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Volume 2
Number 14
April 6th, 1997
Editor: Joseph Trainor

(A reply from Jennifer Jarvis)

(This message was originally posted on UFO UpDates)

Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 00:56:59 -0400
From: Jennifer Jarvis <>
Subject: Re: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 2, Number 14

>Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 14:36:05 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 2, Number 14


> The Southern Ontario CSETI working group,
>led by Jennifer Jarvis, completed a second week of
>observations along the shores of Lake Ontario.
>But the UFOs, as if responding to the team's
>presence, have changed their tactics and moved
>their "diving point" away from St. Catharines, Ont.


Regarding the information provided in the above volume of UFO ROUNDUP, I would like to put the record straight, somewhat.

1. I have NEVER used the term UFO in my reports.

2. I have NEVER made ANY mention of "filming" these objects. I did mention having recorded real-time audio of the events, however.

3. I have NEVER made any reference to the "power"level of these objects. However, it is probably time to make some comments on this.

According to Paul R. Hill in his book "UNCONVENTIONAL FLYING OBJECTS - A SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS," Hampton Roads Publishing Co.Inc.,1995. ISBN 1-57174-027-9, none of the characteristics that we have been watching over the last two weeks are inexplicable in the context of known physics.

Quoting from Paul Hill's book....."There is really no secret as to what this illuminated and illuminating sheath of atmosphere around the UFO is. It is a sheath of ionized and excited air molecules often called a plasma. It has all the characteristics of ionized and excited air molecules, and has no characteristics not attributable to ionized and excited air molecules with expected contaminants; thus the illumination is tied to an air plasma. I am not suggesting anything original, as it has been suggested by many that such is the case. Indeed, any physicist who has made a study of UFOs must know they are characteristically surrounded by an air plasma The terms IONIZED and EXCITED will be explained shortly.

The phenomenon of ionized and excited atmospheric molecules around a UFO also ties together a number of related mysteries about the UFO. It accounts for the general nighttime appearance of the UFO: the many observed colors, the fiery, neon-like look, the self-illuminating character, the fuzzy, indefinite or even indiscernible outline, yet an appearance of solidity behind the light. It also accounts for the general lack of heat radiation despite the fact that they sometimes look fiery or even like a flaming ball of fire, and even the ultraviolet burns sometimes received by close viewers of UFOs with a blue plasma......"

Later he mentions the associated colors......" of all the visible colors, red and orange correspond to the least energy, according to this chart (see page.61) They are also the two most common colors associated with UFO low-power operation, such as hovering or low-power maneuvers. The electrons have been given the ionization energy, but not much more, and cascade down in small energy drops corresponding to red or orange. This is statistically probable, as there are more small drops available than big ones.

According to the color chart, blue requires a relatively high activation energy. Blue, white, and blue-white are the common colors at high-power operation. The blue of the high-power maneuver or high-speed operation corresponds to the strong radiation peaks or nitrogen which will be discussed next. A blend of all the colors tends to white; but with the blues predominating, the blend gives a blue-white, as in an electric arc.

"BRIGHTNESS.......The ionization energy has two components, energy level and amount....When a hovering UFO starts to maneuver, it necessarily increases thrust (lift) and power. In such a circumstance, the UFO is generally observed to brighten rather than change color, as the witnesses observed in.....This brightness would be the result of an increase in the activation power that the UFO puts out, exactly as just explained, while the energy levels of individual events stay fixed.......The brightness change together with the UFO power change clearly show that the UFO radiation causing the brightness is an integral part of the power system. On the other hand, the observed atmospheric colors are a by-product of the power plant radiation quite dependent on the properties of the atmosphere. The colors would probably be quite different on any other planet, and would be characteristic of that planet's atmosphere."

I have noticed these exact color characteristics during our nightwatch on Friday, April 4th. We noted that one object, when flashing, would change from its conventional fireball orange, to a hazy and fuzzy reddish color, but then change back again as it continued on its way.

All told, we audio-recorded 28 events, following on from each other every 3 minutes or so.

We are not aware that these objects have "DODGED THE JARVIS TEAM". I noticed, on signalling with a small laser, that the target object visibly brightened, coincidentally or not, I am not sure.

Also, on Friday night, the objects appeared very clearly with the naked eye.

I hope that this clarifies some of the confusion in the above-mentioned ROUNDUP.

Best wishes.........Jennifer Jarvis

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