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Volume 5
Number 17
April 27, 2000

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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On Wednesday, April 19, 2000, Carabineros (Chile's national police--J.T.) conducted an intensive search for a Chupacabra on the outskirts of Calama, a small city 300 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of Antofagasta.

The Carabineros fired several shots at an unknown intruder on the north bank of Rio Loa and later found several strange footprints at the spot.

According to the newspaper El Diario, "on Wednesday night, the fast, sudden movement of 'something' inside the bushes, accompanied by a strange howling, alerted police officers who fired a volley of shots in the air in the vicinity of the local cemetery."

"Nothing was found afterward except for a pair of strange footprints which were taken and sent to Santiago (Chile's national capital--J.T.) for analysis."

"Carabineros searched the north bank of the Rio Loa for more than three hours, covering four kilometers on foot, in search of the culprit (responsible for) the deaths of nearly 200 animals, but the possibility of human involvement has not been discounted."

Carabineros from the cuartel (barracks) at Aguas Buenas conducted the search and fired the shots at the intruder, which local residents said was a Chupacabra (Spanish for goat sucker--J.T.)

The Chupacabra first appeared on the island of Puerto Rico in 1995. Since then the creature has been sighted in Mexico and Brazil.

"Police officers unsuccessfully combed the farms in the suburbs of" Calama "to search for an alleged Chupacabra which had already slain some 200 sheep and which had also attacked pigs in recent days," between April 15 and April 20.

"Alarmed by recent attacks, the regional government ordered patrols of the outskirts of the desert mining region about 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) north of Santiago de Chile. Policemen, accompanied by tracking dogs and under orders to open fire if attacked searched the farms where the locals maintain small cultivation operations..."

"The slaughter of pigs and sheep has been attributed not only to the Chupacabras--attorney and ufologist Boris Campos says that aliens from space may be to blame for the carnage."

On Thursday morning, April 20, 2000, authorities in San Fernando, another community of the El Loa region, west of Calama, received "reports about the strange deaths of some 30 hens, ducks, pigs and dogs in several areas. These killings have also been attributed to the Chupacabras."

"The bizarre deaths of sheep and goats in the region of Labanda, El Loa province, led to a summoning of a multi-agency meeting to discuss the subject and to agree on measures aimed at putting an end to the problem, and above all, determine who or what has caused the deaths..."

While the interagency meeting was taking place, more reports were received from Talcarehue, near San Fernando, "where strange animal deaths have also been reported over the past few days. Locals speak of the strange deaths of a hog, a dog, six chickens and some ducks under circumstances that remain unexplained, as well as the presence of footprints for which no explanation could be found."

On Saturday, April 22, 2000, authorities in northern Chile began to attribute the rash of strange animal deaths to a roving pack of wild dogs.

"Lucas Bouchard, chief of Environmental Hygiene and Food in Calama, explained that these animals tend to bite each other during fights, inflicting deep bloody wounds, thus developing a taste for the substance (blood). This gives rise to the hypothesis that (the dogs) running in packs now slay animals, and given the difficulty of consuming the flesh, are content to drink their blood."

Francisco Segocia, regional governor of El Loa province, said, "The footprints were taken to the Investigations lab. We cannot say what they are at this time, but at first sight, they come pretty near to dog prints, which tend to expand and acquire strange shapes. An operation has been conducted, and we want to point out that no evidence of the presence of a strange animal was found, nor of any strange phenomena that could be the cause of the animals' deaths." (See the Miami Herald for April 20, 2000. Also El Diario and El Mercurio de Chile for April 20, 2000. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, auto de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi para esas histories.)


Four months after the January 5th incident, southern Illinois is again the stage for a UFO drama.

"A rash of bright-light sightings early Thursday," April 20, 2000, "could have been little green men, but UFO experts are skeptical."

"Investigators with the National Insitutute for Discovery Science initially were excited by reports from the Illinois State Police and Caseyville police early Thursday because they were so near the January 5 sighting in Highland, Lebanon, Millstadt and Dupo. And it occurred just after 4 a.m.--about the same time the earlier sighting occurred, said institute investigator Roger Pinson."

"But a lack of identifiable witnesses or a precise UFO description--coupled with a storm Wednesday night that pelted the area with rain, high winds and lightning--quickly fizzled the investigation's drive, Pinson said."

"'No one was able to see an actual shape. All people saw was lights. There was no pattern or color or intensity.'" added Pinson, who also reportedly said the lack of such details "'made it difficult to, for lack of a better word, to get excited about.'"

"He admitted there was a '100 percent possibility' the light seen Thursday was related to the object reported January 5 but said it was unlikely."

"Officials at Scott Air Force Base and at Lambert Field in St. Louis (Missouri) no sightings or signs of spacecraft on the radars."

"The Illinois State Police received an anonymous call just before 4 a.m. Thursday reporting bright lights. And Caseyville police received six calls between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. placing the bright lights over a roughly five-mile (eight-kilometer) radius between Fairmont Park and Illinois (Highways) 157 and 161." (See the Belleville, Ill. News-Democrat for April 22, 2000, "Expert: Sighting likely not UFOs." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for forwarding the newspaper article.)


On Saturday evening, April 15, 2000, Ronald G. was working at the Meijer store in Hamilton, Ohio (population 62,000), a small city on Route 127 approximately 22 miles (35 kilometers) north of Cincinnati. Suddenly, he saw a bright gleam in the western sky.

"I was doing the lot at Meijer, moving shopping carts off the lot," Ronnie reported, "And all of a sudden I looked up and saw a UFO. It was moving at a fast rate of speed. A very fast rate of speed!"

"The color was a light red-orange color, and the shape was like an oval or a circle. The length of the UFO was at least 10 feet by 10 feet (3 meters by 3 meters). And it was going at a rate of speed of about 700 miles per hour (1,120 kilometers per hour). As it streaked over the skies above Meijer, it speeded up and it was gone."

"The same thing happened the following night (Sunday, April 16, 2000), and it was the same color and shape," he added, "It slowed down to 650 miles per hour as it approached Meijer." (Email Form Report)


On Saturday, April 22, 2000, at 7:45 p.m., Alan J. and his wife were standing outside their home in George, Southern Cape province, South Africa when they spotted a bright object approaching from the west.

"I thought I was looking at a Satellite, but it was very bright," Alan reported. "Much brighter than any night star or Satellite. It went dim as my wife and I were watching it, and it travelled at about the same speed as a Satellite," moving from west to east.

"We studied it for about 15 seconds total."

"Alan, who was facing northwest when he saw the UFO, added that "It was brighter than any night star and was travelling in a straight line."

George is in Southern Cape province approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Capetown. (Email Form Report)


SOS OVNI, the French UFO research group, has obtained documents proving that France's Ministry of Defense tracked a UFO on radar during a close encounter in 1998.

According to issue number 43 of Phenomene, a newstand UFO magazine, "in August 1998, a civilian living near Metz saw a spherical object which beamed down a light as it flew over his head."

The witness reported his encounter to the Gendarmerie (France's national police--J.T.) During the investigation, the Gendarmerie "showed him a file which seemed to show that the military had tracked the OVNI (French acronym for UFO--J.T.) on radar."

The file reportedly showed that the UFO had been tracked by radar at the Drachenbronn Air Control Center, north of Strasbourg in eastern France.

In February 1999, SOS OVNI sent a request for information letter to France's Ministry of Defense, asking for a copy of the radar report. A similar request was also sent to the facility at Drachenbronn, but there was no response from the air control center.

"In July 1999, investigators from SOS OVNI received a copy of the Gendarmerie report. The military radar detection was mentioned in unquestionable terms."

Armed with this report, SOS OVNI again lobbied the ministry to release the actual Drachenbronn radar detection report. Their request was referred to the Commission d'Acces aux Documents Administratifs (CADA), a French agency that reviews all requests made under that country's freedom of information act, deciding "which documents may or may not be released under the act."

Last month, CADA issued a favorable response and turned over the Drachenbronn reports to SOS OVNI.

"The report states, 'We detected radar track ME-403 with no information about the height (altitude) of an oject on which we have absolutely no data.'" (Merci beaucoup a Perry Petrakis de SOS OVNI pour ces nouvelles.)


One of the strangest Fortean "swarms" of recent years took place on Saturday, April 22, 2000--the day before Easter Sunday--when hundreds of large brown jackrabbits overran yards and streets in Fargo (population 75,000), a large city in eastern North Dakota.

The animals were described as prairie jackrabbits, brown with white tails, with long ears and slightly larger than the average rabbit of the species. They were believed to have crossed the Red River from the prairie east of neighboring Moorhead, Minnesota (population 33,000).

Rabbits were seen and videotaped hopping along University Drive and 17th Avenue, and also along Interstate Highway I-94, particularly the grassy median strip between the traffic lanes.

(Editor's Comment: True enough! I counted over ten rabbits in the Fargo TV station's five-second video clip, which aired Saturday night.)

Scientists had no immediate explanation for the sudden and unexpected rabbit migration. (Many thank to WDIO-TV Channel 10 here in Duluth, Minn. for the report.)


"Scientists have cracked one of France's most enduring mysteries, saying an ailing boy who died in a Paris prison more than 200 years ago was the son of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and heir to the French throne."

"The fate of Louis XVI's ten-year-old son," also known as Prince Louis-Charles, Duc (Duke) de Normandie, "had long intrigued France. Some declared the dead boy to be Louis XVII; others said the royal heir escaped and another child died in his place to save official face during the unstable days of the French Revolution."

"Scientists from two European universities compared DNA from the long-preserved heart of the dead boy to DNA from hair cut from Marie Antoinette when she was a child in Austria."

"'It was Louis XVII. It was the last little king of France who died in the Temple prison,' French historian Philippe Delorme said. 'It's definitive.'" (See the Duluth, Minn. News- Tribune for April 20, 2000, "Boy identified as the Dauphin," page 2A. For more on the Dauphin mystery, be sure to read this week's feature story in UFO Roundup.)


The Field Guide to UFOs makes it debut in bookstores across the USA on May 1, 2000. Written by Dennis Stacy and Patrick Huyghe, the book "identifies and categorizes the dozens of different shapes the UFO phenomenon exhibits globally. From double-ringed to triangular-shaped UFOs, from saucers to cigar-shaped craft--and more-- The Field Guide to UFOs documents each variant, describes extraordinary encounters, and even offers the skeptic's explanation for some of the sightings."

The Field Guide to UFOs will be of interest of believers and skeptics alike, as well as all those interested in the unknown. It's thorough and intriguing. For anyone trying to make sense of the UFO enigma, this is an essential book.

The Field Guide to UFOs features fifty of the best UFO cases on record, provides an artist's interpretation of what was seen in each case, as well as a skeptic's explanation for the phenomenon.

The authors are well-known researchers in the UFO field.

Dennis Stacy, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, was the editor of the monthly MUFON UFO Journal from 1985 to 1997 and received the 1995 Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award for a six=part series on UFOs that appeared in Omni magazine.

Patrick Huyghe, who resides in Putnam Valley, New York, is the author of The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials. His articles on UFOs have appeared in the New York Times, Omni and other publications.

Huyghe and Stacy also edit and publish The Anomalist, a Web-based and printed journal that explores strange mysteries of science, history and nature. (Many thanks to Harper Collins Publishers for the news release.)

[You can order The Field Guide to UFOs via the UFOINFO Store]

from the UFO Files...



      "Help! I'm A Prisoner of the Illuminati!"

For nearly two centuries it was rumored that Louis XVII, the son of Queen Marie Antoinette, was smuggled out of the Temple prison in Paris and that a sickly child was left in his place. This week "the Dauphin mystery" was finally solved, as French scientists used DNA tests to positively identify the child as Prince Louis-Charles, the Duc (Duke) de Normandie.

Well, if ever a child was born at the wrong time to the wrong family, it was Louis-Charles, the last Dauphin of France.

He was born with great fanfare at Versailles on March 27, 1785, the son of King Louis XVI and his Austrian-born wife. But when he was four years old, the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, touching off the French Revolution.

Events followed in quick succession. Louis's family attempted to flee the country in 1792, only to be captured at Varennes and brought back to Paris as prisoners.

(Editor's Note: A happening which fulfilled several prophecies by Nostradamus.)

Louis's father was placed on trial in December. He was condemned on January 16, 1793 and went to the guillotine five days later.

The Committee of Public Safety decided to remove Louis-Charles, age 8, from his mother's custody so he could be raised "democratically." Four officers went to the queen's apartment at the Temple prison to take the child. Marie Antoinette "defended him for an hour or more, refusing to let the officers come near him, enduring their insults and threats, and reduced in the end to pleading with the man not to take away what was dearest to her in the world...She could not bear to part from him. She wept and prayed and defended his bed until the officers lost patience with her and told her bluntly that they would kill both her children unless she let the boy go. They defeated her. She and (daughter) Elizabeth dressed Louis-Charles, kissed him and told him he had to do as the men asked, though he too wept piteously and clung to his mother."

And so Louis-Charles passed into the custody of two of the most sinister Illuminati of the period-- Pierre G. Chaumette and Jacques Rene Hebert.

Chaumette, age 30, "was an untidy, sloppily dressed little man with staring blue eyes under a shock of blond hair, in a heavy, big-nosed, thick-lipped sensual face. He spoke in a voice frayed with hoarseness which enhanced his dramatic style and the artificial effects of his histrionic . He drank a great deal. He amused himself with botany and literature; he went in for mysticism and emotional hysterias; he was an atheist...He was all at odds with himself--the Revolution furnished an outlet for so many neurotics...A man who hounded prostitutes and vendors of dirty books, and indulged in the most immoral personal habits."

Strangely, Chaumette was married to an ex-nun, the leader of her own sect, which was devoted to "the sansculotte Jesus."

"The frigid, fastidious, thin-lipped Hebert was less complicated. He was simply the gutter rat digging himself into the larder. He hated wealth, but he coveted money. He despised birth and rank, but he wanted power...An evil spirit, armed with cruelty and deceit, fashioning ruthless intrigues."

"Such were personalities into whose hands the boy had fallen, now that he had finally 'passed over to the men.'"

(Editor's Note: Hebert, incidentally, was one of the leaders of the "dechristianization" movement and a close associate of Anacharsis Clootz. For more on Clootz, see UFO Roundup volume 5, number 16.)

Chaumette had a 56-year-old cobbler named Antoine Simon appointed as Louis-Charles's new father. Like Chaumette, Simon was a heavy drinker and an aficionado of pornographic picture books.

"What does the Convention intend to do with him?" asked Simon, when the prince was delivered into his custody. "Transport him?"

Chaumette shook his head. "No."

"Kill him?"


"Poison him?"


"What, then?" Simon asked.

"We have big plans for the whelp," Chaumette replied, and he would say nothing more.

Louis-Charles underwent an ordeal not too different from that faced by heiress Patty Hearst 175 years later. "The child's screams and cries went on for several days, and his mother, imagining the worst, must have thought that Simon was beating him into submission."

Simon beat the boy unmercifully. On one occasion, he towered over the boy, gloating, "What would you do to me if you were king?"

Wiping away the tears, Louis-Charles thought of his dead father and murmured, "I'd forgive you."

Chaumette seemed delighted at the way his crony Simon was turning "the whelp" into the perfect little sansculotte. But not everybody approved of the situation. A Jacobin politician who visited the Temple wrote, "Dirty books, cursing, playing cards and brandy--this is the environment the boy is immersed in. Which is not surprising because it is Citizen Simon's own habitat."

The prince's biographer Meade Hunnungrode wrote, "What other dreadful things Hebert may have done to him will never be known. There were all sorts of rumors."

There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that the Illuminati may have used Louiis-Charles as "Lucifer bait" in a bizarre invocation ceremony at the end of October in 1793.

(1) After Louis-Charles's death, Dr. Gomin found physical evidence of sexual abuse--hernia, lower abdomen contusions, and such.

(2) Another Temple visitor reported that "the child has a morbid fear of locks and chains," which the visitor found odd. The prince had been a prisoner for years by then, and the visitor thought he should have been used to the sounds.

(Editor's Comment: Not if he was being shackled to a pentagram-covered table.)

(3) Simon, who was picking up some spare change by selling information to British intelligence, had become a very unhappy camper. The UK's spy reported that Simon "had been so frightened by the danger he was incurring that he was doing everything which the scoundrels (Chaumette and Hebert) wanted, was not giving any news any more (my emphasis--J.T.) and was working only to get out of his post."

(4) In December 1793, Simon told the spy that prostitutes "are no longer being brought to the Temple." An eight-year-old boy has no need for a prostitute. But an Illuminatus intent on performing a magickal ritual just might.

There was a mass execution of the Girondins, enemeis of Clootz, Chaumette, Hebert and their fellow enrages on October 31, 1793--Halloween, also the Celtic feast of Samhain.

A week later, on November 10, 1793, Hebert appeared before the Convention and "presented the Goddess of Reason under the guise of an actress."

(Editor's Note: Here's where things really get weird. The actress was Henriette Duplessis. After the Revolution, she went and hid out in Chechnya. In the 1840s, she became the governess of Elena Petrovna von Hahn, who grew up to become Madame Blavatsky.)

Whatever the Illuminati conjured up on Halloween, it sure scared Chaumette. He lost all interest in Louis-Charles. Indeed, he never again set foot in the Temple.

On January 4, 1794, Chaumette forced Simon out of his job, and the elderly ex-cobbler "was now free to go to his flat across the river; or to the second flat which he had leased in the former Frasnciscan convent in the same quarter, or to the third set of rooms which he had rented in the stable building within the Temple enclosure. Not even the elusive (Baron de) Batz had so many domiciles."

Simon found a new customer for his information-- Maximilien Robespierre, the arch-enemy of Clootz and Hebert. Robespierre was very much interested in knowing just who had attended the Illuminati's hoodoo hootenannies at the Temple.

Hebert was guillotined with his associate Clootz and 17 other Illuminati on March 24, 1794.

Chaumette was arrested, imprisoned in the Luxembourg and guillotined on April 13, 1794. His wife, the ex-nun turned mystic, was guillotined two weeks later.

Simon had his revenge, but he didn't live to enjoy it. Robespierre was overthrown on July 27, 1794 and executed the very next day. The day after that, July 29, 1794, Antoine Simon, the prince's guardian and the man who knew too much, was guillotined as a "Robespierrist."

Long after the Revolution, in 1814, Madame de Simon claimed that her husband had helped Louis-Charles to escape. She claimed to have seen Simon and the boy leave the prison together, dressed as sansculottes. Interestingly, other witnesses reported seeing the boy at night on the streets of Paris. Where Simon was taking him is not known.

These reports gave rise to the story of the prince's "escape."

In actuality, Louis-Charles lived out the remainder of his life as the forgotten prisoner of the Temple. Malnourished and living in utter filth and squalor, he soon fell ill. A doctor named Gomin was summoned in June of 1794, but it was too late.

The day before he died, Louis-Charles had an unusual near-death experience (NDE).

"When Gomin went up to the child's room on the morning of June 8th, he said, seeing him calm and motionless and mute: 'I hope you are not in pain just now.'"

"'Oh, yes, I am still in pain but not nearly so much. The music is so beautiful.'"

"Now there was no music to be heard, either in the Tower or anywhere near."

"Gomin, astonished, said to him, 'From what direction do you hear this music?'"

"'From above.'"

""'Heave you heard it long?'"

"'Since you knelt down. Do you hear it? Listen! listen!' And the child with a nervous motion, raised his faltering hand, as he opened his large eyes illuminated by delight. His poor keeper, unwilling to destroy this last sweet illusion, appeared to listen also."

"After a few minutes of attention, the child again started and cried out in intense rapture, 'Amongst all the voices I have distinguished that of my mother!'"

"Those were almost his last words."

At 2:15 p.m. om June 8, 1795, Louis-Charles, also known as Petit Capet (Little Capet) passed away.

The death certificate was impersonal and breif: "Louis-Charles Capet. Born at Versailles March 27, 1785. Died at the Temple prison June 9 (suc). Ten years, two months of age."

There may be worse fates than being shackled to a pentagram-covered table with the most notorious diabolists in Paris crowded around-- Anarcharsis Clootz, Madame de Chaumette, the Marquis de Sade, Catherine Theot and Jacques Rene Hebert--all of them waving black candles and yelping for Lucifer. But I doubt it. An experience like that would terrify even Mammy Pleasant! (See the books Memoirs of the Court of Marie Antoinette, volume 2, by Mme. Campan, Merrill & Banker, New York, N.Y., 1888, pages 300 to 310; The Son of Marie Antoinette by Meade Minningrode, Farrar and Knowles, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1931, pages 198, 199, 204, 205, 212, 214 and 215; To the Scaffold by Carolly Erickson, William Morrow and Co., New York, N.Y., 1991, page 336 and La Culte de Raison et de l'Etre Supreme by F.A. Aulard, Paris, 1892.)

Today's Quote: What we do is report the news. If it stirs up trouble, so be it. The newspaper nusiness is not a popularity contest." Goodloe Sutton, publisher of the Linden, Ala. Democrat-Reporter.

Join us next week for more UFO news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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