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Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Dear Readers:

I intended to post this announcement in last week's issue. Unfortunately, due to illness, there was no issue last week. Nor are there likely to be any new issues during the course of the summer. Here's why:

Shortly after I moved here to Minnesota two years ago, I went to the Pearle Vision Center for new glasses, and I was told by the staff optometrist that I had cataracts. During the past 25 months, the condition has been steadily growing worse. Like Charles Fort, I am now blind in one eye, and the other is getting progressively worse.

For the past six months, I have been resorting to all sorts of ingenious stratagems in a determined--some would undoubtedly say fanatical effort to get the UFO Roundup out every week. But now I'm afraid that I can no longer do the work of compiling, writing and editing.

Last week I lost the ability to read my own transcription notes. Yes, that is quite a handicap for an editor to have. I mentioned this in an email to my sister Maureen, who replied, "Welcome to the club. Nobody else can read your handwriting, either."

I must have laughed out loud for five minutes after that.

So, much as I hate to, I have no choice but to put UFO Roundup on hiatus while I undergo medical treatment for the cataracts. I hope to resume publication later in the year. But we shall see what the doctor says.

I really, really hate to suspend publication at this point in time. We've already had one interruption due to the Millenium Bugout, the run-up to Y2K a couple of years ago. And I hate to see UFO Roundup become a stop-and-go, on-again, off-again publication like Weird Tales here in the USA or Ostara in Europe. Besides, the present situation seems a little embarrassing, like a soap opera or a bad episode of Lou Grant.

This condition does run in my father's family. As near as I can tell, my condition most closely approximates that of my paternal grandmother's father a century ago. So I guess that proves Luther Burbank was right.

Another reason I hate to go on hiatus is that UFO Roundup is really hitting its stride. The Hanuman story from India is a good example. When it all comes together, as it did with Hanuman, and we have the names and the dates and the facts and numerous newspaper references, we provide a valuable service to the UFO community. We come very close to the ideal of the "Saucer CNN" we talked about in the Sightings chatroom back in November 1995. I hate to see that level of news service disrupted, but the Almighty has taken the matter out of my hands.

Concerning Hanuman and last week's "Bear Monster" seen in India's Assam state, here's an interesting note. In his 1978 book, Weird America, author Jim Brandon pointed out that there was a rash of "manimal" sightings in 1973. At the time time, these were attributed to public jitters stemming from the Watergate crisis and the Yom Kippur War. He noted that a similar flap had taken place in 1945, dismissed by the scientists as "war nerves," and theorized that there was a 28-year cycle between "bouts of monsteriana."

Well, here we are in 2001, twenty-eight years after the 1973 monster flap, and the "manimal" reports are flooding in. It will be interesting to see if the flap keeps up throughout the summer.

If Brandon is right about the cycle, the next big monster flap should occur in 2029.

Your editor, of course, will continue to follow the saucers. Just as I have since I saw my first issue of Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers magazine as a little guy back in the 1950s. But I will miss the thrill of sharing the latest sighting or event with you readers. For I know that the strange parade of UFOs and Forteana never really ends. Next week there'll be more sightings. A dark hovering triangle in Fort Thompson, Manitoba. A daylight disc in Calama, Chile. A glowing green fireball in Enumclaw, Washington. And an orange fireball over Tamworth, New South Wales. Or maybe another alien in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In ufology, every week brings a new surprise, and a sense of excitement and wonder.

So for now UFO Roundup must stand down. Hopefully, the newsletter's absence will be a temporary one. That is something I shall leave to the Almighty.

To those who have contributed thousands of UFO reports and newspaper articles, I say, "Thank you, people. I could not have done it without you."

For those who contributed small gifts to keep the newsletter going, I offer my heartfelt thanks. For your sake, especially, I will try my best to re-launch the newsletter in a few months.

And I'd like to thank each and every one of our readers for letting UFO Roundup come into your home and entertain you, if only for a little while each week.

Keep watching the skies!

Joseph Trainor

Subj: Cancun Mexico Abduction Report
Date: 01-06-04 12:49:24 EDT
From: Mike_Harman@rocketmail.com (Michael Harman)
CC: Majorstar@verizon.net

This report was sent in to UFO-PI via postal mail. I keyed it in today and forwarding it on to you all for evaluation.

Mike Harman

Cancun Mexico Report
[name removed and on file with UFO-PI]


Report sent in to UFO-PI from a Virginia Resident

Meditation Experience: X

Date of Experience: July / August 1993

Time: 1:00 AM Central Standard

Length of time for the encounter: One minute

Place - State/County - City/Town - Country: Cancun Mexico (on vacation)

What was your reaction after the experience? Was I dreaming or was this real, couldn't move my body like I went back to sleep (forced).

Describe the experience as you remember it: I was in a twilight state of sleep when I looked up and saw *3 little *green (things) big heads no cloths on, at first I thought what the heck is this I remember I couldn't move my body and it was like I went back to sleep. Next morning I woke up and said nothing to my family. (later on I did)

* Note:

Height 3 1/2 feet, skinny, eyes were dark. It was dark wasn't for sure what color their skin was.

Your real name & Age (optional): [info removed and on file with UFO-PI]

Environmental Situation for UFO Encounters: X Indoors

Viewed Through: (X) Other - Five feet from my bed.

Area/Location: On vacation staying in condo in Cancun Mexico.

Area/Terrain: (X) Other - By ocean.

Area/Technical: (X) Other - Ocean.

I had made friends with a family from Texas while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico end of July/ August 1993. We exchanged phone numbers, we kept in contact. One conversation somehow came up with what had happened to me, and my friend from Texas said "oh my God" my mother had seen strange lights in the sky over the ocean, that's when I truly realized what I saw in my hotel room was real and not a dream. Also for the last 10 years, I've been experiencing dreams where I've delivered babies that don't look normal (mostly girls). One was shown to me at about age 8 just standing blond hair big black eyes no expression on her face. (thought I knew she belonged to me). Sometimes my baby doesn't feel right I get these kicks in my stomach (not gas pains) they last about one month or two then disappear. I've had my tubes tied back in Feb. 1996 so I know I can't be Pregnant. I've never experienced being away for any abduction. at all. I consider myself a fairly religious person, so why would God allow these things to happen if they are rally real? My last episode was (dreaming) about one month ago. Where I delivered a baby girl with blond hair and some really weird looking blue or green little eyes, big head. Can this be real or do I have some really wild dreams? My new husband, I've not discussed these things with him (probably would think I'm losing it big time). You can also contact me at my address

[name removed and on file with UFO-PI]

Mike Harman
UFO-PI Private UFO Investigations, State of Texas
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