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Volume 5
Number 41
October 12, 2000

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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A strange incident involving chemtrails and two white helicopters occurred in Brighton, Michigan on Sunday, October 8, 2000, around 8 a.m.

Commercial artist Michael reported, "My mother, who lives on a lakefront property, looked out the large picture window overlooking the lake. She noticed in the sky planes making contrails into a huge checkerboard shape. She had a disposable camera which she received free in the mail and was able to take of the most incredible event she had ever seen."

"It was a partly cloudy day, and the sky was very blue, and within 15 minutes she said the sky had turned pitch black. There in the photo you can see the reddish- brown thick fog move across the lake in the same window. She took (several) photos from the large window and it was so black that the lake was not visible."

"Around 10 a.m., the smoke/fog cleared, and she saw two copters painted white with no markings hovering over the lake and unfortunately she does not have a photo of this. They left soon, and (looking up) she noticed the huge Xs formed from contrails."

(Editor's Note: United Nations helicopters are usually painted white.)

After she phoned her son Michael, "I went over there to visit and look at the photos and to help calm her down. I'm an artist by trade, and I have a gift for seeing very clear and have a keen eye for detail."

While examining his mother's photos, Michael noticed that the camera had picked up a very strange object in the sky above the lake.

"While looking at the photos, I noticed a small white/blue light about 20 feet (6 meters) above tree level. I looked close to see if it was some glitch or flash from the camera, but it was not...I was totally in awe so I went to take the photo and have it enlarged. What we got back shocked me so much--that's why I'm writing now."

The blue/white UFO "was like one of those plasma balls where you touch the glass globe and the lightning inside responds. It's a very clear and sharp image of blue lightning contoured into an egg shape. I can see the streaks binding and forming the egg shape. I thought maybe ball lightning, but what's strange about the image is (that) I discovered that the egg shape is not formed by the lightning but appears to be formed by the surrounding atmosphere."

"This may sound strange but when you look close, the sky is a darker shade outside the egg shape and within the egg shape the sky is much lighter, and images such as the trees also seem to bend as if putting a magnifying glass on the photo."

"I examined it for three hours, trying to come up with an answer. I have none!"

Brighton is on Interstate Highway I-96 about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of Detroit. (Email Form Report)

(Editor's Comment: Filaments of an electrical nature have already been reported precipitating from the chemtrails. The phenomenon at Brighton is clearly electrical. Perhaps some physicist can explain what's going on. Weather modification, perhaps?)


"Janitor Jesus Barrientos is the latest victim of the mythic Chupacabra. He was left shaking with fear and his hair standing up after having seen the strange beast up close, as he states, on the rooftop of the four-story building where he works. The 42-year-old resident of Iquique cannot be disabused of the notion that what he saw was indeed the strange Chupacabra, although some may not believe him."

"Still on the nervous side, he told La Cuarta (newspaper) that 'around 10:30in the evening, he went up to the roof to arrange some boxes. It was well-lit, between the moonlight and the light coming from the Calle Tarapaca (street). Then I turned halfway around and saw that there was some kind of bird on top of the doorway.'"

"Barrientos thought at first it was a jote (a large bat indigenous to northern Chile--J.T.) 'But when I tried to shoo it away, because jotes leave their droppings on the walls, I realized it was an animal with an elongated face, bulging eyes, sharp teeth and makes squealing sounds like a puppy,' he recalled."

"He then froze, unable to do anything. This allowed him to get a better look at it."

"'It had long ears and was black in color, measuring a meter (3 feet, 4 inches) long and had large wings like those of a bat.'"

"He thought the creature was about to pounce on him, but as he broke into a run, the creature spread its wings and flew off over Iquique."

"'I don't know how, but three seconds later, I was in the building's lobby. I told what had just happened to some children who were outside playing ball and they ran away in terror,' explained the frightened janitor."

"Although he acknowledged that it was the first time he had seen the bloodthirsty Chupacabra up close, Jesus Barrientos remarked that others in the northern city claimed to have seen it standing in top of the dome of the city's cathedral."

Iquique is a large city located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) south of Chile's border with Peru. (See the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta for October 8, 2000. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico para eso articulo de diario.)


On Saturday, October 7, 2000, at 9 p.m., Mr. and Mrs. Alan Yost ""drove up on the hill above our place in the trailer court" in Portersville, Pennsylvania "to see if any thunderstorms were headed in our direction from the north. I was outside our van, checking the electrostatic meter I had made when my wife called me back inside to see what she had been observing through her binoculars."

""Using my binoculars, I was able to clearly see a small but brilliant point of light which was flicking about in an extremely unusual manner, changing color as it did so. It would be crimson red in one spot, then blink out only to re-appear in the same instant in another but would now be brilliant green, or a silver blue/white. I observed this one for a few minutes, then I checked for a reference point of land so I could make sure that its (the UFO's) movement was not caused by my binoculars. I was able to put the tree line just inside the bottom of the lens and still see the object. It was definitely doing the moving as the tree line remained perfectly still."

"Then I was able to see that there was not only one but three or more of these 'objects' all doing the same 'dance in the sky.' I also noticed that whenever they blinked out and re-appeared they would form a perfect triangle. The size of the triangle was constantly changing as they darted about."

The UFOs "remained in the same quadrant of the sky--a couple of miles due west" of the hilltop.

"Many airplanes were also coming into and out of Pittsburgh International Airport. One of their main flight paths goes straight over the hill where we were, and I was able to track the airplanes quite well with my binoculars."

All during the time of observation, the UFOs formed triangular formations in the same quadrant of sky.

"We were able to view the objects doing their 'dance' for 25 minutes, and then they suddenly disappeared." (Many thanks to Alan Yost for this report.)


On Saturday, October 7, 2000, at 10 p.m., Jean C. and her daughter were driving on Interstate Highway I-95 between Howland and Lincoln, Maine when the daughter spotted something unusual in the dark night sky.

"About 10 p.m., my daughter and I saw a meteorite burn up in the atmosphere," Jean reported, " "This meteorite had a long tail. We believe that it exploded because there was a flash of blue, then it disappeared. There were other people on the road at the time so it must have been seen by more people than just us. We were heading towards the Lincoln area in Maine." (Email Form Report)


On Tuesday, September 26, 2000, "a strange light was photographed hovering over Avellino," a city in Italy's Campania province about 120 kilometers (72 miles) east of Napoli (Naples). "Witnesses noticed 'a rod of light illuminating the mountainside.' The UFO moved sharply in a horizontal motion, then straight up in a vertical motion before 'flying away at a tremendous velocity.'" (See the Italian newspaper Il Mattino for September 27, 2000.)

Four days earlier, on Friday, September 22, 2000, at about 10 p.m., "several motorists driving up a mountain near Bosa," a town on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia located 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Sassari, "spotted an elongated object (hovering) above the pass."

"The object seemed to be rotating slowly (on its longitudinal axis--J.T.) and it changed colors while emitting a very bright and intense light. People stopped their cars, got out and observed the object for nearly one hour. A few motorists with cameras took photos of the OVNI (Italian acronym for UFO--J.T.)" (See the newspaper L'Unione Sarda for September 25, 2000. Grazie a Edoardo Russo, Antonio Cuccu e Gildo Persone di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questi rapporti.)


""The heralded 100th launch of the space shuttle program was scrubbed Tuesday," October 10, 2000, "by a human goof. Someone had left an 8-ounce metallic pin in a perilous place--on an oxygen line between the shuttle and its huge external fuel tank."

"Spotted during a final inspection, with the seven astronauts strapped into the shuttle Discovery, the extraneous part forced NASA to cancel the launch. Engineers feared that the pin could ricochet between the shuttle and the fuel tank, possibly detonating an explosion."

"NASA spokesman Joel Wells said the part, used to secure handrails and platforms for shuttle maintenance crews, was left behind 'in a hard-to-reach location.'"

"It was found by 'the inspection team,' a crew that inspects the entire shuttle assembly--the orbiter, its booster rockets and the external fuel tank--three hours before launch. The crew had been looking for ice formed by gases released by the spacecraft on the launch pad."

This was the latest in a series of delays that have postponed the launch of Discovery, which was scheduled to fly last week.

Discovery and its crew of seven astronauts had been scheduled to lift off Thursday evening," October 5, 2000, "from Cape Canaveral on a mission to add two segments to the International Space Station."

"NASA scrubbed the launch of Discovery for at least 24 hours, citing concerns about the shuttle's large external fuel tank...The space agency says it was not sure whether a problem existed with Discovery's tank, but film from the launch of space shuttle Atlantis in September revealed that an explosive bolt used to separate the tank from the orbiter was protruding."

Bad weather over the weekend, and "gusty wind at Cape Canaveral forced NASA to delay Monday (October 9, 2000) night's launch of space shuttle Discovery...The flight was already four days late because of mechanical problems which were resolved over the weekend."

"The wind limit (for shuttle launches) is 48 miles per hour; (Monday's) gusts reached more than 51 miles per hour, NASA spokesman Bruce Buckingham said."

"During the 11-day mission, the astronauts will add two new segments to the International Space Station. Until that is completed, no one can move in." (See the Chicago Tribune for October 11, 2000, "8-ounce pin causes expensive new delay for shuttle launch," page 3; and USA Today for October 6, 2000, "NASA postpones 100th shuttle launch," page 4A, and for October 10, 2000, "Wind delays shuttle again," page 3A.)


"China's budding space program plans to explore the moon for commercially-useful resources and hopes to some day take part in an international expedition, members of the Chinese space agency said Wednesday," October 4, 2000.

"Although details are few, the experts made one thing clear: China sees manned space flight as the key to securing its international status and economic revival."

"'If China since the 1960s had not had the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb, nor launched its own satellites, China would not be regarded as an influential, powerful country,' Luan Enjie," director of China's State Aerospace Bureau, "told the audience of foreign dignitaries and Chinese schoolchildren at the start of the UN-declared World Space Week."

"Started in the 1970s, the Chinese space program successfully built a spacecraft for manned exploration putting the Shenzou (Chinese for Sacred Vessel--J.T.) into orbit last November (1999)."

"China hopes to send astronauts aloft, joining the United States and Russia as the only nations with domestic manned space programs."

Previous Chinese "media reports indicated a second test flight would come before the year's end and a manned mission may soon follow. Luan revealed little about a timetable, saying only that several missions will follow 'successful flight of an unmanned experimental spacecraft.'"

"But he was specific about the program's long-term goals. 'We will conduct exploration of the moon and actively join international activities for Mars exploration.'"

"China's manned space program, given the secret designation Project 921, has gathered momentum in recent years, getting help from more experienced Russia and bigger budgets from a government eager not to fall further behind the West." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson for this report.)


"This is not science fiction. It could happen tomorrow or several decades from now--an insignificant piece of time, geologically speaking--but it will happen. The volcano Cumbre Vieja (Spanish for Old Woman's Peak- J.T.), located on the Atlantic Ocean island of La Palma, is thoroughly unstable and could collapse at any moment."

La Palma is the largest of the Canary Islands, located west of Morocco.

"The island will split in two. Half a trillion tons of rock will fall into the sea within seconds and form a colossal wave measuring some 560 meters )1,868 feet) in height traveling westwards at a speed of 720 kilometers per hour (432 miles per hour). A gigantic tsunami will devastate the islands of the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Water from the wave will penetrate more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) inland."

"This would seem to be the plot of a disaster movie, but they are in fact the computations of of a team of Swiss scientists concerning measurements taken and then incorporated into an advanced geological profiling program. The results have been published in the Journal of Vulcanology and Geothermal Research."

"'It could happen at any time, within 10 years or 10 decades. But please note this: if I lived in Miami or New York, and I heard that Cumbre Vieja was erupting, I wouldn't listen to the news a second longer,' Dr. Simon Bay of London's University College told the BBC."

"Scientific fears are based not only on the geophysical computations which indicate that the current island of La Palma, which has only 706 square kilometers of surface area and is 2,406 meters (7,940 feet) in height, is in a precarious geotechnical balance,, they are also concerned about a new eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which isn't far-fetched considering that it has exploded a dozen times in the last 100,000 years, according to Bay's calculations, and the last eruption on La Palma occurred in 1971."

"'This is a much more vivid danger than having an asteroid fall. This could be a catastrophe not only for the island's residents but for the people on the other side of the ocean who have never heard of La Palma,' Bay said." (See the Spanish newspaper Sociedad for October 6, 2000, "Scientists say the island of La Palma will collapse and devastate the Caribbean." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales para eso articulo.)

(Editor's Comment: Remember all those strange "Big Wave" dreams people were having, which have been reported here in UFO Roundup? Maybe they're picking up psychic emanations of this future disaster. For more on "Big Wave" dreams, see this week's feature story.)



Glen E. Zook of Texas writes, "The photograph of Gov. George W. Bush on page 9 of 'The Globe' does NOT show him making a pagan sign, etc. What he is doing is making the 'Hooked Horns' sign of the University of Texas. The team name of the University of Texas is the Texas Longhorns (a breed of cattle--G.E.Z.) and the mascot is a longhorn named 'Bevo.' This hand gesture is made at football games, etc."

"I moved to Texas after I graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga. However, I have lived in the state for 33 years and have seen this gesture many, many times."


Greg Andrews of Michigan writes, "I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll bet those people were looking at one of the many sport blimps that show up to provide aerial coverage of the University of Michigan football games. Some of these blimps have impressive lights on them for night advertising, which look really odd if you see it at an angle or from a distance." "I'm not saying that it wasn't something more exotic, but it's a pretty good guess that it was a blimp."

from the UFO Files...


This week's article in the Journal of Vulcanology and Geothermal Research has rekindled interest in the recent spurt of "Big Wave" dreams experienced by some of the psychics.

Since 1987, your editor has had six dreams about a monstrous tidal wave hitting the eastern shores of the USA. Some were truly frightening, but the most vivid, most detailed and most memorable dream dealt with the aftermath of the "Big Wave."

I had this dream in April of 1996. I dreamed I was sitting at a desk in a darkened room. In front of me was a very odd-looking desktop computer. I groped for the on-switch, but I couldn't find it. Then I accidentally moved my hand across the screen, and it came on. A curved keyboard automatically came out of a panel of what I thought was the CPU.

Figuring to access AOL, I typed "Menu" and hit what I thought was the Enter tab. The computer began beeping and making weird geometric patterns onscreen. The keyboard went in and out of its aperture like a cuckoo clock. I thought, I need some technical assistance with this thing, and, waving my hand in front of the screen, I shut it down and left the room.

I found myself in a darkened upstairs hallway. I groped for a light switch, found it and flicked it. Nothing.

(Editor's Note: Apparently the computer had its own built-in power pack.)

Making my way downstairs, I saw that the first floor was a complete shambles. Overturned furniture, debris, patches of silt and muck on the floor. An overwhelming damp, dank scent like seawater.

I went outside. Instantly I recognized the neighborhood. I was on the east side of Peck Street, in my childhood hometown of Attleboro, Massachusetts, about midway between North Main and Bank Streets. There was no mistake. This was Peck Street, the same street I had walked on my way to school for 12 years. Like Dickens, I could walk it blindfolded.

But Peck Street had changed a bit. The Roman Catholic and Episcopalian churches still stood sentinel on each corner of Peck and North main. But they looked like stone islands in a vast lake. The whole corner was underwater. A similar "lake" occupied the wetlands north of the street, running along Bank Street.

The Duffy-Poole Funeral Home, at the corner of Peck and Danforth Streets, was gone, replaced by a garden apartment complex with a first-floor cafe and gift shop. Same story across the street, where the old Victorian homes stood. Then I spotted the ranch house. Different paint scheme but the same house, only now it looked like one of the oldest homes on the street.

Now, I remember when that house was built. It was back in 1957, when I was in the second grade. The following spring, the owner planted maple saplings in the yard. Today they're mature maples. But in my dream, the remaining trees looked about a century old. Meaning I was seeing Peck Street in about 2060 A.D.

I figured that out later, though. My initial reaction was one of horrified shock. What happened to Attleboro!?

The area looked as if it had been hit by a massive tidal wave of hurricane. Flood damage was everywhere. Shattered walls, overturned cars, downed trees, ponds littered with debris. The earth was sodden underfoot as I made my way across the lawn toward the sidewalk. There was no sign of any other humans.

Where is everybody? I wondered.

Looking toward a downed maple tree, I saw what I at first thought was a bundle of clothes in the water. Then I realized it was a man. I plunged into the thigh-deep water on the street and pulled him up onto the lawn.

(Editor's Comment: Pretty spry for somebody who's chronologically 110 years old. Once a Boy Scout...)

I rolled him over. He was a man in his early twenties, with a gold stud in each ear lobe and a forked beard and a curious haircut--slight bangs with a curled ponytail. Denim jacket and dark slacks. I put my hand on his throat. No pulse. He was dead. Rigor had come and gone, so I guess he was in the water for a day or two.

Just then, I heard a soft whirring noise. Looking up I saw an unusual white craft flying from west to east at an altitude of about 2,000 feet. I gaped in astonishment. I don't believe it! A UFO!

The object stopped. Some kind of canopy slid open and a man in black stood up. All at once, a light began winking at me. I heard a sound like angry bees on my left, and vertical fountains erupted in the water all around me. He's shooting at me!

Grabbing a quick breath, I did a belly flop into the water. Went under and stayed under, gripping sunken rocks and debris to keep myself submerged. My lungs began to burn, but I didn't dare surface. Then I remembered the fallen maple tree just ahead. Doing a tadpole crawl along the bottom, I reached the branches, then pulled myself along into deeper water until I was close to the trunk. My face poked out of the water, and I drank in long breaths of air.

Peering through the leaves, I could see the unusual aircraft fifty feet above. It was some kind of hybrid airplane/hovercraft. The studdy white fuselage was like an A-6 but with a huge, broad, bell-shaped rotorfan underneath it. There was a conventional empennage--upright tail and stabilizers, and thrust was provided by two small turbofan engines on outrigger pylons near the tail. On the tail I saw the black wreathed globe symbol of the United Nations with a logo underneath reading World Air Service.

It was a two-seater, side-by-side cockpit. The bubble canopy was up. Both men wore black flight suits with large sky-blue helmets with Polaroid sun visors. One handled the controls; the other stood upright, toting what looked like a bull[up-style automatic weapon with a banana clip.

The World Air Service hovercraft drifted around overhead for another five minutes. Its rotor raised ripples on the pond, and I got a few mouthfuls of brackish saltwater. Then the clear canopy descended, and it resumed its eastward flight.

I gave it another five minutes and staggered out of the street pond. They must have thought I was a looter, I reflected, shivering as the wind began to pick up.

(Editor's Comment: Or perhaps the flying UN police of 2060 don't bother to arrest and question suspects. Perhaps they merely gun them down.)

Seeking shelter, I wandered through backyards. Most of the doors I tried were locked. But then I got lucky. The house I entered had severe flood damage on the first floor, but the second-story bedrooms were dry. I found a bedroom, doffed my soaked clothes, wrung the water out of them with my bare hands, and let them air-dry while I warmed myself beneath the bed's blankets.

I must have dozed for awhile, because the next thing I knew, a Pomeranian dog hopped onto the bedspread and began barking. Sitting up, I ruffled the fur on the back of his neck and asked, "Where did you come from?"

Suddenly, I heard a woman's voice on the first floor. "Honey, I think somebody's up there." Then a but louder from the stairwell. "Hello? Who's there?"

And I woke up.

Reading about the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands I wonder if I was given a glimpse of the aftermath of that disaster. Attleboro is about 15 miles north of Narragansett Bay, the nearest arm of the Atlantic Ocean, so it's conceivable that the city might fall within the flood zone.

Even if it does get a bit banged up, it's comforting to know that Attleboro will still be there sixty years from now. I wish I could say the same about the Temple Mount. The way things are going, by the year 2060, they're liable to be calling that place Radioactive Crater Lake.

O JERUSALEM DEPT.: No jokes this week, readers. The situation is too serious for that. The death toll is already over one hundred, and the wounded number in the thousands.

Today it's a platoon-level war, with mobs rioting on the side. But it could escalate into heavy weapons and big battalions any time now.

Here are a few things the Zionist sympathizers in mass media had withheld from the USA public.

(1) On Sunday, October 8, thousands of Hasidic Jews attacked an upscale restaurant in Tel Aviv, setting it on fire and threatening to burn the Arab waiters alive.

(2) On Tuesday, October 10, Ehud Barak made common cause with the Likud, inviting them to join a coalition government. Yes, that's the same Likud whose poster boy, Gen. Ariel Sharon, led his merry band of goat molesters into the Haram as-Sharif September 28 and desecrated the Al-Aqsa mosque, thereby setting off the current war of religion.

(3) Also on Tuesday, October 10, Jews firebombed the Mahmoudin Mosque in Jaffa, presumably in retaliation for the Muslims' destruction of Joseph's Tomb.

(4) Jews also firebombed the Hassan Ben Mosque.

While these incidents have not been mentioned on American network TV, let me assure you, they are the Number One topic of conversation at the bazaar in Quetta, Pakistan.

Eleven weeks ago, Tackanash, Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto came to me in a dream and warned that "a major war will soon break out in the Middle East."

They also made some other predictions. You can read them for yourself in UFO Roundup, Volume 5, Number 30 for July 27, 2000, "2000: Another October Surprise?"

Will these dream-predictions all come true? We'll know for certain on November 8, 2000. Until then, readers, keep hoping and praying and working for peace.

Join us in seven days for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next week!

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