Future historians may call the last week of January in 1996 a kind of turning point in ufology. That was the week a UFO crashed in Varginha, Brazil, and seven aliens were captured by the Brazilian Army.

It was also the week that your editor opened his big mouth in the Sightings chat room and said, "You know what we need? A Web newspaper or newsletter where we can go for all of the current UFO news."

And someone else--I don't remember exactly who--responded, "Why don't you write it, Masinaigan?"

And I thought, Why not? Three weeks later, the first issue of UFO Roundup appeared.

Together we've covered a lot of ground in the last four years. Though our "Saucer CNN" has not yet reached the point where we can cover UFO sightings and landings as they happen, we're getting there. And you readers deserve much of the credit. Your email letters and reports have given me a pretty comprehensive survey of what's happening in the often-baffling world of UFOs.

Throughout our run, I have put my own resources into UFO Roundup. Mostly devoting my time and writing skills to cramming the week's top events in ufology into a 12-page newsletter. I have paid all of the "production costs," primarily related to online time and server expenses, out of my own pocket.

I am still very much willing to devote my time and typing for UFO Roundup. But I am going to need some help in meeting those $100-per-month production expenses. I really hate to ask you readers for financial support. When I began the UFO Roundup, I wanted it to be a free and freely-circulated source of information about UFOs, Forteana and other things paranormal. Governments at the municipal, state and national levels already take a lot of your hard-earned money. Also, every charitable organization from the United Way to the Fund for Indigent Imams is constantly pestering you for a donation. I hate to add my own voice to that clamor, but I really have to raise some money to keep UFO Roundup afloat.

So any contribution you would care to make to help finance UFO Roundup's research and production would be greatly appreciated. Please send your check or money order to the following address:

Joseph Trainor
9 Foley Street
USA 02703-1805

Thank you for your support. And keep those email reports about UFO activity in your area coming in. Keep your eyes on the skies!

Joseph Trainor