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Number 13
May 12, 1996
Editor: Joseph Trainor


Sunday night, May 5, 1996, at approximately 10:12 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, a party of amateur astronomers set up their telescope on a hillside in Wayne, New Jersey. The group hoped to obtain good views of the planet Venus, then prominent on the western horizon.

As the first astronomer peered through the telescope's eyepiece, he saw "a bright flash near Venus." She said, "At first I thought it was some sort of meteor exploding in the upper atmosphere." Another member of the group, who'd set up their telescope on Brandon Avenue near Route 23, said the sky explosion was "a whitish green color."

The first astronomer looked again and saw a gray saucer with "two bright lights on the top of the dome. It was about the size of a two- bedroom house." The amateur astronomer said he had the saucer in view for about 20 seconds. He spotted two transparent "glass blisters" fore and aft of the saucer's dome. The UFO performed no aerobatic maneuvers--it merely hovered in place. At the end of the 20 seconds, it "flew away to the north very fast."

Note: Wanaque Reservoir, long a UFO hot spot, lies about 25 miles north of Wayne, New Jersey. Most recently, the area reported many UFO sightings during February and March of 1996.


Christopher N., age 11, of Downington, Pennsylvania reports a strange incident of "missing time" that took place four years ago, in 1992. Then seven-year-old Chris, was coming downstairs in his home on Brookhollow Drive when he heard a humming noise. Looking out the window, he saw "two bright lights in the west-northwest of the night sky. They came down from the sky very fast and started to turn and twist around each other."

Chris said he watched the UFOs for "maybe two seconds" and then they "levelled out and flew away to the west." He called out to his mother but there was no response. So Chris continued descending the stairs. However, when he reached the bottom, he glanced at the parlor clock and was startled to discover that it was three hours later!

Chris wants to know if others have "lost" a few hours while standing or sitting during a UFO encounter.


On Monday, May 6, 1996, at approximately 12:20 p.m. local time, John J. Merceira was driving his car on Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea midway between Sicily and Libya. Merceira was driving east on the Mriehel Bypass highway, heading for the port city of Valletta.

As he drove past the town of Qormi, he reported, "I noticed an 'aircraft' in the sky in the direction of Qormi. What caught my eye was the seemingly bright reflection off the fuselage, which was blinding when looked at directly. The reflection dimmed in a couple of seconds as if the 'aircraft' was banking and suddenly the 'plane' was not there anymore. It just blinked out!"

Merceira said the sky was sunny and cloudless so "it couldn't have flown into a cloud. It simply vanished." He described the UFO as a silver "cylinder shape" that was "roughly two centimeters long at arm's length."


Three weeks before the encounter on Malta, on March 11, 1996, a dull yellow UFO appeared in the night sky near the port city of Izmir, on the west coast of Turkey. The UFO was seen by a handful of Turkish fishermen, who described it as "a curious bright light in the sky."

The night of March 12, the UFO flew over downtown Izmir. This encounter was reported in the Istanbul and Ankara newspapers.

By sundown on March 14, the beaches of Izmir were crowded with several hundred spectators. They did not go home disappointed. The UFO flew in from the Aegean Sea around 10 p.m. and performed several aerial maneuvers. A Turkish photojournalist shot seven still photos of the object, which were printed in the next day's newspapers.

Witnesses described the UFO over Izmir as "a yellow-colored ellipsoid light in the sky." As the yellow light "hovered motionless," a smaller light was seen "moving in and out of the clouds." They described "the big one" as shaped "like the saucer on the U.S.S. Enterprise" and said it "grew brighter as the smaller one merged with it." The UFO then retreated westward, back into the Aegean skies.

Note: "Star Trek-The Next Generation" is one of the Top Ten TV shows in Turkey. In fact, the Ankara ST fan club claims that Worf is half-Klingon and half-Turkish!


On May 12, 1962, a massive UFO flap began in the South American nation of Argentina. UFOs were seen all over Argentina. Landings were reported in Oncativo in Cordoba province and in Zapala in Nequen province. The sightings continued for weeks.

On June 13, 1962, the newspaper El Mundo of Buenos Aires reported that there had been so many UFO sightings over the city of Bahia Blanca that the police chief had picked up all of the eyewitnesses in La Plata for debriefing.

The night of June 15, 1962, at Mar del Plata, two dozen people saw a UFO. In the neighboring seaside resort town of Miramar, at 9:30 p.m. local time, a "cigarro volante" (flying cigar) was seen flying in from the South Atlantic by nearly 100 people. The OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) over Miramar carried "three very bright lights--red in the center, yellow on the right, and green on the left. The apparent size of the cigar was greater than the diameter of the moon."

At 2 p.m. on July 19, 1962, over 150 Argentine workmen employed at the Auto Union DKW automobile plant at Saucer Viejo, a suburb of Santa Fe, a city northwest of Buenos Aires saw a "cigarro volante" or UFO moving rapidly across the sky, heading in a northeasterly direction. The OVNI flew 1,000 meters (3,600 feet) above ground and emitted frequent blinding flashes. The object was silent, left no trail, climbed rapidly and disappeared.

Next week: More on the 1962 saucer flap in Argentina, including the two landings in broad daylight at Camba Punat and Ezezia Airport in Buenos Aires. See you then!