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Number 22
July 14, 1996
Editor: Joseph Trainor

Most of us have seen that great new movie "Independence Day." However, in some cities on Earth, you don't need to buy a movie ticket. You can stand on a street corner and watch it live!


A bulletin issued last week by the Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA) reported a UFO landing at Drosendorf, in lower Austria.

According to AUFORA, the UFO was seen by Rudolf Slam, 76, of Drosendorf. Slam told the local newspaper, the Kronen Zeitung, "Around midnight I stepped onto the balcony to have a cigarette, and I saw a shining triangular object about two meters (6.6 feet) high. I also saw some unknown figures (behind a window). When I tried to tape this object with a video camera, my batteries failed. Within seconds, the unknown object lifted off and flew away."

Slam added that the UFO "anchored itself in a field near my apartment." After several minutes on the ground, the object "lifted off at an incredible velocity, making a thundering sound" and leaving "a trail of flames at least 300 meters (990 feet) long."

After Slam reported his encounter to the authorities, Mayor Franz Krestan asked the Drosendorf police to investigate. The officers found three circular indentations in the field's turf. Measuring the physical traces, the police found that each indentation was 10 centimeters deep. The indentations were exactly 1.7 meters (5 feet, 8 inches) from each other, forming a perfect triangle. Burnt grass was found at the exact center of the triangle. The police collected both soil samples and carbonized grass fragments at the scene.


On Friday, June 28, at 11:30 p.m., a glowing orange UFO appeared over the Plaza Mayor in Zaragoza, Spain. Thousands of people watched the hovering light for approximately 10 minutes. The UFO was described as "an orange sphere--very bright." One eyewitness, Pedro Aznar Adiego, had his videocam handy and filmed eight minutes of tape. Analysis of the Aznar video showed three concentric rings of luminosity around the orange object. The UFO vanished at 11:41 p.m. as if "someone had turned off the light."

Fifteen minutes later, just before midnight, another UFO flew over the smaller city of Caceres, in Spain's Extremadura province. According to Spanish ufologist Javier Garcia Blanco, this UFO was "bright blue" and was also "filmed by several people." The blue UFO was in motion throughout the sighting and zipped away, heading for Barcelona.


On Thursday morning, July 11, 1996, people in the small town of St. Eloois Vijve in Belgium were astounded by the sudden appearance of a classic disc-shaped flying saucer. According to eyewitness Cedric de L, the UFO appeared at 8:30 a.m. while he was out on the street.. The saucer was "flying at high speed and was making little circles." After several seconds of these curious "corkscrew" aerobatic maneuvers, the saucer rocketed away toward the eastern horizon. Cedric was on the Steensteede when he spied the object. He said, "I was a little shaken" by the experience, but "nobody believed me."


On Saturday, June 29, 1996, Ron B., a 29-year-old trucker, spotted a classic disc-shaped UFO while driving on Hickston Road in rural Gloucester Township, not far from Glassboro, New Jersey.

Ron reports, "I only saw it for about a minute. The object was about one mile or less in front of me. It was flying very low, possibly at 2,000 feet. The object was light gray and looked two lens shapes, like two pie pans on top of each other. It did not make any sound that I could hear and was going very fast when I saw it. I saw the ship for about one minute, then lost it in the trees. I drove up the road to try and get another look but could not spot it again. I saw it from two angles-- at first headed right at me, then it made a right (turn) and headed south. It did not appear to have windows, and it was more rectangular than round like two pie pans with the edges cut straight."


On Sunday, June 30, 1996, at 4:30 p.m., an egg-shaped UFO flew over the University of Arizona campus on East Sixth Street in Tucson, Arizona. The overflight was witnessed by a young couple living in the area.

As she went outdoors to view "uncharacteristically nasty-looking clouds drifting out of Tucson," the woman, Meg, said, "There were a lot of lizards frolicking in the front yard, so I decided to go inside and get my camera. I took some lizard photos and sat down for a cigarette. I became aware of an object hovering in the afternoon sky...It was weird because I was unable to discern how far away or how big it was. It was very close to the color of the clouds, making it even more difficult to determine its exact size or the distance...It was kind of whitish gray in color, and it was shaped like an inverted egg. For the first few minutes, the thing--it seemed to be traveling slowly straight up into the sky. There was no noise. But then it began to haul ass across the sky, from east to west. I don't know how it was being propelled through the air. It just seemed to move effortlessly."

Meanwhile, Meg's companion, Aaron P., was inside the house. According to Aaron, "When I went out onto the porch, she (Meg) pointed at a silvery-white object flying toward the house. Bigger than an F-16, smaller than a blimp. The egg-shaped object was traveling at a moderate speed and at a very low altitude. There were no markings on the smooth- looking surface of the object, and it followed a very direct consistent course. I ran inside to get my cheap-o telescope, and when I got back onto the porch, it was directly in front of our house. By that time the object had gained in its speed and was impossible to locate in my telescope. It flew into the late afternoon sun, gaining altitude, until we could no longer see it."

From 4:30 until 5 p.m., there was increased activity at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, two miles southeast of their home, Aaron reported. "Jets were taking off constantly."

Meg was so startled by the UFO's appearance that she "clean forgot" she was holding a camera. "Oh, well," she said, "Another missed opportunity."


On Friday, July 5, 1996, at 11:30 p.m., a large red glowing UFO was reported over Middletown and Carlisle in southwestern Ohio. During its 20 minutes airborne, 23 local residents Phone Middletown police to report the sighting. Two Middletown police officers, dispatched to investigate the reports, spotted the red UFO "hovering at 1,000 feet above the Emergency Room at Middletown Hospital."

The story was reported on WLW Radio in Cincinnati and in the July 10 issue of USA TODAY. Unfortunately, it was all a hoax.

First on the scene was Dennis Clayton of Carlisle, Ohio, a UFO investigator with the Tristate Advocates for Scientific Knowledge (T.A.S.K.)

A similar UFO appeared over Middletown on Thursday night, July 11, at 10:20 p.m. T.A.S.K. field investigator Dale Farmer shot 20 minutes of video footage of the "UFO." Farmer also spoke with a private pilot who was flying that night. The pilot circled the "UFO" and saw that "the object was comprised of four or five mylar balloons, presumably filled with helium, towing a red flare."

Based on the team's field work, Ron Schaffner, T.A.S.K. director of investigations, the earlier sighting "is an explainable as the event of July 11, which is obviously a hoax."

While the Middletown/Carlisle sightings were hoaxes, no one is sure what to make of other recent UFO reports in the Midwest. On July 3 and July 8, a cone-shaped UFO was seen on the Ohio- Indiana state line south of Paulding, Ohio. Another UFO was seen in Urbana, Illinois.

On July 5, at 4:30 a.m., in Berne, Indiana, a woman named Dawn Sunger called the Berne police and reported a UFO following her car. Two Berne P.D. officers responded to the call and saw the UFO, which they described as "cone/triangle-shaped with red and blue lights." One officer videotaped the object, and the film was broadcast last week on a TV station in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


On Saturday, July 6, 1996, 23 residents of Berwick, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia saw several "unexplained orange lights flying in formation." The story was reported in the Melbourne Sunday Sun- Herald of July 7.

On Thursday, July 4, "glowing triangular objects" were reported from Melbourne Airport to Chelsea and Berwick.

On Sunday, June 30, two men in Wongthaggi, southwest of Melbourne "reported a flying cylindrical object" in the air just off Cape Paterson.


Although warned to keep silent, staffers at the Hospital Humanitas in Campinas are talking about the dead alien reportedly brought there on January 20, 1996.

Brazilian ufologist Victor Lourenco has provided us with a summary of the article that appeared in Revista UFO (UFO Magazine) in April. The article offers new insights into the UFO crash and subsequent capture of live aliens at Varginha, Minas Gerais state, Brazil on Saturday, January 20, 1996.

Ufologist Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues was the first to investigate the case. He was contacted by Luiza Helena Fatima de Silva, mother of two of the girls who encountered an injured alien at the Jardim Andere at 3:30 p.m. on January 20.

According to Franco and Lourenco, neighbors in the northern section of Varginha confirmed the presence of the Fire Department in the public park at 9:30 a.m. that day. Eyewitness Henrique Jose da Silva saw a fire truck parked beside the Jardim's entrance and a large crowd milling about. "I didn't realize what was happening," he said, "There was a strange pungent odor in the air. I asked the people what was happening, and they said, 'The fire department has captured a strange creature.'"

Captain Alvarenga of the Varginha Fire Department denied the reports of a captured alien. "We are supposed to deal only with the real thing--from Earth. An extraterrestrial would be very uncommon. The Fire Department couldn't deal with something like that."

Other neighborhood witnesses claim two Army trucks showed up at the park at 10:30 a.m. from the Escola Sargento das Armas in Tres Coracoes, south of Varginha.

One alien was reportedly taken to Varginha's city hospital. The report was denied by hospital director Dr. Adilion Husier, who said, "We couldn't keep an extraterrestrial here. We couldn't deal with it. Nothing but humans."

On January 22, the captured aliens were reportedly transferred to the Hospital Humanitas in Campinas in Sao Paulo state. According to Lourenco, hospital staffers were ordered to remain silent, but now they're talking freely to ufologists.

The hospital's catering staff claims they overheard an orthopedist named Dr. Rogerio telling a nurse, "I don't know what it is. It could be an alien. I have never seen anything like it."

However, Dr. Rogerio denies making that statement and told Revista UFO, "I don't know how you could waste your time with that kind of stuff. It's nonsense."

The caterers also saw two cars with Universidade de Sao Paulo license plates at the hospital on January 21, possibly scientists to assist with an autopsy of the dead alien.

Most intriguing of all, the caterers saw two Americans arrive at the hospital late that morning. Both men "were carrying strange devices," the witnesses said, "The Americans stayed at a big hotel near the hospital."

The best hotels nearest the hospital are the Royal Palm Plaza at Praca Rotatoria 88 and the Hotel Opala Avenida at Avenida Campos Sales 161. A group of Americans was seen at the restaurant Churrascaria Gaucha at Avenida Campos Sales 555 the evening of January 21.

Finally, Revista UFO collected several reports of UFO sightings in southern Brazil at that time. UFOs were seen at Sao Tome de Letras, Tres Coracoes, Conselheiro Lafaiete and Pouso Alegre.


A new online UFO group is calling for an end to government secrecy concerning the UFO issue. This week, they issued their manifesto:

"Since many of us wonder if we are indeed alone in the universe, and still 'more' of us question the legitimacy of the government's reports, I implore you to take the time and join a petition against the lies and secrecy. The petition must be collected by October 15th in order to have a 'moderate' amount of time to influence the 'Presidential' candidates."

"We will request the release of 'All Pertinent Data on the Extent and Knowledge of Extraterrestrials.' This will be a great disservice to 'all mankind' if we are prevented from obtaining the truth. The government is in the business of retarding and molesting and hiding facts. We Want the Truth!"

For more information on the Phoenix Coalition, contact the program coordinator at

That's it for this issue from "the paper that covers the saucers." Have a great week!