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Number 31
September 29, 1996
Editor: Joseph Trainor


On Tuesday, September 24, 1996, two children--a girl and a boy, age 9--spotted a weird-looking entity in a cornfield "about a hundred yards" from their school in the mountains of western Pennsylvania.

According to Mrs. Beverly C., the girl's grandmother, the kids saw the creature at 1 p.m. The alien was moving through a clearing in the cornfield near their elementary school, located north of Georgeville, Marchand and Smithport in Indiana County, 75 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The creature "was striding across the clearing, moving its arms back and forth like a soldier marching would," Mrs. C. said. Her granddaughter described the creature as "four feet tall, and his arms were long on his body" and had "three fingers but not unusually long." A most unusual feature was a tube-like appendage lying on top of its head and dangling down in the rear. Its skin color was "the blue of a clear sky" and "a black thing that appeared to be an eye but low where a nose should be."

Mrs. C. said her granddaughter and the boy had the creature in view for about nine minutes but did not hear any unusual sounds associated with the entity.

In a followup communication, she reported that two other children at the same school had just reported seeing a similar sky-blue creature "in the same spot sometime in the spring."
(Email Interview)

(Editor's Note: There was a UFO flap in the Path Valley, near Chambersburg, between March 3 and March 20, 1996, about 100 miles southeast of northern Indiana County.)


On Sunday evening, September 15, 1996, two silvery disks "emitting a strong light" flew slowly over Jaboticatubas, a village 75 kilometers (47 miles) from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state, in Brazil.

According to local ufologist Carlos Torres, the discs hovered briefly over Santa Luzia Church in the town's central plaza and then flew northward, hovering once more over a high hill called Cerro do Cipo. The discs, seen by dozens of people, including Torres's aunt and uncle, zipped away after six or seven minutes, heading for the resort town of Lagoa Santa.

This was the second recent UFO sighting for Jaboticatubas. On Friday, September 6, 1996, a fazendeiro reported seeing "um disco voador" (flying saucer) or classic silvery daylight disc flying "low and slow" over his farm 7 kilometers (4 miles) west of Jaboticatubas.
(Unsolicited Email)


According to the September 12, 1996 issue of Cronica, the daily newspaper in Buenos Aires, a "cigar-shaped object 150 meters (495 feet) long" flew over the city of Santiago del Estero, in northwestern Argentina the night of Wednesday, September 11 and was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses.

Santiago del Estero, capital of the province of the same name, is located 1,045 kilometers (653 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires and 155 kilometers (97 miles) south of San Miguel de Tucuman. It's the oldest city in Argentina, founded in 1553 by Francisco de Aguirre, and has a population of 160,000.

The UFO came from the north, flew over the Avenida Belgrano in midtown and then, flying at an altitude of 1,000 meters (3,300 feet), passed over the residential districts of Independencia and Jardin in the city's south end. Witnesses said the "cigarro" flashed "brilliant lights and was moving fast with no sound."

Cronica also reported a UFO encounter in the province of La Pampa. On Thursday, August 29, 1996, three men on a hunting trip near La Pastoril saw "a multicolored OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO) with very brilliant lights" hovering above a grove of trees.

The trio included Manuel O. Felipe, Jorge O. Sanchez and Enrique M. Bernal. They said they kept silent because "we were afraid people would think we were crazy."

They saw the UFO at 11 p.m. The sky was clear, with a full moon. Suddenly, they noticed "a big red light with a yellow center and brilliant borders just over the trees." At first they thought it was a fire, but then the light "began moving towards us," Sanchez said, "Leaving the place, down a dirt road with trees on either side, we saw (another) light about two kilometers away, a sky-blue light with other multicolored lights on the bottom. The OVNI disappeared... then appeared again in front of the truck and moved very fast in our direction."

The driver swerved to avoid the oncoming UFO, and the three men watched as it hovered "at the crossroads of Rutas (Routes) 33 and 70. The OVNI made a show of light, with great brightness and colorful lights. It was an amazing light show."

(Thanks, and a tip of the saucer, to Luis Pacheco of UFOZONE for the Cronica story)

(Editor's Note: Northwestern Argentina has long been a UFO hot spot. According to Frank Edwards's book, FLYING SAUCERS-- SERIOUS BUSINESS, page 144, on July 22, 1958, a very large and luminous UFO appeared over the city of Salta, north of Tucuman, and blacked out all electrical power for over an hour.)


Less than a week after the abduction of retired cook Uri Sakhov, 62, of Nazrat Illite (Upper Nazareth) by an egg-shaped UFO, the West Bank district has again experienced a UFO encounter.

According to the September 25, 1996 issue of Ma'ariv, the Israeli newspaper (see "Policemen and Citizens Saw a UFO in the North" by Dani Brand), hundreds of Bedouin Arabs were stunned early Wednesday morning, September 25, when a UFO hovered over the village of Nugidat, near Nazareth. The object appeared just after 3 a.m.

Local resident Salam Nugidat, 60, told reporter Dani Brand that the UFO "emitted blue and violet rays, and it illuminated a small hill behind the mosque." He described the UFO as "diamond-shaped."

"We followed and filmed it for nearly four hours as it slowly moved through the sky," Salam said. "It disappeared just after sunrise. I never before believed in UFOs. Now I'm convinced that there is life in the Universe."

According to the newspaper story, Major Samuel Marmelstein, Nazareth's police chief, "confirmed that the police patrol sent to the village reported seeing an unidentified craft."
(Thanks to Dr. Leon Liebnecht for sending the Ma'ariv story)


After a short lull, southern Australia's UFO flap has gone back into high gear. According to Ross Dowe of Australia's National UFO Hotline, multiple UFOs were seen in the greater Melbourne area on Friday night, September 20, 1996, between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Witnesses reported seeing "a large blue-white illumination travelling across the sky."

   Sightings occurred at the following locations:
   (1) Drouin, 18 miles (29 kilometers) east of Melbourne.
   (2) Cranbourne, 22 miles (35 kilometers) southeast of Melbourne
   (3) Keilor, 9 miles (14 kilometers) west of Melbourne
   (4) Malvern, 6 miles (10 kilometers) southeast of Melbourne
   (5) Oakleigh, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southeast of Melbourne

In Altona, a seaside town 9 miles (14 kilometers) southwest of Melbourne, a local man "sighted a disc-shaped object near Mason and Millers Roads at about 10:30 p.m. Friday, September 20. He saw the object while driving his car and stopped for a better look. "I was standing in the middle of the road, and I saw that it...thing.. it looked like a disc with rounded edges, but it was fatter in the center and thinner on the outer rim. A slight gap was visible between the two half platforms and in the gap were changing lights--red, orange, yellow lights. Oh, on the edge there were round lights."

Another car pulled up behind the witness, and the passengers emerged to watch the UFO. They discussed it among themselves. The UFO then flew away to the northeast, heading across the bay to Williamstown on Point Gallibrand.


Noted California ufologist Richard J. Boylan encountered a UFO the night of Monday, September 9, 1996 near Rachel, Nevada. Boylan, his wife and his stepson were driving on Nevada Highway 375, also known as "The Extraterrestrial Highway." He described the sky's condition as stormy, with many lightning flashes out on the desert.

Boylan reported, "As we were about ten miles east of Rachel, we noticed a very intense white light about a mile and a half ahead of us, lined up with the highway. At first we thought it was an oncoming vehicle, but after a while (we) noticed that it never got any closer but maintained the same distance...We puzzled about this for a few more minutes until a brilliant stroke of lighting flashed behind the mystery object, illuminating it and revealing that it was about 100 feet (33 meters) in the air, above the highway roadbed. Shortly afterward, the object grew dim and tiny, then almost disappeared. It briefly reflared again to full size, then, more minutes later, went out."

The following morning, September 10, the Boylans returned to the spot, near the intersection of Groom Lake Road, a dirt road leading to Area 51. "Before five minutes had elapsed," an Army AH-64 Apache helicopter appeared and swooped over their car. The chopper made a second pass and then hovered 150 feet above the vehicle. Boylan described the Apache as olive-drab green with no markings and said it escorted their car back down Groom Lake Road to the Highway 375 intersection.


A meteor 30 centimeters in diameter touched down on a farm in the Pali district, near Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India back in July.

According to the Press Trust of India, the witnesses "heard a thundering roar followed by three blinding flashes of light... Villagers who hid in their houses for a couple of hours came out to find a large, dark and stony object lying in a 60-centimeter-deep pit. The meteorite was cold to the touch, and was revealed to have a gunpowder-like substance inside after it was broken with a hammer." (Vancouver, B.C. Sun, July 6, 1996)

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