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Volume 2
Number 38
October 5, 1997
Editor: Joseph Trainor


On September 18, 1997, Palestinian Authority police investigated the attempted abduction of a ten-year-old Arab girl by a space alien.

According to the Israeli newsmagazine Yerushalayim, ten-year-old Suha A'anam was studying on the second-story balcony of her family's home in Dir Al Ajwan, a West Bank village near Tulkarem, about 64 kilometers (40 miles) northwest of Jerusalem. Suddenly, she felt something tugging her left hand. Looking up, she spied "an alien" holding her arm.

"She screamed hysterically, alerting neighbors to the scene just in time to save her. She was taken to Tulkarem Hospital with scratches to her arm."

"A neighbor told police that she heard a noise like a helicopter, looked out her window and saw 'a whirlpool in the air, spreading ash everywhere.' opposite Suha's balcony."

Six days earlier, on September 10, Muhand Faras, 16, was walking home from school near Tulkarem "when he came upon a strange being of a man's size but with a small 'root' in the middle of his face. It's skin was colored 'like a frog' (dark green--J.T.) It had two tiny hands with three fingers each and long fingernails. The alien made a threatening gesture at Muhand's face, screamed something and then flew into the sky."

Muhand said he had no idea where the alien went after that because he "was too frightened to look at it" and "thought it might shoot something dangerous" at him.

(See Yerushalayim for September 19, 1997. Also check CNI News, volume 3, number 15, part 1, for October 1, 1997. Many thanks to Mike Lindemann of CNI News for this report.)


On Monday, September 22, 1997, at 11 p.m., Enrique Bermudez Sosa parked his car in a wooded area near Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile, intent on doing some skywatching.

Suddenly, Bermudez heard a strange skittering noise all around the vehicle. Dousing the headlights, he could make out small humanoid figures running around his car. He described the creatures as "small, one meter (three feet, four inches) tall, long arms, short legs, big heads, but could not see the eyes or any other (facial) details."

He counted eight aliens in all. The creatures surrounded his car for 40 minutes. Then they vanished into the woods. Bermudez started his car and drove away at an extremely high speed.

On Tuesday, September 30, 1997, at 11:30 p.m., Dr. Carlos Munoz, an investigator for Agrupacion de Investigaciones Ovniologicas (AION), the well-known Chilean UFO study group, returned to the scene with Bermudez.

"They got out of the car to do some skywatching, and suddenly they heard and saw something move closer to them. They could only distinguish shadows, not shapes. Then they saw 30 meters (99 feet) in front of them a flourescent tube-like light in vertical position suspended about one meter from the ground. This light had a red color on the upper part and the rest was white. The tube was also pulsating."

Immediately Dr. Munoz grabbed his videocamera and began shooting. To his astonishment, the UFO could not be seen through the viewfinder. So he put the camera on his car roof, hoping to steady it. Still the UFO did not register an image in the viewfinder.

The two men then got in the car and fled. As they drove away, they heard "a loud engine noise" behind them. "And from nowhere appeared a black sports car with polarized windows." The sportscar swerved in front of them, and, as it did so, "all the needles of the instrument panel (Dr. Munoz's dashboard) jumped like crazy." (Muchas gracias a Luis Sanchez Perry para esas noticias.)

(Editor's Comment: The only road out of Punta Arenas goes to Rio Gallegos, Argentina. Only by ship or ferry is the city accessible to the rest of Chile. It should be a simple matter for the Chilean police to track down the mysterious black sportscar.)


A solitary UFO approached two Australian rescue helicopters near Lismore, a city near the Queensland/ New South Wales border 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Brisbane.

The first incident took place Monday, September 29, 1997, as a Northern Rivers helicopter was returning to Lismore from a flight to Brisbane at around midnight. The Westpac flight crew "watched the flight of an unidentified flying object" just south of Jacobs Well on the Gold Coast. "The UFO had three bright lights evenly spaced along the side of it. The pilot said it 'seemed to be flat in appearance.' The UFO resembled "an aircraft banking" and "after one minute, it dropped from sight."

On Wednesday, October 1, 1997, Wayne Fisher and Rob Hill, pilots for the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Service, were "flying at 7,000 feet in a clear night sky" when a bright light suddenly illuminated the interior of their helicopter. "The sudden burst of 'white light' was at first thought to be lightning, but the sky was clear and the light came from above and to the rear of the aircraft."

"Fearing a collision with another aircraft, the pilot immediately radioed Brisbane Air Service. It was confirmed that 'there is nothing within miles of you.' Fisher continued his southward flight to Lismore.

At 10:45 p.m., "Mr. W.P. and his 15-year-old daughter, K, were driving in the Ballina area when they saw 'a very large, round metallic bright blue object that quickly crossed the night sky in four or five seconds.'" (See the Northern News of New South Wales for October 3, 1997, "Two Air Crews in UFO Riddle," page 1. Many thanks to John Hayes for forwarding this newspaper article.)


On Saturday, September 27, 1997, at 2:30 p.m., Arizona Skywatch director Tom King "saw a flashing silver object in the sky. After a few seconds of watching it, I realized I've seen and videotaped these strange objects in the past. I ran inside and grabbed a still camera and ordered my brother Rob to come out and videotape the thing."

Returning outside, Tom began shooting still photos. "It appeared to be five to ten thousand feet in the sky at a northwest direction from my vantage point," he reported. "I was using a Canon T-50 with 1000 speed film. It had a 500mm telephoto lens and a 3X adapter." He shot four photos of the UFO.

Arriving with the videocam, Rob King began to shoot. But he was unable to get an image because of "the resolution of the color viewfinder."

Twenty minutes later, elsewhere in Phoenix, Mike DeVarennes, who had just spoken to Tom King on the phone, went outdoors and spotted the daylight disc. Grabbing his videocam, he shot one minute of footage.

The tape "shows a blinking white dot in the sky. It is blinking in a pattern of 1/30...Soon afterwards, it turns largely black, looking like a Hockey Puck. It continued to blink a white/silver to black pattern over and over."

Mike did "a final zoom on 24X digital towards the end of the video. During part of this, a 'Meier"-type disc is seen in several frames. This part of the footage does not appear to be an optical or an out-of-focus effect." (Many thanks to Errol Bruce- Knapp for forwarding these reports.)


On Friday, September 26, 1997, at 1:40 a.m., six cars driving on Rhode Island Route 10 in the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island (population 200,000) spotted a large triangular UFO flying slowly to the east.

The six cars stopped on an overpass, and the occupants got out for a better look. They had the UFO in view "for approximately ten minutes. The object had three very bright lights, arranged in a triangular pattern, together with five smaller, dimmer lights arranged in a straight line on the ventral side of the object. The object appeared to slowly rotate during the ten minutes or so, at which time it began to rise vertically and then accelerated very rapidly until it disappeared in the night sky."

One of the witnesses telephoned the National UFO Center in Seattle, Washington and described the object seen. (Many thanks to Peter Davenport for this news story.)

(Editor's Note: Check out the black helicopter story further on in this issue.)


On Saturday, September 27, 1997, at 7:30 p.m., Crystal R. stepped out of her home in Brooklyn Park (population 43,332), a suburb 12 miles (18 kilometers) northwest of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota.

The night was rainy, and, as she halted on the doorstep, Crystal "saw five cylindrical lights spaced evenly apart in a circle I would estimate to be eight to ten feet (2.5 to 3 meters) across. Lights were pulsating on this panel around the circle. Object hovered over the top of our large weeping willow (tree), which is at least 30 feet (9 meters) high."

Crystal said she watched the object hover "for approximately five seconds." During that time, it "made strange low-pitched humming sounds."

She said she went back into the house for a moment to get a drink of water and then "looked out the front door again to see if the object was still there. It was, so I observed it, wondering what it was. Suddenly, it disappeared. It did not fly away or move. It was just gone and did not reappear to my knowledge." (Many thanks to Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM for this report.)


On Friday, September 26, 1997, at about 3:30 p.m., Harvey H. knew he was "going to be in the yard awhile so I grabbed my 7X50 binoculars because I enjoy looking at airplanes."

Facing the south, Harv "was watching a twin-engine turboprop plane operating out of Austin's Mueller Airport. In my lower field of view, traveling in the same direction as the plane, appeared an object that I still do not recognize."

"It was an oval-shaped object of a whitish hue," he reported. "Its narrow side was facing the direction of travel. It definitely was not unfinished metal reflecting sunlight. It moved straight and unswerving. I don't suppose I saw it for more than three seconds as it crossed my field of view."

"I've looked at aerial objects for a good many years, but I could not say whether this object was a flattened softball-like thing flying at 50 miles per hour or if it was a far larger object at a high altitude flying a tremedous speed beyond the plane." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for forwarding this news story.)

(Editor's Note: One mile in three seconds equals 1,200 miles per hour.)


On September 18, 1997, around 8 p.m., Steven L., aged 11, was accidentally locked out of his home and went to a friend's house to await his parents' return. The friend, Alan G., aged 12, lives on a hilltop just southwest of the city of Springfield, Missouri (population 133,116).

The boys suddenly became aware of "numerous moving star-like lights in the clear night sky. To their amazement, the white lights were making quick movements" and flying away from each other.

Fifteen minutes later, "the boys were startled to see a strange-looking, triangular UFO with blue, green and red lights enter the area, towards a group of the white lights. Suddenly, the triangle UFO was under attack by two white lights shooting 'sparks.'"

The triangular UFO took evasive action, the boys reported, and flew away to the northwest.

"Then, about ten minutes later...the triangle UFO returned, angling between the two white lights. Then two smaller UFOs moved in again, shooting more sparks. This caused the triangle to make several turns before disappearing to the southwest."

Steven and Alan reported "no sound was heard" during the event.

At the same time, southeast of Springfield, private pilot Bruce Lanza, while cleaning his airplane, "noticed two moving white lights traveling side-by-side from south to north in the eastern sky, when suddenly they veered apart from each other." Lanza reported, "One went up and the other went down." He also said he did not hear any aircraft noise during his sighting. (Many thanks to Brian Adams of the Ozarks Area Research Group for this report.)


Authorities in the UK have come up with many varied explanations for the mysterious nocturnal lights seen along Scotland's eastern shore the night of Monday, September 22, 1997.

Alan Pickup of the Royal Observatory at Edinburgh said the aerial display "was almost certainly a meteor-- perhaps the size of a suitcase."

"It would have been traveling at anything from 10 to 50 miles per second," he said, "It certainly is a very rare event. A meteor bright enough to be seen in Scotland during daylight has not been seen for some time."

The UK's Ministry of Defence stated that the object was not a meteor but was actually an old Soviet (Russian) satellite, Cosmos 2343, buring up as it plunged through Earth's atmosphere.

However, according to British ufologist Graham W. Birdsall, the senior operations chief at RAF Fylingdales, Squadron Leader Paul Raymond, said, "The Ministry of Defence are saying that the object was Cosmos 2343, but we can't categorically say that this is the case."

Birdsall also spoke to sources at RAF Boulmer, who reportedly claimed that their squadrons had been placed on alert the evening of Monday, September 22. No "stand down" order was received by RAF Boulmer until 9 to 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 23.

Also, a Rescue Service lifeboat crew reported seeing an array of "bright lights going into the sea" that night. (Many thanks to Graham W. Birdsall for this story.)


During August, ufologist Bob Pratt flew to Brazil and met with Cynthia Luce of MUFON to further investigate the Varginha case.

On January 20, 1996, a UFO crashed near Varginha (population 120,000) in the state of Minas Gerais. Seven aliens reportedly survived the crash and were rounded up by troops of Brazil's Servico Inteligencia do Exercito, (Army Intelligence Service) better known as S-2.

One alien was seen in an empty lot on the Rua Suecia in Varginha's Jardim Andere section by three young women, Liliane Fatima da Silva, her sister Valquiria Fatima da Silva and Katia Andrade on their way home from work.

Pratt and Luce investigated the story of another witness, a man named Carlos Sousa, who claims to have witnessed a saucer crash in Tres Coracoes, 25 kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Varginha, one week before the Varginha crash.

On January 13, 1996, Sousa "was driving north from Sao Paulo on the highway to Belo Horizonte (capital of Minas Gerais state--J.T.) About 8 a.m., he was 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of the Tres Coracoes/Vargniha highway intersection when he heard a strange noise."

"He thought something was wrong with his pickup truck and stopped. When he got out, he realized that the noise was coming from a cigar- shaped craft about 120 meters (336 feet) in the air and off to the left side of the highway. It had windows along the side and what appeared to be a jagged hole in the front, a long 'crack' running back to the middle of the craft, and smoke or vapor coming out of the 'crack.' It was moving along to the north."

"Sousa jumped in his pickup and followed the UFO. It crossed over to the right (east) side of the highway, then went into a steep dive and disappeared. Sousa thought it had crashed and desperately searched for a road that would lead to the area. After 20 or 30 minutes, he found a dirt road and turned onto it."

Minutes later, Souza drove over the crest of a hill and spotted a debris field spread out over "a wide area, as well as about 40 armed soldiers, two trucks, a helicopter, an ambulance and several cars."

"Sousa stopped and was able to pick up a piece of very light material, that floated to the ground as he dropped it. But soldiers with rifles rushed toward him and ordered him to leave."

Later, at a roadside restaurant on the way back to Sao Paulo, Sousa was questioned by two men who "knew his name and everything about him." He was ordered to forget all about what he had seen in that farm field. (Many thanks to Bob Pratt for letting UFO ROUNDUP quote from his very detailed report.)


More black helicopter sightings were reported recently, with incidents in Michigan, Rhode Island, Arizona and Puerto Rico.

On Saturday, September 13, 1997, a Michigan man "while driving up to Ann Arbor" (population 107,316), a city 38 miles (61 kilometers) west of Detroit, "saw three black unmarked helicopters" carrying equipment "which could have been weapons. They were flying in perfect formation over U.S. (Highway) 23. They flew right over the road, and then they went in different directions. They were out of sight within a few seconds." (Email Interview)

On Saturday, September 27, 1997, at 1 p.m., Giles and Stella Mousseau of North Smithfield, Rhode Island (population 8,500), about 15 miles (25 kilometers) northwest of Providence, looked out their window and "saw a black military helicopter with no markings flying around the neighborhood." The chopper flew back and forth for 30 minutes at low level, occasionally hovering "and slowly zigzagging, like it was looking for something." At 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Mousseau called her daughter in Wickford, R.I. and reported the strange incident. (Email Interview)

On Monday, September 29, 1997, at 1:10 a.m., at an undisclosed location in Puerto Rico, "a helicopter was seen of a black color, flying over an area where two UFOs had appeared. The helicopter was at a low altitude and flew around for five minutes." (USENET Item)

Recently, while driving to Payson, Arizona (population 5,068), veteran ufologist Clark Hathaway and his wife, Julia, had a black helicopter encounter. Formerly a resident of Sacramento, California, Hathaway moved to New Mexico in 1996 and formed the Four States UFO Group in Farmington, N.M.

The Hathaways were driving on Arizona Highway 87, near the town of Sunflower, when Clark "noticed approaching what I thought was a highway patrol helicopter. As it drew closer, however, I could see in silhouette the rocket pods carried under the winglets. The gunship was flying no more than 150 feet (45 meters) above the strip of desert between the double lanes of the highway."

"Julia exlaimed, 'That IS a black helicopter!'"

"I at first uttered a short unprintable but soon we started to realize that it was indeed a black gunship with NO visible markings. By that time it had drifted to the left...I immediately wondered where the thing was headed and where its base of operations was." (Many thanks to Clark Hathaway for this report.)


Scott Corrales's book, CHUPACABRAS AND OTHER MYSTERIES is out, and it's well worth the price. Not only does Scott update us on the Chupacabra incidents of 1996, he provides a great summary of Latin America's most important UFO sightings of recent years. This is a book that belongs in every ufologist's library. It's available for $19.95 at Greenleaf Publications, P.O. Box 8152, Murfreesboro, Tennessee USA 37133.

Preston Dennett's ONE IN FORTY - THE UFO EPIDEMIC is also on sale. The book contains dozens of true accounts of UFO close encounters. The book costs $19.50, plus shipping and handling, and can be ordered from Kroshka Books, 8080 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 207, Commack, New York USA 11725

from the UFO Files...1954: FRANCE'S LONGEST DAY

Forty-three years ago, on October 2, 1954, a wave of UFOs invaded France. Here's the summary...

"The French government meteorological station at Morvan saw an oval-shaped craft going at amazing speed, 3,000 feet up."

"Cigar-shaped objects were seen at Coulommiers, sixty miles south of Paris, and police photographed marks left by a strange mushroom-shaped object."

"Mme. Simone Geoffroy of Diges, a hundred miles south of Paris, said, 'I saw a curious engine like a cigar pointed at both ends in a field.'"

"At Blanzy (Saone-et-Loire department), two men saw a cigar-shaped thing in a freshly plowed field. It was about six feet long with a pointed metal terminal. As they approached, the fusiform object rose into the sky vertically."

"Over the beach at Carry-le-Rouet, three women saw 'a half-cigar in the sky, throwing out smoke.'"

"Over Les Invalides airport in Paris, actress Michele Morgan saw a glowing disk." (See FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED by Harold T. Wilkins, Pyramid Books, 1967, pages 56 and 57.)

(Editor's Note: Michele Morgan starred with Jack Haley and Gloria DeHaven in the 1943 movie "Higher and Higher." Which, incidentally, was Frank Sinatra's first film.)

That's it for this week. Join us next week for more saucer news from "the paper that goes home-- UFO ROUNDUP." See you then!

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