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Volume 5
Number 35
August 31, 2000

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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The Pakistani Army recovered mysterious metal wreckage near the village of Khumbi Thalang in Baluchistan province on Monday, August 21, 2000.

According to Rahil Khan, UFO Roundup correspondent in Pakistan, "On August 21, there was a brief news item that a UFO was found in Baluchistan province, but no official information was given about it."

The wreckage appears to be related to the lone saucer seen over the city of Dera Ghazi Khan at about 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 15, 2000.

(For more information, see UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 34, "UFO fleet seen by thousands in Afghanistan and Pakistan," page 1.)

Dera Ghazi Khan is a large city west of the Sutlej River about 400 kilometers (240 miles) north of Karachi.

On Thursday, August 18, 2000, Pakistani authorities rushed an armored brigade into the Rajanpur district. Tanks and other military vehicles quickly sealed off the Tuman Gorchant tribal area in Rajanpur, where Khumbi Thalang is located.

Several high-ranking Pakistani officers visited the crash site that day, including a lieutenant general, the corps commander from Bahalwapur, located about 160 kilometers (100 miles) east of Dera Ghazi Khan.

"He along with other army officers inspected the 10-foot-long (3-meter-long) piece of metal. The wreckage ws taken away to an unknown place in a closed container."

On August 15, the UFO "was seen flying over Rajanpur, Loralal, Barkhan and Fort Munro. It crashed some 20 kilometers (12 miles) away from PAF Farid (Pakistani Air Force base--J.T.) used by the PAF for exercises."

"According to local tribesmen, when it crashed at Khumbi Thalang, the sky remained illuminated for about one minute."

Rahil Khan reported that the retrieval "has become a top-secret thing and some Pakistani and U.S. agencies are involved."

"Some people saw a formation of choppers from the U.S. Navy fly over the city (of Karachi) from the direction (south) of the Arabian Sea," apparently taking off from an aircraft carrier over the horizon offshore.

During the multiple UFO overflight of August 15, he added, "Some of them also caused sonic booms."

The story quickly went around the Quetta bazaar that these were U.S. Stealth helicopters out hunting for Osama bin-Laden.

(Editor's Comment: Stealth helicopters flying at 1,700 miles per hour? That doesn't seem likely.)

The USA "secret team" that was in Chile in June or July also reportedly turned up in Pakistan.

According to Rahil Khan, a Pakistani army captain "was in Karachi for a three-day furlough" on Saturday, August 19, 2000, "to attend his sister's wedding." The captain "said that they used the expression vo log (Urdu for those people--R.K.) He didn't tell me who he was referring to, but he was very sensitive about it. A large (army) contingent had cordoned off the area." (See the UK newspaper The News for August 27, 2000, "Wreckage of UFO moved to unknown place." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell and Rahil Khan for these reports.)

(Editor's Comment: Both Gerry and I agree that the 10-foot metal wreckage retrieved was probably a cruise missile. Note, however, that only some of the objects seen that night emitted sonic booms. The rest were high-flying and silent. My guess is, somebody fired cruise missiles at the UFOs. The saucer in Dera Ghazi Khan deflected its attacker, and the missile crashed in nearby Khumbi Thalang.)


"Frightened nanny Michelle Williams said she almost careered off the road when she spotted a UFO hovering above her car. It was her second sighting in a day."

"Michelle, 25, of Billings Close, Stokenchurch (Bucks.) first saw the sphere at her window when getting out of bed."

"She said, 'It was around 6:45 on Friday morning (August 18, 2000) and I saw something hovering above the trees in the back of my house. At first I thought it was a police helicopter and it was probably about a mile away. One minute it was there, and in the next minute it shot off in a straight line above the trees. It suddenly stopped but it disappeared.'"

"Michelle, who lives in Marlow, said she was slightly bemused but thought little more of it."

"But that was until she spotted the silver craft as she drove to work along Marlow Road, Stokenchurch."

"'Driving toward Marlow, directly in front of me, I could see the object. Again it was hovering, and there were flashing bright white lights. It was something very dodgy-looking, and I was quite frightened.'"

'Then it just shot up into the air, and that's when I careered off the road.'"

"Michelle guessed the flying saucer must have been about the size of a large family car and that it was at least 200 feet (60 meters) above the ground."

"She added, 'People will probably think I am a weirdo, but this was the first time I have ever seen anything like this. It was quite scary actually and I wondered if I was going to be beamed up or something. I even checked my watch to see if I was missing a few minutes.'"

"Police confirmed their helicopter had not been in the area at the time, and a spokesman for RAF Naphill (air base) said there had been no reports of unidentified flying objects in the area and that the base did not equipment to track such objects anyway."

""Melanie Redgrave (distant relative of actresses Vanessa and Lynn--J.T.) spotted a UFO the same day frightened nanny Michelle Williams nearly careered off the road after seeing a silver-coloured craft hovering above her car."

"Melanie, 30, of Hanging Croft, High Wycombe, said she saw the flying saucer just hours after Michelle's sighting in Stokenchurch."

"Former retail assistant Melanie said, 'I was drawing the window curtain when I saw this really bright light. I pulled back the nets because I thought it was a helicopter or a large jet, which we get round here. But there was no sound. It was silent.'"

"She added, 'I thought Oh, Crikey, this is really, really bright! And I looked over to the left over some high trees. It was far too low to be a plane, so I kept staring at it but it didn't move much, just slightly up and down. Then it moved to the right and vanished.. I thought, This is strange.'"

"Melanie, who lives with her parents and is new to High Wycombe, " said it had "glowing orange lights and two long bars across the middle. The top had small lights all the way around with spaces in between."

"Michelle (Williams) said she was pleased someone else had seen the mystery object in the sky. She said, 'I've been getting a lot of stick for what I saw, but I am 100 percent certain I saw something. The last thing I would want to do is make a fool of myself.'"

On Wednesday, August 23, 2000, at 9:10 p.m., Timothy Silver was in Addleston, Surrey when he saw "three 'pinpoints of light' like average 'stars' in size and brightness but with a dim halo" travel "through approximately 12 to 16 degrees of sky in about six to eight seconds. The lights did not keep a regular formation. The outer lights moved in and out relative to the middle light.," as if RAF jets were in pursuit.

Tim added that there "were no navigation lights flashing" on the UFOs even though they were close to London's Heathrow International Airport. (See the Bucks Free Press for August 23, 2000, "Nanny spots UFO," and August 24, 2000, "Second sighting of UFO." Many thanks to Louise Lowry and Tim Silver for these news reports.)


Yet another crop circle has been found in Canada's Saskatchewan province, which has also been the site of an ongoing UFO flap this summer.

On Sunday, August 20, 2000, a crop-dusting pilot spotted a large formation on a farm near Moosomin, Sask. (population 2,500), located on Provincial Highway 1 about 145 kilometers (90 miles) east of Regina.

"The formation is a large classic 'dumbbell' formation, one large circle and a smaller circle connected by a straight pathway. Larger circle is 120 feet (36 meters) in diameter, and the smaller is 60 feet (18 meters) in diameter. Pathway is about 40 feet (12 meters) long and five feet (1.4 meters) wide. Total length is approximately 220 feet (66 meters). The crop inside the pathway is flattened in the opposite direction."

On Saturday, August 26, 2000, the site was investigated by cerealogist Dennis Eklund of Saskatoon.

Last week the crop circle was visited by over 2,000 people, "and the farmer doesn't want any more publicity," although he is allowing researchers to visit the site. (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of Circles Phenomenon Research-Canada for this report.)


During the week of August 15, 2000, Lynda Ashley and her friend Ronda left work in Las Vegas, Nevada and drove out to Lake Mead, just east of the city.

"My friend Ronda and I arrived at the lake around 2 a.m. There were four trailers parked on the shore so we parked" further away "and walked over with our blankets," finding a spot on the beach "kinda far from them."

"We laid on our blankets and were looking at the stars like we always do. All of a sudden, the light appeared out of nowhere. We knew it wasn't a star 'cause we we were looking in that direction for a long time. Then the light got brighter, so bright that we felt we were on a stage and that we were (the show's) stars."

"We were a little scared, but we calmed ourselves. And when I did this, it began to move to the right really slow and disappeared behind the hill. I followed it until it disappeared. Then I came back to the blanket and laid back down. The distance from the water to the hill was about 500 feet (165 meters). That's where the craft was-- 6000 feet away. There was no sound, as well."

"Then the craft's light went dim, then off, then back on and brighter than before. So we both sat up, and as we did, my friend Ronda said, 'It's coming this way!' and we were really terrified. But then I said, 'Lay down flat.' and we did."

The UFO "was coming across the water at a rapid speed and then I saw the craft behind the image," or dazzling glow.

Lynda described the UFO as "the bottom of the craft was red circular lights over a white background. There was a spinning circle around the craft (equator) with blue/ green flashes. There were what appeared to be two legs protruding from the craft, and they were blue/white, and there was a white dome on top."

""And that's when I realized that what we were (first) looking at was an image of the craft and not the craft itself. The image was coming from the craft. It appeared to be a 3=D where you could almost touch it. By this time, we were too scared to move so we stayed there (on the beach) until 6 a.m. and kept our eyes on it. It stayed there and was still there when we left."

"On our way back to town, we saw a helicopter" flying low over the lake. "I figured the military was looking for whatever it was that we saw."

Arriving at a friend's house, Lynda and Ronda invited those present to come outside and see the formation of helicopters converging on Lake Mead.

Afterward, they attempted to contact the media, but "they were acting as though we were all crazy." (Email Form Report)


On Monday, August 21, 2000, at 9:10 p.m., Jason J. and his wife were on their farm in Spink County near Aberdeen, South Dakota (population 25,000) when they sighted an unusually bright light high in the sky.

""Me and my wife saw a light way up but at first I thought it was a satellite," Jason reported, "And then I realized it was moving quite fast and thought maybe it could be a plane. But usually the light blinks on a plane and also a plane doesn't move that fast. At the distance we were seeing it, it was quite a ways up. As we watched it, it just slightly dimmed, and then it wasn't even there anymore."

The UFO "was moving west" and "was like a white dot because it was a ways up," he added, "We live out of town and there's no city lights and you can see everything."

Aberdeen, is on South Dakota Highway 12 approximately 160 miles (256 kilometers) northeast of Pierre, the state capital. (Email Form Report)


"Summer of Sasquatch"--that's what Bigfoot researchers are calling the season based on the number of sightings recorded during the last few months in the USA's Pacific Northwest.

"Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says the season's sightings have been unusually well-documented, even though the number hasn't increased much from last year."

"Coleman says this year local and national media appear to be more willing to take Bigfoot sightings seriously instead of sensationalizing them 'a la the Weekly World News.'"

"As a result, he claims cryptozoology is finally starting to be taken seriously, and he predicts universities and other scientific groups will earmark funds for Bigfoot research."

In related news, the annual Bigfoot Daze celebration was held last weekend in Carson, Washington state (population 1,000).

The highlight of this year's celebration, which ran from Friday, August 25, to Sunday, August 27, 2000, was an attempt by researchers to communicate with Bigfoot by pounding on tree trunks.

"Bigfoot expert Ray Crowe says evidence suggests Bigfeet keep in contact with each other by whacking wooden sticks against trees in two-, three- and four-whack patterns."

"Although the creatures are reportedly shy and avoid humans, Crowe says that 'when they hear the whack, they can't help but respond back.'"

Carson, Wash. is on Highway 14 about 40 miles (64 kilometers) east-northeast of Portland, Oregon. (Many thanks to Loren Coleman for these news releases.)


A Fifth Century icon of Jesus Christ is drawing pilgrims to the Church of the Nativity on Manger Square in Bethlehem with reports of miraculous phenomena.

The church is the oldest in the West Bank and was built by St. Helena in 326 A.D. It was rebuilt in the Fifth Century following an earthquake, and the icons were added to the interior pillars at that time. (Editor's Note: Helena was born in Colchester, UK in 247 A.D., the daughter of a British chieftain. She married a Roman officer named Constantius, who later became the emperor. Their son was Constantine, who also became emperor.)

Inside the church "are four rows of Corinthian pillars. Every pillar bears the picture of an apostle. Several dozen gilded lamp fixtures hang from the oak ceiling."

One pillar's painting of Jesus "blinks, sheds tears and has begun to perform miraculous healings of the sick, old an infirm."

"According to witnesses, the eyes of the icon have come alive and have saved the hopelessly sick from certain death."

"Respected religious leaders in Bethlehem have acknowledged that the Christ painting does weep."

'It's a message to people to come back to God,' says Father Anastasios, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Bethlehem. 'I saw it myself. Many people have seen Jesus with the tears coming down. It is officially declared a miracle.'"

"Bible expert Daniel Czutno expects more than tears and healing miracles from Christ."

"'This is a sure sign Jesus is getting prepared to make his promised return.' he says."

"Meanwhile, hundreds of pilgrims are flocking to the Church of the Nativity--the West Bank location where Jesus was born--for a glimpse of the column that bears Christ's picture."

Anne Henderson of Detroit, Michigan, USA "travelled all the way from Detroit seeking a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease, which was robbing her of her muscle control--and her life."

"'I had no faith in doctors, but I still kept my faith in the Lord,' says the fully-recovered 47-year-old. 'The so-called experts had given up--and they basically wanted me to do the same. Thank God I was stubborn enough to make this trip.'" (See the Sun for September 5, 2000, "Jesus painting heals thousands!")

(Editor's Comment: I sure hope this is just your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety phenomenon and not a portent of next week's massacre in Jerusalem.)

from the UFO Files...


This remarkable woman psychic holds the record for being the only woman to break ranks with the Illuminati and live. September 1 marks the anniversary of her death 206 years ago.

Catherine was born in 1714 in Barenton, a small town in Normandy (bow the department of Manche in France--J.T.) From early childhood, she showed an amazing "wild talent" for precognition. Nor was her clairvoyance confined to dreams, She often had visions in the middle of the day.

Starting in about 1730, Catherine began having a recurring dream that stayed with her all her life. In this dream she saw herself as a young girl in a bombed or fire-blackened Paris. Only it wasn't her Paris. She saw herself standing in a plaza "of the Great Iron Tower," but the ruins were deserted.

(Editor's Note: The Eiffel Tower didn't exist in the Eighteenth Century. It went up in 1889.)

Then, in her dream, Catherine sees a man walking towards her. His facial features, though, are indistinct. She has a strong impression that he is the Messiah. And that she herself is destined to become "the Mother of God."

Telling of dreams like this...well, it's no surprise that Catherine soon has a reputation as a madwoman. In 1744, she causes a real commotion when she wanders into Ste.-Mere-Eglise, a neighboring town.

"The invasion is coming," she tells the townspeople, and then starts raving about "giant moaning birds with three white stripes on their wings" and "thousands of soldiers descending from the sky with great white wings like angels."

(Editor's Note: Prophecy fulfilled on June 6, 1944, courtesy of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. Catherine wasn't wrong. She was just 200 years too early.)

Enough is enough, the magistrates rule. Mlle. Theot is remanded to Ste. Pelagie, a convent also known les Miramions.

(Editor's Note: The convent was founded by Marie Bonneau de Miramion, an associate of King Louis XIII in the Seventeenth Century. It served as an ecclesiastical prison for the confinement of "repentant girls," married and single women who had run off with somebody else's husband.)

Catherine spends long years in Ste. Pelagie, working as a serving-maid. "A long course of religious asceticism unhinged her mind, and she was placed under restraint."

"The priests she was forever harrying had stuffed her into the convent of the Miramions, along with the 'repentant girls.' But what did she have to repent of? Listening to the word of God for thirty years? To hear her tell it, it was the world that needed to repent, and quickly too...Otherwise Paris, just like Sodom and Gomorrah."

In April of 1779, at age 55, Catherine busts out.. Fashioning a rope from stolen clothing, she goes over the wall of Ste. Pelagie and goes into hiding in Montmartre. She tries to keep a low profile, but the visions will not leave her in peace.

In no time at all, this "tall, 'dry and almost diaphanous' woman, 'like the ancient Sibyl of Cumae'" is up to her old tricks again, "rousing little crowds on steps of St. Eustache and Notre Dame...The police arrest her on the Rue Geoffroy l'Asnier."

Catherine is interrogated by M. Chenon, the police commissioner. He's a newcomer to Paris, born and raised in Geneva. And a member of a new secret society--the Order of the Illuminati.

After two hours with Catherine, Chenon is certain he is dealing with a lunatic. Passchendaele? The sleepiest village in Flanders. Who would fight a battle there? Oswiecim? Where the hell is that?-- Somewhere in eastern Europe, maybe.

Finally Catherine says something that remotely makes sense. "Cornwallis will surrender in Virginia in the autumn of 1781."

Chenon laughs out loud. Like everyone else in Europe, he is following the war on the other side of the Atlantic. He knows that George Washington's army has just been defeated--again--in New Jersey. The British are winning the war. They still hold New York City and Newport, Rhode Island, and they are poised to take Savannah and Charleston. The best the Americans can hope for is a negotiated settlement. Cornwallis surrender? Impossible!

Still, Cehnon thinks, "a madwoman of her kind can always become dangerous...They shut her up for good in the Salpetriere." Catherine is now a "terrorist."

But the joke is on Chenon. Imagine his surprise when he picks up Le Moniteur in December of 1781 and reads about Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown. He wastes no time. Grabbing his quill, he pens a letter to Adam Weishaupt, the sinister grandmaster of the Illuminati, in far-off Bavaria. "We have a visionary here, and I believe she is genuine."

In early 1782, Catherine is released from her chains and leg-irons and taken from her cell at the Salpetriere. Chenon awaits her in the warden's office. He comes right to the point. "How would you like to get out of here?"

"I know what you want, and I know who you represent," Catherine replies, "I have no desire to serve the Illuminati."

"You misjudge us. Our order will change the world. Mankind will at last find tranquility. Our Illuminatus Rex is the most brilliant man alive. He--"

"Adam Weishaupt is a murderer," she interrupts.

Chenon grimaces. "I forgot. You see things. No pretenses, then. Our order has many friends. Agree to work for us, and you'll be out of here by tomorrow."

It is, quite literally, a deal with the Devil, and Catherine knows it. But she was locked up for thirty-five years in the Miramions and has just spent two years in the Salpetriere. She cannot bear the thought of dying in prison, so she agrees.

The Illuminati install her in an upstairs flat on the Rue de Contrescarpe. They tutor her in the finer points of necromancy. And soon a medium of Catherine's considerable talent is in demand in all of the Illuminati meeting-places. In particular, the new lodge founded by Gabriel Riqueti, Comte (Count) de Mirabeau and Philippe, Duc (Duke) d'Orleans in 1786.

So there is Catherine, by day reading the Book of Revelation and seeking some clue to the source of the strange visions that continue to afflict her. By night, she's a star of the occult underground, conjuring up every ghost of antiquity from Anaxagoras to Zeno.

In 1789, she meets a radical priest named Christophe-Antoine Gerle, newly elected to the Estates-General. Like her, Gerle is leading a double life. By day, Dom Gerle is a glad-handing politician, hobnobbing with the painter David, the Abbe Sieyes, Condorcet and Lafayette. But at night he consorts with the most fearsome Illuminati diabolists in Paris--the Marquis de Sade, Retif de la Bretonne, Cagliostro and Anarcharsis Clootz.

Dom Gerle is obsessed with the future. Having "borrowed" certain papers from the visionary Suzanne Labrousee he has used his knowledge of the future to enrich himself. When he first moved to Paris, he lived with a Spiritualist doctor and through this fellow made contact with the Illuminati. And now he is the confidant of Catherine Theot, the most formidable psychic in Europe.

The year 1792 finds France slipping into chaos, and Catherine holding court at her house on the Rue de Contrescarpe. Desperate people flock to her--former nobles, frightened housewives, unemployed tradesmen-- eager to hear her prophecies. But still she is plagued by that recurring dream--the plaza, the iron tower, the city in ruins and the approaching man. What can it mean?

And she is tired of being the Iluminati's pet psychic. She hates Chenon, and she owes him for that three years in the Salpetriere. If it's the last thing she ever does, she's going to stick it to that Geneva pimp. She's half-tempted to pick up a knife herself, but she fears the Illuminati. If only there was a man here in Paris, a strong man who could protect her from the vengeance of Adam Weishaupt...

Dom Gerle is an unhappy camper, too. Anarcharsis Clootz has promised to make him the Pope when the New World Order takes over Europe. But now the French armies are in retreat, and Clootz;s boy Brissot couldn't get elected dogcatcher. Gerle is 56 years old, and he's afraid he won't live long enough to ascend to the papacy. Dammit, he even has his inaugural speech already written.

Then Gerle introduces Catherine to the rising politician Maximilien Robespierre. Something clicks. The handsome and meticulously dressed Robespierre has a devastating effect on women, Catherine, now 78 years old, is no exception.

Here is the strongman who will protect them from Weishaupt. Catherine and Gerle betray the order, giving away all of Clootz's secrets to Robespierre and his ruthless chief of intelligence, Louis Saint-Just.

(Editor's Note: Saint-Just makes Hitler's secret police chief, Heinrich Himmler, look like Pee-Wee Herman.)

Robespierre strikes first. In March 1794, the Illuminati faction led by Clootz goes to the guillotine. The following month, they're followed by the Dantonists, Robespierre's recent allies. "The Incorruptible" is strengthening his grip on power.

For the next few months, France is ruled by a weird triumvirate--Robespierre as dictator, surrounded by his elite guard, les Tappedurs (French for Strike Hards-- J.T.)...Dom Gerle as pontiff of the new religion of L'Etre Supreme (the Supremne being)...and Catherine as kind of a shadowy sorceress-queen, occupying the throne recently vacated by Marie Antoinette.

Catherine still has her recurring dream, but now the man in it has a face--the face of Robespierre. Of course! she thinks, He's the new Adam--I'm the New Eve. Our children will be the New Humans, repopulating the devastated Paris of the future. Then I will be rejuvenated so I can become the Mother of God!

While Catherine jots down these visions in her diary, the Illuminati are running for cover. But they're not beaten yet. Chenon approaches Robespierre with an olive branch in May 1794. The Illuminati will support Robespierre's Republic of Virtue if the Incorruptible will sign "a supernatural constitution," a pact with Lucifer

(Editor's Comment: Was Chenon sincere in making this offer? Or was he just trying to put Ronespierre off his guard while the Illuminati readied their counter- attack? An answer to that will have to awaut the opening of the Illuminati archives.)

A defector from the Robespierre camp, Joseph Fouche, has gone over to the Illuminati. He fingers the traitors, Gerle and Mlle. Theot. The order chooses a wealthy landowner, Marc Guillaume Vadier, as point man for the counter-attack

In June Vadier rises in the Convention and denounces the Theot faction, "asserting that Catherine was a tool of (British prime minister William) Pitt the mummeries of the Theotists were but a cloak for clerical and reactionary intrigue." Catherine, he adds, is linked to "the occultists of Bavaria."

(Editor's Comment: A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Vadier attended many an Illuminati hoodoo hootenanny himself.)

A police raid on Catherine's apartment produces papers "found in the old lady's mattress," her writings about the future Messiah and letters from Robespierre himself.

"The situation became more dangerous for the Incorruptible when he rescued the old seer and her friends from the guillotine." And when public prosecutor Antoine Fouquier-Tinville tried to investigate Dom Gerle, Robespierre attempted to force him out of office, an action which led to Robespierre's downfall and execution in July 1794.

Catherine remained in prison and died a few weeks later on September 1, 1794. Ironically, by joining the Illuminati, she encountered the same fate she had struggled so hard to avoid--dying in a prison cell.

As for Catherine's most vivid and persistent vision, the young man and woman at the Eiffel Tower in the midst of a fire-blackened Paris...well, it hasn't come true...yet.

Will it? Good question! (See The Wind from America by Claude Manceron, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, N.Y. 1978, page 199; Robespierre--The Force of Circumstance by John Laurence Carr, St. Martin's Press, New York, N.Y., 1972, pages 48, 49, 60, 81, 154 and 155; The French Revolution: A History by Thomas Carlyle, Firts Modern Library, New York, N.Y., 1934, pages 684 and 685; The French Revolution by J.M. Thompson, Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y. 1945, pages 550 to 555

That's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-- UFO Roundup." See you then.

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