V2.40 - October 19th 1997

Spherical red UFO seen near Caracas, Venezuela

V5.30 - July 27th 2000

Mothership UFO hovers over Caracas, Venezuela

V5.44 - November 2nd 2000

1886: Luminous UFO appears in Venezuela

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

Second UFO appears in a TV broadcast, this time in Venezuela

V7.19 - May 7th 2002

New UFO sighting over Cerro Avila in Caracas

V7.24 - June 11th 2002

Silver disc hovers over a power plant in Venezuela

V7.45 - November 5th 2002

Two UFOs spotted in Caracas, Venezuela

V7.49 - December 3rd 2002

Spherical UFO seen in Caracas, Venezuela

V7.50 - December 10th 2002

Luminous UFO flies over Caracas, Venezuela

V7.52 - December 24th 2002

UFO flap continues in Venezuela

V8.01 - January 1st 2003

Numerous UFOs seen in Caracas, Venezuela

V8.14 - April 2nd 2003

Weeping Mary statue shocks Venezuela

V8.15 - April 9th 2003

UFO with flashing lights spotted in Venezuela

V8.32 - August 27th 2003

UFOs appear again in Venezuela

V8.33 - September 3rd 2003

Another UFO sighted in Caracas, Venezuela

V8.38 - October 8th 2003

Glistening white UFOs seen in Venezuela

V8.42 - Nov 5th 2003

More UFOs sighted in Caracas, Venezuela

V8.49 - December 24th 2003

Daylight disc spotted over Caracas

V9.10 - March 10th 2004

UFOs sighted repeatedly over Caracas, Venezuela

V9.15 - April 14th 2004

Large green UFO seen by villagers in Venezuela

V9.21 - May 26th 2004

UFO crashes in Venezuela

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

The big freeze chills the Balkans

V10.08 - February 23rd 2004

Floods damage Pakistan, Venezuela and Greece


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