skunk ape sighted in Lakeland, Florida
Spherical UFO seen in west Portsmouth, Ohio
Triangular UFO seen in Santa Ana, California
Two UFOs spotted over Scottsdale, Arizona

V9.48 - December 1st

1941: Strange cruise of the I-26
Gamma-ray spacecraft launched by NASA
Mystery booms heard in Richmond, Virginia
Mysterious jet crash at Area 51 in Nevada
Reader Feedback: Pointed chins in Hollywood
Teenage slasher goes berserk in Indiana
Weirdest crime yet in Lafayette, Louisiana

V9.49 - December 8th

1653: Mysterious tower of Newport, R.I.
Falling ice demolishes roof in Lynn, Mass.
Freemasons are looking for new recruits
Kansas police quiz man in BTK serial killer case
Satellite suffers weird power failure
Wisconsin suspect said to be a Hmong shaman

V9.50 - December 15th

1778: Lafayette in Rhode Island
Bat-winged UFO returns to Washington, D.C.
Farmers see chemtrails in eastern Afghanistan (Includes Report from Hewitt)
Five dark UFOs seen in Liberty, Indiana
Jesus appears on a dental X-ray
Night saucer sighted in Hamptons Bay, N.Y.
Reader Feedback: The Richmond, Va. booms--mystery solved!
Reader Feedback: Tom Cruise was never in danger
Three UFOs spotted in Huntington Beach, Cal

V9.50 - December 22nd

Cassini performs flybys of Titan and Dione
Gigantic iceberg chokes off McMurdo Sound
Buffalo weirdness
Jesus appears on a door in Connecticut
UFO seen in eastern Louisiana

V9.52 - December 29th

California is the focus of heavy UFO activity
Did Opportunity visit a Martian car wash?
F/A-22 Raptor crashes near Area 51
Huygens probe leaves Cassini spacecraft
Prophecy fulfilled! The Big Freeze arrives
Swarm of crows invades Twin Falls, Idaho


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