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Volume 4
Number 28
November 4, 1999

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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On Saturday, October 9, 1999, at 4 p.m., a large luminous UFO flew over the town of Sao Felix do Xingu in Para state, Brazil and then exploded in mid-air over the rain forest about 40 kilometers (25 miles) to the west.

The story was aired on Monday, October 25, 1999, on the Brazilian TV network Bandeirantes. According to the report, "hundreds of people," including "four tribes" of the forest-dwelling Kaiyapo people, "spotted a bright object flying over the city, leaving a smoke trail behind it."

Eyewitness Gildemar de Sousa reported, "It was something like a big explosion, like a bomb, that trembled the ground."

Following the explosion, two geologists, Romulo Angelica and Melio Rezende left the rivefront town of Maria Preta by motorboat and traveled up the Rio Xingu to the crash site. There they took photos and samples and interviewed Kaiyapo people who had witnessed the explosion.

The blast site was in the foothills of the Serra do Cachimbo, near the border of Para and Mato Grosso states. The Kaiyapo are an indigenous Native American people of the region.

Kruakruque, a Kaiyapo chief, said, "That thing was very, very big. The ground shook up."

According to Brazilian ufologist Vittorio Pacaccini, "With the help of two other Kaiyapo Indians, the exploration team finally got to the crash site where parts of the woods were still on fire 16 days after the incident. What they found there was unexpected--hundreds of trees completely uprooted and still burning or smoking but no residue or trace of any aircraft" was found at the site.

Romulo Angelica said, "We found this very strange because we at least should have a crater here. But there is no crater anywhere around. We honestly don't know what happened."

No trace of nuclear radiation was detected at the crash site.

"There was a weird and unrecognizable smell in the air," Bandeirantes correspondent Renaldo Vilhena reported, "It was not the smell of burned wood or gunpowder. Not even burned fuel."

Sao Felix is on the Rio Xingu about 650 kilometers (390 miles) north of Brasilia, the national capital. (Muito obrigado a Vittorio Pacaccini e Thiago Luiz Tichetti por eso caso.)

(Editor's Noe: This isn't the only strange incident in the state of Para. Sir Richard F. Burton, a famous British traveler of the Victorian Age, wrote, "The people here have stories of estrondos (sudden loud noises like claps of thunder--J.T.) and superhumanities which await on them indications of buried treasure. At Breja, there is an olho de agua (cavern) where the clashing of steels rods (heavy machinery?) can be heard." See Burton's 1869 book Travels in the Brazilian Highlands. There have long been rumors of an underground alien base in Para.)


Chupacabra attacked two fazendas (farms) in the state of Sao Paulo in southern Brazil on Saturday, October 23, 1999, killing a total of eight goats and three sheep.

The attacks took place in a rural area outside the large city of Sorocaba, which is 176 kilometers (110 miles) west of Sao Paulo city.

The first attack took place Saturday morning, October 23, at a fazenda called Nova Esperanca (Portuguese for New Hope--J.T.), and three goats "were found dead and drained of blood. On each animal there was only a single nick near the throat."

The second attack took place a short while later on a fazenda near Cesario Lange, S.P. The owner, Marco Antonio de Souza, said five goats and three sheep were found dead, with the bodies drained of blood.

"The attacks were attributed to the Chupacabra, a mysterious predator which attacked farms in the region two years ago." (See the newspaper Correio Brasiliense of Brasilia for October 26, 1999, "Chupa-cabras mata animais." Muito obrigado a Pedro Cunha por eso caso.)


On Saturday, October 23, 1999, around noontime, a luminous hovering UFO was sighted above the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily and remained there, performing small maneuvers, for ten minutes.

The oval-shaped UFO was seen by hundreds of people in the city of Adrano, southwest of the volcano, and in the smaller towns of Belpaso and Viagrande.

The UFO was described as "a white circular object with a dark central mass that appeared scorched...The object changed its position vertically, horizontally and frontally and also its shape."

"In Adrano, a movie house owner and a TV newsman videotaped the object for several minutes and described it as a disco volante. (Italian for flying saucer--J.T.)" (See the Italian newspapers La Sicilia for October 24, 1999 and Il Messagero for October 25, 1999. Grazie a Edoardo Russo, Davide Ferrara, Roberto Labanti, Gildo Persone, Goffredo Pierpaoli e Antonio Rampulla di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici (CISU) per questo rapporto.)


On August 18, 1999, at 4 a.m., the witness was riding in a taxicab just west of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, when he spotted an unusual light in the dark night sky.

"The oval-shaped UFO had bright lights like a Las Vegas sign," the witness reported, and compared the object's luminosity to the brightness of a car's headlights "several blocks away...It hovered overhead for about 40 minutes."

"I was driving in a taxi to the airport, which is about two-and-a-half hours away from Lhasa," he said, "And the driver pointed out an object in the sky and said, 'UFO!'"

The taxi driver "indicated that he had seen five (UFOs). He also came to something alongside the road and pointed to it to show us something. But it was dark and I missed it. He indicated that a UFO had landed there. I watched the object in the sky with the blinking lights on it, and I didn't recognize it as anything I had ever seen. I believe it was a UFO, and it hovered over us for about 40 minutes." (Many thanks to Jeroen Wierda of Picard UFO Research International for this report. You can read more at PUFORI's website at http://www.pufori.org.)

(Editor's Comment: If any UFO Roundup readers have information about one or more UFO landings in Tibet during the past year, please send me an email. Thanks!)


On Sunday, October 24, 1999, at 10 a.m., the eyewitness, a 28-year-old female commercial photographer from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, was on vacation in Japan and driving through open countryside in Yamanashi prefecture, just southeast of Kofu city.

Pulling over to the side of the highway, she had a panoramic view of the stratovolcano Fujiyama against a clear blue sky.

"Mount Fuji had a powerful effect on me," she reported, so she got out her camera and begin snapping pictures with its 100-300 Macro lens. She snapped 11 photos of the mountain and then proceeded on her way.

When the roll of film was developed, however, she found images of "two UFOs, at one time traveling side-by-side. The photos show a transparent magenta light that leaves a trail behind it. In one photo, there appears to be a powerful light source that emits a strange magenta/green energy. Also, at some points, they appear to hover over Mount Fuji. I am a portrait/freelance photographer. I have over and over again tried to find a rational explanation for these unusual photos." (Many thanks to Jeroen Wierda of PUFORI for this report.)


"A spectacular fireball passed over the Maritimes Wednesday (October 27, 1999) rattling houses, lighting up the night sky and sparking a deluge of phone calls to emergency centres."

"There are unconfirmed reports that pieces of meteorite that struck the Oyster Pond area of the Eastern Shore, and northern New Brunswick, where a fire was reported near St.-Quentin."

"Fire crews could not be reached, but nobody in the New Brunswick town's all-night gas station had heard or seen anything."

"The light show, described as comet-like and accompanied by sonic booms, had police and Rescue Coordination Centre officials after calls started flooding in at about 9:30 p.m."

"Callers heard an airplane was on fire or a satellite might be disintegrating were the ones but their concerns were generally discounted."

"Air traffic controllers at Moncton reported that two planes in the area saw 'a fireball of some sort lasting for about 12 seconds,' said military spokesman Lt.-Cmdr. Glenn Chamberlain."

"But no aircraft had reported trouble, and the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) had not tracked any fallen man-made debris such as satellites, he said."

"The first report was a 911 call from Liverpool shortly after 9:30 p.m., and calls were soon coming from Yarmouth to Cape Breton and as far west as Quebec."

"Maureen Elm of Stewiacke said the fireball appeared to pass indirectly overhead and her daughter heard a boom to the west a few seconds later."

"'It sounded like it hit, and it rattled our windows here at home,' she said."

"Dave Dawe, duty manager at Halifax International Airport, said he saw the flash and thought it was a flare. 'It was bizarre--everything lit up.'"

"Parrsboro resident Donald Lake saw 'a bright yellow ball and a long trail' streak across the sky."

"Astronomer David Lane," a university professor, "said witnesses probably felt the shock wave of explosions when the meteor began fragmenting, rather than the rattle of impact." (See the Halifax, N.B. Herald for October 28, 1999, "'Bizarre' fireball lights up sky, emergency lines,' by Barry Dorey. Copyright 1999 by the Halifax Herald Ltd., all rights reserved. Many thanks to John Hayes for forwarding the newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: First South Africa, then Brazil, now Canada's New Brunswick province. If these are Leonid meteors, they are three weeks early. And if they are meteors, we could be in for a wild Leonid meteor shower this month.)


Two crop circles were found at the end of September by two farmers combining a wheat field in Viscount, Saskatchewan, Canada (population 60). The formation was reported Thursday, October 28, 1999 to Circles Phenomenon Research (CPR)-Canada.

The circles were found by farmers Leon Viols and Debra McRae. "Two circles in wheat, One is about 30 feet diametre (9 meters), the other about 20 to 25 feet (6 to 7 meters). Both flattened right down to the ground in neat swirled lay patterns. Circles are spaced just a few feet apart."

"The circles and extra field have (since) been combined, but the circles themselves are still there, being flattened hard to the ground and therefore not cut."

Viscount is on Provincial Highway 16 about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Saskatoon. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of CPR-Canada for this report.)


A new witness has come forward in the Dandridge, Tennessee UFO case.

Kristen P. 17, now living in Sevierville, Tennessee (population 7,178) contacted UFO Roundup and said she saw a UFO in Dandridge on July 4, 1999.

Kristen reported, "On July 4th this year, my boyfriend and I were having a late night picnic" at Lake Douglas in Dandridge. "My father lives very close to the lake. We had finished (having supper) and laid down to look at the stars. There were four (UFOs) this time, and I knew exactly what they were. Only one was much larger than the other three and had a reddish light on the top of it. They were traveling so fast, my boyfriend didn't really get a good look at them. He didn't believe me when I told them what they were. Typical."

Dandridge, Tenn. (population 1,540) is 23 miles (36 kilometers) east of Knoxville. (Email Interview)


On Sunday, October 31, 1999, at 12:10 a.m., William F. spotted a green UFO "moving from east to west" about "ten feet above the trees from my point of view on Golden Hill" is San Diego, California.

The UFO "was going toward the bay over the southern half of San Diego. I would estimate over the Commercial Street area, now the new stadium district. It was descending on a downward angle. About a five-degree slope."

"Moving much faster than your average airplane or helicopter, very quietly, slowing down to a dead stop over the bay. Then it turned red and made a sharp right-angle (90-degree) turn to the south. I last saw it heading east about a mile and a half south of where I had originally spotted it."

"I've seen missiles go that fast," he added, "but never one stop dead and then make a right-angle turn."

San Diego (population 1,110,600) is located 124 miles (198 kilometers) south of Los Angeles. (Email Form Report)


"Major phone companies are sending an unusual New Year's plea to their customers: Don't pick up that phone!"

"They fear millions of people will check for a dial tone just after midnight on Jan. 1 to see whether their phone service survived the Y2K bug."

"Add them to all the folks who ring in the New Year by calling family, and there's a potential for a telecommunications traffic jam. Some callers who pick up their handsets might hear nothing or get a fast busy signal."

"But that won't necessarily indicate that Year 2000 problems have wrecked the network, say companies."

"'Just becuse you pick up the telephone at or around midnight Dec. 31st and get a busy signal doesn't mean you've been bitten by the Y2K bug,' said Bill Kula of GTE."

"The big phone companies say they've already solved their Year 2000 computer problems after spending more than $3.8 billion to upgrade their networks and supporting systems. Yet they are shelling out extra cash to urge consumers not to flood the system at midnight. They are using inserts in phone bills, grassroots information sessions and advertising to spread the word."

"'I think some folks will be disappointed because they will try to call other countries and some of those calls might not go through,' said AT&T spokesman Dave Johnson."

"Phone companies, bracing for congestion, are urging consumers not to pick up their phone just to see if the line is working and are hoping they will space out their calls."

"'Don't even test it' is the advice of Bell Atlantic spokesman Jim Smith. 'It's going to work. Don't make yourself nervous by running into a backed-up network.'"

"Several companies anticipate some phone system blockages--particularly in the hours right after midnight and in the morning when people are calling relatives."

"Estimates vary. But one high-end figure predicts the number of people picking up their phones then will be 11 times that of Mother's Day, one of the year's busiest calling times, said Dave Bolger of the U.S. Telephone Association, which represents phone companies."

"Consumers can clog the system without even dialing because just taking the phone off the hook engages the system. Once the system reaches a certain threshold, machines monitoring the traffic might block dial tones or send fast busy signals." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for October 30, 1999, "Y2K phone advice: Don't check dial tone," pages 1A and 6A.)

(Editor's Comment: This doesn't make me nervous. What makes me nervous is the fact that back in January 1999, while planning for Operation COMEX/MOBEX 99, the big National Guard call-up, one of the exercise scenarios was "a simulated comm-out." See UFO Roundup, Volume 4, Number 3 for details. Now we have the big phone companies warning about just such a 'comm-out." Coincidence?) from the UFO Files:


A strange series of ghostly phenomena took place at the old schoolhouse on School Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts, located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Boston.

The phenomena began in September 1870 when 'every day a mysterious yellow glow spread over the classroom, windows and blackboards. It usually started near the hall door and spread silently over the room. After about two minutes, it faded away."

"It did no harm while it cast its light over the room, but afterwards the students and the teacher, Miss Lucy A. Perkins, felt weak and ill."

"The yellow radiance was not the only unusual occurrence. There was also a breeze of cold air that swept through the room, even when the doors and windows were tightly shut. The chill breeze rattled the papers and faded map hanging on the wall and shook the hanging lamp. This too made the teacher and children slightly ill, but they kept on with their studies day after day, bravely trying to ignore these strange events."

"A high-pitched laugh began to be heard occasionally. The eerie sound echoed in the tiny attic, the small coal cellar and the vestibule."

"The climax came on November 1 (1870). During a geography lesson, Miss Lucy called upon a student to recite. In the midst of a sentence, he suddenly stopped and pointed to the vestibule. There stood a boy with his arm upraised."

"The boy stood silently, his arm and his face and jaw bound in a white cloth as though he had an injured jaw or a toothache. Then, as they all watched, he slowly vanished. From that time on, the schoolhouse was plagued no more."

"Three local boys with a reputation for mischief were questioned in an attempt to solve the mystery, but the authorities decided they had no part in the events. To this day, the yellow glow, the cold breeze and the boy with the upraised arm and bandaged jaw have never been explained."

What's interesting about this case is the part the old Newburyport school, built in the 1700s, played in the lives of two of the USA's most notorious Illuminati.

The first was Timothy Dexter, a leather goods merchant who became a wealthy currency speculator. Born in Malden, Mass. on January 22, 1747, the son of Nathan and Esther (Brintnall) Dexter, he arrived in Newburyport in 1769 and married Elizabeth Lord the following year.

In 1792, Dexter purchased the mansion at 201 High Street, Newburyport, with is distinctive golden eagle on the roof, and contributed much money to the construction of the school.

But Dexter's Illuminati ties didn't sit well with the Newburyport Presbyterians. Dexter held a mock funeral for himself and then "beat his wife for not giving vent to sufficient grief."

So he moved his family to Chester, New Hampshire, where he caused a lot of comment when he "kept a coffin on the front porch." On the coffin was an intriguing slogan--Death is an eternal sleep. It meant nothing to the New Hampshire farmers, but then again none of them had ever been to the Loge des Neufs Soeurs (Lodge of the Nine Sisters) in Paris, then world headquarters of the Illuminati. The same motto appeared in the lodge's council room.

Returning to Newburyport, Dexter busied himself with his occult activities and in 1802 published a strange book, Pickles for the Knowing Ones." The last chapter of the book, entitled "Salt and Pepper to Taste" contained page after page of commas and periods. (Obviously a coded mesage from Europe--J.T.)

Dexter died in Newburyport on October 23, 1806. What his long-suffering wife said or did at his real funeral was not recorded.

But the old Newburyport school has an even more prominent Illuminatus in its history. In 1824, the teacher there was none other than Albert Pike. (See Strangely Enough! by Carroll B. Colby, Sterling Publishing Co., New York, N.Y., 1959, pages 145 and 146. Also Life of Timothy Dexter by S.l. Knapp, Newburyport, Mass., 1838.)

We'll be back in seven days with more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-- UFO Roundup." See you then.

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