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Volume 5
Number 36
September 7, 2000

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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On Friday, August 25, 2000, a sheep rancher shot and wounded a yellow-furred Chupacabra on the San Lorenzo farm near Tolapa, Leon statde, Nicaragua.

Three days later, on Monday, August 28, 2000, the skeletal remains of the creature were recovered by a watchman from a cave located about 100 meters (330 feet) from the ranchhouse.

The discovery ignited a firestorm of excitement in Nicaragua and throughout the hemisphere and especially in the UFO community.

The shooting came at the end of six weeks of sheep slayings in the Cordillera de Marisio hills of Leon state, around the small towns of Malpaisillo, Tolapa and San Claudio. An estimated 120 sheep were killed during the creature's rampage. All of the sheep had been drained of blood.

The Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario cited "massive sheep deaths resulting from the apparent extraction of blood by an unknown predator equipped with sizable fangs capable of drilling into the victims' necks."

The Chupacabra was described as "bold, dog-like and capable of making rapid movements."

Ranch owner Jorge Luis Talavera said, "It came in search of another sheep on Friday, and I became aware of its presence in the paddocks. I fired several shots with my shotgun until it lost itself in the darkness."

"On Monday morning (August 28), the presence of circling vultures heralded the existence of a dead animal in the farm's vicinity, which aroused the curiosity of watchman Jairo Garcia."

Garcia headed towards "the spot where the spot where the carrion birds circled and managed to reach a cave-like structure located 100 meters from the house. Then he found the animal his employer had shot two nights earlier and was probably responsible for the deaths of so many sheep."

"After having viewed the Chupacabra, some locals, like Milan Rojas, claim that it is neither a dog nor a wolf, but rather the strange product of a number of dog types." (That is, a hybrid--J.T.)

"'I am familiar with all types of wild animal and this one seems strange to me, given its fur hair, thin and tall, which differs greatly from a wolf, which is quite hairy,' he remarked."

Nicaraguan biologist Giocconda Chavez examined the skeletal remains and "noted that the animal had extremely high nails located above its claws which probably aided it in attacking its victims, along with an oversized set of fangs. She further noted that the eye-sockets were somewhat large in comparison with its head, making note as did other witnesses to the site, of several protuberances on the upper vertebrae 'shaped like a crocodile's crest.'"

What Garcia "found most startling was the lack of bodily hair and very small ears, although the animal had been reduced to a skeleton after the vultures feasted upon it, it is shaped like a long, yellow-colored dog, given the pigmentation of the remaining fur that was found on the tail."

Since the middle of July 2000, the Chupacabra had been raiding small sheep farms sponsored by the Xochitl Acatl Women's Center, a charitable non- profit group. The center promotes sheep farming as a means of helping low-income people of the region raise their standard of living.

"In San Claudio, 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Malpaisillo, the Chupacabra killed two of four sheep belonging to Sra. Lydia Carrera, one of the supporters of the Xochitl Acatl Women's Center."

"I was concerned because I own goats and cows and, at any given second, the Chupacabra would turn up and kill my little animals. I hope that it's the last and only one of its kind,' said Maria Isable Lopez of nearby Las Lunas."

"'We had to kill it. In fifteen days, it sucked 25 sheep'" at San Lorenzo farm, "'and my neighbor lost 35 sheep in ten days. It was an average of five sheep or goats every night,' Talavera explained."

Talavera also stated that there may be more Chupacabras in the cordillera, at least three more-- one with white or silver fur and two with black fur.

Other witnesses in Malpaisillo said the dead Chupacabra had "yellow hair on a short tail, large eye sockets, skin like that of a bat, large claws and fangs," and seven "crest-like" vertebrae on its spine

(Editor's Comment: Yellow fur, eh? It sounds like the El Lobizon creature seen in Argentina last June. See UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 27, "'Wolfman' terrorizes town in northern Argentina," page 2.).

The remains were taken to the forensic laboratory at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua-Leon in the city of Leon, located 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Malpaisillo.

According to the newspaper La Prensa de Nicaragua, the Chupacabra remains were studied by a team led by Dr. Pedrarias Davila.

"'We cannot say when the results will be ready, given that some parts are missing. Therefore we will be forced to take some time if it becomes necessary to send DNA samples abroad,' said Dr. Pedrarias Davila."

"The skeleton of the alleged Chupacabra was taken to the medical campus at UNAM in Leon in order to determine what species it belongs to,'" Dr. Davila added.

"'On the record sheet was noted the characteristics of the skeletal system, the number of ribs and vertebrae, nails, state of decomposition, among others, for inclusion into the database,' he explained."

Two days later, an official at UNAM-Leon made a surprising statement.

"'There is an initial impression that it isn't an unknown animal but merely a dog. Further analysis is still required to reach a final conclusion,' said Edmundo Torres, vice- chancellor for research at UNAM-Leon."

(Editor's Comment: If it's just a dog, then why do they need "further research?" Here it comes--the Varginha- style coverup of this phenomenal event.)

The killing of the Chupacabra has caused a stir in Nicaragua's religious communities, as well.

"'It's a warning sign, like a traffic light' that's on yellow but could turn red--a sign for men and women to return to God because we've forgotten about him,' stated" Dr. Francisco Ortiz, director of CEPAS (Nicaragua's Pentecostal Assembly--J.T.) "quoting from the Book of Daniel which states that in the Last Days there will be phenomena that will cause astonishment among men."

"In the meantime," Monsignor Juan Bosco Maria Vivas Robelo, the Roman Catholic bishop of Leon, "does not believe that it (the creature) is the result of genetic engineering, admitting his scant knowledge on the subject of the Chupacabra."

"''I haven't studied the matter in depth since I haven't given it much credibility, but if it is indeed a strange creature, as they say, then the Church may be prompted to take action...but not just yet.'"

(Editor's Comment: If you want to see how the Roman Catholic Church deals with unusual phenomena, check out the Virgin Mary story in this issue.)

(The Chupacabra stories are from El Nuevo Diario for August 30, 2000, "Strange entity causes astonishment," and September 1, 2000, "Chupacabra--a source of controversy and pilgrimage" by Mariancia Flores Vergara; and La Presna de Nicaragua for August 30, 2000, "Chupacabra remains found," August 31, 2000, "Nicaraguan experts study 'Chupacabra,'" and September 1, 2000, "It isn't a Chupacabra, just a 'Mutt.'" by Mariacely Linarte and Clarissa Altamiro. Muchs gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico para esos articulos de diario.)


Two more UFO landings were reported in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan during the last two weeks of August 2000.

On Monday, August 21, 2000, around 9 p.m., residents of Qlla Abdullah, a small town near Dera Ghazi Khan saw a bright silent object traverse the sky from west to east and descend and land in the rugged hills east of town.

"The area where the object fell is very difficult to approach, says Abdul Faiz, who claims he was one of the crowd who saw the object heading east towards Punjab province."

"He told IANS (India Abroad News Service--J.T.) that 'it was something very bright...It was as high as the nearby TV booster (tower--J.T.)."

"Faiz, who works in a government department in Islamabad (Pakistan's capital--J.T.) and was on holiday at his village near Qlla Abdullah bordering Afghanistan. 'It went straight in and probably crashed.'"

"He said there was no sound and no blast or anything else."

On Sunday, August 27, 2000, "an unidentified flying object (UFO) came from the west and landed in the tribal area near Dera Ghazi Khan, reports reaching here said."

Dera Ghazi Khan is a large city in central Pakistan located about 400 kilometers (240 miles) north of Karachi.

"The UFO, which was seen over Fort Munro and Rakhi Gaaj, towns of the tribal area, hit the ground between Baghalchor and Rounghin, some 80 kilometers (48 miles) from Dera Ghazi Khan at 8:30 p.m."

"Sources in the Border Military Police (BMP) quooted tribesmen living in Rounghin as saying the UFO had come from the west over Baluchistan."

"'It was nose-diving, and a few minutes later, the sky lit up,' the tribesmen said."

"Uranium-rich Baghalchor is a restricted military area" with no inhabitants "while Rounghin has a small population.

(Editor's Comment: Uranium in Baghalchor, eh? Maybe the aliens have an underground base there. Sort of a cosmic gas station for visiting saucers.)

BMP said "a team has been sent to the area to uncover the facts."

Pakistani "official sources say they have not found any clue to the objects. They said an aerial reconnaissance was also sent out to Loralal, Barkhan and Kohlu, the places where the UFOs were sighted (on August 15, 2000--J.T.) and where some of these reportedly feel."

But officials in Dera Ghazi Khan are downplaying the UFO reports.

"'We don't believe in these reports. Nothing has been found. I sent a team to the places mentioned in one of the newspapers but people living nearby said they did not see any such thing,' a senior Dera Ghazi Khan district official told IANS." (See the Times of India for September 1, 2000, "Pak still clueless about UFOs." (Many thanks to Cliff Capers of Skywatch International and to Gerry Lovell and Rahil Khan for these reports.)


On Thursday, August 17, 2000, people in Carozzo, a town of Italy's La Spezia province, located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) southwest of Bologna, became excited when they spotted un umanoide volante (Italian for a flying humanoid-- J.T.) careening through the clear blue sky.

Descriptions of the entity were sketchy. Most of the witnesses described it as como Batman (like the comic book character Batman--J.T.) Three witnesses provided the most description of the fast-flying apparition. (See La Nazione for August 19, 2000.)

On Friday, August 18, 2000, at 7:30 p.m., two farm workers in Pianella, a town in Pescara province about 120 kilometers (72 miles) northeast of Rome, "observed flying in a straight direction a circular object, light gray in color, measuring 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter. On the object were four lights, green and red, blinking slowly and rhythymically." (See Il Messaggero for August 21, 2000. Grazie a Edoardo Russo, Fabio di Rahul, Gildo Persone e Roberto Labanti di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questi rapporti.)


On Sunday, August 27, 2000, at 11:56 p.m., D.H. and his wife were three miles northeast of Cannock, Staffordshire, UK when they "saw a very bright circular yellow light appear in the southwest sky. It just appeared very suddenly. It was not a plane, not a strobe light, and was too big and bright for a star. It started moving towards us and then moved to the north and dimmed."

"I followed it with binoculars, and then it seemed to be a dark object that was lit from behind with the front edges lit like a halo, Then it faded as it turned to the north- northeast," he added.

D.H. said the UFO appeared on three consecutive nights, Monday, August 28, through Wednesday, August 30, 2000. "On Tuesday night (August 29) it appeared twice, approximately 30 to 40 minutes later on." The UFO "was quite high" and "a bit faster than a plane." (Email Form Report)

On Friday, September 1, 2000, at 11:20 p.m., Carla Randle-Conde spotted a UFO south of Middlewich, Cheshire, UK.

"It appeared stationary and on the ground but at 'tree' level," Carla reported, adding that she was looking south and southeast when she spotted it. "it was circular in appearance, possibly spherical.. Mainly orange with some red and green. The lights were repetitive and the object looked solid."

But when Carla and her companion "drove back to get a better look at it, we saw nothing." She estimated that the object was "about 10 meters (33 deet) in diameter." (Email Form Report)


On Saturday, August 19, 2000, at 2 p.m., Floyd Juillard was a passenger aboard an America West jetliner making its final approach into Cleveland International Airport. Just then, he heard the the pilot's voice on the intercom, "Ladies and gentlemen, Cleveland Center has just cleared us to descend to 12,000 feet (3,660 meters). Please return your seats and trays to the upright position."

As the jetliner entered the inbound air traffic over Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Floyd peered out his window, looking north towards downtown Cleveland, and spotted a rectangular UFO "silent and fast, headed to the west at (bearing) 260 degrees true. I was looking north at first but I followed it west with my gaze."

He described the UFO as "four lights spread in a rectangular shape and first moving slightly up and down and slightly east and west, close to the terrain (horizon--J.T.) at times and then moving to the west and traveling at great acceleration until it was almost immediately out of sight."

He added that the four lights "resembled Fourth of July hand-held sparklers (fireworks--J.T.) viewed from a distance of 300 yards (290 meters)." (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, August 31, 2000, at 11 p.m., Ms. R.W. was on her fifth-floor balcony in the city of London, Ontario, Canada, located approximately 132 miles (211 kilometers) southwest of Toronto, when she spotted a bright light coming towards her.

"At first I thought it was an airplane coming towards me in the night sky," she reported, "As it was blinking an airborne light. But as it got closer, we noticed it was blinking red. then yellow and seemed to be moving from side to side."

"We watched it for quite some time, and I got out my video camera. The colour does not come out very well on the camera, but it does show the pulsing of light and the movement (side to side--R.W.) and it was taped on an old film. About a half hour into watching the object, there was another object that shot out of the bottom and what looked like a shooting star." (Editor's Comment" Some kind of flying probe?)

"My son has tried to convince me that it was a shining star, but I have never seen a star move away from me over time in the direction I was facing. And I have never seen a shooting star come from a star. Looking off my fifth-floor balcony, it appeared to be about 10 to 15 miles away. I watched it until 1 a.m. when I went to bed. It appeared to move against and not in the same direction as the stars around it." (Email Form Report)


A strange simulacrum in the Ochil Hills near Tillicoutry, Scotland has the locals "all shook up."

"Housewife Linda Conner was the first to spot the outline of The King (nickname for Elvis Presley--J.T.) while driving from her home in Tillicoutry."

"'I happened to glance up and noticed the rocks and vegetation formed a perfect impression of Elvis,' says the 37-year-old mother to two. 'I shouted, 'It's Elvis!' and my kids looked at me as if I'd gone crazy.'"

"'The image is as clear as day. When I showed my sister Pauline, she said, 'I can't believe it. It's Elvis's double.'"

Since then, crowds have flocked to see the unusual natural outline on Law Hill. (See the National Examiner for September 12, 2000, "King of the Hill," page 11.)

(Editor's Comment: What's next? A shower of blue suede shoes at Graceland?)


"About ten thousand people viewed a Virgin Mary statue some believe weeps tears of blood before the image was removed from a church" on Sunday, August 27, 2000. The incident occurred at a Roman Catholic church in Austin (population 500,000) the state capital of Texas.

"The church displayed the statue over the weekend after neighbors complained about the throngs of people visiting the owners' apartment to view it."

"Church officials said they have no plans for future public viewings." (See USA Today for August 30, 2000, "Texas," page 8A.)

(Editor's Comment: Uh-oh! There's Portent Number Two! If any Texas readers have the full news story, please send it to me via email. Thanks!) from the UFO Files...


Loren Coleman, Ray Crowe and other experts in the cryptozoology field have proclaimed the year 2000 to be the "Summer of Sasquatch." Yet, a similar "Bigfoot Summer" took place thirty-one years ago, back in 1969, in Canada's province of British Columbia and in the USA's state of Washington.

The flap began in August 1969 in the Pacific coast town of Grays Harbor, Washington. Here are two actual newspaper reports from the period:

"British Columbia's best-known Sasquatch hunter is convinced the latest sighting in Washington state was a true Sasquatch."

"'There is no doubt about it being real,' said John Green, publisher and editor of the Agassiz, B.C. Advance. Green returned from a one-day trip to Grays Harbor, Washington, where a deputy sheriff reported seeing a mysterious beast. Green said he does not have time to pursue the hunt but is encouraging other Sasquatch buffs to go into the heavily-wooded area."

"The deputy, whose identity has not been released, told Green he saw the animal in the middle of the road at 2:35 a.m., while driving home from work. He said the animal was not a bear. It had no snout, and its face had a leathery look."

"It was seven to seven-and-a-half feet (2.2 to 2.4 meters) tall, and weighed about 300 to 325 pounds, he said. It had hands with fingers, and feet with toes."

"The deputy told Green he photographed one track at the edge of the road, and it measured 18 1/2 inches (46.25 centimeters) long. The animal walked upright." (See the Vancouver, B.C. Sun for August 2, 1969.)

"Many citizens of this region (Nordegg, Alberta, Canada--J.T.) are convinced that a band of hairy creatures, of humanoid type, lives in the nearby Rockies."

"A merchant of this town (Nordegg)--situated 120 miles (192 kilometers) southwest of Edmonton--has the intention of setting out on an expedition which will seek 'the Abominable Snowman of the Pacific.'"

"'So many people have seen them, and we found so many tracks that I am convinced that there is something there,' disclosed the citizen in an interview at the end of the week."

"The most recent eyewitnesses of these anthropoids are five men who are working on a vast builders' yard at Big Horn Dam, on the North Saskatchewan River."

"According to one of the witnesses, Mr. Floyd Engen of Eckville, Alberta, the creature measures some 15 feet (4.3 meters) tall and is of a dark color, probably because of his hair, and also has sloping shoulders."

"The Chief editor of the Agassiz Advance, Mr. John Green, thinks that this anthropoid is a Sasquatch, weighing five tons."

"Many people, including Indians, scientists, workers and technicians have given descriptions which correspond to this kind of Yeti, which walks with giant steps." (See La Presse of Montreal, Que. Canada for September 2, 1969. Both articles are taken from Extraterrestrial Intervention: The Evidence by Jacques Bergier and the editors of INFO, Henry Regnery and Co., Chicago, IL, 1972, pages 98 through 101.)

IN MEMORIAM: World-famous ufologist Cynthia Hind passed away on Monday, August 21, 2000 following a short illness. Ms. Hind, who lived in Zimbabwe, was an author, raconteur and UFO investigator. In July 1988, she founded and edited the periodical UFO AfriNews. The newsletter ceased publication with her death. She was also a contributor to UFO Roundup.

That's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-- UFO Roundup. See you then.

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