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Volume 6
Number 11
March 15, 2001

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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An alien was sighted on the beach in Rosarito, in Mexico's state of Baja California on Wednesday, February 28, 2001 by two Mexican policemen.

According to Urak Pavlov, director of UTRENE, a UFO research group based in Tijuana, B.V., Mexico, The two policemen were on patrol near the thermoelectric plant in Rosarito" when "they saw what appeared to be a reptilian creature walking on the beach with a black suit on and with glaring red eyes. The creature was seen at 3:17 a.m. At first they were too scared to talk to anyone about the incident and preferred not to speak of it."

The Reptoid sighting is only one of many UFO incidents that have taken place in Baja California recently, Pavlov said.

There has been "a wave of sightings in Baja California, especially in the mountains and along the coast."

On Monday, March 5, 2001, Pavlov reported, ""There were 50 sheep mutilated on ranches near Tocate, B.C. All of the sheep were left without any blood"

On Wednesday, February 28, 2001, "in the evening, my wife and I closed the office, and she said, 'Look! What is that!?' I said, 'Let me get the video camera.' So I did," he recalled.

"This big luminescent object reflected all the colors of the spectrum--yellow, red, blue, white, etc. and stopped at one place in the sky in Tijuana."

Elsewhere in Mexico, a new flurry of UFO sightings took place last week over Mount Popocatepetl, a large volcano located 60 kilometers (36 miles) east of Mexico City.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, "residents of the (Mount) Popocatepetl area, reported seeing lights that 'fly over the volcano,' which has been erupting since December 1994."

"The lights were seen last night (Monday, March 5, 2001) over Popocatepetl, and dozens of residents from local communities called radio stations to make this known," according to Radio ACIR in Puebla, a city 125 kilometers (72 miles) east of Mexico City.

"According to the reports by Puebla radio stations, the alleged sighting could be seen in particular from an area near the volcano known for its accumulations of energy that interfere with the operation of compasses."

"Eyewitness Guadalupe Carrillo told a local (radio) station that 'the object had movement, passed over the volcano, turned around and rotated.'"

"A resident of San Francisco Totlmihuacan pointed out that one of the lights remained fixed in the sky while another moved around it. Another person claimed to have captured it all on videotape and make it available to the public."

"Popocatepetl has an elevation of 5,542 meters (18,288 feet) and is one of the places in Mexico where there is talk of suspicious lights and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and a number of such reports have emanated from the mountain" since the current cycle of active volcanism began in December 1994. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, auto de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbiggen Mexico, y Gloria Coluchi para las noticias de EFE. Muchas gracias a Urak Pavlov para las noticias de Baja.)


On Thursday, March 8, 2001, at 11:30 a.m., a daylight disc appeared over the southern end of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and was seen by two dozen motorists.

"Just around 11:30 a.m., with the sun shining in almost its noontime glory, an oval unknown artifact, gray in color, appeared and occasionally vibrated with intense whiteness over a region on the city's periphery in a contrail which seemed to reach from the (hilly) Cristo del Picacho area."

The UFO's appearance "was witnessed by two telephone technicians, one of whom happens to be an employee of (the Honduran newspaper) La Tribuna."

"When Gerardo Aceitano and his assistant Juan Francisco Mairena claimed to have had 'the experience of their lives' noting that the starship (UFO) might have been search for a power source (some 400 meters down the road is an electrical substation) we are reminded about what researchers and ufologists have told us about the way in which extraterrestrial civilizations enter our planet."

Aceitano and Mairena "were heading back to our main offices in a Siemens Fiorella-type van panel truck and had barely passed a few meters in front of a gas station" on the Paseo Kennedy "when the UFO appeared in the sky at an estimated altitude of 300 meters (1,000 feet)."

"Similarly surprised were college student Juan Flores and amateur photographer Juan Carlos Molina , who managed to snap photographs of the UFO, the first one over Cristo del Pichaco, and the second one over the Parque Nacional La Tigra (Jaguar National Park--J.T.)) from their residences in barrio Santa Lucia."

"'We were driving along the Paseo Kennedy back to the La Tribuna offices and, passing the filling station, we were chatting in the truck. Upon looking ahead, we saw something moving back and forth, up and down, some 300 meters up. At first we thought it was a piece of paper in the wind, but when we stopped the vehicle, we could see that it was a flying saucer,' stated Gerardo Aceitano."

"'We stopped the truck and saw that the UFO was gray, oval and with a whitish intensity , and while it was far away, we could see that it was about 5 meters (16.5 feet) in diameter,' he described, while Juan Francisco Mairena corroborated the account, adding that he was 'overcome by the sighting' and which had lasted about three minutes."

"A row of 20 cars behind the Siemens vehicle stopped, and the occupants got out and watched the UFO's movements until it vanished by speeding away to the southeast."

"'Its velocity was amazing, perhaps faster than sound,' said Mairena, who confessed to still being stupefied by the unusual event." (See La Tribuna of Tegucigalpa, Honduras for March 9, 2001, "Dozens of citizens see another UFO." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para eso articulo de diario.)


"George Calderon, 20, a college student, was enjoying two days of camping with his sweetheart, Katty, and a couple of friends near Villa Frontera," a wilderness area near Arica in Chile, "on (Friday) February 9, 2001 at 8 p.m. when he experienced one of the most startling incidents of his life."

"The campers had decided to stay one more day for no particular reason. However, they had been advised by the campground's owner that a group of persons would be coming that same evening and stated that they (George and friends--J.T.) should not go beyond the perimeter of their campsite."

"Without hesitation, the young campers accepted the owner's terms, but their curiosity was piqued. While roasting a piece of meat at around 9:30 p.m., they saw a group of about 10 people, including children, moving toward a nearby location. The group was clad in white tunics, added the college student."

"George stopped preparing the roast with his friends upon hearing the sound of bells. He walked four meters (13 feet) into the woods, where his girl friend joined him. And then he claims to have seen 'a large circular object irradiating a powerful red light' The object hovered over the white-robed participants, who held hands and chanted prayers and canticles that the student was unable to understand."

"The UFO, added George, was 40 meters (165 feet) away from the event, moved in a in a different direction and then its light bathed the whole area."

"'The object moved over the persons every time they caused the bells to ring,' he said."

"The young man and his girl friend witnessed this phenomenon for approximately one-and-a-half hours (90 minutes) . Then they returned to their tents and the company of their friends. The sky turned slowly cloudy afterward."

"What he had seen was not a dream. Nor was he able to make out the outlines" of diagrams the sect members had drawn on the ground, "although 'one of them featured a triangle, and a circle' with a bottle with the label Lira with the picture of a little old man on it."

'I'm positive it was a UFO. It went up and down and every which way,'" George told the newspaper.

"When they were ready to leave the campground, they explained to the manager what they had seen the previous evening. The startled owner confirmed that the youngsters had witnessed the event and told them that what they had seen was 'something beautiful.' but that they hadn't seen everything and that these were things that would be seen in the future."

""But that very same evening (Saturday, March 10, 2001) the students' (cell) phones refused to work--no dial tone could be established. Katty, George's girl friend, suffered a stomach ache. Ingrid, one of their fellow campers, took ill with a headache, and Oscar felt dizzy. George, a mechanical drawing student from the University of Taracapa, felt intense pain along his spine."

"The campground manager confirmed the sighting but requested that his name be kept in the strictest confidence, adding that this is not the first time such supernatural events have been recorded" in Villa Frontera "and that the very same events will be seen in the future." (See the newspaper La Estrella de Arica for March 4, 2001, "UFOs over Arica--phenomenon reaches city." Otra vez, muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi.)


"A mystery of sorts dropped onto the Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton," Long Island, New York state, "shortly after 7 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2001. A flock of dying starlings fell from the utility wires and hit the road in over just a few minutes."

"'No one has any idea what could have killed them,' said Virginia Prati, director of the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons, who went to the scene to look at the bird kill."

"'I saw a lot of smashed birds,' she said."

"She estimated that more than 100 dead birds were on the road and the shoulders, so many that any single cause of death would be unlikely."

"Prati said that if the birds had been chased into the path of a truck by a predator, such as a hawk, only a few would have been hit. If they had been poisoned, they would have died over a longer period of time, and not all in one place."

"Michael Lowndes, a spokesman for the Long Island Power Authority (LIOA) said the birds were found just east of the LIPA substation in Bridgehampton" and "said the only way a bird on a power line could be electrocuted is if it were grounded, and it would be highly unlikely that a hundred birds would be grounded at once."

"'I've never heard of it happening,' he said."

"An eyewitness, Francis Hernandez of Sag Harbor, N.Y., said he was driving in the area about 8 a.m. on Tuesday and saw birds spiraling down from the wires and onto the roadway."

"'They were just spinning down,' he said, 'falling down like leaves onto the road and dying . I've never seen anything like it.'"

"He drove back the same way a few minutes later and saw dozens of birds on the ground. 'They were still struggling. They were hitting the blacktop (asphalt road--J.T.) but still moving. I picked one up. They were still warm,' Hernandez said."

"Prati said there were no burn marks on the feet of the dead birds, but it appeared that every one she looked at had blood at the back of its throat." (Editor's Comment: Sounds like a fast-acting virus.)

"But the idea that they were poisoned raises a different question. Starlings are commonly found with grackles and red-winged blackbirds, and none of these species were found at the scene."

"Several of the dead birds were collected and sent to to a state Department of Environmental Conservation laboratory upstate for analysis. But test results are not expected for several days." (See the Long Island newspaper Newsday for March 7, 2001, "Mystery on Montauk Highway: 100 dead birds." Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for forwarding the newspaper article.) (Editor's Note: So now we have another mass death of birds, like in Oklahoma City recently and in Bastrop, Louisiana in 1998. This may be a natural phenomenon. Charles Fort listed many instances of the mass death of starlings during the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries. See The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover Publications, New York, N.Y., 1974 for more information on this baffling phenomenon.)


Hundreds of residents of Italy's Leccese province spotted a luminous spherical UFO on Sunday, March 4, 2001 after nightfall.

"Numerous residents witnessed a large object with flashing lights in both Lecce and Gallipoli. The large luminous globe hovered to the west of both cities. Several witnesses observed the object closely with binoculars and telescopes. They watched it change from a luminous sphere to a shape that was more triangular. As it departed, it left a brilliant gleaming trail. The phenomenon lasted for two or three hours and was witnessed by hundreds of people at 10 p.m.. The object departed at a high rate of speed." (See the Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Mezzogiurno for March 6, 2001. Grazie a Eduardo Russo di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questo rapporto.)


KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reported "that a huge bright object was seen by hundreds of people in central and northern Oklahoma."

The KFOR-TV newsroom "was flooded with calls," Oklahoma ufologist Jim Hickman reported, "The 'object' was described as being an orange sphere with a red-blue 'streak.' It was seen from Oklahoma City all the way to the Kansas state line. The National Weather Service was contacted ' and they said "it was 'most likely rocket debris.'"

The overflight took place at 11:18 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2001.

An eyewitness, "Deborah H. from Elk City, Okla. reports, 'I was leaving the parking lot at my workplace. I was traveling north, slowing up for a stop sig. I saw the cloudy sky directly in front of me turn light blue and I saw an orange tail race across the sky in front of me. The object was moving from the southeast to the northwest. It had a long trail of yellow sparkles.'"

'The sighting lasted only for a couple of seconds as it was moving very fast. Within about 15 minutes of my sighting, I heard over my scanner one of our local (Elk City) police officers say, 'Did anyone else see that?' Another police officer replied, 'That's a big affirmative.' The sky was very overcast,' she added, 'and I felt like the blue flash was the object reflecting off the underside of the clouds.'" (Many thanks to Jim Hickman for this report.)


On Sunday, March 11, 2001, at 9:40 p.m., Brian Long was outdoors in his hometown of Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Toronto. when he spotted a triangular UFO flying over Lake Erie.

"The UFO went from the west to the northeast, heading towards the Niagara Falls area" Brian reported, "The object came over Lake Erie and flew from one end of the Fort Erie skyline to the other in just a few seconds. Four or five seconds, at the most. Triangular shape; three lights, one in each corner, and completely silent. The color blended in with the night sky." (Email Form Report)

(Editor's Comment: The eastern end of Lake Erie is sometimes called "the Mary


"Earthquake Season" may not be over yet. An evangelical Christian seer is warning of a big earthquake in Oregon, just like the one that recently hit Seattle.

On Thursday, March 8, 2001, Quentin Jessup appeared on The Prophecy Club 30-minute radio show and talked about earthquakes that may hit in the near future. He predicted that quakes in excess of 6.8 on the Richter scale "will hit just offshore in Oregon" and in Japan, with damage to Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura.

Jessup gave no time frame for the earthquake in Japan but said the Oregon quake "will occur on Good Friday," i.e. on Friday, April 13, 2001.

Three hundred years ago, on January 26, 1700, there was a big earthquake in the (Pacific) ocean west of Oregon. It caused tsunamis (tidal waves) in Japan"

Jessup pointed out that there was a catastrophic earthquake on Good Friday thirty-seven years ago--the big quake in the Alaska panhandle in 1964.

God has said there will be a shaking of the earth in the Pacific Northwest," he added, "The Lord is shaking the earth. He is shaking America."

During the broadcast, Jessup told listeners of his strange paranormal experience. He claimed he was visited by the prophet Jeremiah, who told him to send warnings to the cities about to be struck by earthquakes...and to document his warnings.

When Jessup asked how was he supposed to do that, Jeremiah told him to send them by Western Union telegram! "Otherwise," Jeremiah said, "They will say that no warning was given." (See The Prophecy Club broadcast for March 8, 2001, interview with Quentin Jessup.)

(Editor's Comment: Quentin, you'd better be wrong about this. But if not, I hope our readers in Oregon will take sensible precautions. We have a fixed date--Friday, April 13, 2001, just about a month from now. Let's see if this prophecy comes true.)


"Space shuttle Discovery lifted off Thursday," March 8, 2001, on a mission to replace the weary crew of the International Space Station," also known as Station Alpha, with three fresh workers. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachev and American astronauts Jim Voss and Susan Helms moved into the station for a four-month stay," following the shuttle's docking with the station two days later.

"Besides a new station crew and four other astronauts, the Discovery is hauling 10,000 pounds of supplies."

Susan Helms will be the first woman to live aboard Station Alpha.

"Just before lift-off, she waved and said, 'Bye, Mom!' to the television cameras." (See USA Today for March 9, 2001, "Shuttle enroute to replace station crew," page 3A, and the Chicago Tribune for March 9, 2001, "Shuttle Discovery travels to space station with new crew," page 6.)



Cynthia Newby Luce writes, "In the last page of your report talking about the microwave weapon (see UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 9 for March 1, 2001, ""U.S. Marines unveil a microwave weapon," page 11) you mentioned at the end that a UFO crashed in Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I think you have the date incorrectly written as 199 when it happened in 1996. January 20th, 1996 was when the three girls saw the odd being which was given wide coverage in the news media."

(Editor's Comment: You're absolutely right, Cindy. It was my typo. Sorry. Readers who want to check out the original coverage of the event should go to UFO Roundup, volume 1, numbers 12 through 16.)


Barbara Price writes, "Your article was wonderful about David Burnes and (Pierre) L'Enfant and the tunnels underneath D.C. (For more on the ancient tunnels beneath the USA's diamond-shaped District of Columbia, see UFO Roundup volume 6, number 4 for January 25, 2001, "1791--Hillary's Haunted Neighborhood," page 7.) I'm a descendant of David Burnes, and he may have known of those tunnels from his father and his grandfather, as they owned land in this area dating back to 1721, when the first David Burnes made the purchase."


Donnie Shevlin writes, "The meteor story that you posted in UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 10 ("Small meteor hits a garden in York, UK." page 9) had a later rendition by the Associated Press. What followed a brief investigation was a power line explosion underground. The rush of air Sylvia Mercer felt was a clod of dirt passing her face. She was somewhat relieved to hear that it was not a meteorite, but worried that a power line could do such a thing.

From the UFO Files...


Another strange case involving a "fire poltergeist" took place in Glendive, Montana in 1958. Like the one in Bladenboro, North Carolina twenty year's earlier (see UFO Roundup for March 8, 2001, "1938: North Carolina's Fire Poltergeist," page 8( the Glendive case also had a teenaged girl living on the premises.

"On January 10, 1958, at 8 a.m., a Mrs. Charles King of Glendive, Montana walked into the living room of her home and a window curtain burst into flame. After putting out the blaze, she decided that an electrical spark must have been responsible, and she disconnected all appliances attached to electrical outlets in the room."

"Half an hour later another fire broke out in the living room. Mrs. King called the Glendive Fire Department which extinguished the blaze. Damage was not extensive. "

"At 4:20 p.m. Jack Shearer was installing storm windows when he looked through a window and saw a wastepaper basket burning. He ran into the house and doused the fire with a bucket of water."

"Two hours later, two teen-age girls, who were watching" a rerun of My Little Margie (a TV situation comedy of the 1950s starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell--J.T.) "on the television in the living room, noticed smoke. They found a curtain ablaze in a bedroom."

"This time Fire Chief George Smith carefully inspected the house, but could find no reason for the (fiery) outbreaks. Materials in which spontaneous combustion might possibly occur were either removed or exposed to the air. Electricity into the house was disconnected. Members of the family took turns sitting up all night."

"During the next seven days, five more fires broke out. They were in the bedroom of a granddaughter, Wendy - one destroying all the clothing in a portable wardrobe; another in a storage closet; another burned a tablecloth and still another was in a dresser drawer. Mrs. King's married daughter was burned about the hands while fighting one fire, and the daughter's husband was overcome by smoke. An expert from the (Montana) state fire marshal's office came and departed, shaking his baffled head."

"Then, as is usual (in these cases) the phenomenon ended just as suddenly as it had begun." (See the book Mysterious Fires and Lights by Vincent H. Gaddis, Van Rees Press, New York, N.Y., 1967, pages 184 and 195. Also The Missoulian of Missoula, Montana for January 17, 1958, "Another Mysterious Blaze.")

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO and paranormal news from around the planet, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you then!

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