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Volume 6
Number 4
January 25, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Four Chupacabras attacked a family's home in a rural district of Calama, Chile early Friday morning, January 19, 2001, killing six chickens and a rooster.

"A family from the barrio O'Higgins (neighborhood) lived through several frightening hours after having encountered four very strange beasts in their backyard. Neighbors are fearful that it could represent a mass attack by so-called Chupacabra creatures."

"The affected parties, who live in Calle Sargento Aldea 3445 (street) were still unable to convince themselves (of the reality--S.C.) of this singular episode in their lives."

The house's owner, Elena W., "was awakened by the of her chickens were kept in a cage in her backyard.. But there were no words to describe her astonishment when she went out to see what was going on and found herself facing four creatures working in unison to open the birdcage."

"'At first I thought they were dogs, although I was startled by the fact that they were larger and more hairy,'" she said.

She said she did nothing at first but merely stared at in which two of the beings worked to open the gate 'while the others watched, as if trained or had thought patterns similar to humans.'"

"She remarked that, overcoming her fear, she grabbed a club and tried to scatter them away, but the animals' attitude left her petrified. They passed by her so quickly 'that I didn't see them running, I only felt the wind left in their wake as they went past my side.'"

Sra. W. said, "she screamed for her husband to help her, He ran out of the house and after the creatures but he couldn't find any trace of the immense animals when he got to the end of the street."

"'It was all so strange, as if the critters had vanished into thin air or had been teleported to a different location,'" Sr. W. said.

""After the commotion, the entire family investigated the henhouse and found six dead chickens and one dead rooster, all of which bore the telltale marks of the mythic Chupacabras."

"The birds were not devoured but they were left dry (drained of blood--J.T.) with a single wound under the wings. Furthermore, the pen was well-secured and, to judge from the creatures' size, they would have brought the whole structure crashing down if they'd tried to put a foot on the roof,:

"She claimed that at 3:30 a.m. the chickens were still alive 'because the rooster crowed and we were watching movies until four o'clock in the morning, and we still can't explain how the creatures got into the enclosure,'" Sra. W. said."then killed the birds noiselessly and then abandoned the premises. It could only be that they flew.'"

"But the strangest thing for the family was that their three guard dogs were not even stirred by the presence of the four intruders in the backyard. 'Only when I screamed for my husband did the oldest of the digs wake up to defend me, without the poor thing being able to strike at anything.'" (See the Chilean newspaper La Estrella del Lia for January 20, 2001, "Strange animals stage massive attack." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, y tambien Gloria Coluchi para eso articulo de diario.)


Four seaside cities in southern Brazil suffered a massive power blackout on Thursday night, January 11m 2001 when a luminous saucer overflew the area.

All electrical power was lost in the communities of Santos, Cubatao, Sao Vicente and Praia Grande Picaras. All are located along Brazil's South Atlantic shore, just southeast of Sao Paulo, which is the largest city in South America.

"Following a sudden and unexplained power failure in the region, UFOs were seen over Cubatao and Santos and also in Sao Vicente and on the beach in Praia Grande Picaras. The UFOs remained in view for approximately 20 minutes. The situation took place at about 3:30 a.m."

"The blackout was lifted technicians and power line workers restored electricity to the area." Brazil's "Policia Militar were contacted by several Brazilian ufologists but gave no explanation for the sightings or the blackout."

According to Sra. Carmina Moura de Freitas, "My daughter and her friends were having a party on the beach party on the beach" at Praia Grande Picaras "when the lights all went out. While they were listening to the (battery-powered) radio, they heard a burst of static. They looked up and saw a glowing disc flying out to sea," heading southeast towards the South Atlantic Ocean. (Muito obrigado aos Visitantes Cosmicas e tambem Sra. de Freitas por eso caso.)


On Sunday, January 14, 1001, at 4:20 p.m., "a large object had been seen above Snaefell mountain, on the north side of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

"A triangular UFO was observed hovering near a (BBC) radio mast at the summit" of Snaefell. Man is a small island west of Wales in UK.

"The police have searched but they have no clues to the mystery centered on the summit of Snaefell mountain."

"A full search, including the RAF, IOM (Isle of Man--J.T.) Coastguard, Fire services, Civil Defence and IOM Constabulary, has failed to find any trace of evidence following reports of an aircraft at the top of the mountain. The police received reports yesterday of a large object had been seen above Snaefell."

"The reports said that it appeared to strike the large communications mast on the summit. An immediate search of the area, including a helicopter from RAF Valley," an air base in Anglesey, Wales, UK, "failed to find any trace of an accident but continued with the search until 11:10 p.m."

"The police still have no clue as to what it was that had been reported to hit the mast and are appealing to anybody who may have been around Snaefell at 4:20 p.m. yesterday who may have seen anything unusual on the northern side of the island."

UFO Roundup is presently trying to track down an Isle of Man resident who reportedly shot three to four minutes of video footage of the mystery object with his camcorder. The footage reportedly shows a dark triangular object with three red lights, one at each corner, hovering above the tall radio mast. More information will be reported as it becomes available. (Many thanks to ufologist Chris Rolfe (UFOMEK), UFO Magazine (UK) and reporter Cleator for this story.)


"Residents are still wondering what caused a boisterous boom accompanied by a quivering of the ground late Friday," January 19, 2001, "evening. Police and fire dispatchers fielded several calls from folks in Saybrook and Ashtabula Townships and in Ashtabula (population 22,000) who felt the unexplainable tremor around 9:13 p.m. and wanted to know what was going on."

"The two-to-three-second vibration--similar to what one might experience in an explosion--occurred just minutes before a gas main on East 27th Street in Ashtabula Township was reported by an Ohio-American Water crew using a backhoe to fix a water line (pipe--J.T.) leak."

"Officials say the two incidents are unrelated."

"'The seismographic site did report some kind of blip,' Ed Semppi, director of the Ashtabula County Emergency Management Agency said, 'But there's no reason as to what happened yet.'"

"Semppi received a call from an Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office stating that officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Geologic Survey in Columbus had noticed a tremor-like vibration at their Jefferson-based seismographic site."

"Three other local seismographic sites, located, located at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland; Lake Erie College in Painseville; and the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland, had no indication of any seismic activity. 'It could have been in the lake close to our site, not close to their sites,' Stemppi said."

Ashtabula is on Ohio Route 20 approximately 91 miles (145 kilometers) east of Cleveland. (See the Ashtabula Star-Beacon for January 21, 2001, "Tremble still a mystery." Many thanks to Gerry Lovell for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: Ashtabula was the scene of several UFO sightings during the year 2000. It sounds as if there was a saucer lying on the bottom of Lake Erie just offshore.)


On Thursday evening, January 18, 2001, Matthew I. was outdoors in his hometown of Vanderbilt Pennsylvania when he saw an unusual object in the night sky, "approaching from the northwest."

"We saw lights, different colored, which appeared to be together" around the object. "They flew really close to each other. I also got it on film. The lights were round and blinking with white, red, yellow, blue and green. I watched it move around" for a few minutes "before it left." (Email Form Report)


A 72-year-old Los Angeles woman claims to have seen an apparition of Princess Diana during a near-death experience (NDE) during her heart operation.

Mrs. Gladys Higgins, 72, reported, "As I lay on the operating table, I died not once but twice. Yet I'm here to tell about it, thanks to my guardian angel," Princess Diana, who died in an automobile crash in Paris in August 1997.

"It happened on September 2, 1997, when I had heart-valve replacement surgery."

"Suddenly, I felt a terrible excruciating pain, and I whooshed backward out of my body. I found myself in a deep ravine filled with thick grass. Realizing I was dead, I screamed, 'No! I won't go.'"

"As I tried to claw my way back, I heard the surgical team saying, 'She's gone.'"

"Again I screamed, 'I'm not dead! I won't go!'"

"My 'spirit' body hovered above the doctors and nurses as they got my 'physical' body ready for an emergency bypass. Horrible creatures beckoned to me, but I begged, 'Please, not yet.'"

"Then I saw a wondrous golden light above me and realized it was Princess Diana, who had died only days before."

"'This is awful,' I said to her, 'I'm not supposed to die.'"

"'Neither was I,' she answered serenely, with that wonderful smile she always had."

"Suddenly, I heard the doctors yelling, 'She's back! She's back!'"

"Later, I learned that during the five-hour operation, the doctors had told my three daughters, my son and my grandchildren to pray for me. I was clinically dead twice, but I'm here today, blessed by the best guardian angel in the world--Princess Diana, God rest her soul." (See the National Examiner for January 23, 2000, "Princess Di brought me back from death's door," page 10.)

(Editor's Comment: If these miracles keep up, by the time of the centennial of her birth in the 2060s, the late Princess of Wales will be known as Saint Diana of Althorp.)


God's Army, a formation of Keren rebels who invaded Myanmar (formerly Burma--J.T.) two years ago, led by two pre-teen prophets, surrendered to the military authorities in northern Thailand last week.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2001, "the twin adolescent leaders of a Burmese rebel band and 14 followers surrendered to Thai authorities" at a border military checkpoint.

"God's Army, led by Luther and Johnny Htoo, is an offshoot of the Kerent National Union, an ethnic Keren militia that has waged a long-running fight for autonomy against the military government of Burma, also known as Myanmar. The group's followers believe that the twins have mystical powers."

After the "last platoon" surrendered their weapons to the Thai soldiers, Johnny Htoo and his chain-smoking brother, Luther Htoo, asked the commandant if they could rejoin their parents, who are now living at a Keren refugee camp in northern Thailand. (See USA Today for January 17, 2001, "Teen rebel leaders surrender in Thailand," page 6A._

(Editor's Comment: I saw the problem with this army right off. Too many mystics and not enough master sergeants who knew what the hell they were doing.)


One of the best books on the subject of Forteana to appear in the Twentieth Century was Loren Coleman's classic Mysterious America (Faber & Faber, Boston, Mass., 1982) And now there's good news for Forteans everywhere, this Coleman classic is back in print.

Mysterious America: The Revised Edition by Loren Coleman has just been published by Paraview Press of New York City. Like the original, it's a cornucopia of Forteana, including spook lights, mystery beasts, phantom ship sightings, "crazy crocs" or out-of-place alligators, plus numerous lake and river monsters here in the USA.

Remember the old story about alligators in the sewers of New York City? An urban legend, you say? Not so! Coleman tracked down the original news report of a "crazy croc" found in a Big Apple sewer during the winter of 1935. It's just one of the many amazing cases of Forteana available in this volume.

(Editor's Comment: As one who was born in Taunton, Mass., the heart of the "Bridgewater Triangle," I was particularly interested in the phenomena there.)

In addition to the original material, Coleman has added all-new chapters on such phenomena as the "giant catfish" sightings in the southern USA, the Minnesota Iceman of 1968, the Eastern Bigfoot and the "Devil Monkeys" often seen around the USA.

A professor of biology at the University of Southern Maine, Coleman has written several books and articles on sociology. He is considered the dean of American cryptozoologists, having co-authored two of the most important books in the field. These are The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide, written in cooperation with Patrick Huyghe; and Cryptozoology from A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature, co-written with ufologist Jerome Clark.

Mysterious America: The Revised Edition costs $16.95 and can be ordered from Amazon.com or your local Waldenbooks or other bookstore. If you are ordering from a bookstore, be sure to include the ISBN number with the other data.

Tell your bookseller that you want to order:

Mysterious America: The Revised Edition by Loren Coleman
Paraview Press, New York, N.Y., 2--1
ISBN No. 1-931044-05-8

(Many thanks to T. Peter Park for this information.)


During his meeting with the White House staff on Monday, January 22, 2001, incoming USA President George W. Bush said, "I want it said of us that promises made were promises kept." (See USA Today for January 23, 2001, "President orders staff to fall in line." page 6A.)

Last summer, Mr. President, when asked by a MUFON representative from Texas, you stated that you would be willing to open heretofore Top Secret files to ufologists and other researchers.
The UFO community hopes that you will keep this promise.

I realize that current defense concerns, which for the sake of national security, cannot be shared with the general public, may prohibit you from releasing more recent UFO material. However, I would hope that you would be willing to declassify UFO material that is several decades old.

To be specific, UFO Roundup would like to see you drop the Class A National Defense Secret rating from old War Department and Navy Department files regarding UFO phenomena during the period January 1, 1910 through December 31, 1930.

This material will include any UFO sightings or related phenomena reported by the early Army Air Corps under Gen. Benjamin Foulois, reports from Army Air Corps pursuit squadrons that may have encountered UFOs in Europe during World War One, and reports of UFO phenomena reported by Army and Navy pilots who sighted UFOs while flying the U.S. Mail during the 1920s.

Mr. President, these Army and Navy files are all over 70 years old and can have no possible bearing on the national defense posture of the USA in the year 2001.

UFO Roundup hopes that you will give this request every consideration. Our readers thank you.

From the UFO Files...


Last weekend Hillary Rodham Clinton vacated the premises at the White House, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. But the former First Lady turned Senator from New York state still has a home in the District of Columbia.

"Welcome to 3067 Whitehaven Street in Washington, D.C. the new $2.8 million home of Sen. Hillary Clinton--which she hopes to turn into a house fit for a former First Lady with the help of good-taste guru Martha Stewart.

The three-story, red-brick Georgian house was rather recent, having been built in 1951.
The house boasts "seven-and-a-half baths, a fireplace, heated pool and a spacious back yard" with also "a slate-floored foyer and a solid cherry wood spiral staircase that leads to the second floor."

Whitehaven Street is in the Massachusetts Avenue Heights section of the city. Most people know the area as Embassy Row. But to students of the occult, the neighborhood has another name...Spookville.

Prior to 1600, where Washington D.C. stands today was the site of a centuries-old village called Nacotchtant, the home of the Nanticoke, an indigenous people of southern Maryland. The nanticoke worshipped Okee (pronounced Oh-kay-ay meaning the One Above--J.T.). The people preserved the bones of dead chiefs and spiritual advisors and buried them in jars in large ossuaries. Most importantly, the Nanticoke "were noted for their skill in sorcery and the manufacture of many poisons," as well as their trademark soapstone dishware.

In 1633, the first European arrived on Maryland's Potomac River shore. His name was Francis Pope. He purchased the land, renaming the area "Rome" and changing the name of Goose Creek to "the Tiber. But the woodlands reclaimed his ill-fated plantation after his departure.

When the Congress of the newly-independent USA decided to make the area the nation's capital, the land was owned by a number of people, including the Carrolls of Duddington Hall and David Burnes, who owned a one-and-a-half story farmhouse between Goose Creek and Jenkins Hill.

On March 9, 1791, Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, a French soldier and military artist who had fought on the American side in the recent war, arrived in Georgetown to survey the proposed city site. David Burnes brought him to the farmhouse and introduced him to his wife, the former Anne Wight, his teenaged son John and his younger daughter Marcia.

Following supper, as the men lit their clay pipes at the fireplace, David Burnes turned to his offspring and winked. "Well, children, shall we show the mon-soor (monsieur--J.T.) our little secret?"

John grinned. "Absolutely, Father!"

"Oh, yes, let's show him!" Marcia said excitedly. "We'll go the first thing tomorrow."

So, the next morning, March 10, 1791, a slightly puzzled L'Engant trailed Burnes and the children into the woods along Goose Creek. The air was lively with the honking of Canada geese, stopping briefly during their long migration northward on the Atlantic Flyway. They walked nearly two miles uphill, into what is now known as Massachusetts Avenue Heights. David carried with him an armload of makeshift torches, John a knotted climbing rope, and Marcia a small leather pouch in which she held a hot coal from the farmhouse fireplace.

Mildly curious, L'Enfant watched as David and son John cleared away a pile of cut lilac bushes, revealing a dark fissure in the ground. Meanwhile, Marcia built a fire with her coal and some dry sticks.

After tying one end of the rope to the tree, John acted as the spotter as his father climbed hand over hand down the rope. L'Enfant followed suit, slipping over the crumbling rim into the cool darkness. Then John lit two of the torches at the campfire and dropped them, one by one, into the small cavern fissure.

David Burnes caught the first torch and passed it to the Frenchman. Then, grabbing the second sputtering torch, he said, "Look behind you."

L'Enfant did so. He gasped in amazement. Before him lay a manmade tunnel, complete with arches and pillars, extending far into the darkness.

"Mon Dieu!" he swore, looking around in wonder. "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Turning to Burnes, he asked, "What is this place?"

"It's a dead city, like Nineveh and Jericho in the Bible," David replied. "These tunnels go on for miles."

"Who built it?" L'Enfant asked.

"Why, Tubalcain, of course." David beamed, lifting his torch to illuminate the smooth tunnel wall. "He was the master builder in the Bible." (Burnes knew his scripture. See Genesis 4:22--J.T.).

L'Enfant brushed his hand over the seamless masonry. The material felt like Plaster of Paris. He struck it a sharp blow with the base of his roaring torch. The material wasn't even chipped! It was as durable as cast iron!

With a shudder, L'Enfant peered down the shadowy corridor. He didn't know who had built this place, but he was pretty sure it wasn't Tubalcain.

According to author Jim Brandon, "I was told by two different commercial seers of the ancient network of caverns that supposedly honeycombs the area. I have heard it claimed that these are 'Atlantean'...but then so is everything else, according to a certain kind of occult fancier Others conclude that the supposed tunnels were, or are, tied in with an underground cult of power trippers."

It is not known how the Burnes family learned of the tunnels' existence. They may have been told by an elderly Nanticoke spiritual advisor. Or perhaps the children were picking berries on a hot July day a couple of years earlier and felt the cool breeze from the fissure.

The tunnels are said to run underneath the major avenues in Washington, with smaller branch tunnels going down, among others, Whitehaven Street.

But the "Tubalcain Tunnel" isn't the only attraction in Spookville.

Just up the street from Hillary's house, at 3007 Whitehaven Street, is the Embassy of Brazil. Some weird critters have been seen at this location over the years. Most notably in March 1968, after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee. During the riot blackout, some of the embassy staffers reportedly claimed to have seen a strangee quadruped, "like a horse with no head," in the garden.

At 3100 Massachusetts Avenue is the UK Embassy, which was the site of "a Miracle of the Flowers" at the end of August 1997. Nearly a million people paid homage to Princess Diana by leaving bouquets of flowers at the embassy gates.

However, a flower of a far more sinister kind can be found a few blocks away at the Organization of American States (OAS) building at the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue N.W. Behind the building is "a pebbled and landscaped little garden" with a very unusual statue.

The idol is a gift from Mexico and it represents Xochipilli, the Aztec god of flowers. It certainly gave your editor a nasty turn the first time he saw it. The blood used to run in torrents from Xochipilli's pyramid in Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City--J.T.) as the Aztecs worshipped him with hallucinogenic drug feasts and thousands of human sacrifices.

(Editor's Comment: Warning to psychics--if you value your sanity, you will not try to psychometrize that statue.)

Although the White House, the Octagon House and the Decatur House take the top honors for ghostly apparitions in Washington D.C., there is a haunted house in the area. It's the Woodrow Wilson House at 2340 S Street N.W. Not only does this house have a resident ghost, it was the site of a strange prophecy, part of which has already come true.

In April 1969, Vasquez, the custodian, began reporting strange noises and "cold spots." Parapsychologist Hans Holzer decided to investigate. He joined Washington psychic Ethel Meyers in an attempt to "scan" the house. And they made contact with the ghost--Woodrow Wilson, who was president of the USA between 1913 and 1921.

Wilson is best remembered for leading the USA during World War One and his failure to persuade the Congress to accept membership in the League of Nations. When Wilson manifested to Holzer and Mrs. Meyers, he made a weird prophecy. Here it is, verbatim:

Wilson: "I want to say, if you will give me the audience while I am here, that this is my pleasurable moment, to lift the curtain to show you that the mortal enemy (the then-Soviet Union--J.T.) will become the great friend, soon now. That my puny dream of yesteryear (the League of Nations) has been gradually realized--the brotherhood of ma, And it becomes clearer, closer to the next century. It is here, for us on our side: I see it more clearly from here. I am not sure about the designated time. But it is the brotherhood of man, when the religious problem is lifted and the truth is seen, and all men stand equal to other men, neighbors, enemies."

Holzer: "Who are you referring to?"

Wilson: "I come back again to tell you, that the hands that will reach over the mighty ocean will soon clasp! Hands lead forward to grasp them. My puny dream, my pure ideal, takes form, and I look upon it and I am proud as a small part but an integral part of that. It will bloom, the period of gestation is almost over, when this will come to light. And I give great thanks to the Withinness that I have had so small a part in the integral whole. I tell you it is all a part of the period of gestation before the dawn."

Holzer: "When will the dawn come?"

Wilson: "Just before the turn of the century. Eighty-eight, eighty-nine."

Holzer: "And until then?"

Wilson: "The period of gestation must go through its torturous ways. But it will dawn, it will dawn and not only on this terra firma. It will dawn even over this city, and it (Washington D.C.) will be more a part of the world-state as I saw it in my very close view of the world. I was given this dream, and I have lived by it."

Holzer: "Do you want us to do anything about your family, or your friends? Tell them anything specifically?"

Wilson: "That my soul lives on, and that it will return when I see the turn of the century (after the year 2000--J.T.) and that I may look face-to-face with that which I saw; that that which was born within my consciousness."

A more complete rendition of what Holzer and Mrs. Meyers encountered in the old Wilson House can be found in Holzer's 1971 book, The Ghosts That Walk in Washington.

Just as Wilson's ghost predicted, then-President Richard M. Nixon was working on his detente policy with the Soviet Union, leading to his summit meeting with Leonid Brezhnev in 1972. And in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, Germany reunified, and Mikhail Gorbachez began his policy of glasnost, i.e. friendly relations with the USA. A year later, then-President George Bush, the new president's father, announced the beginning of "the New World Order."

Will the rest of the ghostly prophecy come true? Time will tell.

As for those weird tunnels under the city, perhaps we can find a clue to their origin in the name of the city's riverside Anacostia district. Anacostia is a corruption of the Babticoke word Analostan, which means New Atlantis.

(See the tabloid Star for January 16, 2001, "Martha Stewart helps Hillary with $2.8M new home." Also the Washington Post for May 5, 1969, Playing Host to Ghosts?" And see the books Weird America by Jim Brandon, E.P. Dutton Co., New York, N.Y., 1978, page 58; The Ghosts That Walk in Washington by Hans Holzer, Doubleday and Co., Garden City, N.Y., 1971, pages 50 through 53; Washington: City and Capital, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1937, pages 38 and 39; and Let's Go--Washington, D.C. 1999 Cambridge, Mass., 1995, page 146.

(Editor's Note: Unexplained ancient tunnels have also been found under Los Angeles, Californial Mount Shasta, California; Lebanon, Connecticut; Lexington, Kentucky and Williamsburg, Virginia.)

We'll be back again in another week with more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-- UFO Roundup." See you then!

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2001 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first appeared.


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