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Volume 5
Number 23
June 8, 2000

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Residents of Calama, a city in northern Chile, claim that NASA took custody of the three Chupacabras reportedly captured by the Chilean army two weeks ago.

According to reports obtained by Marcial Campos Maza, a reporter for Chile's EFE new service, Chilean troops captured the three creatures in the desert near the Radomiro Tomic mine north of Calama. During the pursuit, a firefight ensued in which one Chilean soldier was reportedly killed.

The three creatures--a male, a female and a child-- were held at the regiment;s barracks for several hours. Then a NASA team reportedly arrived by helicopter to take custody of them.

Some residents of Calama, however, claimed that that the Chupacabras were "creations" of NASA.

"'The gringos had at least three genetic experiments run away from them, and they've only been able to capture two of them,' said Dagoberto Corante, a Chilean architect."

"Residents of Calama and nearby communities continued to blame NASA, the U.S. space agency, for the apparitions and attacks of the mysterious Chupacabras, which has killed man farm animals in the region and in other parts of Chile. Several dozen goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and other animals turned up dead in northern Calama and its environs during late April (2000)--their bodies completely exsanguinated (drained of blood--J.T.) and undevoured by the mysterious predator."

Stories continue to spread of "the Chupacabras' alleged destructiveness and their ability of leaping 3-meter (10-foot) tall walls, its ability to walk unmolested among dogs, while police and volunteers who have set out after it find only scattered footprints in this area of desert terrain 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) north of" Santiago de Chile, the national capital.

"According to Dagoberto Corante, one such creature was captured by elements of a local (army) regiment in an operation that resulted in the death of one soldier, but the (Chilean) military have allegedly refused to discuss the matter."

"'It was said that the captured animal was kept all day at at the regiment;s barracks until NASA experts arrived to take it away.' said Corante, who is well-known and respected in the area where the Chupacabra feasted on blood and spread fear among the population."

"'On the day that the event transpired, the military even closed the (Calama) airport for several hours to enable the landing of a helicopter conveying American scientists,' he added, 'although no one is quite sure why they had to close down an airport in order for a helicopter to function--those are devices able to land anywhere, and the fact has given rise to much speculation.'"

(Editor's Comment: Obviously the "secret team" wanted to arrive unobserved. Helicopters landing in public always draw a crowd.)

"Mario Ramos, a respected resident of San Pedro de Atacama, where he owns a butcher shop, largely agrees with Corante's story and concerns, and while he doesn't care to discuss the subject, agreed that a soldier had indeed perished during the Chupacabra's capture."

Scott Corrales, author of the books Chupacabras and Other Mysteries and Forbidden Mexico is not so sure that NASA performed the retrieval. He writes, "The fact is that a number of (USA) agencies (take your pick--S.C.) shield themselves behind NASA's glowing reputation overseas to conduct covert ops. If a bunch of military men turn up in the back country of any South American nation, they're more than likely to find themselves pinned down by unfriendly fire. If they swap their cammo for lab coats and say NASA, everyone will say, 'Oh, NASA! The guys who put us on the Moon. Right this way.'" (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esa historia.)

(Editor's Comment: I just can't see NASA administrator Dan Goldin as a Boris Karloff-type mad scientist cooking up monsters in the lab. I'm wondering if these creatures had anything to do with the UFO crash in northern Argentina weeks ago. Welcome to Varginha 2. I wonder what's on the menu tonight at Camp Condon. Army-issue tuna-and-noodles!? Maybe it will taste better with some ketchup on it.)


Noel Duggan of Blackwater, County Wexford, Ireland, "a self-confessed atheist, is convinced he had a strange encounter similar to the 'alien' experiences related by callers to the Gerry Ryan radio show last week."

"Noel, who lives at 4 Ballyconnigar Lower" in Blackwater, "was enjoying a drink in his mobile home," at the rear of that address "six weeks ago (mid-April 2000) in the company of his girlfriend, Kathleen Roche, and his friend, Martin Egan of Wexford when they were joined by an odd-looking little man about five feet (1.6 meters) on height with strange ears."

"'It sat on the mattress beside my girlfriend, but she didn't see it or hear us talking to it. It just appeared from nowhere, and we didn't question why it was there.'" said Duggan.

"'Myself and Martin were arguing with it about silly things that I don't even remember now,'" he added, "'It had the biggest ears and light curly hair. It was an angry little yoke with a narky-looking face.'"

"Noel said he was at a funeral recently, and he mentioned it to the local priest, Father Woods He asked whether it was a spirit that could have come from someone or somewhere."

"'I know it's hard to believe,' he said, 'but I would go through any hypnosis or lie-detector test to prove that I'm telling the truth. Martin is a very down-to-earth person, and he feels the same way.'"

"According to Noel, the incident happened during daylight at about 7 o'clock in the evening, and after a short time the strange visitor put his hands over his girlfriend's head in a peculiar way and said, 'It's not her fault,' and just vanished."

"''The strangest thing is that we had no feeling of surprise or fear,' said Noel, 'The following morning, I said to Martin, 'That thing was really here last night, wasn't it?' And he said yes."

"'We've told other people about it. Most of them laughed when they heard it, and I don't blame them. I don't know whether it was a leprechaun or not, but I don't believe it was an alien. It was like as if you come to a party and someone sits down beside you and you don't know who they are.'"

Duggan and other County Wexford people phoned the Gerry Ryan Show after his guest, an American author, described her out-of-body experiences.

Blackwater is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. (See the newspaper People of Wexford for May 31, 2000, story by Maria Pepper. Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for forwarding the newspaper story.)

(Editor's Comment: Interesting. Duggan's sighting took place in mid-April, the same time as the swarm of jackrabbits in Fargo, North Dakota, USA and the Mississippi case described later on in this issue.)


On Friday, May 26, 2000, at 8:52 p.m., Mrs. F.W. was walking alone in a cornfield in Clinton, Michigan (population 2,475), a small town on Highway M-12 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Ann Arbor, when she noticed a blue gleam in the dusk sky.

"I was in Clinton, MI when I saw it," she reported, "I was walking in a cornfield and I saw a round object very high up. A round object with white lights all around it. It came over me."

She estimated that it was "50 miles up" and moving across the sky rather slowly, only 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour). The UFO approached from the northeast,changed direction while directly overhead, and zipped away to the south. (Email Form Report)


According to the weekly newspaper Amharic for Wednesday, May 31, 2000, "millions of fish fell from the sky" in the Ogaden, the drought-stricken region of southern Ethiopia.

The unusual fish fall occurred near Kebri Dahar, located about 720 kilometers (450 miles) southeast of Addis Ababa, the national capital.

"Drought-stricken farmers tending their fields in southern Ethiopia got a nasty shock when the heavens opened and they were pelted by fish..."

"The unusual rain of fish had dropped in millions from the air--some dead and others still struggling--and created panic among the mostly religious farmers."

"Saloto Sodoro, a fish expert in the region, attributes the phenomenon to heavy storms in the Indian Ocean, which swept up the fish before shedding them on the unsuspecting farmers."

(Editor's Note: The Times of India weather maps for May 25 through June 1, 2000 show no large cyclonic systems in that stretch of the Indian Ocean.)

"Southern Ethiopia has been in the grip of a severe drought for two years, which aid officials say threatens the lives of 8 million people." (Many thanks to Jim Hickman for this newspaper report.)

(Editor's Comment: Charles Fort has been lying in his pine box for the past 68 years, but the phenomena bearing his name go right on marching on.)


An unusual human birth occurred in a hospital in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, on Saturday, May 29, 200, just after 7 a.m.

"Officials at the Harare hospital said the girl was born Saturday (May 29) at 7 a.m. to Mrs. Otilia Chikwaya, 23, of Epworth, 15 kilometers (9miles) from Harare," the capital of Zimbabwe. "The child died two hours later."

"The baby's body was normal from the toes to the shoulders, but she had two necks and two heads. The baby's heads had all the features expected in a normal baby. Doctors said the baby's condition might have been the result of taking too many pills during pregnancy."

"Chikwaya, who was still recovering in a hospital yesterday (May 30, 2000) said, 'I am shocked. At first I could not believe it. This is the saddest day of my life.'"

"This was to have been the third child in her six-year marriage."

The Chikwaya baby's birth was the main topic of conversation in Harare over the weekend. Many said it was a bad omen.

"Bennet Makwedza, a city taxi driver, was among scores of people offering their interpretations about what this birth meant."

"'Children are born day, but we are not used to seeing births like this. It must mean something. I think that there is a great disaster coming in this country. Nothing is going right for us,' he said."

"Florence Zoraunye, a hotel employee, said, It must be a sign of something. Something bad. I think something is coming our way.'"

"Ruth Kamvara, a local resident, also said the event did not bode well for the future. 'It is certainly a warning that the future is bleak." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for forwarding this report.)

(Editor's Comment: There's nothing magical about a two-headed birth. The fetus simply began to fission into identical twins. But then, for some unknown reason, the biological process halted. Over the ages, however, people in all countries have interpreted these unusual births as portents.)


"Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981, said fate was responsible for his actions."

"'It is clear I was predestined,' Agca told Reuters news service at the prison near the Adriatic port city of Ancona," in Italy, "where he has spent the last eight years."

"He described as 'the last piece of the jigsaw' the pope's disclosure that the attack was foretold in a message given by an apparition of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children at" Cova da Iria, near "Fatima, Portugal in 1917."

"The pope revealed the third and last "Secret of Fatima" during a visit to the shrine this year on the anniversary of the first apparition, May 13, and of the shooting 64 years later."

";We simply have cameo roles in the mysterious project of God,' Agca said."

"His motive for the assassination attempt remains a mystery." (See USA Today for may 31, 2000, "Pope gunman says he was destiny's tool," page 7A.)

(Editor's Comment: They're all in agreement about a prophecy that doesn't exist. Francisco and Jacinta Marto did not see a vision of the 1981 assassination attempt. They saw the "Good Pope," or the pope of the Last Days. forced to walk down a pathway lined with thousands of Christian dead before he's machine-gunned by agents of the Illuminate. A vision of the Apocalypse disturbingly similar to Padre Poi Forginone's vision of 1970 and the vision at La Salette in France in 1846.)


"Football jocks wept in the gym. Teenagers took the microphone, haltingly confessing their demons and begging for friends' prayers. Students cried on one anothers shoulders."

"In an unusual outbreak of fervor, the class schedule at Pearl River Central High School" in Carriere, Mississippi (population 700) "broke down one day" in April "as teachers and administrators first watched, then joined students in expressions of faith, personal testimonies and prayer in a student Bible club meeting that lasted four hours."

"Since that day, news of the so-called 'Pearl River Revival' or 'Pearl River Happening' has been spreading to Christian radio and Web sites, where it is being noted as a supernatural event--and a welcome example of a public school's hospitality to Christianity."

"Congratulatory emails are piled on the desk of Principal Lolita Lee, who suspended classes April 12 when a late-morning program by Pearl River Christian students mushroomed into a daylong camp meeting."

"There is no criticism yet, largely because the event is not widely known outside conservative circles and because students, faculties and families in heavily- evangelical Pearl River County overwhelmingly approve of what occurred that day, Lee said."

Carriere is on Mississippi Highway 11 approximately 52 miles (83 kilometers) south of Hattiesburg and 16 miles (26 kilometers) southeast of Bogalusa, Louisiana.

"'In the first couple of weeks I must have had 30 or 40 calls from parents, and they were all just real glad that it had happened,' she said." (See the Minneapolis, Minn. Star-Tribune for June 3, 2000, "Christian groups hail kids' faith fest," page B7.)

(Editor's Note: The Pearl River valley is a notorious hotspot for paranormal events, including ghosts, "singing sands," the Letiche swamp monster and one of the most well-known abductions in ufology-- the Pascagoula case of October 1973.)


Chemtrails were reported in two western states of the USA last week.

On Friday, June 2, 2000, Rev. Richard F. spotted thick chemtrails in the sky over the city of Spokane (population 180,000). He reported, "We have an air force base 12 miles (19 kilometers) west of town (Fairchild Air Force Base--J.T.), and we have hardly seen any chemtrails to speak of. One every now and then but that was all. But today was different. They were everywhere, and stretching in all directions."

"As I was watching them, they looked like they were turning into thick clouds, not dispersing as normal contrails do. As they spread out, they got thicker, like high overhead rain clouds."

"I could not see what kind of planes were making them--all too high. But you can bet I am going to start paying attention to what is happening in the skies above Spokane."

Spokane is on Interstate Highway I-90 about 282 miles (451 kilometers) east of Seattle.

The following day, Saturday, June 3, 2000,at 2 p.m., James M. reported seeing chemtrails above Rapid City, South Dakota (population 55,000), located 191 miles (305 kilometers) west of Pierre, the state capital.

"They started spraying in Rapid City again around 2 p.m.," James reported. "So here I am taking pics (photographs) again. When will it stop? I have small grandchildren with a lung virus of some kind. I wonder if it's this stuff they were spraying." (Email Reports)

(Editor's Note: There's a U.S. Air Force base close to Rapid City, as well. Ellsworth Air Force Base is just north of Box Elder, S.D. about 22 miles (35 kilometers) east of Rapid City. Maneuvers... or Project Cloverleaf?)

from the UFO Files...


Rex Gilroy moved slowly through the darkened paddock. Night insects hummed and chirped all around. The farmhouse lay a good distance behind him. And, up ahead, he could hear the rustle of the breeze through the leaves of the gum trees.

Or was it the breeze.

He stood still, one man alone in a vacant field in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia. All at once, he heard sounds coming from the wire fence. The snapping of twigs. Something was moving low to the ground.

Quickly he pulled out his torch (flashlight in the USA--J.T.) and switched it on. The beam traveled across the scrub, illuminating clumps of desiccated grass and then it settled on a black, sinewy form. It resembled a black panther, but it was like no big cat Rex had ever seen. Its silver eyes gleamed, and its leg muscles tensed, ready to spring.

And...say, how did Rex get into this mess, anyway?

Well, it all started when Rex Gilroy, a leading paranormal investigator and author of the book Mysterious Australia, decided to look into persistent reports of a weird cat-like carnivore prowling the uplands in the southeast corner of Australia.

He interviewed many people, such as Glen Noonan, a stockman or jackaroo (cowboy in the USA--J.T.) Boonan told him, "I was mustering cattle for a bloke up in the Phillips Range when I came upon a black cat or a panther-like beast in the act of devouring a calf it had just killed. It frightened my horse and dashed off into the scrub. It was about five to six feet from head to tail."

Prehistoric rock paintings portray these creatures, which Australia's aboriginal people call "devil dogs of the Dreamtime." Rex discovered that the mystery beast had been frequently reported in the Kangaroo Valley northwest of Nowra, New South Wales, a city about 120 miles (192 kilometers) south of Sydney.

But let's allow Rex to tell the story in his own words.

"The mystery concerns hundreds of sightings of often large, black-furred catlike animals which have been known for generations as 'the kangaroo Valley panther.'"

"The mystery of the Kangaroo Valley Panther has held my attention of the past 25 years, during which time I have made frequent field expeditions in the valley in search of evidence."

"In June 1981 I found my first paw prints of the 'panther' on a remote farm at the southern end of the valley. It was also during this expedition that I had my only sighting of one of these creatures."

"On the afternoon of 9th June 1981, my wife Heather and I to a farm owned by a woman who had had several experiences with 'creatures' on her property. As our vehicle entered the valley, I recalled many of the sightings reports of these mysterious carnivores that I had gathered up 'til then. One look at the wilderness surrounding the town and its outlying farms told us the creatures had plenty of cover in which to live and breed, safe from man."

"On one occasion the woman saw a large, catlike, black-furred animal leap over her backyard fence. It had also lurked around the property late at night emitting weird howling and screeching sounds, and had nearby owners terrified."

(Editor's Comment: Most likely the animal was in its rut cycle and was announcing its presence to a potential mate.)

"I shall never forget that 9th June evening for the terrifying situation I was to find myself in when I came face- to-face with one of these fearsome-looking animals."

"That night I went alone, torch in hand, to investigate the paddock over the fence where the 'panther' had been seen to leap, to get some idea of the conditions there. I flashed my torch around the paddock and the trees bordering it atop the rise that sloped down into a creek. It was from across the creek that the weird catlike sounds had often been heard late at night."

"The time was 8:20 p.m. when, some distance away, I hard a loud catlike screech. I then heard the sounds of something climbing through wire on a fence bordering a creek about 180 metres (594 feet) away., followed by the sound of twigs snapping as something moved quickly into scrub in the paddock to my left."

"I had already switched off my torch by this time, but upon hearing the sounds I switched it on again. It was then that the beam of my torchlight caught a blackish creature at least a metre (3.3 feet) tall on all fours, standing among a clump of gum-trees about 160 metres (528 feet) away. Its silvery eyes gleamed in the torchlight."

"The animal disappeared into the trees, but within seconds I heard the sound of twigs breaking in a stand of gum saplings only a few yards away. Flashing my torch in this direction, I suddenly found a large dark shape standing barely 20 feet (6 meters) from me, that pair of silvery eyes shining in the spotlight."

"Never before in my life have I ever been frightened by anything in the bush, yet on this occasion I was gripped by a fear of the unknown. I retreated to the gate 20 feet away. Once behind the closed gate I turned and flashed the torch at the stand of saplings, but to my surprise and relief the creature had vanished. We all kept a watch late into the night, hoping the animal would return but it did not,; nor could we find any tracks of it the following morning."

"However, two weeks later, in a small muddy patch of ground down by the far end of the paddock, I found several strange paw prints from which I made plaster casts. They were 24 centimeters apart and measured up to 15 centimeters in length by 13 centimeters width across the claws, the heel being 8 centimeters long by 7 centimeters wide...University experts in Sydney later said the tracks belonged to 'no known Australian animal.'" (See the book Mysterious Australia by Rex Gilroy, Nexus Publishing, Mapleton, QLND., 1995, pages 85, 91 and 92.)

That's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then.

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