USA - 2005

V10.01 - January 5th

1792: Strange secrets of the White House
Huygens continues its short flight to Titan
Israeli firm gets contract for FEMA prison camps
Marines to hold training exercise in Toledo, Ohio
Night saucers hover over Wwortham, Texas
"Potato Sniper" causes havoc in Scituate, R.I.

V10.02 - January 12th

1824: Executive mansion or Masonic shrine?
Coast-to-coast storm blankets USA in snow
Fiery UFO destroys a shed in Chino, California
Hovering saucer sighted by a dentist in Florida
Mason gets probation in Long Island shooting
Out-of-place kangaroo captured in Wisconsin
Secret service bans crosses at inaugural
Spherical black UFOs seen in New Orleans
Fiery UFO destroys a shed in Chino, California
Reader Feedback: Weird doings at Chopmist Hill
Texas psychic predicts Bush won't finish term

V10.03 - January 19th

1891: Strange secrets of Lafayette Square
Did Earth changes cause submarine accident?
Fireball spooks crowd in Antigo, Wisconsin
Huygens makes safe landing on Titan
It's official--Dubya will take the oath on the Masonic Bible
More wild weather sweeps the USA
Paranoia magazine story predicted Asian tsunami
UFO flotilla spotted in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

V10.04 - January 26th

1843: Screams in the Octagon House
Couple sees a UFO in Chino Valley, Arizona
Hundreds of squid invade southern California
Luminous UFO sighted in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Mega-blizzard buries New England in snow
More UFOs sighted in southern California
Opportunity finds a meteorite on Mars
Quoth the raven, "Tekeli-li!"
Secret commando team was at inauguration
Strange world of Titan

V10.05 - February 1st

1945: Flight of the Ostara
Cylindrical UFO seen in Lehighton, Pennsylvania
More snow blankets Massachusetts
The rain on Titan's plain is mainly methane
Three UFOs sighted near Roxbury, Virginia

V10.06 - February 8th

Amber UFO sighted in Hillsborough, N.J.
Black helicopters seen in southeastern Mass.
Dead geese fall from the sky in Keizer, Oregon
Family spots a UFO over Kelseyville, California
Ice chunk falls from sky in Leominster, Mass.
Shirley Fickett, Maine's "First Lady of Ufology" dead at age 82
Tennessee werewolf goes on the prowl
Ufologist Kenny Young dead in Ohio

V10.07 - February 16th

The big freeze chills the Balkans
Black helicopters and blackout in Rehoboth
NASA abandons Hubble Space Telescope
Night saucer spotted by pair in Syracuse, N.Y.
Oddball arson case in northern Louisiana
Saturn in the news
Sea serpent washes ashore in Perth, W.A.
Semi-octagonal UFO seen in Los Osos, California

V10.08 - February 23rd

Floods damage Pakistan, Venezuela and Greece
Mimas: Saturnian moon or derelict space station?
More UFOs reported in California
N.Y. mall shooter was fascinated by Columbine
Tornadoes south of San Bernardino?

V10.09 - March 2nd

Cassini snaps pictures of Enceladus
Cylinder-shaped UFO seen over Kirkland, Wash.
Fort: Anomalous tsunamis are not that unique
Hovering UFO seen in Killeen, Texas
Ice falls from the sky in Decatur, Illinois
Large UFO sighted in the California desert
Out-of-place tiger shot in Moorpark, California
Three daylight discs sighted in Cleveland
Triangular UFO sighted over Aurora, Illinois
Week-long Williwaw floods Los Angeles

V10.10 - March 9th

1955: The Horseheads Mysteries
Bridgewater Triangle buried in snow...again!
Cthulu's D-Day in California
Fire poltergeist burns two boats in Maryland
Large triangular UFO hovers in Monroe, N.Y.
Large triangular UFOs seen twice in Virginia
Saucer tracks woman motorist in Parma, Ohio
Strange encounter in Murrieta, California

V10.11 - March 16th

1976: Bigfoot march
Are Israelis building a prison camp in Mississippi?
Fayette Factor or video game insanity?
Mystery booms heard in Winston-Salem, N.C.
Orange, egg-shaped UFO seen in Lakeside, Calif.
Out-of-place iguana caught in Central Falls, R.I.
Shooting in Atlanta is latest occult crime
Two more snowstorms bury the Bridgewater Triangle

V10.12 - March 23rd

1951: The Rooftop Madman of Baltimore
The big freeze ain't over yet, folks!
Bigfoot tracks spotted in northern Minnesota
Cassini finds an atmosphere on Saturn's moon Enceladus
Crazy crocs sighted at Seattle's Lake Washington
Daylight disc sighted in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Florida trucker eaten by giant alligator
A Fortean centennial
Green fireball soars over Pacific Northwest
Occult crime wave hits Pikeville, Kentucky
Oval-shaped UFO seen in Fort Worth, Texas
Texas rancher gets photo of Elmendorf Beast
Will Sharon turn Iran into "Purim-a dog chow?"

V10.13 - March 30th

Anomalous tornado hits San Francisco
Jeff Weise--Columbine fan or esoteric Nazi?
Jumbo squid invade Orange County again
Luminous UFO seen again in Spotsylvania, Virginia
Luminous UFO sighted in Goodyear, Arizona
More snow smothers Bridgewater Triangle
Nine dead in Minnesota high school massacre
Objective: Arizona?
Suspect arrested in Red Creek arson case
Weird stone monument worries Georgia folks

V10.14 - April 6th

1890: A pterodactyl over Tombstone?
Bluish-white UFO seen in Franklin, Kentucky
Egg-shaped UFO spotted near Sedona, Arizona
Images of Jesus and Mary appear in Somerset, Mass.
Luminous UFO sighted in East Providence, R.I.
Meet the Darkers
Minutemen begin patrols of USA/Mexico border
Strange tornadoes, R.I.
Teen arrested, two more sought in Red Lake High School massacre
Tonawanda teen busted in high school bomb plot
UFO spotted by a man in North Charleston, S.C.
Wacko gets naked, tries to kill his three children

V10.15 - April 13th

1945: FDR...D.O.A.?
Brandon, Mississippi--A tornado magnet?
Crazy crocs go on the attack in Rehoboth, Mass.
FBI searches Red Lake High for hidden guns
Gunman shoots 6, kills 2 in two-state rampage
Irate dad blows away coach in Canton, Texas
Minutemen nab hundreds of illegal immigrants
Mystery explosion at Boston dormitory

V10.16 - April 20th

1979: The Woodsboro Ghost
Cat mutilation reported in Methuen, Mass.
Giant wave damages cruise ship
Grand jury begins probe of Red Lake shootings
Letter from the Editor
Vandals destroy historic rock formation in eastern Minnesota
Vermont teen steals skull from cemetery

V10.17 - April 27th

1909: The amazing Henry Brophy
Animal rights activists target Jennifer Lopez
"Big freeze" brings surprise snowstorm in late April
Cemetery ghoul busted in Queens, N.Y.
Foxes go berserk in Attleboro, biting children
Lyrid meteors light up the eastern USA
Situation Red: Chemtrails over Rehoboth, Massachusetts

V10.18 - May 4th

Activists protest J.Lo at Latin Music Awards
Has Dubya ceded Los Angeles back to Mexico?
The Minuteman Project goes north
Second White Hhouse buzz by a uUFO sends Bush heading for the bunker

V10.19 - May 10th

1898: Arkham unveiled
"Bewitched" statue causes furor in Salem, Mass.
"Big freeze" just won't let go in northern Texas
J.Lo Mulls a career in politics
Lizzie Borden house to undergo restoration
New dinosaurs come out of the bedrock
Three orange UFOs sighted in Florida
Two UFOs spotted over Grand Marsh, Wisconsin

V10.20 - May 18th

Americans are riled by propaganda on cable TV
Missing lander found near Martian South Pole
Mystery object drops by parachute in Virginia
Rover Opportunity gets stuck in Martian sands
Spherical grey UFO seen in Rescue, California
White UFOs sighted over Atlanta, Georgia

V10.21 - May 25th

Anniversary celebration for Area 51 is coming
Crazy croc sighted in Richmond, Virginia
"Explosive" situation on USA-Mexico border
Oval-shaped UFO seen by couple in El Paso, Texas
Spherical UFOs spotted in Angels Camp, California

V10.22 - June 1st

1962: Dwellers on two worlds
CFR promotes merger of USA, Canada and Mexico
Mystery of the lost Confederate gold fortune
Oregonians outraged at display of Mexican flag
Sci-fi author killed in Bronx car crash
Several UFOs sighted in Olmsted Falls, Ohio
UFO report leads to Indiana drug arrests
Voyager 1 reaches edge of the Solar System
Woman spots a UFO in central Virginia

V10.23 - June 8th

1969: Enigmatic Oklahoma
Confederate event causes a protest
Jesus appears on a house wall in Detroit
Jesus Christ appears at rural Kentucky church
Jourdain faces two charges in Red Lake massacre case
Lethal hail fell during 1917 Kansas tornado
Luminous orange UFO seen near Hammond, Louisiana
Luminous white UFO sighted in Moab, Utah
Minutemen and foes clash in Las Vegas
Night saucer sighted in Satellite Beach, Florida
Opportunity breaks free of Martian sand dune
Saucer seen by man in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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