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Volume 3 Number 18

From Mark Cashman

> From: Masinaigan<> [Joseph Trainor]
> Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 13:04:56 EDT
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> Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 3, Number 18


Some clarification and correction

> Early in April, a 39-year-old man was driving east

The witness is 19. The event occurred on April 19th.

> on Route 147 from Meriden to Middletown, Conn.

The route is 66.

> (population 42,762) at 9 p.m. when he spotted an unusual object hovering over the Mount Higby Reservoir.

> "He saw an object hovering over the water and its reflection was observed in the water. There were three lights in triangular formation, which were very bright."

In a recent on-site visit the witness compared them in brightness to halogen high-beams at a distance of about 30 ft.

The lights were not reflected by the trees, a thick stand of pine. This may allow limits on brightness to be determined.

The lights did reflect on the water.

The lights were observed through trees on two occasions.

> According to Mark Cashman and Bruce Tilden, who are investigating the case for Connecticut MUFON, the UFO "was about 50 feet above the reservoir. Object was approximately 100 feet (30 meters) across. It is estimated that the pine trees around the reservoir are between 30 and 40 feet high. The witness said the lights on the object were slightly bluish-white, closer to flourescent light than halogen."

These estimates are not the usual UFO fluff but are based on preliminary triangulation with help from the witness. Unfortunately, the original estimates were performed on a night of poor weather. A visit several days later produced better azimuth and elevation estimates. However, there is some error in these. I am currently working on an interpretation, that indicates the region of greatest probablility, but the order of magnitude of these measurements does not seem to be threatened.

There are several areas of difficulty in making and interpreting these measurements, the worst of which is the fact that they were made 1.5 weeks after the observation, and the second worse being the still experimental method of deriving these measurements from the witness memory and recording them.

The object appeared to be approx 12 degrees in angular size.

> The witness observed the UFO from the car's driver-side window. The object turned off its lights as his car drove past.

After the car was past the object, according to the triangulation.

Further notes:

A 2 hour site visit with reenactment of the sighting by the witness was performed. Azimuth and elevation were estimated at several points. Coordinates of those points have been plotted on a digital map and sight lines have been plotted. Currently the distance seems to be between 0.1 (500 ft) and 0.25 mi (1000 ft). There are two major sight line intersections, which will be analyzed. Some estimate of the error in azimuth was obtained.

Air traffic was observed on this second site visit. Very few aircraft crossed the section of sky in the direction of the sight lines. Only one could even conceivably have been interpreted as typical straight-on-landing-light bright. Checks are underway to determine if there were any formation flights (which would be required to account for the large angular size of the formation). The air traffic was observed for nearly 2 hours, and for a half hour of undistracted observing.

There is some local lighting, which the witness clearly distinguished from the object lighting.

The observation lasted about 15-30 secs. So far, no other witnesses have been found, but only limited canvassing has been done.

A third site visit was performed and site photos were taken from all of the triangulation points. In addition, a GPS track log of the road was taken, and will be used for greater accuracy in locating the triangulation points.

The witness has been very cooperative but wishes to remain anonymous.

We are currently seeking permission to enter the reservoir property, due to the low altitude. Most trace evidence would have been destroyed by recent rains, but we consider it part of a complete investigation to come as close to the calculated location of the object as possible.

Upon completion of the investigation, a full report (with maps etc.) will be made available at the MUFON CT website:

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